Chewy Bobby Flay Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe 

A perfectly chewy chocolate chip makes the perfect dessert or mid-day snack for anyone who loves chocolate. Moreover, since a celebrity chef makes this recipe, you know it will be good! This Bobby Flay chocolate chip cookie recipe is the best you will ever come across! 

All of us have grown up eating chocolate chip cookies. So, most of us expect what this cookie should taste like. I can vouch that these are the best you may have come across. They have the perfect chewy-to-crunch ratio, which truly makes them stand out. 

Moreover, the type of chocolate used in this recipe adds depth to the cookies and makes them shine above all others. Since this recipe is tried and tested by our chef, I can guarantee that you will be left with a satisfying result that will make you want to make these over and over again! The recipe is also easy to follow, which is a plus! So, let us dive into this exceptional recipe! 

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Is This The Exact Bobby Flay’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe? 

Yes, this recipe is Bobby Flay’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

This recipe stands out over other chocolate chip cookie recipes and is easy to tell. The choice of ingredients makes these cookies quite different from the other sorts. Firstly, these cookies have both brown and white granulated sugar rather than just the latter. 

Unlike other recipes, these cookies are soft even after being baked, all thanks to the brown sugar. Our chef has followed this recipe exactly as it was, from the ingredients to the steps, and the result is evident! 

How Are Bobby Flay’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Different From Regular Chocolate Chip Cookies? 

Some evident factors make these cookies very different from regular chocolate chip cookies. Firstly, you may have noticed that most chocolate chip cookies are chewy, overcooked, and hard. 

However, since these cookies contain the right ingredients like muscovado brown sugar, they give it the proper moisture and crunch. Another factor is that the butter melted slightly and then whipped to make it airy. 

Since these cookies are made with mildly melted soft butter, it makes a huge difference. A notable process in this recipe is the addition of chocolate chunks instead of chips, which gives the cookies a better bite. All these factors contribute to making these cookies different from the rest. 

Why You’ll Love These Chocolate Chip Cookies

We have discussed some of the main reasons that make these cookies delicious. Sure, the ingredients stand out and make these cookies pretty tasty. However, since a celebrity chef curates this recipe, you can surely expect many other reasons why you would love these chocolate chip cookies! Here are some of the reasons why you will love these chocolate chip cookies: 

  1. Easy To Follow: The recipe is very easy to follow as the steps are straightforward, and you don’t need to be a pro-baker to be able to bake these. 
  2. Staple Ingredients: The ingredients are simple and easy to get by; you can get them at almost any grocery store.
  3. Shelf Life: The cookies stay fresh for a long time, which is another plus point. 
  4. Flavor: The semi-sweet chocolate chips add a lovely chocolate finish to the overall recipe. 
  5. Versatile: The recipe is versatile as you can switch and substitute many ingredients. 

Are These Chocolate Chip Cookies Vegan And Gluten-Free? 

No, unfortunately, these chocolate chip cookies are not vegan or gluten-free. 

These cookies have ingredients like flour, which makes them rich in gluten. Moreover, the cookies add a decent amount of eggs, which means they are not vegan either. 

However, you can make these vegan and gluten-free cookies by swapping some of the ingredients with vegan and gluten-free ones. 

Equipment Required For Bobby Flay’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Here is a list of ingredients that you will need to make Bobby Flay’s chocolate chip cookies: 

  • Measuring Cups – This equipment is fundamental for baking, as it helps get all the precise measurements of ingredients. 
  • Measuring Spoons – For ingredients needed in much smaller quantities, measuring spoons are a handy tool. 
  • Baking Sheet – A baking sheet or parchment paper will stop the cookies from sticking to the oven tray.  
  • Bowls – You will need a few large and medium-sized bowls for this recipe, some to measure out individual ingredients, and the large bowl to mix the cookie batter.  
  • Electric Mixer – An electric mixer will be handy to whip up the butter, sugar, and other ingredients. 
  • Silicone Spatula – This tool will help you scrape everything from the mixing bowl, ensuring nothing is left behind. 
  • Ice Cream Scoop – To get even-sized cookies, use an ice cream scoop for precise measurements. 

