History Of McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a globally recognized fast food giant. From its humble beginnings as a small drive-in restaurant in the 1940s to its global fast-food giant, McDonald’s has constantly pushed the boundaries and reshaped the industry. 

History of McDonald's

The company continues to innovate and shape the fast food industry. In this article, we reveal the history of McDonald’s.

The history of McDonald’s has been filled with achievements as well as challenges. But it’s commendable to see how they made one of the biggest fast-food brands in the world.

But have you ever wondered how it became so successful? If not, this article will be your best guide to knowing the history of McDonald’s in a fun way. This post will explore the history and evolution of McDonald’s in the fast food industry. Let’s get started!

History Timeline Of McDonald’s 

History Of McDonald's

The growth of McDonald’s over the past 70 years is worth noting. McDonald’s started as a small highway-side restaurant and grew steadily from there.

1940: The journey of McDonald’s begins with the opening of a small drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California, by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald.

1948: The introduction of the “Speedee Service System,” which used an assembly line-style kitchen to produce nine new items that McDonald’s introduced. This revolutionary new concept allowed the restaurant to serve customers faster than traditional drive-ins. 

McDonald’s restaurant was closed for three months for renovations. In December, it reopened as a self-service drive-in restaurant. There are only nine items on the menu: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, milk, coffee, potato chips, and a slice of pie. The main menu item was still a 15-cent hamburger. 

1949: French Fries replaced potato chips, and a new debutante triple thick milkshakes listed the menu. 

1954: Ray Kroc, a milkshake machine salesman, visits the San Bernardino location and is impressed by the “Speedee Service System.” He strikes a deal with the McDonald brothers to franchise the concept.

1955: Kroc opens the first franchise location of McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois, officially launching the brand’s national expansion.

1958: By the end of this year, McDonald’s has grown to include over 100 locations, primarily in the United States.

1961: The company officially changes its name to McDonald’s Corporation and goes public, with Kroc as the majority owner and C.E.O. Kroc buys out the McDonald brothers for $2.6 million (approximately $22.3 million in 2019 equivalent).

1962/63 – McDonald’s launches its two most recognizable logos: the Golden Arches and Ronald McDonald.

1967: The Filet-O-Fish sandwich makes its debut on the national menu. Lou Groen designed this, a McDonald’s Cincinnati franchisee, to build volume in the predominantly Roman Catholic neighborhood where his store was located.

1968: Michael James Delligatti was an American entrepreneur. Opening his first of 48 McDonald’s restaurants in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, in 1957, he was among the earliest franchisees of the fast food chain. Delligatti also invented the “Big Mac” hamburger in 1967.

1973: The Quarter Pounder and the Quarter Pounder with Cheese are added to the menu.

1975: The Egg McMuffin is added to the menu in Santa Barbara, California, created by Owner/Operator Herb Peterson.

1977: The first breakfast menu was introduced at McDonald’s.

1980: McDonald’s introduced the McChicken sandwich. 

1982: The introduction of the first Happy Meal for children.

1983: Chicken McNuggets are introduced into all domestic U.S. restaurants.

1984: Kroc dies on 14th January.

1990: McDonald’s opens its first location in Moscow, Russia. This location served more than 30,000 Russian citizens on the first day of operation.

1992: The first celebrity collaboration with Travis Scott

1993: The company opened the first McCafe, McDonald’s attempt to run the coffee restaurant in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

1995: McFlurry was invented by Ron McLellan. 

2002: McDonald’s launched the dollar menu.

2003: McDonald’s introduced their first ever global ad campaign – “I’m loving it.” It was launched in Munich, Germany, on 2nd September.

2013: The late-night menu was launched by McDonald’s.   

2015: McDonald’s U.S.A. announces all-day breakfast. Also, McDonald’s launched their first mobile app for home delivery. 

2017: Global McDelivery Day is celebrated on 26th July to support the global launch of McDelivery with UberEATS. 

2019: McDonald’s discontinued all-day breakfast during a pandemic. 

2020: McDonald’s launched the first ever net zero-designed restaurant at Walt Disney. 

2021: McPlant burger debut.

The Humble Beginning Of Golden Arches 

McDonald's Big M Billboard

McDonald’s didn’t exist when the Mac brothers started the restaurant business. It was only a small stand across the highway to serve hamburgers. They later turned a small stand into a B.B.Q. restaurant in 1937. The idea of a restaurant grew the seed for McDonald’s, and in 1940, McDonald’s was born.  

