McDonald’s Breakfast Deals And Offers 2024

Hello breakfast lovers! Want a quick, tasty, and convenient breakfast? Then McDonald’s is a go-to destination. From classic egg McMuffins to indulgent McGriddles, McDonald’s breakfast menu has various delicious options that keep customers coming back for more.

McDonald's Deals

But what makes McDonald’s breakfast even more appealing? Deals, of course! Everyone loves a good deal, and McDonald’s has always been known for providing value for money. Want to know what McDonald’s breakfast deals and offers are? Let’s see the answer. 

McDonald’s offers various deals such as a 2-for $4 breakfast sandwiches deal, a dollar menu, a breakfast bundle, and a 5-dollar meal. There are many other breakfast deals that you will find in this article. 

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest McDonald’s and treat yourself to breakfast deals and offers. In addition, if you want to know more about McDonald’s deals for 2023, you can check them out here. For now, let’s get started.

Are All McDonald’s Deals Applicable On The Breakfast Items?

McDonald's Deals On The Breakfast Items

No! Not all deals apply to breakfast items. McDonald’s has different menus for different times of the day. They have a breakfast menu that includes things like egg mcmuffin, hotcakes, and breakfast burritos, and this menu is only available during certain hours, between 5:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. 

Regarding McDonald’s deals, not all of them apply to breakfast items. Some deals may include non-breakfast items like the Big Mac or McChicken, unavailable during breakfast hours. You might be out of luck if you use an agreement that provides a non-breakfast thing during breakfast hours.

It’s always best to check the details of a deal before you head to McDonald’s to ensure that it includes items available when you’re planning to go.

What McDonald’s Breakfast Deals Are Running Right Now?

Breakfast Deals

Those who love McDonald’s breakfast might be curious about current deals at McDonald’s. The restaurant provides a range of options from its breakfast menu with deals currently available. So, let’s check out the latest McDonald’s breakfast deals.

2 for $4 Mix And Match Deal 

McDonald’s is a prominent fast-food chain and has been a longstanding leader in the breakfast industry. However, with the increasing competition, the chain is now offering new menu items and deals to maintain its edge. 

The latest offering is the 2-for $4 mix-and-match deal, allowing customers to select two breakfast sandwiches for just four dollars. The deal includes popular options like sausage McMuffin with egg, bacon, egg & cheese biscuit, and bacon, egg & cheese McGriddles.

This mix-and-match deal is a limited-time offer at McDonald’s. You can avail of this deal at participating locations. Customers can choose two breakfast sandwiches from a selection of options.

This deal can be availed via the McDonald’s mobile app or at physical outlets. In addition, McDonald’s has also introduced two new breakfast sandwiches, the Chicken McGriddle and McChicken biscuit, expanding its menu offerings on the $4 deal. 

$0.99 For Any Size Of Premium Roast Coffee Or Iced Coffee

McDonald’s offers a promotion where customers can purchase any size of their premium roast or iced coffee for only $0.99. This offer is available at participating McDonald’s locations, valid through 12/31/2023, only once daily.

The premium roast coffee blends 100% Arabica beans that are sustainably sourced and roasted to perfection, creating a smooth and rich flavor. The iced coffee is a blend of McDonald’s premium roast coffee and ice, with the option to add flavored syrups or cream.

This promotion is an excellent opportunity for coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite beverages at an affordable price. 

Some Popular McDonald’s Breakfast Deals

Breakfast Dollar Menu

McDonald’s is known for its affordable and delicious breakfast options. They offer several deals yearly to make the meal even more budget-friendly. The best part is that they keep updating their values occasionally, so there’s always something new to try.

So, let’s look at some of the most famous McDonald’s breakfast deals below:

1. McDonald’s 2 for $4 Meal 

As part of the 2-for $4 deal, you can mix and match any of the following select breakfast sandwiches. 

  • 2 for $2 mix and match – any size premium hot roast coffee and sausage McMuffin
  • 2 for $3 mix and match – sausage burrito and hash browns
  • 2 for $5 mix and match – egg Mcmuffin and sausage McMuffin with egg

Last year, McDonald’s offered a morning mix-and-match deal. As for now, there is no update on McDonald’s 2 for $4 value; they may introduce it soon.  

2. McDonald’s Dollar Menu 

One fantastic deal from McDonald’s is the dollar menu deal. Under $1, $2, and $3 meals, you can get your favorite breakfast items such as sausage biscuits, sausage Mcmuffin, sausage Mcgriddle, and hash brown. The deal continues so that you can grab breakfast at the best offers.

3. Breakfast Bundle 

McDonald’s breakfast bundle contains a few items from the breakfast menu. Mix and pair the selected breakfast menu items and make your breakfast bundle. 

The items in the breakfast bundle include McDonald’s Hash Browns, McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin, and McDonald’s Sausage Biscuit. Out of which, you can order any two breakfast menu items just for $2.29.

Unfortunately, McDonald’s breakfast bundle is not available anymore. So, let’s wait for the next official update on their breakfast bundle deal. 

4. $5 Meal 

McDonald’s $ 5 meal of the day offered a new menu item for each day of the week. This complete meal and burger also consist of large French fries and beverages. However, the deal does not exist anymore due to Covid-19. 


McDonald’s offers some fantastic breakfast deals that are worth checking out. In this blog, I have covered current sales, popular deals, and even some past deals. Moreover, some values are also tied to holidays or special events, often offering even more significant discounts on your favorite breakfast items.

Another great way to save money at McDonald’s is by downloading the McDonald’s app. The app offers exclusive deals and coupons that can be redeemed in-store or through mobile ordering. 

Plus, you can earn rewards for your purchases that can be redeemed for free menu items. So, if you are a fan of McDonald’s deals, check out recommended articles – how many McDonald’s rewards can I use at once? And how many McDonald’s deals/coupons can I use at once? To get the most out of McDonald’s deals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the current McDonald’s breakfast deals?

You can get breakfast menu items from the dollar menu. The menu items to grab are sausage Mcmuffin, sausage Mcgriddle, and hash brown.

What time do McDonald’s breakfast deals end?

McDonald’s breakfast deals end at 10:30 a.m. as it stops serving breakfast menu items.

Can you get McDonald’s breakfast deals for delivery or mobile ordering?

No, McDonald’s dollar menu for breakfast is not available for delivery.

Are McDonald’s breakfast deals available every day of the week?

Yes, McDonald’s breakfast deals are available every day of the week

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