KFC Vs McDonald’s in 2024 | Which One To Choose

In the world of fast food, there are two big players that people love: KFC and McDonald’s. These famous fast-food restaurants have been competing for a long time, trying to win the hearts of their customers. In this blog, we will compare KFC vs McDonald’s to get familiar with the facts. 


Let’s have a quick look at the comparison table of McDonald’s vs KFC:

MenuBetter Menu
PriceLess Expensive
TasteIt’s A Tie!
McDonald’s Burger vs KFC’s ChickenIt’s A Tie!
Breakfast MenuBetter Breakfast Menu
DessertsBetter Desserts
Drink OptionsBetter Drink options
Healthy OfferingsBetter Healthy Offerings
Kids MenuBetter Kids Menu
Secret MenuBetter Secret Menu
Best DealsBetter Deals
Modern LookBetter Modern Look
More SuccessfulMore Successful

KFC was started in 1952 by Colonel Harland Sanders. He opened a small restaurant in Kentucky, USA. He had a secretive chicken recipe and till today, KFC’s chicken is prepared with traditional methods that Colonel invented.

Coming back to McDonald’s history, it began in 1940  as a small restaurant in California. Initially, it was run by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald, and later on taken by Ray Kroc. They introduced golden arches and their famous big mac burger. Today it’s the world’s most famous fast-food chain. 

Now that we’ve compared KFC and McDonald’s, let’s dig deeper into their offerings, innovations, and how they make their loyal fans. Join me in the next part of this blog where we’ll find out who wins the battle of being the best fast food chain. 

Which Is More Popular | KFC or McDonald’s?

KFC VS McDonald's

Between KFC and McDonald’s, McDonald’s is more popular. Although both fast-food chains are well-established in the fast-food industry, McDonald’s has more fans. 

With its vast global presence, McDonald’s has become a symbol of fast food across the world. The golden M is familiar in nearly every corner of the world. It has made its presence in almost every country. 

While KFC also enjoys substantial popularity, it doesn’t quite match the presence of McDonald’s. Both fast-food chains provide unique menu offerings and have low prices compared to other fast-food chains. That’s what makes them strong standing competitors in burger wars. 

So, let’s look at the comparisons and closely follow these two fast-food giants by comparing them on various factors. 

Which Has The Better Menu?

McDonald's menu offerings

McDonald’s tends to offer better menu options. It has a wide variety of menu items compared to KFC’s stipulated chicken items. Hence, the winner for this segment is McDonald’s.

Looking at the KFC menu, their main focus is on fried chicken. Whereas, McDonald’s vast menu offerings focus on burgers, chicken sandwiches, coffee drinks, and many other offerings. 

KFC offers a variety of chicken dishes, including chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, chicken strips, chicken nuggets, and fried chicken buckets. 

Now, let’s look at the side menu. KFC offers side menu items like mashed potatoes, fries, mac and cheese, cole slaw, sweet corn, chicken breast, chicken drum, chicken wings, and a lot more. 

When it comes to the dessert menu, KFC has only one option on their dessert menu which is chocolate chip cake.Talking about drinks menu, KFC has drink options like lemonade, soft drinks, sweet tea, Dr. Pepper, etc.

On the breakfast menu, KFC offers pot pies and bowls which are famous among customers. It offers famous bowl, pot pie, etc. Apart from that, it also offers other items such as tenders combo, sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, mashed potatoes, and much more. 

Now let’s talk about McDonald’s. So, McDonald’s offers a variety of burgers such as beef patty burgers, chicken burgers, chicken sandwiches burgers, fish burgers, egg burgers, and breakfast sandwiches too. So, regarding burger options, McDonald’s definitely has more options. 

Now looking at McDonald’s side menu, it offers hash browns, fries, apple slices, etc. So, in terms of the sides menu, the offerings are less compared to KFC’s sides menu.

In terms of desserts, McDonald’s offers a wide variety of desserts such as McFlurry flavors, soft serve ice creams, milkshakes, baked apple pie, and chocolate chip cookies.    

Moreover, McDonald’s has more options on their drinks menu too. They have coffee beverages (hot & cold), soft drinks, frozen drinks, milkshakes, iced tea, low-fat milk, and a lot more.

