25 Best McDonald’s Breakfast Menu Items To Order In 2024

McDonald’s breakfast menu is one of the most talked about menus at McDonald’s. The hype is because the items served during breakfast are pretty different and are only available for part of the day. 

McDonald's breakfast

There are around 16 different items available on the McDonald’s breakfast menu, along with eight different meal options.

Some of my favorite McDonald’s breakfast menu items include hash browns, sausages, Egg McMuffin, and even hotcakes. That’s not all; a few items are really healthy and delicious at the same time.

The breakfast menu items vary in calories and prices, but if you choose the best ones, you can easily intake your required daily calories without burning your pocket much.

If you want to order a good breakfast from McDonald’s without scratching your head in confusion, then you are at the right place. 

We have listed the best items which you can order from McDonald’s breakfast menu. I was hoping you could stick with me because your breakfast choices are about to change. 

What Are The Best Items To Order From McDonald’s In The Morning 

McDonald’s starts serving their breakfast from 5 am until 10:30 am . However, McDonald’s breakfast timings may differ from location to location as individual business owners own the outlets. 

Many of the early birds visit McDonald’s to stuff their stomach with excellent and delicious breakfast items. The breakfast menu of McDonald’s has a variety of things to offer, but some popular items are loved by the golden arches fans a lot. 

When it comes to deciding what to order from McDonald’s for breakfast, you might need some expert advice because, hey, breakfast is an essential part of the meal, and it should be perfect.

So, if you stick with me till the end, you will always have the best McDonald’s items on your breakfast plate.

1. Hash Browns – $3.79

Hash brown

If any breakfast item needs proper appreciation, it’s McDonald’s hash brown. The golden and greasy hash has a very subtle taste, and every age group loves it. 

Most hash browns are served as a side dish, but you can always have them separately, which will not disappoint you.

Hash browns are one of the top items on the breakfast menu as they are crunchy, and every bite is juicy and perfect. Take a bite and enjoy the crispiness. 

You can get McDonald’s hash browns for $3.79. If we talk about the calories of hash brown, it only has 150 calories, which may be why it is paired with other breakfast items. 

You can also check McDonald’s hash brown recipe and try making these crispy and juicy potatoes at home as well.

2. Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddle – $5.59

Bacon, egg and Cheese McGriddle

If not Hash browns, then you should definitely pick Bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle. Regarding this McGriddle, nothing can beat the combination of bacon and egg with cheese. 

The sweet flavors of pancakes and syrup pair well with smoky and savory meat. It is fulfilling and leaves you with a subtle sweet taste. They have the complete breakfast vibes packed between griddle cakes. 

The calories in bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle is around 420 kcal, which means you can start your day on a good note.

You can get it for about $5.59. For a better experience, pair it with a hash brown and some coffee, and you are good to go.

3. Fruit and Maple Oatmeal –  $5.09

fruit and maple oatmeal

Who thought that eating oatmeal could be delicious? Try McDonald’s fruit and maple oatmeal, and you will be surprised.

The fresh apple slices with maple syrup make a delicious and healthy breakfast—a great kick-start for your day. It tastes like a creamy delight filled with sweet apple and maple syrup.

The oatmeal is prepared with two servings of whole grain cooked with cream and brown sugar. On top of this, McDonald’s adds red apples, green apples, cranberries, and two different kinds of raisins. 

So many colors and flavors make it more tempting than ever. Each bite will give you some fruit for you. As per a review by The Impulsive guy, McDonald’s fruit and maple oatmeal has the right amount of sweetness.

If we talk about the calories of fruit and maple oatmeal containing around 320 calories, you can get a fresh bowl for just $5.09. If you want to have something different and healthy from McDonald’s, try this once.

4. Hotcakes – $6.69


 If you are a McDonald’s fan and frequently order breakfast items, hotcakes will surely be a part of the order. These hot, dense, delicious cakes pair well with salted whipped butter and McDonald’s maple-flavored syrup.

They are fluffy and fulfilling. A Reddit user mentioned that McDonlad’s hotcakes are the best hotcakes he has ever tried.

You can order sausage as a side dish with coffee and have a good brekkie. The calories in one order of hotcakes are around 590 kcal which can be too much for breakfast but worthwhile for those with a sweet tooth.

You can order McDonald’s hotcakes for just $5.29. Also, if you pair the hotcakes with sausage, it will cost you around $6.69.

5. Egg McMuffin – $5.89

Egg McMuffin

If you have tried McDonald’s breakfast items, I am sure you must have tried Egg McMuffin

Egg McMuffin was one of the reasons why McDonald’s fans wanted all-day breakfast to make a comeback, and it is also said that Egg McMuffin triggered the all-day breakfast service. 

You might think, what is so great about this breakfast item? Eggs with lean Canadian bacon and American cheese spread on a well-toasted buttered English muffin are perfect breakfast sandwiches. They taste like heaven. 

