Chocolatey McDonald’s Choco-Chip Frappe Copycat Recipe

McDonald’s is a famous fast-food chain that has become the best coffee spot worldwide. If you are a fan of McDonald’s, you know they have an impressive lineup of coffee and frappe options. From classic coffees to frothy and creamy frappes, McDonald’s offers delightful creations to its customers. 

How to Make McDonald's Chocochip Frappe at Home

Today, I will help you recreate one of the delightful frappes, McDonald’s choco-chip frappe.

You must follow the recipe steps and discover why making this easy frappe at home is a treat. Get your blender and some pantry staples ready. 

Just blend ice, milk, heavy cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, choco chips, and instant espresso powder until the frappe is frothy. Once you achieve the desired consistency, top it with chocolate sauce, whipping cream, or caramel sauce and serve.

Ready to take a sip of a delicious frappe? Then try this tasty copycat McDonald’s treat at home prepared by yourself.

In the article below, you will find all the required equipment, the correct measurements, and other facts. Read the article to instantly replicate McDonald’s choco-chip frappe and get familiar with the facts.  

Did McDonald’s Ever Have Choco-Chip Frappe On Their Menu?

McDonald’s choco-chip frappe was a limited summer edition added to the menu in 2012. Presently choco-chip frappe is not available on the McDonald’s menu. However, if you love choco-chip flavors, follow the recipe below and make your homemade version. 

Moreover, McDonald’s tries to adapt the local traditions to reflect different tastes in the menu items. This is why McDonald’s menu and prices vary from location to location. 

McDonald's Chocochip Frappe Recipe

Does McDonald’s Use Coffee In Their Choco-Chip Frappe Recipe?

Yes, McDonald’s uses coffee flavors in their chocolate chip frappe recipe. You can use ground or brewed coffee to make copycat McDonald’s choco-chip frappe. The authentic chocolate chip frappe has some choco-chips added for extra crunch. 

What Are The Equipment Required To Make McDonald’s Choco-Chip Frappe?

  1. Blender – Merge all the elements using a blender. It will help you to achieve the right consistency of frappe. 
  2. Spoon – Stir in the caramel sauce.
  3. Glass – Take a tall glass to serve the homemade McDonald’s choco-chip frappe. 
McDonald's Chocochip Frappe Ingredients

What Are The Ingredients To Make McDonald’s Choco-Chip Frappe?

  • Brewed Coffee – Add brewed coffee or espresso powder to prepare a choco-chip frappe. 
  • Milk – Adding milk to the frappe will help you achieve consistency. 
  • Heavy Cream – Make the choco-chip frappe frothy with some heavy cream added to the blender. 
  • Ice Cream – Half a cup of ice cream will also enhance the texture and flavors of frappe.
  • Chocolate Chips – Garnish the restaurant-style McDonald’s choco-chip frappe with chocolate chips. 
  • Ice – Add some ice cubes to make a chilled frappe at home. 
  • Whipped Cream – Embellish the chocolate chip with whipped cream on top. 
  • Caramel Sauce – Make McDonald’s choco-chip frappe with a tablespoon of caramel sauce. It is the best sweetener added to the coffees or frappes. 
McDonald's Copycat Chocochip Frappe

What Are The Ingredient Substitute For McDonald’s Choco-Chip Frappe?

  • Vanilla Ice Cream – Instead of adding whipped cream to garnish the frappe, you can choose vanilla or any other flavored ice cream. A dollop of ice cream on the frappe will serve the same purpose. 
  • Half-And-Half – Another substitute for heavy cream is half-and-half. It is also one of the best elements used to improve frappe consistency. 
  • Brewed Coffee – We used espresso for making McDonald’s choco-chip frappe. You can also swap it with some freshly brewed coffee or coffee powder. 
  • Sweetener – If you prefer the frappe to be sweeter, use a tablespoon of sugar, honey, or caramel sauce. The possibilities are endless. 
  • Milk – There is an assortment of options for milk to add to your frappe. You can add whole, dairy, almond, or soy milk while making the frappe at home. 
  • Toppings – You can choose any toppings to garnish the homemade frappe. It will serve the purpose, be it choco-chips, grated chocolate chunks, or a splash of chocolate sauce drizzled on the top.

How Much Time Will You Need To Make McDonald’s Choco-Chip Frappe?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
10 Minutes10 Minutes
How to Make McDonald's Chocochip Frappe

Steps To Make McDonald’s Choco-Chip Frappe 

McDonald's Chocochip Frappe Step 1

Step 1- Take a blender, add milk, vanilla ice cream, and heavy cream.

McDonald's Chocochip-Frappe Step 2

Step 2- Then, add some ice cubes and choco-chips.