The best on McDonald’s menu is they offer assortments of breakfast items. So, these items include egg sandwiches, sausage & biscuits, hash browns, pancakes, and breakfast meals. Whereas, KFC breakfast options are limited to fried chicken. 

Here is a quick snapshot of differences in overall menu offerings of KFC and McDonald’s:

Main FocusFried chickenBurgers
Variety of chicken dishesHighLow
Variety of sidesHighMedium
Variety of dessertsLowHigh
Variety of DrinksMediumHigh
Variety of BurgersLowHigh
Variety of Kids MenuLowHigh
Variety of Breakfast ItemsLowHigh
OverallGood for chicken loverGood for people who want a variety of food options

Winner – McDonald’s has better menu options. Hence, it’s a clear winner. 

Which Is More Cheaper?

More cheaper

Between KFC and McDonald’s, McDonald’s is cheaper. There are many items on McDonald’s menu that are priced less than $5. 

The main factor while eating at fast-food restaurants is price. We always look for value for money when dining at our favorite restaurant. 

Both KFC and McDonald’s chains are known for their unique menu offerings and different prices. So, let’s compare both these chains based on pricing factors. 

The average price of a meal at KFC is around $7 while the average price of a meal at McDonald’s is around $6. So, here you can clearly see that McDonald’s offers better value for money. 

When looking at the menu, KFC tends to price higher for its menu items compared to McDonald’s. For example, KFC chicken meals are priced between $20 to $50, whereas McDonald’s burger meals are priced between $12 to $18. 

Here is a table that summarizes the average prices of some popular menu items at KFC and McDonald’s:

Menu ItemsKFCMcDonald’s
Chicken Nuggets$ 3.49$ 2.79
Cold Drink$ 3.19$ 1.79
Medium French Fries$ 3.99$ 3.59
Honey Mustard Sauce$ 0.25$ 0.15
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$ 5.69$ 5.65

Winner- As we come to a conclusion, McDonald’s is cheaper than KFC. 

Which Has Better Tasting Food?

better tasting food

When it comes to the taste of food, both KFC and McDonald’s are both popular choices. People love them for different reasons. So, it’s a tie between both of them.

KFC is famous for its fried chicken which is typically cooked in a pressure fryer which makes its chicken crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Moreover, KFC also has a wider variety of chicken dishes than McDonald’s. They offer chicken strips, chicken wings, chicken breast, and nuggets too. McDonald’s only offers chicken nuggets. 

McDonald’s also has fried chicken, but it’s typically fried in deep fryers. This means McDonald’s chicken is not as crispy and juicy as KFC, and also it’s less greasy.

In terms of taste, KFC chicken is considered to be more flavorful than McDonald’s chicken. This is because KFC uses a special blend of 11 herbs and spices to season their chicken. McDonald’s chicken, on the other hand, is seasoned with a more basic mixture of salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

However, McDonald’s has other delectable offerings that are popular with customers. For example, their big mac burgers, fries, their milkshakes, and most popular quarter pounder with cheeseburgers. Moreover, McDonald’s boasts on its ice cream menu and has many tasty offerings like McFlurry and soft serve. 

KFC also offers some unique menu items like pot pies and bowls, chicken wraps, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, cole slaw, and chicken gravy. 

So, looking at their unique menu offerings, I have a winner to announce. Shall I reveal? 

Winner- So, KFC and McDonald’s both are winners in this section. Clearly, we can see that both fast-food chains have something amazing to offer. 

McDonald’s Burger vs KFC Chicken

better burger

It’s a tie between McDonald’s Burger and KFC Chicken hence both win. The debate over whether McDonald’s burger or KFC chicken is better, with people on both sides of the aisle passionate about their respective choices. 

Let’s first turn our attention to the KFC chicken. The colonel’s (KFC founder) secret blend of herbs and spices makes each chicken piece a succulent chicken. It’s juicy, crispy golden crust, and full of flavors. Made with 11 herbs and spices, you can’t expect their chicken to go wrong. 

On the other side of the ring, we have McDonald’s burgers. I don’t have to really say that they have the best burgers in the world. Whether it’s a big mac burger, quarter pounder burger with cheese, McDouble, cheeseburger, or filet-o-fish burger – all these burgers are ranked best burgers on McDonald’s menu

Moreover, golden arches specialize in assembling their burgers in the best way with pickles, onions, burger sauces, and ketchup.   