When they started running McDonald’s, other restaurants nearby sold burgers too. The only problem was that all the customers had to wait for their orders and stand in a queue. Now Mac brothers thought to change the process and do something revolutionary. So, in 1948, they implemented a new system called the ‘Speedee Service System.’  

Not only that, but they started streamlining their menu, offering hamburgers, fries, and drinks. They also redesigned their kitchen to be more efficient, using an assembly line production style. 

This Speedee service system required only a few employees to run the restaurant. So, they could cut down on prices and sell 15-cent hamburgers, shakes, and French fries. It was the lowest price offered compared to other restaurants, which brought customer traffic to the fast-food chain.  

Recreation Of McDonald’s With Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc Launching McDonald's

In 1954, a milkshake machine salesman named Ray Kroc became interested in the McDonald brothers’ business model. He visited the McDonald brothers and approached them with an offer to become their franchise agent. Kroc saw the potential for the McDonald’s concept to be franchised and spread across the country. 

In 1955, Kroc opened the first McDonald’s franchise in Des Plaines, Illinois 1955. The establishment of the franchise made a significant milestone in his career.

Kroc’s franchise model proved to be a huge success, and the number of McDonald’s restaurants began to grow rapidly. By the 1960s, McDonald’s had become a popular brand, with restaurants growing across the United States. 

Ray Kroc initially aimed to establish 1,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States. Still, his vision quickly surpassed as the company expanded into international markets, starting with Canada and Puerto Rico in 1967. Today, McDonald’s serves over 68 million customers in more than 40,000 outlets as of 2021. 

As the visionary Ray Kroc took many flights to open the McDonald’s franchise, the menu started changing. They introduced around 100 items to develop McDonald’s on a bigger scale. All loved the McDonald’s menu during that time. If you want to check the current McDonald’s menu prices, check here

Also, McDonald’s always focuses on serving locally inspired flavors in their burgers and sandwiches. So, they introduced some specific items available in a particular region. 

For example, the Hatch Green Chile Double Cheeseburger is topped with New Mexico green chile. It is only available in the southwestern state of New Mexico. 

By then, Ray Kroc had also opened various McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S.A. Most McDonald’s restaurants offered counter and drive-through service during Kroc’s time till today. 

You will wonder that in 1961, a hamburger university opened in the basement of McDonald’s in Illinois by Turner, who later became the C.E.O. of McDonald’s corporation for the next 20 years. This is one of the craziest facts. If you wanna know such crazy facts, read more crazy facts about McDonald’s.

Ray Kroc Is Taking McDonald’s To The Next Level

“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.’ Imagining the structure of McDonald’s without Ray Kroc is definitely like French Fries without salt. 

Under Kroc’s leadership, McDonald’s began to expand, and he implemented strict guidelines for franchises. He ensured that all the restaurants served equal quality burgers and top-notch customer service. 

One of the greatest contributions of Ray Kroc to the brand was his emphasis on cleanliness and efficiency. He set the standards for all other food chains too. All outlets followed the same rule to put standardization operational hours at McDonald’s. 

The standard operations of McDonald’s outlets are the same as they were in the late 90s. In the past, the standard opening time was 6.00 am and closing time was 11.00 pm. It has stayed the same except the opening of all outlets is now at 5.00 am.  

You might be wondering who we credit for McDonald’s success. It’s as simple as that – McDonald’s has opened a pitch for Ray Kroc, and he played his match to the maximum level. He showed the world that he could take McDonald’s to the next level.

Kroc’s efforts to revitalize the McDonald’s brand made it one of the world’s most successful fast-food chains and set the standard for the entire industry. His legacy lives on to this day, and I have a lot of respect for the man who turned a small burger joint into a global phenomenon.

Kroc worked tirelessly to promote the brand, opening new locations and creating a strong corporate culture. He hired millions of staff across the country to run the chains as efficiently as possible. The whole business model was only based on assembling the burgers.  

Initially, when the brothers were running the business, they hired only male employees. However, after Ray Kroc’s entry, he changed the corporate rules and started hiring female staff for McDonald’s chains. 

