TheFoodXP is a food blog where foodies from different parts of the world come together to share their cooking experience. It brings you a cooking experience and ease like never before.

How it all began

We all love to dig into the old memories. So, while one of us was digging into the old memories, our co-founder Kanav Gupta found the long-lost recipe books by his grandmother. A source of unique recipes in the Hindi Language that he meant to keep alive through the power of the digital.

What did our Old Ladies do? Cook, sing, love and laugh!

God knows they had unique emotions attached to each masala, each flavor that went into their food. The food that they so lovingly made for their family.

So, in one of their intercity travels, Kanav & Rahul shared his deep emotion attached to this book of recipes. It had recipes and definitely some curry stains on it. At the end of it all they carried it out as a blogging website. The power of digital was sure to make the book live long enough.

The book is an everlasting joy to the family and now it is a joy to the family of TheFoodXP. We all share the same emotion of keeping the essence of our elders alive in the form of our blog.

We started as a food blog in the year 2016. At that time, it wasn’t carried forward for long enough. But as the years passed by, we got together once again. The reunion led to starting the blog once again. We gathered food enthusiasts from around the country to contribute their food emotions on our blog. Days passed and months even since then we have made the best of our efforts to grow as a food influencer over the web and through our various social media channels. Today, our unique segments help us spread our vision and love for food; faster than The WildFire. We grew from the love of a physical diary to a web presence that expanded to various segments like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

We aim to reach those who reach a common emotion an a common notation aboot food.

— Kanav Gupta (Co-Founder)—

Meet Our Team

Kanav Gupta (Co-Founder)

Kanav Gupta


Kanav is the root and the stems of the concept. He has helped kickstart the concept of this food blog. All this coming from his own experience of about 10 years guiding and inspiring 5000+ people all over the country to use the internet industry wisely. His ways of exploring digital businesses and owing to his expertise, TheFoodXP is his folklore sung like a war hero.

Rahul Gupta


Rahul is a Jack of all Trades. The visionary behind TheFoodXP, started his own journey at a very young age. From a Sales guy of digital goods to Marketing Strategist of Mid-sized Tech firms, he understands entrepreneurship in the internet industry like a pro. He is a man full of creative ideas, growth hacks and a vision of reaching new heights. He has helped TheFoodXP reach to a whole new level.


Vatsal Sharma

Project Lead

Vatsal handles the reins of TheFoodXP. Being the project lead and owing to his own speciality in Organic Search, he adds a great value to the platform. He has an experience of about 3+ years, making digital platforms rank over the World Wide Web. His speciality in the Organic Search and People-handling Skills are now useful to this platform.


Tamana Khullar

Head of Brand Partnership

Tamana is attached to the community of TheFoodXP as Head of Brand Partnerships. She brings in the right value by connecting to our clientele in the best possible manner. She has experience of 5+ years connecting to brands around the globe. Now, the food industry is her field to make FoodXP reach heights.


Danish Verma


Danish is the wizard of websites with an inborn love for food. Working in the Digital Marketing domain for almost 3 years has presented him with in-depth knowledge of link building and google algorithm. He believes it was stepping into adulthood that brought him close to food.



Senior content editor

Coming from the world of HTML and SQL, Vasu finds her solace in books and food. She has always been more interested in gobbling food than cooking it. However, adulting has made her jump through enough hoops to master this essential life skill. She is here to help all the newbie chefs to cook like a pro.


Jasbir Singh

professional chef

A specialist in Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Jasbir brings a great value to TheFoodXP Kitchen. He is our YouTube Content Creator. He brings in the experience of working with two International Brands Hyatt and JW Marriott. Three years of experience and counting. Due to his experience in the food and beverage industry, he also reviews every recipe on TheFoodXP, making sure that you guys get the best information possible.


Aadil Fayaz


Aadil has been playing a long haul game in the filmmaking shire. He is a comrade in the production arena of The FoodXP. Juggling with fork and knife for 12 years, he envisions the journey from ideation to production creating aesthetic food visuals.

Mohit Manyal

Youtube video editor

With 3+ years of digital content creation experience, Mohit is an enthusiast creating and editing Videos for FoodXP. With his creative spree, he makes the best out of the kitchen shots. He shares his experience of his years of work with local and international businesses. His enthusiastic vibe and interesting vocal quality (Yeah! He sings well) adds to TheFoodXP family’s enthusiasm.

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