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of both chains that will help us decide which one is better:

McDonald’s Burgers Pros And Cons


  • McDonald’s burgers are more affordable than KFC.
  • There are varieties of burgers you can order.
  • It uses quality ingredients and sources them from the best suppliers.


  • McDonald’s burgers can get greasy.
  • The chicken used in their burgers is not as crispy as KFC chicken.

KFC Chicken Pros And Cons


  • KFC chicken is more flavorful than McDonald’s chicken.
  • Chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy inside.
  • Chicken is cooked in a special pressure fryer which locks most of the juice inside.


  • KFC chicken is more expensive than McDonald’s burgers.
  • KFC is not as versatile as McDonald’s.

So, guess who wins this battle? 

Winner – So, the winner here is – both McDonald’s and KFC. As both of these fast-food chains have unique offerings and they are best in their ways. 

Which Has A Better Breakfast Menu?

McDonald's breakfast menu

McDonald’s has a better and stipulated breakfast menu compared to KFC. It consists of many items such as sausage Mcmuffin, Egg Mcmuffin, scrambled eggs, coffee, and a lot of other things that you mostly prefer in breakfast other than fried chicken. 

If you are looking to enjoy your morning breakfast at a fast-food chain, you might wonder which chain has better menu options – KFC or McDonald’s? While both the chains have their breakfast menu sorted, let’s see which one wins. 

The breakfast menus at KFC and McDonald’s in the US are quite different. KFC’s breakfast menu is more limited, but it focuses on classic breakfast items like biscuits, gravy, and eggs. McDonald’s breakfast menu is more extensive, and it includes a wider variety of items, such as pancakes, sausage McMuffin, and egg McMuffins.

First, let’s look at the KFC breakfast menu. So, the menu includes items like tenders combos, tenders box, Nashville hot tenders, etc. KFC also offers sandwiches like chicken sandwiches, chicken Little, etc. 

Breast combo, drum & thigh fill up, chicken combo, etc., are among the famous fried chicken dishes served at KFC. You can try any breakfast dish at KFC for less than $25. 

When it comes to McDonald’s breakfast menu, it offers various menu items such as pancakes, combo meals, McCafe coffees, McCafe Bakery, hash browns and sides, sweets and treats, condiments, beverages, shareable, and individual items. 

Moreover, McDonald’s has stipulated breakfast hours, which start at around 5.30 am till 10.30 am. So, if you are visiting during this time, you will get a variety of breakfast items to enjoy. There are some of the most popular and best breakfast items like sausage and egg McMuffin, hot cakes and sausages, chicken McGriddle meal, and a lot more. 

As you can see, McDonald’s has a wider variety of breakfast items compared to KFC. Also, if you notice, the KFC breakfast menu is more about chicken, which some people may not prefer for breakfast. 

Winner- McDonald’s is the clear winner in this section due to the wide variety of breakfast menu items. 

Which Restaurant Has Better Desserts?

Which Restaurant Has Better Desserts

When comparing the dessert menu between McDonald’s and KFC, McDonald’s takes the lead. It has so many better dessert options such as milkshakes, apple pie, McFlurries, and a lot more that you can enjoy. 

We may not visit fast-food chains like KFC or McDonald’s with a dessert in mind, but a sweet treat is always welcomed. So, let’s see what this fast-food chain offers in the dessert. 

In terms of dessert offerings, McDonald’s offers a wider variety of desserts. Their dessert menu includes apple pie, McFlurry flavors, soft serve and sundaes, chocolate chip cookies, milkshakes, cinnamon roll, pumpkin and creme pie, blueberry muffins, and a lot more. These are some of the best McDonald’s desserts to try.  

KFC is disappointing when it comes to satisfying desserts. Currently, the fast-food chain only offers chocolate chip cake on its menu. This is where it disappoints the customers who want to visit KFC with dessert in mind. 

Winner- I have a clear winner here! Of course, it’s McDonald’s.

Which Has Better Drink Options?