He hired young school and college girls at McDonald’s to give a youthful vibe to the place. The girls and the boys were only the age of 14 to work at McDonald’s. Then it became the age rule for the rest of the global chains.  

When Kroc was changing the general rules set by the brothers, the problem started between the Mac brothers and Ray Kroc. Both were fighting to take control of the business. Their issues started growing, and they eventually ended their partnership. 

The time came when Kroc won the majority of the shares and became C.E.O. In 1961, he bought out McDonald’s for $2.6 million, which was equivalent to $22.3 million in 2019.

The brothers kept their original restaurant, renamed Big M. But it couldn’t survive as Kroc later opened a competing McDonald’s nearby and dropped them out. 

The Ray Kroc Era: McDonald’s Menu Expansion And Brand Revitalization

Old McDonald's Building

One of his first moves was to standardize the menu and operations, introducing new items such as the Big Mac and Filet-O-Fish. He also invested heavily in advertising and promotions, using catchy slogans and jingles to increase brand awareness.

After Ray Kroc bought out McDonald’s, he released several new menu items to appeal to a wider audience. These items included the Filet-O-Fish sandwich, the Big Mac, and the Quarter Pounder. He also introduced items like the McChicken and the McRib sandwich.

The Big Mac, first introduced in 1967 by McDonald’s franchisee Jim Delligatti, quickly became one of the chain’s most popular menu items. One of the reasons for its success was its unique taste and flavor. 

Due to his sales background, Kroc was a master of marketing and advertising. He ran the first Ad on television and radio and created buzz for his brand. He also focused on creating a strong brand image for McDonald’s, using the iconic golden arches and the “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan. 

Kroc also focused on expanding the chain’s presence across the country and eventually worldwide. After the Big Mac hit, the McChicken made another history. It became the best-selling item on the McDonald’s Menu. It was introduced as a sandwich made with breaded chicken patty, lettuce, and mayonnaise – all stuffed in a bun. 

Soon Kroc realized that selling multiple items would generate huge sales. He made a whopping $8 million during 1970 and proved that a fast-food chain could make fortunes. He then introduced a breakfast menu for all U.S.A. people who wanted more from a fast food chain. 

First-Time Launch Of Breakfast Menu 

Breakfast Menu Of McDonald's

Launching a breakfast menu always had a strong purpose for McDonald’s. To serve office-going people and give them the tastiest meals on the go. Therefore, McDonald’s took the first meal of the day very seriously. In 1977, they launched a breakfast menu with exciting items. 

They introduced items like egg McMuffin, hotcakes, sausage, hash browns, and scrambled eggs. It was a big hit for McDonald’s as they focused on serving breakfast. The office-going people could stop by the outlet and grab their morning breakfast. 

All the people went mad over this idea of a breakfast menu. They served breakfast in the morning starting at 8.00 am and until 11.00 am. The outlets were flooded with people ordering their favorite menu during this time.

In 1975, Egg McMuffin made a debut. Herb Peterson created it in California. People accepted with smiles and started enjoying the breakfast. With this launch, McDonald’s got to hit their sales, and people started preferring McDonald’s. 

In 1977, McDonald’s expanded their breakfast options by introducing hot cakes as part of their full breakfast menu, featuring items like traditional big breakfasts, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and Danish pastries. 

Later, they revamped their menu with new items, such as introducing breakfast burritos in 1991 and then the famous McGriddles.

After so much success with the menu and added items, McDonald’s decided to serve breakfast all day. However, the menu offered Egg McMuffin only till 10.30 am. The all-day breakfast menu only covered core items like Biscuits And Gravy sandwiches, hot cakes, and sausage burritos. 

McDonald’s said they decided on the limited menu due to less grill space for burgers and breakfast items. If you are a breakfast lover and want to know what everyday items they offer, check the breakfast menu here. 

McDonald’s also offered various other items which were available all day. The lunch menu offered mac burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and coffee until midnight. 

McDonald’s kept their lunch and dinner menu the same so people could quickly order any of their favorite items. They offered a variety of combo meals and individual items. The range of menus offered items such as burgers, chicken McNuggets, McDouble, cheeseburgers, filet-o-fish, and much more.

As the decades passed, McDonald’s continued to innovate their menu to meet the changing tastes of customers. Today, the dinner and lunch menu offers a wide variety of options, from cheeseburgers to fries to more modern offerings like salads and smoothies. Check the latest lunch menu here.  