McDonald's Chocochip Frappe Step 3

Step 3- Finally, add half a cup of brewed coffee and a tablespoon of caramel syrup.

How to Make McDonald's Chocochip Frappe at Home

Step 4- Blend until the frappe is frothy and smooth. Garnish it with whipped cream and some choco-chips. Serve!

Tips To Make McDonald’s ChocoChip Frappe

Follow some quick tips to make an authentic restaurant-style McDonald’s choco-chip frappe.

  1. For making choco-chip frappe, use a robust coffee base. It will enhance the texture and flavors of the frappe. 
  2. Before blending the ingredients, make sure they all are chilled. This will help you create a cold and refreshing frappe. 
  3. Add sweetener to the frappe if required, and adjust the sweetness by adding your choice of syrup. 
  4. Incorporate choco-chips in blending the mixture and garnish it on top of the frappe. 
  5. Avoid adding artificial flavors to the homemade McDonald’s choco-chip frappe. 
Chocolate Chip Frappe McDonald's

How Will McDonald’s Choco-Chip Frappe Look And Taste Like?

McDonald’s choco-chip frappe is a frozen coffee beverage with a smooth and creamy consistency.

Talking about the taste, it has intense coffee flavors that are complemented by rich and sweet chocolate.

The sweetness of this frappe is what makes it a desert-like beverage. All in all, combining coffee and chocolate creates a decadent blend of flavors. 

Nutritional Information

The McDonald’s choco-chip frappe, like many other milkshakes or indulgent treats, is not considered a health food. It is a dessert item that is meant to be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Check out the nutritional values of this delectable frappe in the table below.

Calories578 kcal
Carbohydrates89 g
Fat21 g
Cholesterol65 mg
Sodium219 mg
Potassium487 mg
Sugar67 g
Protein8 g

Other McDonald’s Drink Recipes To Try 

Follow the above recipe for making authentic and exact McDonald’s choco-chip frappe at home with us. We have also covered some other McDonald’s recipes like McDonald’s shamrock shake, McDonald’s sweet tea, McDonald’s caramel frappe, McDonald’s iced coffee, and McDonald’s Oreo caramel frappe.

Recipe Card

McDonald’s Choco-Chip Frappe Recipe

The McDonald's choco-chip frappe is a popular frozen coffee drink that combines espresso, milk, and chocolate chips to create a sweet and creamy treat.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Copycat Recipes
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 578 kcal


  • Blender
  • Spoon
  • Serving Glass


  • ½ cup Brewed Coffee
  • ½ cup Milk
  • ½ cup Heavy Cream
  • ½ cup Ice Cream
  • ½ cup Choco-chips
  • ½ cup Ice
  • ½ cup Whipped Cream
  • 1 teaspoon Caramel Sauce


  • Take a blender, add milk, vanilla ice cream, and heavy cream.
  • Then, add some ice cubes and choco chips.
  • Finally, add half a cup of brewed coffee and a tablespoon of caramel syrup.
  • Blend until the frappe is frothy and smooth. Garnish it with whipped cream and some choco chips. Serve!


Homemade Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino


Calories: 578kcal | Carbohydrates: 89g | Protein: 8g | Fat: 21g | Cholesterol: 65mg | Sodium: 219mg | Potassium: 487mg | Sugar: 67g
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of chocolate can you use for frappe?

You can use any chocolate that you prefer in the recipe. Semisweet chocolate chips or milk chocolate chips are the most commonly used in a chocolate chip frappe, but you can also use dark chocolate.

Can you discard the caramel sauce in the recipe?

Yes, you can remove the caramel sauce. The frappe will still have a chocolatey flavor from the chocolate chips and sauce.

Can I make the frappe in advance?

Making the frappe is not recommended in advance, as it is best served immediately after blending. The ice will begin to melt, and the texture will become less creamy if the frappe is served after some time.

What’s the difference between a frappe and a Frappuccino at McDonald’s?

There is no difference between a frappe and a Frappuccino at McDonald’s. The terms ‘frappe’ and ‘Frappuccino’ can be used interchangeably to refer to the same type of frozen, blended coffee drink.

Does McDonald’s put alcohol in their frappes?

No, McDonald’s does not put alcohol in their frappes. Frappes at McDonald’s are made with a blend of ice, milk, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and caramel syrup. They do not contain any alcohol.


McDonald’s chocolate chip frappe is a delicious and indulgent treat perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. With a creamy blend, it’s hard to resist this tasty frozen drink.

The chocolate chip frappe will enlighten you whether you’re craving a quick pick-me-up or just looking to treat yourself. Whip up this heavenly treat and taste the magic for yourself! Make a tasty McDonald’s chocolate frappe today and enjoy.

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