Which Has Better Drink Options

When it comes to drink options, McDonald’s again takes the lead here. It has a vast drinks menu which consists of coffee, frappes, ice tea, soft drinks, frozen drinks, and a lot more. 

KFC also offers a few of the beverages on its menu so let’s check out what exactly they offer. So, the fast-food chain offers drinks like soft drinks, lemonade, and sweet tea. So, here you will find a limitation to choose drinks from the menu. 

McDonald’s boasts a diverse range of drink choices that cater to all tastes. Their menu offers signature McCafe coffees like lattes, cappuccinos, and premium roast coffee which are the best coffee drinks at McDonald’s. Even their soft drinks menu is vast and they offer various soft drinks and frozen drinks.

Additionally, McDonald’s also offers a variety of iced coffee drinks which are best ranked on McDonald’s menu. 

In terms of healthy drink options, McDonald’s has a slight edge. They offer unsweetened iced tea and decaf coffee as well. 

In that case, KFC does not offer any coffee drinks on its menu. So, here we have the winner. I know you guessed right! 

Winner – McDonald’s is the winner when it comes to offering a variety of drink options. 

Which Is More Healthy?

better healthy options

When comparing KFC and McDonald’s regarding who is more healthy, well both fast-food chains are generally higher in calories, high sodium, and high-fat options. But the important point here to understand is who is more healthy? So, let’s decode this. 

I will compare McDonald’s and KFC across the following six areas to decide which one is healthier: 

1. Low-Calorie Options

McDonald’s offers a variety of low-calorie healthy options. The average calorie of overall burgers is around 450 calories. When it comes to KFC, the average calorie of their overall chicken sandwiches is 540 calories. 

If we compare McDonald’s side salad with KFC’s coleslaw, the side salad has around 20 calories whereas KFC’s coleslaw contains 144 calories.

Apart from that, McDonald’s also has other low-calorie options like oatmeal, hamburger, filet-o-fish, sausage biscuit with eggs, etc. Whereas, KFC doesn’t have much healthier options on the menu other than coleslaw and mashed potatoes. 

2. Carbohydrates Content

McDonald’s has slightly fewer carbohydrates compared to KFC meals. This is because McDonald’s menu includes more fruit items and vegetables, which are lower in carbohydrates than KFC’s fried chicken. 

Moreover, McDonald’s burgers are lower in carbohydrates and contain about 44 g of carbs. Whereas, KFC chicken sandwiches have an average of 50g carbs. 

Looking at chicken options, McDonald’s 6 pc McNuggets contains about 15g of carbs. And the KFC chicken nuggets contain 15.7 g of carbs. Here, you can see both have similar carbohydrate content.  

3. Fat Content

On average, McDonald’s burgers have a fat content of around 24 g, which is lower than the 27 g average fat content in KFC sandwiches. 

If we compare spicy chicken sandwiches from both fast-food chains, then McDonald’s spicy chicken sandwich has 26 g of fat whereas KFC spicy chicken sandwich has 33 g of fat. 

Moreover, KFC’’s other menu items have higher fat content because they use more oil to cook their chicken. Whereas McDonald’s menu items are vast and prepared in different ways, some are deep-fried in oil while others are frozen and cooked on the grill. 

So, overall, if we compare the two of these chains, McDonald’s has less fat content. 

4. Protein Content

It’s very simple to understand that KFC meals are higher in protein because they have maximum offerings of chicken. KFC offers chicken nuggets, chicken drum, chicken wings, chicken breast, chicken strips, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, etc.

Whereas, McDonald’s offers chicken sandwiches, chicken burgers, and chicken nuggets. Their burgers are mostly made of beef patties including hamburgers, quarter pounder, big macs, and cheeseburgers. 

Also, one important point to note is chicken contains more protein content than beef. Therefore, KFC contains more protein content.     

5. Sodium Content

Looking at the sodium content of KFC sandwiches, the average sodium content is 1023 mg. Whereas McDonald’s burger’s average sodium content is 1057 mg. 

According to the American Heart Association, no more than 2300 mg of sodium per day, and less than 1500 mg for adults with high blood pressure. 

This means that both McDonald’s and KFC’s sodium content is under-valued but still both have higher sodium content and are harmful for people with blood pressure. This is the reason why McDonald’s food is also bad for you.  