Moreover, people loved McDonald’s dinner menu because it offered convenience. The restaurants used to stay open till late time, so it was great for customers to get their favorite meals. The customer’s best choice used to be a Big Mac. It was the classic burger that people used to order on their dinner menu.  

Plus, the prices of the menu have always been so affordable. McDonald’s deals have always appealed to customers for its combo meals for lunch/dinner. Get details here if you’re interested to know what McDonald’s offers in the latest dinner menu.  

Not only the youth but the families and children started enjoying the meals. So, Kroc saw a huge potential in targeting the kids with better offerings. That’s how the kid’s menu was launched in 1979. The idea was to introduce a smaller amount of food, toys, or other fun stuff with the meal. It was a big hit and attracted many kids to McDonald’s. All thanks to Kroc’s visionary idea! 

Innovation Of Kids Menu And Happy Meal 

First Happy Meal At McDonald's

It was a revolutionary concept when McDonald’s introduced the kid’s menu and Happy Meal. The brand recognized that families and kids were an important customer base. So, they wanted to create a meal that would appeal to adults and kids. 

So, they introduced a kid’s menu and offered fun toys. McDonald’s started putting toys on their kid’s menu to attract kids. With every order, children would get some characters inspired by movies and TV shows. They offered chicken McNuggets, fries, drinks, and burgers in a happy meal. 

After the success of the Happy Meal, McDonald’s started collaborating with famous movies. The brand teamed up with Star Trek for the first time and was the best film partnership for McDonald’s.

The first Disney-themed Happy Meal came out in 1987. The meal featured exciting beloved characters like Mickey Mouse. Other than that, Beanie Babies was also one of their famous toy collaborations. 

At that time, the Happy Meal was fully designed like a branded box with a movie theme. They used the box to promote movies like Angry Bird, Shrek, Jurassic Park, and other countless movies. After experimenting with various box designs, they finalized a simple red box with a big smiley and McDonald’s logo.

Kids loved the Happy Meal idea so much that they insisted parents take them to Mcdonald’s. They wanted to celebrate their birthdays over there. So, McDonald’s also opened a special birthday party area in their outlets. They started offering a catering menu to the kids to enjoy their special moments at the outlets.   

McDonald’s was criticized for putting kids in their ads and promoting unhealthy meals. To reply to the criticism, McDonald’s introduced a healthy happy meal idea. In 2016, they tested happy breakfast meals and removed chocolate milk and cheeseburgers. 

Today, they are offering a new kind of Happy Meal which contains chicken McNuggets, a low-fat milk jug, apple slices, hamburgers, and fries. You will wonder to know that the whole Happy Meal is less than 500 calories.           

The Fate Of McDonald’s After Ray Kroc’s Death 

It was a sad day when Kroc passed away in 1984. He had a vision for McDonald’s that went beyond just selling burgers. He wanted to create a brand to bring people together and spread joy. 

Guess what? The brand moved forward, and the Golden Arches continued to evolve. The legacy he left behind set the foundation for the company to move forward and achieve more milestones. 

In 1992, McDonald’s did something unexpected. They released their first-ever celebrity meal. Since then, the brand has continued putting celebrity faces on its meals. When we thought about what would happen to McDonald’s after Ray Kroc, the brand did something revolutionary again.

Celebrity Meals Became Secret Success

Celebrity Meals At McDonald's

The first-ever celebrity collaboration was with Travis Scott. For just $6, Travis Scott’s cactus jack meal was introduced. It included medium fries, B.B.Q. sauce for dipping, and a sprite. That was a strong marketing move from the brand. Since then, they have used the multiple brand collaborations we ever seen in their history.

The best-selling B.T.S. meal was introduced in 2021 after they gave a big hit song. The meal included 10-piece McNuggets, medium coke, medium fries, and two dipping sauces. Customers could pick their favorite sauces like Cajun sauce or sweet chili sauce. The meal came in exclusive packaging.   

After the B.T.S. hit, McDonald’s came up with the Saweetie meal. This was their best collaboration with famous rapper Saweetie. It included Big Mac, medium fries, McNuggets, sprite, and two dipping sauces. In the promotion, the rapper shared that she loves putting fries on the burger and drizzling B.B.Q. sauce all over it. 