Bobby Flay’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredients

  • All-Purpose Flour – Flour is the base for any baked good, and these cookies can hold their shape with two cups and three tablespoons of all-purpose flour. 
  • Salt – A pinch of salt will help enhance the overall flavors of the cookies. 
  • Baking Soda – This is one of the best leavening agents for cookies, and just ¾ teaspoon of the same will give these cookies a perfectly chewy texture. 
  • Unsalted Butter – Go for two sticks of unsalted butter at room temperature for this recipe to whip it well. 
  • Granulated Sugar – A cup of white granulated sugar will give these cookies the desired sweetness. 
  • Muscovado Sugar – ⅓ cup of dark brown muscovado sugar will give these cookies a chewy texture with a malty sweetness. 
  • Eggs – About two large or three medium eggs will act as a binding agent between the dry and wet ingredients. 
  • Vanilla Extract – Around 1.5 teaspoons of vanilla extract will remove the cookies’ eggy flavor. 
  • Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate – You will need about 5 ounces of semi-sweet dark chocolate for that perfect crunch to get a great sweet-to-bitter ratio. 

Bobby Flay’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredient Substitution

Finding some of the ingredients can be overwhelming. Although most ingredients are simple to get by, you may need help finding the rest. Here are some substitution options for some of the ingredients. 

  1. Muscovado Sugar – If you have trouble finding this sugar, light brown sugar will work perfectly fine in its place. 
  2. Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate – You can use bitter dark chocolate instead of semi-sweet if you want a more refined chocolate flavor. 
  3. Eggs – If you are allergic to eggs, use milk of the same quantity instead. 

Bobby Flay’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Preparation + Cooking Time

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
15 Minutes10 Minutes25 Minutes

Bobby Flay’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe Steps

  1. Melt butter slightly and add it to a bowl. 
  2. Add Muscovado sugar to the bowl and mix. 
  3. Add white sugar to the same bowl and mix with an electric mixer. 
  4. Add eggs to the mix and whip it all together. 
  5. Add flour to the mix and fold the batter gently. 
  6. To the flour mix, add baking soda and a little salt. 
  7. Add vanilla essence to the mix and fold. 
  8. To the ready cookie batter, add chunks of semi-sweet dark chocolate. 
  9. Scoop the batter onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper. 
  10. Bake the cookies in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 11 minutes, until they are chewy in the middle and baked from the sides. 

Tips To Make These Bobby Flay Chocolate Chip Cookies Better

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind to make sure your cookies turn out perfect: 

  1. Do Not Overmix The Batter – Mixing the batter will make these cookies extra chewy, harming their texture. 
  2. Use Unsalted Butter – Even if you don’t have unsalted butter, do not use salted butter to make this recipe. Salted butter will ruin the overall flavor. 
  3. Add Eggs One At A Time – Another thing to remember is to add eggs one at a time. If you add all the eggs together, it might curdle the batter. 

How Will These Chocolate Chip Cookies Look And Taste Like? 

Bobby Flay’s chocolate chip cookies look exceptionally appealing. Even if someone is not the biggest fan of chocolate chip cookies, they would get tempted enough to try just one. The cookies are perfectly brown with crispy edges, and the chocolate chunks on top shine through. 

As far as flavor goes, these are the best you can ever try. The balance of flavors created with this recipe is indeed perfect. The cookies are rich and soft from the sugar, but the flavor of dark chocolate chunks balances that out. Along with that, the little pinch of salt enhances all the flavors in the cookie itself, making it taste amazing overall! 

How To Properly Shape The Cookie Dough? 

Since this cookie dough is made with slightly melted butter, it has a somewhat runny texture and consistency. You might have trouble shaping the cookie dough into balls as it is. One of the best ways to do this is to use an ice cream scoop to shape the cookie dough into little balls. 

Using an ice cream scoop will make sure the shape of your cookies is perfectly round and will also make sure they are all the same size. If the cookie dough is too sticky and seems difficult to manage, sprinkle a little flour on the same, even with the ice cream scoop. This will prevent the dough from sticking and will ensure the dough balls have a smooth surface. 

Why Aren’t Your Cookies Soft And Chewy? 

There can be a few reasons why your cookies don’t turn out as soft and chewy as expected. Here are some reasons why these cookies don’t have the outcome texture that you would have expected: 

  1. The butter was a bit too hard, and that can result in not creaming properly. This, in turn, makes the cookies hard. 
  2. Using the correct quantity or type of muscovado sugar can prevent the cookies from getting hard. 
  3. Your cookies are overbaked, which makes them challenging. 
  4. The oven temperature is set a little too high, which can also affect the cookies and make them hard. 

