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TheFoodXP is an online platform that serves as the hub for food enthusiasts. Whether it is amazingly easy-to-follow recipes, menu prices of the leading food chains, insights from the food industry, we have all you need.

How it all began

Want to know how TheFoodXP came into being? Well, here’s a little story for you.

Once upon a time, a curious blogger stumbled upon a treasure box in his very home. But the treasure was something richer than gold and rubies, it was his grandmother’s cookbook. The book had the secret recipes that his beloved grandmother would cook for him.

All the memories started flooding in. He remembered the lingering taste and the swirly aroma of his dadi ma’s cooking. He realised that food brings people together and is symbolic of someone’s love. 

There and then, he decided to share this treasure with the world, so that everyone could feel warm with the love of food. Over the time, many foodies contributed to his ambition and thus TheFoodXP, your personal food heaven, came into being.

At present, TheFoodXP is much more than just recipes. It is your one-stop-platform for everything food. From simple and gourmet recipes to extensively researched menu prices to fun-filled and informative blogs, there’s no food question that will be unanswered.

Whether you are an amateur chef or a food connoisseur, TheFoodXP is for everyone who loves food with a passion! Join us to taste the essence of affection.

“We aim to build a haven for people with a common love of food.”

Meet Our Team

Meet the brains behind the concept of TheFoodXP

Kanav Gupta (Co-Founder)

Kanav Gupta


Rahul Kumar Co Founder
Rahul Gupta


Vatsal Sharma

Project Lead

Vasu about us website
Vasu Kohli

Senior Content Lead

Yamini website about us
Yamini Rathore

Category Lead

Tamana website about us

Tamana Khullar

Head Of Brand Partnerships

Arnav Website About Us 1 scaled e1695282686633
Arnav Gupta

SEO Associate

Jasbir Singh Website

Jasbir Singh

Professional Chef

What Type Of Content Do We Publish

We are focused on four main content areas-

1. Recipes

Different recipes include- breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, drinks, sauces, desserts, chef-style and restaurant-style.

3. Information Content

This includes- substitutes, food taste, comparisons & general Q&A related to food.

2. Restaurants' Menu Prices

This includes- breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, vegan, gluten-free- kids & timings when restaurants operate.

4. Content Collaborations

Where visionary brands meet collaborate with us and we craft something extraordinary.

Our Editorial Policy

This is how we make sure that the content we are putting out there is good quality content that will be beneficial for our users and will provide value to them.

To know more about our editorial process, you can check our editorial guidelines from here .

Writing top quality content for our audience is our top priority.

Instead of hiring general writers and have them cover food topics (that most of the websites do out there), we tend to focus to work with writers who are passionate about food and cooking.

Due to this, the content & tips our authors share are based on the latest research and from their own personal experience.

For each category we have on our website, we have a dedicated team of people who are making sure that everything is up-to date.

Each and every blog we publish, gets rechecked by our team in the span of 6-12 months, making sure that our audience is getting the updated information.

How We Make Money

Our visitors can use our website and learn from our resources 100% free of charge.

By doing so, TheFoodXP earns revenue by three primary ways-

• Affiliate Marketing

- For every product or service we recommend, we earn a commission on sales through our affiliate links.

Throughout our website, we've clearly disclosed the connection of TheFoodXP and any affiliate partner. You are under no obligation to use our affiliate links. But we really appreciate it if you do. If you return a product, we make nothing.​

• Display Advertisements

- While reading our article, you'll notice that there are advertisements between paragraphs. Just like any newspaper rely on advertisements, we do too.

• Brand Partnerships

- We work with a lot of brands and feature them on our website. So to ensure that we are working with quality clients who are seriously focused on their services or products, we charge them a nominal fee

Ways To Support Us

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