Other celebrities, such as J Balvin and Michael Jordan, had their meals at McDonald’s. Working with major celebrities, McDonald’s received a lot of love from the people. Their sales grew with these collaborations. 

Talking about celebrity meals, the big rumor the brand got around was about Kanye West. Kanye West is the famous rapper who posted a Big Mac box with a golden arches logo. 

People thought that it was a meal collaboration happening with Kanye West. However, McDonald’s has not officially announced the Kanye West meal collaboration

From Burgers To Lattes: The Introduction Of McCafe

McCafe Location

The first McCafe was launched by McDonald’s in Melbourne, Australia, in 1993. They wanted to create something different that would suffice customers’ daily dose of comfort drinks. It offered the best coffee drinks, such as iced coffee and lattes.

McDonald’s menu initially consisted of basic coffee drinks such as cappuccino, espresso, and lattes. Over the years, the menu expanded to include specialty drinks like flavored lattes, mochas, and even iced coffee. In addition, they also introduced muffins, pastries, and other baked goods to pair with coffee. 

The McCafe line of drinks menu and snacks eventually became the largest coffee chain in the world. It won over its pricing strategy. They compete with other coffee brands like Starbucks and Cafe Coffee Day, offering attractive coffee prices.   

In addition to the classic espresso drinks, they also offer seasonal specialties and limited-time offers to keep things trendy. Some of their best coffee drinks include pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas available during special holidays like Christmas and New Year. Today, the McCafe menu is constantly evolving, with new drinks, coffee, and snacks added regularly.

The Launch Of Dollar Menu 

In the early 2000s, fast food was considered an indulgence, reserved for special occasions or treat days. McDonald’s had the vision to change that. In 2002, they introduced a dollar menu, offering a range of menu items for just $1, $2, and $3. Customers were thrilled at an opportunity to enjoy their favorite burgers, fries, and drinks at a fraction of the cost.

The dollar menu offers various items such as McDouble and McChicken and side orders like fries or apple slices. Customers can mix and match their meals and order everything under $3. 

McDonald’s Burger Wars And Criticism 

McDonald's Vs Jamie Oliver

As McDonald’s became more popular, it faced significant criticism. A few of the criticisms were regarding its menu options, high levels of salt, & unhealthy additives like preservatives and trans fats. It gained momentum in the 1990s and early 2000s when the obesity rates in the U.S.A. skyrocketed. Also, the concerns about fast food’s role in obesity were highlighted.

Some reports accused that McDonald’s menu items were bad for your body. Due to this, the brand received a negative reputation. This criticism hit the business hard, particularly after the release of the documentary film “Super Size Me” in 2004, where the filmmaker ate only McDonald’s food for 30 days and documented the resulting weight gain and health problems.

To respond to these criticisms, McDonald’s implemented many strategies to make its food healthier. The company introduced healthier options to its menu. For example, McDonald’s started offering salads, fruit, and other low-calorie options.

The criticism period was still not over. Jamie Oliver – the famous chef, spoke against fast food giants and their burgers. He pointed out their burgers and said they are unhealthy for human consumption. In response, McDonald’s said they provide 100% safe beef in their burgers. The war went quite far, but McDonald’s finally proved that their meat follows USDA guidelines. 

McDonald’s took their criticisms very seriously and promoted some of the food diabetics can eat at this fast food chain. These menu items include Egg McMuffin, Fruit N Yogurt parfait, and side salads that diabetic patients consume without too many worries.  

Due to the harmful practices and unhealthy meals, people started looking for ways to enjoy the same taste of McDonald’s recipes at home. That’s when the copycat recipes trend took off.

Seeing how people were recreating McDonald’s recipes at home was amazing. We have also covered many copycat recipes that are fun to make at home. If you are interested, try these McDonald’s recipes at home. 

Later on, McDonald’s also took steps to improve its food quality and make its policies more transparent. They started using fresh beef, rather than frozen, in their burgers. 

Moreover, they also started using antibiotic-free chicken and committed to sourcing sustainable beef and pork. Also, they started using oil with less saturated fat and listed low-sodium menu items.

In response to growing concerns about the unhealthy ingredients in fast food, McDonald’s did something revolutionary. In 2012, McDonald’s became the first fast-food chain to showcase nutritional information about each item. They went one step ahead to show transparency about the nutritional content of what people were eating. 

