15 Best McDonald’s Desserts To Order In 2024

McDonald’s boasts a diverse range of dessert options on their menu that everyone loves. But have you ever wondered which dessert is the best one? If not, get ready to know the 15 best McDonald’s desserts to order on your next visit. 

15 Best McDonald's Desserts To Order In 2023

McDonald’s offers delightful selections of desserts. It includes a hot fudge sundae, chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, Oreo McFlurry, M&M McFlurry, hot caramel sundae, and much more. These treats have earned their spots as some of the best desserts on the McDonald’s menu. 

McDonald’s isn’t just a place to enjoy hamburgers and chicken sandwiches. Their dessert menu will surprise you as well. When you crave something sweet, you have all kinds of hot and cold desserts to try at McDonald’s.

Are you excited to know which dessert made it to the top of the list? Then, Go through the entire list of dessert lineups and let me know in the comment section which one you want to try on your next visit. 

What’s The Most Popular Dessert At McDonald’s?

What’s The Most Popular Dessert At McDonald’s

You will find the list of popular desserts on McDonald’s menu that always steals our hearts. These McDonald’s desserts are well-known worldwide, keeping customers returning for more.  

Here, I have explored 15 delectable desserts listed below ranking-wise. The list starts from best to worst desserts on the McDonald’s menu. Let’s get started.

1. Hot Fudge Sundae

Hot fudge sundae

Price: $5.99

What’s In It: Vanilla reduced-fat ice cream, milk, sugar. Cream, corn syrup, hot fudge topping (with natural cocoa flavor, and preservatives.

The hot fudge sundae is a timeless classic that claims the top spot. The dessert is about the velvety-smooth soft serve, perfectly complemented by a generous drizzle of hot fudge sauce. Each spoonful of bites will capture your heart. It’s creamy, delicious, and not an oversweet dessert. 

The vanilla and chocolate always go top on the list. You can add various additions to your sundae, like M&M topping, caramel topping, crushed Oreos, and whipped cream for just a few extra cents. If you want to make hot fudge sundae sauce at home to pair with vanilla ice cream, follow simple recipe steps.

2. Oreo McFlurry

Oreo McFlurry

Price: $6.29

What’s In It: Vanilla ice cream, Oreo cookies, cream, sugar, vegetable oil, fat-reduced cocoa powder, glucose-fructose powder, wheat flour. 

Taking the silver medal, this Oreo McFlurry swirls its way into our hearts. This particular dessert includes your favorite Oreo cookie crumbs into vanilla ice cream. It’s a perfect dessert for kids who enjoy ice cream with Oreos. 

The cookie crunch adds a delightful textural element, making this McFlurry an irresistible choice for Oreo lovers. 

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookie

Price: $3.99

What’s In It: Semi-sweet chocolate chips, enriched flour, sugar, palm oil, high fructose corn syrup, baking soda, salt, natural and artificial flavors.  

The chocolate chip cookies take the bronze medal. These cookies are freshly baked and comforting. These chewy cookies are loaded with gooey chocolate chips, making them heavenly and delicious. 

It’s not too sweet, so it’s perfect for those who like their dessert on a lighter side. The inside is quite chewy and soft, and the chocolate chips give you enough flavor. I have leftover cookies at my home that I enjoy primarily at home after reheating them. The three packs of chocolate chip cookies are available at $3.99. 

4. Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Price: $2.29

What’s In It: American-grown apple, a baked lattice crust, sugar. 

A true American classic, this apple pie brings nostalgia with its flaky crust and delicious apple filling. It has been the oldest dessert item on McDonald’s menu, and now we know why it’s still a fan-favorite. 

This pie packs a satisfying mix of apples and cinnamon. The tartness of this dessert is what makes me go crazy over it. I always had a soft spot for this apple pie because it reminds me of my childhood memories. 

Over the years, the pie has undergone a few changes; we have a lattice top instead of a complete crust covering. These impressive squares give you enough reasons to go to McDonald’s and have your apple pie.

5. M&M McFlurry

M&M McFlurry

Price: $6.29

What’s In It: Creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream, crunchy M&M chocolate candies.

M&M McFlurry is a cheerful and colorful treat that captivates us with its playful appearance. The creamy soft serve forms a perfect base; the beloved M&M candies are blended with Vanilla ice cream. This one dessert will surely win your heart like the other top desserts. 

I applaud McDonald’s for doing the best job blending M&M into Vanilla ice cream. Each spoonful of the bite will give you the kick of M&M candies and make the dessert fun to eat. That’s what you expect from a dessert; it should make you forget the world!

6. Hot Caramel Sundae

hot caramel sundae

Price: $5.99

What’s In It: Creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream, buttery caramel topping.

Hot caramel sundae brings a delightful twist to a traditional sundae experience. It’s a smooth, creamy sundae made with a Vanilla soft serve and drenched in caramel sauce. It creates a sweet and buttery delight that melts in your mouth. 

The combination of cold Vanilla ice cream and hot caramel sauce is a heavenly pairing. It is a warm and excellent choice for caramel lovers. 

7. Strawberry And Crème Pie

Strawberry And Creme Pie

Price: $2.99

What’s In It: Strawberries and vanilla flavored creme, sugar-coated crust 

You will surely enjoy this fantastic strawberry and creme pie if you love apple pie. It’s a perfect union of fruity and creamy combinations. This flaky baked dessert is made with strawberry and creme, baked side by side in a sugar-coated crust. 

The fruity taste of this creme pie is what I love the most. It’s a refreshing and delightful option to try at McDonald’s. 

