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TheFoodXP is an online platform that serves as the hub for food enthusiasts. Whether it is amazingly easy-to-follow recipes, menu prices of the leading food chains, insights from the food industry, we have all you need.

How it all began

Want to know how TheFoodXP came into being? Well, here’s a little story for you.

Once upon a time, a curious blogger stumbled upon a treasure box in his very home. But the treasure was something richer than gold and rubies, it was his grandmother’s cookbook. The book had the secret recipes that his beloved grandmother would cook for him.

All the memories started flooding in. He remembered the lingering taste and the swirly aroma of his dadi ma’s cooking. He realised that food brings people together and is symbolic of someone’s love. 

There and then, he decided to share this treasure with the world, so that everyone could feel warm with the love of food. Over the time, many foodies contributed to his ambition and thus TheFoodXP, your personal food heaven, came into being.

At present, TheFoodXP is much more than just recipes. It is your one-stop-platform for everything food. From simple and gourmet recipes to extensively researched menu prices to fun-filled and informative blogs, there’s no food question that will be unanswered.

Whether you are an amateur chef or a food connoisseur, TheFoodXP is for everyone who loves food with a passion! Join us to taste the essence of affection.

“We aim to build a haven for people with a common love of food.”

Meet Our Team

Kanav Gupta (Co-Founder)

Kanav Gupta


Kanav is the soul of the concept that is TheFoodXP. He has a natural talent towards the internet industry. A true visionary, he has taken upon himself to create a worthy journey, for himself as well as for people who believe in him. 

Rahul Gupta


Rahul is the heart of TheFoodXP blog. He leads the people with his extraordinary ideas and uses his exceptional experience in the internet industry for TheFoodXP to soar high and reach new heights. 


Vatsal Sharma


Vatsal is the Project Lead and the tech-brains behind TheFoodXP. All the website optimization you see happening, he does it. He plays the role of a mentor, a guide, and a friend to TheFoodXP. He is also TheFoodXP’s biggest fan. 

Vasu about us website


Senior Content Editor

Vasu is the Senior Content Editor and emotional support of our editorial team. The Monica of TheFoodXP, she doesn’t keep the content clean, she keeps it squeaky clean. No commas missing on her watch. She’s our little miss know-it-all.

Tamana website about us

Tamana Khullar

Head of Brand Partnership

Tamana is the one with all the good deals. She helps connect TheFoodXP to a great and diverse clientele all around the world and is the backbone of the blog. She makes sure that TheFoodXP reaches the highest of heights. 

Jasbir Singh Website


professional chef

Jasbir is the face of our blog.  He is a celebrated chef, that knows all about daily and gourmet cooking. All the knick-knacks to make a great dish can be found up his sleeves. His recipes have a homely vibe, like a big warm hug.  

Samah Qundeel

Category lead

Samah loves the food she cooks and her content represents her vibrant and chatty personality. Everyone on TheFoodXP team loves the food Samah brings to work. 

Pulkit website about us

Pulkit Sharma

Category Lead

Wamt to know everything about the menu prices and hours of restaurants? Pulkit is here to answer all your questions. Pulkit’s writing resonates with her calm personality and her love for fast-food restaurants.

Yamini website about us

Yamini Rathore

Category Lead

From research to words, Yamini leaves no stones unturned when it comes to writing amazing recipes. Yamini is an essential part of TheFoodXP and a great writer and foodie.


Aadil Fayaz


Aadil has been playing a long haul game in the filmmaking shire. He is a comrade in the production arena of The FoodXP. Juggling with fork and knife for 12 years, he envisions the journey from ideation to production creating aesthetic food visuals.