When McDonald’s was facing criticism, other food giants also started emerging. People started looking for other fast-food chain options other than McDonald’s. Still, McDonald’s remained positioned for a longer time. Let’s see how McDonald’s differentiated itself from other fast-food chains. 

How McDonald’s Different From Other Fast Food Chains?

McDonald's Vs Other Fast Food Chains Sketch

Over the years, McDonald’s has faced intense competition from some biggest fast-food chains. The company faced aggressive competition with other food giants like Wendy’s, Burger King, and Chick-fil-A.

In 1954, when Burger King was launched, it had been competing with McDonald’s. When Wendy’s was introduced in 1969, it offered premium burgers. 

Despite this fact, McDonald’s has always remained the top leader in the fast-food chain. 

McDonald’s and Burger King are the two biggest players in the game. Both chains have been around for decades and have established loyal customers. However, when comparing the two, there are a few reasons why McDonald’s has the edge over Burger King. 

Firstly, McDonald’s has more global presence than Burger King. As of 2022, Burger King has a total of 18,000 outlets. At the same time, McDonald’s has more than 40,000 outlets worldwide. There are other reasons why McDonald’s wins over Burger King. To know them, check out McDonald’s Or Burger King’s blog to know which is best.

While McDonald’s and Burger King have been long-standing rivals, Wendy’s was trying to compete with both. Wendy’s is also one of the popular fast food chains that have been McDonald’s rivals. However, when we talk about Wendy’s vs. McDonald’s, McDonald’s wins the game. 

Whether it’s a global presence, larger menu options, brand recognition, or consistent quality – Mcdonald’s wins the show. Even Chick-Fil-A wanted to create its mark over McDonald’s. However, people still prefer McDonald’s due to its quick service, drive-thru options, and big menu. They say, “there’s something for everyone.”

McDonald’s Goes Digital: Launching Mobile Ordering App

McDonald's Mobile App

A huge crowd of younger generations is moving toward the internet era. McDonald’s is no exception and proved to be a game changer. In 2015, McDonald’s introduced their mobile ordering app, ‘McDelivery’. Fast food industry people loved the app for its ease of use.

The app enabled customers to browse the menu, check out weekly deals, find nearby locations, and more. As soon as the app was released, it was downloaded by 18 million people, out of which 11 million people registered for the app. 

To order online, you can download the app and create an account. Browse their whole menu, select items, customize them to your liking, and start ordering. If you want a guide on how to order from McDonald’s online app, check the article here.  

One of the best things about this app was the reward program. Customers can earn points with every purchase and redeem points from exciting meal prizes. For example, you could get a free sandwich or a discount on your next purchase. To check how many rewards you can use at McDonald’s, you can read the whole article on this.

You will be surprised to know that McDonald’s was the first fast-food chain to incorporate contactless payment and self-service kiosks. Today, McDonald’s has started accepting online payment options too. 

It’s great news for the youth using Apple Pay and Google Pay. They all can use both payment options at McDonald’s. To check out, does McDonald’s accept Google Pay Or does McDonald’s accept Apple Pay? Click here!   

If you want to check McDonald’s 24-hour locations, go on the app. Select the locator option and choose options from the filters. Such as, if you are looking for 24-hour drive-thru locations nearby, you can easily check from the app. Learn how to check McDonald’s 24-hour locations here.

As the popularity of online orders grew, people started looking for ways to save money at McDonald’s. For example, if you register on the app for the first time, you get free fries! There are many other hacks to save money at McDonald’s that we have covered. Click here to read them.

In 2017, McDonald’s teamed up with Uber Eats to start the McDelivery service in the U.S.A. It is available in most locations and is expanding rapidly to new cities. The partnership allows McDonald’s to reach a larger customer base and make their food more accessible to people who may not have a McDonald’s restaurant nearby.

The Mysterious Gold Card And Food Stamps

McDonald's Gold Card

It sounds interesting and fun to win a gold card that gives you free food for life! Like really! No one could do it other than McDonald’s. So, what is the suspense behind this gold card? Let’s reveal here. 

McDonald’s is a popular fast-food restaurant worldwide and regularly offers the best deals. During the holiday season, they give you a chance to win a McDonald’s Gold Card, which will help you get free food from McDonald’s for life.