The perfectly cooked egg with melted American is for sure very delightful, and adding the smoky and salty bacon makes it a perfect breakfast with a sweet and savory flavor. You can pair them with hash browns and McDonald’s premium roast coffee.

With 310 calories, Egg McMuffins are healthy and a good source of protein. You can get this from McDonald’s just for $5.89. 

6. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel – $5.59

Bacon, egg and cheese bagel

Bacon and egg can never go wrong, and with cheese on bagels, it makes another excellent breakfast option at McDonald’s.

The perfectly toasted bagels are covered with smoky bacon, a folded egg, and two American cheese slices, making a well delicious breakfast sandwich.

McDonald’s had me when they added two slices of American cheese, bacon, and egg on a bagel was great news. Try this breakfast item, and you are sure to repeat the order next time.

Eggs and bacon will keep you full for a good time, and buttered bagels will be a treat. The calories in bacon, egg, and cheese bagel are around 550 kcal and only cost you around $5.59.

7. Sausage Burrito – $3.29

Sausage Burrito

Who loves sausages? I’d say almost everyone. When I say McDonald’s has a sausage burrito, many of you will have a confused look, but McDonald’s indeed has a sausage burrito, which is a must-try. 

The simple sausage burrito clearly stands out in flavor. Scrambled eggs, cheese, green chiles, onion, and sausages make a great breakfast together when filled inside a tortilla. 

Sausage in the burrito is made from pork which gives a delightful flavor. 5-Minute Eats, a YouTube channel that reviews food items, gave McDonald’s sausage burrito a thumbs up and loved the melted cheese and sausage combination. 

It only has around 300 calories and will cost you around $3.29. You can easily have this if you are in a hurry without making a mess.

8. Big Breakfast – $6.89

Big Breakfast

Talking about breakfast items, one can not miss McDonald’s Big breakfast menu items.

Big breakfast is for those who need a big punch start in the morning. The reason why it is called Big breakfast is that it consists of all the savory menu items. 

They are packed with nutrients like protein and carbohydrates. Big breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, and biscuits.

I mean, this is everything you will need to start your day. A youtube user commented that he gets the McDonald’s big breakfast whenever he needs a quick fix.

Without any doubt, McDonald’s big breakfast is a combination of sweet, savory, buttery, and salty flavors. 

Big breakfast items consist of around 760 calories. When it comes to other nutrients, then it has 26 g of protein. You can get yourself a big breakfast from McDonald’s at $6.89.

8. Big Breakfast with Hotcakes – $8.99

Big Breakfast with hotcakes

Loved big breakfast? Then add three stacks of hotcakes to make your breakfast more sweet and flavorful. Order this big breakfast with hotcakes if you are too hungry and have a hectic day because this will keep you full for almost the whole day. 

Big breakfast with hotcakes has everything anyone will definitely love. It has perfect scrambled eggs, sausage, hash brown, biscuits, and hotcakes—a perfect combination of sweet and savory menu items. 

Whether you try the perfectly seasoned sausages or the fluffy hotcakes drizzled with sweet syrup, you are going to love this breakfast item. You can either eat them separately or mix and make your own version of the sandwich.

The way I do it is by putting sausage and eggs in between the biscuit and then stuffing my face with sweet hotcakes.

The big breakfast with hotcakes has around 1340 calories and costs $8.99. One thing is for sure you will come back for more. Add a small coffee and give your day a good start.

9. Sausage McGriddle – $4.69

Sausage McGriddle

Another version of McDonald’s Mcgriddles is their sausage McGriddle. This is a very subtle breakfast option. Sausage McGriddle is a perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors. It is the holy trinity of breakfast.

The best part of sausage McGriddle is that it has small pancakes with sausage in the middle. The well-grilled pancakes and maple flavour can give the day a good start.

Old nerd reviews tagged the sausage Mcgriddle as like it and mentioned that if the price were a little low, he would have given more ratings because the flavors are delicious.

It only has 430 calories; you can get this from McDonald’s for $4.69. Order Sausage McGriddles when you are doubtful about what to order for breakfast, and you won’t be disappointed.

10. Sausage Biscuit with Eggs – $5.59

Sausage biscuit

Another excellent option for your breakfast from McDonald’s could be a sausage biscuit with eggs. It may look effortless from the outside, but each bite will have the perfect combination of savory sausages and folded eggs. 

The butter-toasted biscuit will provide perfect warmth in the morning and make your day more tempting. Not only the flavor but the calories are also good.

A sausage biscuit with eggs has around 530 calories; you can only get it for $5.59.

11. Steak Egg Cheese Bagel Meal – $10.69

Steak Egg Cheese Bagel Meal

If you want to start your day with something heavy but less heavy than a big breakfast with hotcakes, then a steak, egg, and cheese bagel meal is your answer. 