If we look at some common items offered by the two chains, the sodium content in McDonald’s spicy chicken sandwich is 1320 mg whereas KFC’s spicy chicken sandwich contains about 2140 mg. 

McDonald’s chicken nuggets contain 500 mg of sodium whereas KFC’s chicken nuggets contain 850 mg of sodium. McDonald’s medium fries contain 260 mg of sodium whereas KFC’s fries contain 1100 mg of sodium. 

6. Variety Of Nutrients 

McDonald’s offers a wider variety of nutrients than KFC. This is because McDonald’s offers more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains on its menu. For example, McDonald’s has side salads, fruit, and yogurt parfait on their menu while KFC doesn’t. Currently, KFC only provides coleslaw in salad options. 

Moreover, McDonald’s has a variety of protein options such as chicken sandwiches, beef burgers, fish burgers, and egg McMuffins. Whereas, KFC only focuses on chicken offerings.  

Here is the nutritional information of some common menu items of McDonald’s and KFC:

Menu ItemsKFCMcDonald’s
Chicken Sandwich650 kcal470 kcal
Chicken Nuggets140 kcal190 kcal
French Fries (Medium)320 kcal320 kca
Low-Fat Milk90 kcal100 kcal
Honey Mustard Sauce110 kcal60 kcal
Sweet Iced Tea (Medium)110 kcal130 kcal
KFC’s Pepsi vs McDonald’s Coke (Medium)241 kcal210 kcal

As we can see in the table, McDonald’s has more items that contain fewer calories. 

Winner – So, the clear winner here is McDonald’s. 

Which Has A Better Kids Menu?

Kids menu

When it comes kids menu, McDonald’s is the clear winner and has a better menu than KFC. McDonald’s boasts of its unique happy meal kids offerings which consist of fast food and exciting toys too. 

Kids’ menus are always special and give us a nostalgic feeling. Grabbing a kid’s meal at your favorite fast-food restaurant is fun and exciting. So, today we will compare KFC and McDonald’s kid’s menus. 

McDonald’s happy meal toys have a vast history. From those fun toys to exciting meal options, it’s always been a pleasure to grab a kid’s meal from there. Currently, they are offering various kids menu options: hamburger meal, 4-piece chicken nuggets meal, and 6-piece chicken nuggets meal. The meal includes fries, apple slices, low-fat milk, and chicken nuggets. 

In fact, one interesting fact here is McDonald’s kid’s menu was so popular that in 2022, they released McDonald’s adult happy meal in collaboration with Cactus Plant flea market boxes. Customers had to choose between a big mac or 10-piece chicken nuggets and it included fries and drink too along with a free toy character. 

Now when we compare with KFC’s kid’s menu, they have only one kids meal offered on their menu. It’s called a 5 piece nuggets meal which includes apple sauce, milk, nuggets, and KFC sauce. Although, KFC does not offer toys in their kids meals. Recently, the news came out that KFC has begun removing all toys from its children’s meals, in a move welcomed by anti-obesity lobby groups. 

The guesses are not too hard to say here.  

Winner – McDonald’s wins in this section and has a better kids menu.  

Which Has A Better Secret Menu?

secret menu

Between KFC and McDonald’s, McDonald’s has a better secret menu. It includes various secret items that are officially not listed on the menu. Some of their famous secret menu items are MC 10:35 Burger, monster mac, and poor man’s big mac burger. 

Many fast-food chains offer a secret menu that is not listed on their official menu. Just like that, KFC also offers a secret menu as well as McDonald’s secret menu is also not any secret now. If you want to know which one has a better secret menu, then let’s find out. 