More fast food chains can compete with McDonald’s Gold Card regarding customer loyalty! Using this card, you can grab anything from McDonald’s’ menu at no cost at any McDonald’s location across the United States! 

But the question is, how to win this card? McDonald’s creates a promo called ‘S.Z.N. Of Sharing’ on their app during the holiday season. Every purchase made from the ‘S.Z.N. Of Sharing’ section of the app will enter you into a drawing to win a McDonald’s Gold Card. The lucky ones will win one of the gold cards.

Your favorite McDonald’s also supports E.B.T. cards, known as food stamps. E.B.T. card is a part of the RMP program, which the government leads to provide meals to low-income families. At McDonald’s, you can use E.B.T. cards to purchase food items. Check here if you want to know which states accept E.B.T. cards at McDonald’s.  

The Beginning Of Late Night Menu

In 2013, McDonald’s introduced a late-night menu for people who enjoy night munching. From midnight to 5 am, McDonald’s started offering an amazing late-night menu with items such as Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, fries, and other sides still available. 

The Big Mac and Quarter Pounder burgers are among the most popular items on the Late Night menu. Another popular item on the Late Night menu is the Chicken McNuggets. These delicious bite-sized pieces of juicy chicken are perfect for snacking on. 

In addition to burgers and sandwiches, the Late Night menu also includes a variety of sides like fries and hash browns. For kids, happy meals are also available during late-night hours. These meals include options like burgers, chicken nuggets, and various sides.

And if you’re looking for a sweet treat, the Late Night menu has covered you with sweets and treats options like Apple Pie, McFlurry, and sundaes.

McCafé and beverages are also available for purchase during late-night hours. You’ll find something to quench your thirst, from coffee and tea to sodas and milkshakes.

How McDonald’s Survived During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Just after new menu offerings like all-day breakfast, the pandemic hit in 2019. Like many other businesses, McDonald’s faced challenges during Covid-19. But they could adapt to the change and offer on their mobile app.

They made a major change by shifting the drive-thru and delivery model to limit face-to-face contact. They implemented new safety measures, such as providing masks to employees.

Due to the pandemic, McDonald’s discontinued the all-day breakfast menu. Now they serve breakfast items only til 10.30 am. This news upset their loyal customer, but McDonald’s somehow found a way to hit back again. 

McDonald’s has three D’s on which it wins in competition or under serious situations. Drive-thru, digital, and delivery. McDonald’s has always made their digital presence quite powerful. Due to their celebrities’ collaborations and marketing stunts, they always stayed in rumors on social media. 

This helped McDonald’s to get their customer base digitally. Their amazing app allows customers to make orders and receive deliveries during the pandemic at their homes. They gave ease to their customers by always helping them serve the tastiest meals.  

Launching Vegan Option At McDonald’s

McPlant Burger

During Covid time, everybody locked in their homes and found different ways to entertain themselves. One such entertainment was cooking delicious food at home. During that time, vegan recipes took the trend on social media, and people became interested in them. 

Soon after the pandemic, McDonald’s launched a first-time McPlant burger in 2021. They specifically made the burger for all the vegans. The burger featured a plant-based patty, grilled buns topped with onions, lettuce, tomato slices, ketchup, mustard sauce, and cheese. It’s the best vegan menu option at McDonald’s. 

Vegan people could skip the mayonnaise and cheese from their burgers to enjoy a vegan option. This new burger drowned new customers to McDonald’s and reached its sustainability goals.

Health-conscious people are not required to give up their favorite McDonald’s. They can still find gluten-free menu items. Some items include fruit and yogurt parfait, southwest grilled chicken salad, cappuccino, and bacon ranch grilled chicken salad.

Everyone loves McDonald’s burgers. While their burgers are irresistible, the high-calorie content might frighten people. No worries! McDonald’s has all the solutions for low-calorie options too.

Some of the healthier menu options at McDonald’s are Filet-o-fish, McChicken, grilled chicken salad, McWrap, and egg McMuffin. You can try these menu items and find the best when following a stipulated diet.

McDonald’s During Holiday Time

McDonald's Festive Menu

While McDonald’s offers healthier menu options year-round, they offer special offerings during the holiday season. During holidays, McDonald’s usually rolls out special offerings that always make a buzz on social media. 