8. Caramel Brownie McFlurry

Caramel Brownie McFlurry

Price: $4.49

What’s In It: Soft serve vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie pieces, caramel topping

Caramel brownie McFlurry is perfect for those who love chocolate and caramel. 

Chewy brownie pieces blended perfectly with the creamy soft serve, and the rich caramel sauce added to the ice cream gives you a luscious bite. It will satisfy all dessert lovers as this one packs a delicious taste.

9. Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin

Price: $2.29

What’s In It: Real blueberries, enriched wheat flour, oil, modified milk ingredients, baking soda, salt, baked streusel crumb topping,

This blueberry muffin is a morning favorite dessert option from McDonald’s dessert lineups. So, this muffin is bursting with juicy blueberries and baked to perfection. These are tender and moist, creating a delightful balance of fruity flavors. 

This muffin has the correct ratio of berries to batter so that you can handle those good bites. The outer layer has large sugar crystals, contributing to its unique texture. 

My slight downfall was that the blueberries felt like more candies inside instead of gooey baked berries. Other than that, it comes as a good dessert, we can tell.   

10. Frozen Drinks  

frozen drinks

Price: $4.29

What’s In It: Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, water, apple and pear juice concentrates, critic acid, natural and artificial flavors, ester gum.

Okay! So, who likes their soft drinks frozen? I am not a big fan of frozen drinks as I like to enjoy them in a natural state. However, it is a tremendous icy dessert we all want to try once. The frozen drinks are available in frozen Coca-Cola, blue raspberry, and wild cherry.

These frozen drinks are made by freezing the soft drinks. But they do it in a little different way as per their recipe. I put them on the 10th number because these frozen drinks are occasional, especially for summer. Because it’s so cold, it might hurt your throat. 

11. Pumpkin And Crème Pie


Price: $1.79

What’s In It: Creamy pumpkin pie filling, sugar-coated crust 

Pumpkin and creme pie appears seasonally on McDonald’s menu. It’s made with spiced pumpkin filling with a hint of creme. Although, it’s not one of those best desserts from McDonald’s that you would expect. 

Surprisingly, the pumpkin filling needs to be more balanced and sweeter. Also, the pie needs to include the texture, mouthfeel, and flavor. Therefore, I ranked this as the worst category of desserts. 

12. Vanilla Shake

Vanilla Shake

Price: $4.89

What’s In It: Skimmed milk, sugar, cream, glucose syrup, vanilla flavor milkshake syrup.

Meet the classic shake at McDonald’s – it’s the vanilla shake. The simplicity regains with this simple shake. It’s a creamy and smooth dessert that has adorned vanilla lovers. It’s a perfect mixture of whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and vanilla flavor.

Although, there is nothing special about this shake, and that’s why it’s at the bottom of the list. If you are looking for a budgeted dessert, this one will not disappoint you.   

13. Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll

Price: $2.69

What’s In It: Cinnamon layered pastry dough, cream cheese icing 

The cinnamon roll offers a cinnamon-infused experience. The reason why it falls lower on the list is because of its heavy coating. The cream cheese coating is so rich that you can barely see the cinnamon roll. Plus, it’s an underrated tough dough you wouldn’t expect from McDonald’s. So, overall, it’s an unrewarding experience for customers. 

14. Cheese Danish

cheese danish

Price: $2.59

What’s In It: Enriched wheat flour, sweet cream cheese filling, buttery streusel, vanilla icing drizzle

Cheese Danish is a flaky pastry filled with cream cheese. It’s enjoyable but does not leave a lasting impression compared to high-ranked options. McDonald’s brought back this from the 1980s but didn’t live up to nostalgia. 

The pastry lacked the promised frosting. Even though it smelled amazing, it was dry and not as moist as expected. Overall, it didn’t meet my expectations and fell short on taste. 

15. Apple Fritter

apple fritter

Price: $2.39

What’s In It: Cinnamon flavored apples, sweet glaze icing

Apple fritters are a classic dessert. Although it lands last on the list, it doesn’t impress me like other desserts did. McDonald’s apple fritters lack the apple fritter shape, and the apples are hard to distinguish from the dough. 

These cakes are served cold with an unappetizing glaze. They taste more like a dry biscuit than a cake. So, in my opinion, these cakes don’t impress the crowd. 


After a delightful journey through a McDonald’s dessert menu, we have finally ended. After trying 15 different treats, the clear winner I see here is the hot fudge sundae as the most loved dessert. The apple fritters ranked at the bottom due to their lack of flavor, making it a less desired dessert.

We have curated lists if you want to try other tasty options at McDonald’s. You can get the best-ranked iced coffee, the best coffee drinks, and the best slushie flavors. So, next time you visit, you will know exactly what to try based on our recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the unhealthiest dessert at McDonald’s?

The M&M McFlurry dessert is the unhealthiest. It contains around 640 calories. The candies are high in sugar, and so are the vanilla soft serve.

What’s the difference between a McDonald’s milkshake and a McFlurry?

The McFlurry is prepared in a different way than milkshakes. The milkshakes are ready-made out of the machine. In contrast to that, McFlurries is ready with soft serve. 

Is McFlurry the same as soft serve?

No, a McFlurry is not the same as a soft serve. Although both contain ice cream, a McFlurry combines soft serve with various other toppings like Oreos and M&M. The soft serve is a smooth and creamy ice cream served directly from the machine.

What is the best-ranked dessert on McDonald’s menu?

The hot fudge sundae is ranked the best dessert on McDonald’s menu. All ages love this top-notch dessert because it combines vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

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