Why Are Your Cookies Spread And Flattened? 

Spread or flat cookies can be a huge bummer. Since baking is all about technique, the most minor of inconveniences can cause cookies to flatten out unnecessarily. Here are some reasons that can cause your cookies to be flat, which can all be prevented: 

  1. Your butter is too soft, which can cause cookies to flatten out more when baked. 
  2. You have added excess fat or sugar to the batter. 
  3. Undermixing the butter can cause the cookies to get flat. 
  4. The cookie dough is a bit too warm, making the butter melt much faster. 
  5. If your oven tray is too warm, it can cause the butter to soften a bit too much and make the cookies flat. 

Why Are Your Cookies Puffy? 

Here you will find some reasons why your cookies have turned out puffy like a cake instead of the perfect texture that you would expect from a cookie: 

  1. Overmixing the flour can cause extra air pockets, making the cookies puffy. 
  2. Using baking powder instead of soda will make the cookies puffy. 
  3. Using too much flour can cause the cookies to get a cakey texture. 
  4. Adding too many eggs will leave the dough too much. 

Bobby Flay’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Nutritional Values

Bobby Flay’s chocolate chip cookies are moderately healthy. Although these cookies are not too high as far as calorie content is concerned, they do have a high amount of sugar. This means these cookies are okay to enjoy occasionally and in moderation. 

Calories148 kcal
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium93 mg
Total Carbohydrates20 g
Sugar9.9 g
Protein1.5 g

Tips To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies Healthy

Are the cookies too unhealthy for you to devour? If yes, then I have the perfect solution for you. There are some ways to make these cookies healthier than what they are. Here are some tips that you can follow to enjoy a healthier version of this cookie:

  1. Swap all-purpose flour with healthier alternatives like oat flour or millet flour. The cookies might have a different texture than the regular ones, but they will surely be healthier. 
  2. Make the cookies with refined sugar alternatives like date sugar, jaggery, or coconut. 
  3. Use healthier alternatives for butter, like low-fat butter or even oil. 

Can You Make These Chocolate Chip Cookies Ahead Of Time? 

Yes, you can make these chocolate chip cookies ahead of time. You can create and store the cookies and the dough ahead of time. 

Since these cookies are enriched with a lot of fat, they stay suitable for a long time. Moreover, the cookies also have sugar, which helps them preserve their flavor and texture. So yes, as long as the cookies or cookie dough are stored in the right conditions, they can be made ahead of time. 

How Can You Store These Cookies?

Here are some of the best ways to store Bobby Flay’s chocolate chip cookies:  

  • Airtight Container – Store them in an airtight container once baked, away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Ziplock Bag – You can also store baked cookies in a ziplock bag. This will ensure the cookies stay away from moisture and retain their flavor. 
  • In A Cool And Dry Place – Do not keep the cookies in the refrigerator or freezer, as that will ruin the flavor and texture. Instead, please place them in a cool and dry place, away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Can You Freeze This Cookie Dough? 

Yes, you can quickly freeze this cookie dough to use it later. 

The beauty of a well-made cookie dough is that it can be stored in the freezer for up to two months. Make sure to divide the cookie dough into portions so it is easier to bake them later. Divide the dough into portions, pack it in an airtight container or a ziplock bag, and place it in the coldest part of the freezer. 

How To Bake Frozen Cookie Dough? 

To bake frozen cookie dough, it is important to thaw it just a little bit before the baking process. If you add the cookies just as frozen, the frozen butter will be subjected to extremely high temperatures. 

This, in turn, can burn the butter or make it very runny. This will make your cookies spread a bit too much or make them crunchy. So, to thaw the dough, place it in the refrigerator overnight to regulate the temperature. Once melted, place the cookie dough balls on a baking sheet and bake them as usual. 

Baking frozen cookie dough is a crucial part of making these cookies, especially if you want to store them and use them later. Taking proper precautions at this step is essential, as otherwise, the texture of the cookies will turn out differently than you expect. 

What To Serve With Bobby Flay’s Chocolate Chip Cookies? 

Chocolate chip cookies are great, especially if they are as chewy and chocolaty as these! However, there will always be times when you are looking to up your chocolate chip cookie game by serving it with something that pairs well. Here are some beautiful ideas that fit perfectly and complement the flavors of these utterly delicious chocolate chip cookies. 