McDonald’s Secret Menu

  1. Big McChicken
  2. Birthday Cake
  3. The 2 Cheeseburger Meal
  4. The Chicken McGriddle
  5. Big Mac Sauce With Fries
  6. The Land, Sea, And Air Burger
  7. The MC 10:35
  8. The McCrepe
  9. The Mc Gang Bang
  10. The McKinley Mac
  11. The Monster Mac
  12. The McLeprechaun Shake
  13. Neapolitan Shake
  14. The Pie McFlurry
  15. Caramel Apple Sundae
  16. Orange Creamsicle Shake
  17. McBrunch Burger
  18. Poor Man’s Big Mac
  19. Big Mac N Cheese
  20. Grilled Cheese
  21. Chicken Cordon Bleu McMuffin
  22. Cinnamon Melt A La Mode
  23. Hash Brown McMuffin
  24. Biscuits & Gravy
  25. Root Beer Float

KFC’s Secret Menu Items

  1. Poutine
  2. Build-Your-Own Bowl
  3. Double Down
  4. The Hot Pocket Bowl
  5. Triple Down
  6. Zinger Stacker
  7. Pizza Double Burger
  8. Beese Churger
  9. Zinger Chipster

McDonald’s secret menu is largely made up of creative variations on existing menu items. Whereas, KFC’s secret menu is smaller. 

In terms of popularity, McDonald’s secret menu is definitely more well-known. This is probably because McDonald’s is a more global brand, and its secret menu items have been featured in more media outlets.

Now let me reveal the winner here. 

Winner – McDonald’s wins in this section and has a more attractive secret menu.

Which Has Better Deals?

better deals

McDonald’s generally provides better deals than KFC. McDonald’s has a dollar menu that offers a variety of items at just $2, $4, and $6. KFC does offer value menus but they are not as lucrative as McDonald’s deals. 

Everyone loves a good deal. When you are opting for fast food, it’s always great to get deals on your meals. Both KFC and McDonald’s provide deals and offers. So, let’s closely look at their current deals and see who provides the best deals. 

Talking about McDonald’s, the chain offers exciting deals right now. Some famous deals that McDonald’s offers are 2 for $4, 2 for $5, 2 for $6 meal, free fries Friday, and many more. 

Moreover, McDonald’s offers breakfast deals too on their breakfast menu items. Currently, they are offering a 2 for $4 mix-and-match deal, $0.99 for any size of premium roast coffee or iced coffee. 

Additionally, McDonald’s also offers a popular dollar menu. It includes three price tiers: $1, $2, and $3. There are various items lined up, in these particular dollar prices. 

Now let’s look at KFC deals. 

Let’s look at what KFC has to offer, currently, KFC offers special offers and family meals. Currently, they offer chicken tenders, fill-up box, fried chicken sandwich box, chicken nuggets, and family meals. Moreover, they also offer various chicken combos on their menu. 

Apart from that, KFC also running some special offers on its menu items. For example, it’s offering 8 pc tenders only for $10, then fill up a box for $20, 10 pieces chicken nuggets only for $5, and also a chicken and nuggets family meal for $25. These are some of the best deals to grab if you want to save good bucks. 

Overall, McDonald’s offers better deals and brings more smiles to your pockets.

Winner – The winner is McDonald’s which offers you the best deals. 

Which Has A Modern Look?

McDonalds restaurant exterior. View of the fast food restaurant on sunny day. FInland, Vantaa, 28feb2020

McDonald’s has a more modern look than KFC. McDonald’s restaurants have rich, classy, and aesthetic interiors. Also, McDonald’s does more brand promotions when it comes to quirky billboard advertising on highways. 

Fast-food chains have constantly battled for great taste and unique menu offerings. Of course, the taste of the food matters the most but the infrastructure of the buildings also creates an impact on the customer’s mind.

Looking at both fast-food chains, McDonald’s has a more modern look compared to KFC. McDonald’s restaurants have changed their look in past years. Their building designs focus more on clean lines, bright colors, and natural materials. This modern look is evident in the company’s next-generation restaurants. 

KFC, on the other hand, has been slower in updating its look. Many KFC restaurants still have a traditional and old look. The company has been experimenting with a modern look in some states, but it’s not yet rolled out to all of their restaurants. 

If you consider the mascot of the two chains, McDonald’s wins the show here too. You will love the idea of sitting next to Ronald’s character sitting on the bench and clicking pictures. McDonald’s gives you all that fun stuff to do at their restaurant. 

Talking about promotions, both KFC and McDonald’s never miss an opportunity to woo their customers with tempting deals and offers. KFC is always up for the bucket deals whereas McDonald’s comes up with more seasonal offers like cheese melt dippers, celebrations McFlurry, and festive pie. 