Alok Nanduyal


Alok spends his days exploring new off-page opportunities for the growth of our brand as he outreaches other bloggers for successful collaborations . From email outreach to social media inquisition, he knows it all. He makes sure that only the best of the best things come our way. 
Sonia website about us

Sonia Kour

Associate graphic designer

Sonia is the pinch of magic that adds life to graphics. She loves precision, alignment and good food. Whether it is photoshop or indesign, she is the wise wizard who helps us design our pathway to success.
Mansi about us website

Mansi Khanna


Mansi has sprucely incorporated her social skills to bring the best clientele through campaigns. Outreaching brands and managing campaigns keeps her busy all day long.  
Ashwini website

Ashwini Rakhe


Ashwini is a former chef with a passion for food. She has been great at two things since childhood; food and writing. Now she has combined two of her passions together to bring you great articles, with maybe a few laughs too!
Avni website

Avni Kapoor

Associate content writer

Avni is a chef-turned-writer who loves everything about food. A typical day in her life revolves around turning simple dishes into show-stopping meals and researching new food scenes on the block! 

Saloni Desai

Associate content writer

Saloni believes writing is the best mixture of research and lots of coffee. She spends most of her time reading, visiting cafes, and catching up with friends. She is a movie fanatic, dreamer, and minimalist writer. 
Bharathi about us website

Bharathi Janakraman

Associate Conent Writer

Bharathi is a passionate writer and a foodie who has a hankering to explore the culinary world to extremes. It is magical to probe into this territory and share a lot of things that perk up our spirits.

Sonali website about us

Sonali Manhas

Associate content writer

Sonali loves food so much and she writes on food, menu prices.She spent most of her time in traveling, visiting restaurants and enjoy being in her own company. She makes sure that only the best things will come our way.
Aakriti website about us

Aakriti Aggarwal

Associate content writer

Aakriti is a home inspired cook. Her love for cooking has helped her to become a better writer. She is inclined towards travelling and loves to explore the food of different areas. 
Apurva about us website

Apurva Mahajan

Associate Conent Writer

Apurva lives only for one thing, FOOD. She is always keen to know about the blend of ingredients used in different dishes. Her articles are insightful and creative.
Nandinii about us website

Nandinii Todi

Associate content writer

Nandanii is a food lover and loves to pen down her experiences. She has been great at two things; food and food. Now she is focused on sharing her experiences by bringing you great recipes.

What Type Of Content We Post?

Chicken Recipe

Our Content

We are focused on three main content areas-

1. Recipes

Different recipes include- breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, drinks, sauces, desserts, chef-style and restaurant-style.

2. Restaurants' Menu Prices

Different menu include- breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, vegan, gluten-free- kids & timings when restaurants operate.

3. Informational Content

This includes- substitutes, food taste, comparisons & general Q&A related to food.

Our Editorial Process

Writing top quality content for our audience is our top priority.

Instead of hiring general writers and have them cover food topics (that most of the websites do out there), we tend to focus to work with writers who are passionate about food and cooking.

Due to this, the content & tips our authors share are based on the latest research and from their own personal experience.
For each category we have on our website, we have a dedicated team of people who are making sure that everything is up-to date.

Each and every blog we publish, gets rechecked by our team in the span of 6-12 months, making sure that our audience is getting the updated information.

To know more about our editorial process, you can check our editorial guidelines from here.

How We Make Money

Our visitors can use our website and learn from our resources 100% free of charge.
By doing so, TheFoodXP earns revenue by three primary ways-

1. Display Advertisements

- While reading our article, you'll notice that there are advertisements between paragraphs. Just like any newspaper rely on advertisements, we do too.

2. Brand Partnerships

- We work with a lot of brands and feature them on our website. So to ensure that we are working with quality clients who are seriously focused on their services or products, we charge them a nominal fee

3. Affiliate Marketing

- For every product or service we recommend, we earn a commission on sales through our affiliate links.

Throughout our website, we've clearly disclosed the connection of TheFoodXP and any affiliate partner. You are under no obligation to use our affiliate links. But we really appreciate it if you do. If you return a product, we make nothing.

Ways To Support Us

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FXP+ is a free way for you to become a supporter of TheFoodXP team. Yes, not a free trial and no hidden charges; FXP+ is free for you to use. But what you'll get in return?
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