  1. McDonald’s Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe: A delicious chocolate cookie paired with hot fudge sauce? Yes, please! If there is one combination that will never disappoint a chocolate lover, it is complete chocolate indulgence by pairing these two decadent recipes together! 
  2. Gordon Ramsay’s Banana Ice Cream Recipe: Bananas and chocolate are a match made in heaven, and so is the combination of decadent ice cream with cookies. This simple banana ice cream recipe can pair perfectly with chocolate chip cookies to make a lovely sandwich. 
  3. McDonald’s Chocolate Milkshake Recipe: Cookies and milk are the ultimate pairing. But chocolate chip cookies paired with a decadent chocolate milkshake? Even better! This milkshake is thick and decadent, easy to make, and tastes the same as the one from McDonald’s! 
  4. Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato: Some of you may not be the biggest fan of an overload of chocolate but would prefer coffee with your cookies instead. So, here is a recipe that makes a coffee drink just like the one you get from Starbucks, complementing the flavor of cookies well. 
  5. McDonald’s Choco Chip Frappe: The perfect combination of sweet cookies with a rich coffee and chocolate-flavored drink creates the ideal balance. This chocolate chip frappe is indulgent and pairs perfectly with these soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. 

Recipe Card

Chewy Bobby Flay Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

A perfectly chewy chocolate chip makes the perfect dessert or mid-day snack for anyone who loves chocolate. Moreover, since a celebrity chef makes this recipe, you know it will be good! This Bobby Flay chocolate chip cookie recipe is the best you will ever come across!
3.50 from 2 votes
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 8 Cookies
Calories 148 kcal


  • Measuring cups
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Baking Sheet
  • Bowls
  • Electric Mixer
  • Silicone Spatula
  • Ice-cream scoop


  • 2 1/4 cups All-Purpose Flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt
  • 3/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
  • 2 sticks Unsalted Butter
  • 1 cup Granulated Sugar
  • 1/3 cup Muscovado Sugar
  • 2 nos. Eggs
  • 1.5 teaspoons Vanilla Extract
  • 5 ounces Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate


  • Melt butter slightly and add it to a bowl.
  • Add Muscovado sugar to the bowl and mix.
  • Add white sugar to the same bowl and mix with an electric mixer.
  • Add eggs to the mix and whip it all together.
  • Add flour to the mix and fold the batter gently.
  • To the flour mix, add baking soda and a little salt.
  • Add vanilla essence to the mix and fold.
  • To the ready cookie batter, add chunks of semi-sweet dark chocolate.
  • Scoop the batter onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
  • Bake the cookies in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 11 minutes, until they are chewy in the middle and baked from the sides.


Serving: 1Cookie | Calories: 148kcal | Carbohydrates: 20g | Protein: 1.5g | Sodium: 93mg | Sugar: 9.9g
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If chocolate chip cookies are the ultimate sweet tooth buster for you, there is no way you should miss out on this fantastic recipe by Bobby Flay. These cookies are perfect in just about every way, making them indulgent and worth all the effort. 

Moreover, the best part is that the cookies are made with the simplest ingredients, and the steps are easy to follow to make the recipe much more worth it. If this recipe has genuinely impressed you, there are plenty of other recipes by Chef Bobby Flay, which, too, are bound to impress you! 

If you like trying all things sweet, some recipes like Bobby Flay’s Espresso Banana Bread, Bobby Flay’s Red Velvet Cake, and Bobby Flay’s Chocolate Mousse are bound to impress you. If you are a big fan of tropical flavors, try making Bobby Flay’s Coconut Cake

Moreover, I recommend trying out the Pumpkin Bread recipe by Bobby Flay to get the feeling of autumn at any time of the year. Lastly, try baking some quick bread with Bobby Flay’s Buttermilk Biscuits! Try these recipes out, and I am sure you will love baking! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it best to make the cookies fresh? 

Yes, the fresher the cookies are, the better they will taste.

Will freezing the cookie dough make any difference to the flavor? 

No, freezing the cookie dough will not make any difference to the flavor of the cookies.

Will sweet chocolate work with these cookies?

No, it is best to use bitter-sweet chocolate as the other might make the cookies too sweet. 

Are the steps for this recipe easy to follow? 

Yes, the steps to make these cookies are effortless to follow and even perfect for beginners in the kitchen. 

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