As per uber eats, this is one of the most popular breakfast meals. The well-toasted bagel with steak and folded eggs has hash brown and coffee on the side. 

The bagel comes with drizzled breakfast sauce and a large steak patty, and egg and cheese supremacy will obviously make you drool over the taste. The caramelized onions and American cheese give you the perfect punch to start the day.

When it comes to the meal, you can select the size of the coffee and customize it as well. Get a well-done hashbrown and enjoy this perfect breakfast meal.

The calorie count in a steak, egg, cheese bagel meal is around 750 kcal and will cost you around $10.69. You can even add more eggs and sausages to your order because the more, the better.

12. Sausage McMuffin – $3.59

Sausage biscuit

If you want to have a little solid and warm breakfast, then Sausage McMuffin is your go-to menu item. 

Savory hot sausage patties and melted American cheese on a well-toasted muffin will give you a perfect flavor which could be a great start to the day. 

This Sausage McMuffin will be a lighter option with only 400 calories. 

You can get a Sausage McMuffin from McDonald’s for $3.59. Enjoy this light breakfast with McDonald’s premium roast coffee. 

13. Sausage McMuffin with Eggs – $5.29

Sausage egg McMuffin

Now, if you are not so satisfied with McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin, why don’t you try adding egg and making it heavier and more delicious? 

A freshly cracked egg with sausages and well-toasted English muffins is a great way to begin your day. It is a step ahead of Egg McMuffin. The savory sausages pair well with the folded egg, giving you the perfect taste of heavenly flavors. 

Sausage McMuffin with Eggs contains 480 calories, and you can get this at McDonald’s for $5.29. If you want more, try adding Canadian Bacon and enjoy your Sausage McMuffin with eggs and bacon.

14. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit – $5.39

Bacon, egg and cheese McMuffin

This breakfast menu item has everything that most of us love. Bacon is delicious, eggs are flavorful, and cheese is the best ingredient out of all. Cheese and bacon are heaven-matched ingredients.

If you ask me, this is one of the subtle breakfast items consisting of fluffy eggs spread on flaky buttermilk biscuits with bacon and melted American cheese, which has most of the flavors in a single item.

The calorie count for bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits is around 460 kcal. You can pair it up with your choice of coffee and have a great day ahead. You can get this delicious biscuit just for $5.39.

15. Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McGriddles – $5.59

Sausage, egg and cheese McGriddle

Now if you love sausages with eggs, this menu item is for you. The soft and warm griddle with fluffy eggs and maple syrup flavor pairs nicely with melted American cheese and savory sausages. 

Sausages and American cheese are a great combination; the fluffy eggs enhance flavor and nutrients. A youtube user commented that this was the most savory and delicious sandwich he had ever tried. Personally, this is obviously one of the best options to try at Mcdonald’s.

Simply add 550 calories to your diet at the start of the day, and you are good to go. You can get yourself this fantastic combination for $5.59.

16. Hotcakes with Sausage – $6.69

Hotcakes with sausage

We have already talked about McDonald’s hotcakes and why they are the best breakfast if you want to start your day on a sweet note.

When you pair these sweet fluffy cakes with savory sausages, you make breakfast one of the most incredible meals of the day.  

Sweet and savory are a good combination, after all. The fluffy hotcakes with maple syrup and butter will give you the right amount of sweetness, and the sausages will complement the sweetness nicely with perfect seasoning.

Hotcakes with sausage add up to 770 calories. You can get yourself hotcakes and sausages from McDonald’s for $6.69.

17. Sausage McGriddles Meal – $4.49


Sausages on a soft and warm griddle, along with hash browns and a small McCafe premium roast coffee, should be tagged as an idle breakfast. 

The savory flavor of the sausages on well-toasted griddles has everything you need to start your day. Hash browns can never go wrong, and Sausages on McGriddle compliments each other’s flavor too well.

Without any doubt, pairing this sweet and savory McGriddle with premium roast coffee will give you the energy to deal with the rest of the day.

This breakfast item will add 575 calories to your diet, and get this for $4.49 at McDonald’s.

18. Sausage Biscuit – $2.89

Sausage biscuit

We have discussed many sausage menu items, but one should never underestimate the basic sausage biscuit from McDonald’s. 

The warm buttermilk biscuit with savory hot sausages is relatively light yet a good option. You can obviously add more items and make a meal out of it. 

If you want a light, soft yet flavorful breakfast, go for the sausage biscuit. They are delicate and delicious at the same time. There are around 460 calories in Mcdonald’s Sausage biscuit, which you can get for $2.89.

19. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese McGriddles Meal – $9.89

McGriddle meal

The bacon and egg with American cheese is another excellent breakfast menu item. This is your perfect meal if you don’t like sausages in McGriddles or want to try different flavors other than savory sausages. 

