Fact-Checking Policy

At TheFoodXP, we uphold the highest standards of accuracy and authenticity in our content.  Our fact-checking policy involves rigorous referencing and citation of sources.

Also, we are not about cutting corners; we are about precision. No matter how small or insignificant, every detail is carefully attended to and corrected by our category experts.

We are on it whether it’s a punctuation error, a factual stroll, staying on the updated roadway, or fixing a grammatical loop.  Our commitment to provide accuracy involves online communities’ dynamic and interactive nature.

By referring to diverse sources, we aim to deliver content that meets the highest standards and resonates with factual information. 

In short, our fact-checking policy is the backbone of delivering the content, which is a real deal. Our fact-checking policy procedure involves various steps like:

Role Of The Category Experts

Our team of category experts plays a significant role in the fact-checking process. Before any content goes live, the content experts meticulously review and verify the authenticity of the content.

This includes keywords, claims, and factual information covered in the article.

- Recipes Authentication

For the recipes, Chef Jasbir, our seasoned culinary professional, verifies the facts added to the content with practical insights.

The fact-checking for the recipes includes in-depth verification of the ingredients, process, and quantity of ingredients.

- Menu Prices & FAQ Related Articles Authentication

Our restaurant expert, Vatsal, verifies the updated menu prices with credible sources.

Sometimes, he directly connects with the restaurant teams to confirm operating hours and menu prices, leaving no room for discrepancies.

In our restaurant cluster topics, we verify the facts thoroughly and constantly monitor the menu prices. We follow stringent guidelines to ensure our facts are authentic in all the categories.

- Collaborations Authentication

Our expert in brand partnership, Tamana, ensures validation of the information added to the brand’s articles.

The content added in the article should be accurate and beneficial for both our website and the brand.   

Collaboration with Editorial Team

The category experts collaborate with the content creators of their respective categories for in-depth discussions

This helps to clarify any uncertainties, verify data accuracy, and ensure that the content meets our stringent quality standards.  

Continuous Learning And Adaptation

Digital content is evolving.

Our fact-checking policy ensures constant learning and adapting to the evolution of culinary trends.

We stay vigilant about emerging information and industry updates and reverify it timely. 

Fact-Checking Sources

To provide authentic information, we use a comprehensive approach to fact-checking. We focus on relying on diverse and reliable sources. 

For the updated information, we refer to reliable online platforms. This includes reputable websites, peer-reviewed journals, and publications. 

Above that, our team also connects with food industry experts to verify the source’s credibility. 

Rectification & Avoiding Discrepancies

Once all the facts are verified and checked thoroughly, we rectify them instantly to avoid further discrepancies.

We assign the articles to the writers of respective categories to address the inaccuracies. When the facts are fixed, our experts cross-check it again.