Some of the best holiday menu offerings are pumpkin spice latte, apple pie, boo buckets, McFlurry, hot chocolate deluxe, and many other exciting offerings. These are limited-time treats that customers always love and wait a whole year. 

If you plan to visit McDonald’s during the holiday, it’s important to check their holiday timings. These timings may be different by location. You can check whether McDonald’s is open on Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Halloween. These articles will help you check the operating hours of McDonald’s during holidays.

While enjoying the holiday season, why not try some of McDonald’s secret menu items? That’s right! McDonald’s does offer some secret menus that people have found about it. Some recent secret menu items include Mc Gangbang, the land, sea, and air burger, and Mc10:35

These unique creations are made with a combination of ingredients from existing menu items and a fun way to swap your regular McDonald’s order. 

New Debutants And Promotional Deals Galore 

McDonald's Deals

McDonald’s will always surprise you by launching new recipes every time. McDonald’s launched slushie flavors like blue raspberry, cherry, and orange to celebrate summer in 2020. 

These flavors are sweet, fruity, and perfect for summer. These slushies are the best McDonald’s slushie flavors. The motto behind their slushie launch was to attract customers and give them more drinking options. 

The new fast food market is emerging now. To always stay relevant, the restaurant has to offer a few things to keep them in the news. McDonald’s did the same thing and started providing a few sauce options

They offer sweet and sour sauce, spicy buffalo sauce, creamy ranch sauce, and B.B.Q. Sauce to enhance their food experience. It is not the first time that McDonald’s offered sauces. The first sauce they introduced was in 1998 when they launched Disney Meal.  

Their recent launches are exciting, and McDonald’s has rolled out some amazing promotional offers and deals that go with it. Their top deals on the McDonald’s app are amazing. You can earn points on your purchase and redeem them when you visit the restaurant next time. 

On your McDonald’s app, you can always check your points. The reward system works for every dollar; you get 100 points, so to get 1600 points, you need to spend 16 dollars at McDonald’s. The app generates a four-digit number you need to share with the staff, and you get your free items. 

Want to know about recent latest McDonald’s deals? You might love this article in which we covered all the deals. One popular deal currently available is the “2 for $5 Mix and Match” deal, where customers can choose two items from a select menu for just $5. This deal includes options such as the Big Mac, ten-piece Chicken McNuggets, and the Filet-O-Fish.

Apart from app deals, McDonald’s also launched a dinner box deal. It was a convenient option for those looking to grab a quick, filling meal during dinner. The meal offered any chicken sandwich, burger, fries, dips, and drink. Plus, the deal also offered a good value for the price. 

There are many other deals, such as the breakfast bundle deal, launched with breakfast items such as Egg McMuffin, hot cakes, and sausage biscuits. Moreover, the $3 bundle attracted many customers. McDonald’s provided this meal with small fries, soft drinks, and McDouble burgers. 

For better deal options, McDonald’s also offers a cheeseburger meal deal. It’s a satisfying deal that includes a cheeseburger, fries, and a cold drink.   

McDonald’s always kept great deals that customers would adore. This was another time they did something outstanding. In 2019, the company offered discounts for seniors. But they are mostly limited to only beverages. 

For one regular coffee, the price is $1. But the senior gets the coffee at $0.75. As of now, McDonald’s still needs a universal senior discount policy. By downloading the McDonald’s app, you can check offers. We have also covered the article on whether McDonald’s still offers senior discounts.  


The history of McDonald’s is a story of innovation, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of success. From humble beginnings as a small drive-in restaurant to its current status as one of the world’s most recognized chains, McDonald’s has come a long way. To check what’s best menu items at McDonald’s, click here.

Through its journey, McDonald’s has introduced many innovative ideas such as Speedee service, drive-thru, 24/7 hours of operation, and a wide range of menu options to meet the customer’s taste preferences. 

The efforts of McDonald’s have helped the company become a global brand, with various outlets around the world. Millions of loyal customers enjoy the convenience of their meal offerings.

Today, people want to know the best things available at famous fast food chains. They constantly keep looking at the best things. In that case, we have written many articles about the best burgers at McDonald’s and the best breakfast menu items to order. You can always read about them. 

As we look into the future, it’s quite clear that the brand will continue its innovative offerings to satisfy customers. The brand strives to stay ahead of the competition by introducing new menu items, technology, and customer-centric innovations.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the story of McDonald’s and the journey that it has been through.

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