According to Eat This And Not That, this breakfast item stands on top. Don’t worry about cheese with pancakes; they pair up really well. This sweet griddle and classic bacon make a great breakfast option. 

You also get your favorite hash browns and premium roast coffee. The yummy combination has around 575 calories which you can get for $9.89. 

20. Egg McMuffin Meal – $9.69

Egg McMuffin meal

 We have already discussed the delicious Egg McMuffin, and now think to add your crispy hash browns and premium roast coffee. Sounds so tempting, right? Try this simple yet fulfilling meal, and you are never coming back.

The Egg McMuffin meal is one of the most delicious breakfast options, in my opinion. To justify my statement, I highlight that KBDProduction Tv posted a review on this meal and, on his rating scale, rated it as would recommend, which is a clear win for this meal. 

You can quickly get 455 calories through an Egg McMuffin meal for $9.69. Enjoy your folded eggs with top-notch coffee and well-done hashbrowns, and give an excellent start to your morning.

21. sausage McMuffin with egg meal – $9.79

Sausage Egg muffin meal

Regarding McDonald’s Sausages, there are enormous options at McDonald’s, and you can also have different meals.

Coming back to delicious sausages, you should also try McDonald’s sausage McMuffin with egg meal because it is fulfilling and possesses a great flavor. 

Savory sausages with well-cooked eggs on soft muffin gets much better when well-cooked crispy hash brown is added on the side. Obviously, the premium coffee will complete the meal with its energetic punch.

You get sausage, egg McMuffin, hash browns, and premium-roast coffee in this. This adds up to 625 calories; you can get this for $9.79. This is also a must-try if you have tried other sausage breakfast menu items.

22. Sausage Biscuit with Egg Meal – $9.99

Sausage egg biscuit meal

If sausage biscuits are not enough to start your day, then try sausage biscuits with egg meal. You will have your delicious well seasoned sausages with fluffy egg pressed beautifully between flaky buttermilk biscuits.

Charm up your breakfast with hash browns and premium roast coffee. You can clearly get 675 kcal of calories and get this meal from McDonald’s for $9.99. 

23. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit Meal – $8.79

Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit meal

Try this golden meal at the golden arch, and you won’t be disappointed. Egg and bacon combine well with American cheese, and the buttermilk biscuit adds the required flavor. 

Obviously, hashbrowns and McCafe premium roast coffee upgrade the meal. You can quickly get around 600 kcal and buy this meal for $8.79.

24. Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddles Meal – $9.49

Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddles meal

We have already talked about sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddles and how delicious they are, but now make it a meal. I know this will be a great option when craving a sweet and savory meal with crispy potatoes, i.e., hash browns.

You can quickly fill your stomach and enjoy this fantastic meal option. Hashbrown and premium roast coffee complement the sausage egg and cheese McGriddles.

A Youtuber user Limun commented that this is his favorite McDonald’s meal. Sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddles meal add around 695 calories which you can buy for $9.49.

25. Sausage Burrito Meal – $7.49

Burrito Meal

If you have tried and liked McDonald’s Sausage burrito, you should obviously try the meal. This meal will give you two McDonald’s Sausage burritos, hash browns, and premium-roast coffee. 

You will enjoy the savory sausage in the burrito, and the golden potatoes will add the right amount of crispiness to your meal. They all together have 455 kcal of calories and get this for $7.49. 

You can customize the burrito as you prefer and enjoy the breakfast meal.


So far, we have listed the top breakfast menu options which you should definitely try. I am sure you must have tried some of them, and if not, you should order them for your next breakfast.

Many of us need clarification on which is better -McGriddle or McMuffin. I would say it’s pretty debatable.  

McDonald’s also used to have an all-day breakfast service and breakfast bundle offers, but they were discontinued. Check out our separate blogs if you want to dig into the reason.

You can also check about McDonald’s 2 for $4 breakfast offer and see what’s inside it. 

We will be back with more information about McDonald’s and provide you with the latest updates. Until then, why don’t you start your morning with McDonald’s premium roast coffee? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we get hot cakes during lunchtime?

No, McDonald’s serves hotcakes only during breakfast hours.

How many items are there on McDonald’s breakfast menu?

There are around 16 different items available on the breakfast menu, along with eight different meal options. 

What are the breakfast hours at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s starts their breakfast from 5 am till 10:30 am. Individual business owners own these outlets, so the timings may vary from location to location

Is the all-day breakfast service still available?

No, the all-day breakfast service is discontinued by McDonald’s to simplify the process for their employees.

When does McDonald’s start serving lunch?

McDonald’s starts their lunch just after breakfast is over. Most of the outlets serve lunch from 10:30 am to 5 pm. The timings may vary from location to location.

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