When it comes to social media, both brands have embraced the digital age. KFC’s social media posts are quite sassy and witty. Whereas, McDonald’s social media is quite colorful, and witty, and shares various kinds of pop culture content. 

Moreover, two of the chains also troll each other on the internet. That’s even more interesting when two big giants interact with each other. In 2017, there was a big burger emoji debate happened on Twitter. 

There are burger emojis used in smartphones and each handset has a unique burger emoji, whether it’s Google, Apple, Samsung, or Microsoft. McDonald’s and KFC have different versions of burger emojis too.

So, McDonald’s created a video and showed that whichever way you stack the ingredients in the burger, it has to be tasty as long as it’s from McDonald’s.

KFC immediately tweeted and mentioned, “Of course, it is going to be delicious, but not with those buns in it and went on to show their newly launched KFC double down- which is all chicken and no buns.

To which, McDonald’s had a cheeky reply,” A burger without a bun is like a joke without pun…Boring! #MicDrop #DebateClosed

The whole debate created a buzz around Twitter and created colossal engagement.   

Concluding everything, the competition was quite a neck-to-neck, but McDonald’s slightly edges out KFC in terms of store design and promotions. 

So the winner is…..

Winner – It’s our beloved McDonald’s.  

Which Is More Successful?

more successful

McDonald’s is considered to be more successful than KFC in terms of global presence, revenue, and brand recognition. 

When measuring the success of a restaurant chain, several crucial factors come into play. The key elements include the number of locations, the revenue it generates, and the level of customer satisfaction it achieves.

As of 2023, McDonald’s has over 39,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. KFC has over 25,000 restaurants in over 150 countries. Talking about the revenue, McDonald’s generated around 23.18 billion dollars whereas KFC generated around 6.8 billion dollars. 

According to Statista, the most valuable fast food brand worldwide is McDonald’s which takes the number 1 position while KFC takes the third position.  

Looking at the numbers, we can clearly see that McDonald’s is a more successful global brand compared to KFC. Thereby, the winner here is ….

Winner – McDonald’s! It’s the most successful brand in fast-food history.

Who Wins This Battle – McDonald’s or KFC?

McDonald's wins the battle

Two giants McDonald’s and KFC are in a modern combat battle today. Finally, the battle ends here and I am here to announce the winner. So, the winner is McDonald’s – the golden arches stand tall and proud. Its burgers are world-famous and unbeatable and their menu offerings are as unique as their taste. 

The Colonel falls to the ground, defeated. McDonald’s raises its burgers in triumph. The battle is over. McDonald’s is the world famous fast-food giant and it keeps rejoicing because of its loyal customers. 

In this whole article, we saw that McDonald’s has better menu offerings and more varieties. Also, their meals are cheaper and less pricey compared to KFC. Their menu is vast and offers various kinds of burgers, chicken sandwiches, desserts, and beverages. 

Secondly, McDonald’s revenue generation is more than KFC. In 2022, McDonald’s generated over 23.18 billion dollars of revenue, whereas KFC revenue was around 6.8 billion dollars. 

Therefore, McDonald’s wins this show. Now that you know the winner, remember to check out the other similar blogs like Subway vs McDonald’s showdown, McDonald’s vs In-N-Out battle, McDonalds vs Taco Bell Battle, and lastly McDonalds vs Jollibee battle. Have a great day! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s better for you KFC or McDonald’s?

Looking at a more varied menu and healthy options, McDonald’s is an ideal spot to dine in.

Which burger is best: KFC or McDonald’s or Burger King?

McDonald’s is known for their famous burgers like cheeseburgers, hamburgers, quarter pounder burgers. Whereas KFC is mainly into providing chicken sandwiches. Moreover, the burgers from Burger King are less popular compared to McDonald’s. Hence, McDonald’s is best.

Who is KFC’s biggest competition?

McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Taco Bell are some of the biggest competitors.

Is eating KFC chicken good?

Yes, KFC is known for its chicken as it is made from 11 herbs and spices and has better quality. It’s more crispy, crunchy, and greasy compared to other fast-food chains 

Which burger from McDonald’s is best?

McDonald’s has some amazing burger options such as quarter pounder with cheese, bacon quarter pounder, big mac, double quarter pounder, and cheeseburger.

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