McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Toys | Everything You Need To Know

McDonald’s happy meals are a treasure for every kid and are McDonald’s best-selling menu items. Seeing how much adults would also love nostalgia, McDonald’s has created a brand new Adult Happy Meal with toys! Read further to learn all about McDonald’s adult happy meal toys! 

What are McDonald's adult happy meal toys

McDonald’s adult happy meal toys consist of unique toys in collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market, which is the meal’s highlight. The meal includes food options like a Big Mac or ten pieces of chicken nuggets, with fries and a drink. 

McDonald’s is known for creating new ideas to make their customers happy. Happy meals are a significant nostalgic factor for adults since we grew up with those classic McDonald’s happy meals and toys. 

Keeping in mind the high demands adults also had for happy meal toys, McDonald’s came up with this lovely initiative to bring nostalgia. The toys and meals are very different from the happy meals for Kids! In this informative post, you will find every detail you would want for these meals! So, let’s begin. 

What Are McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals? 


McDonald’s adult happy meals consist of three food items, which are an option of either a Big Mac or ten pieces of chicken nuggets, along with medium fries and a medium drink. The cherry on this cake is the toy they give with the meal, which is in collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market. 

McDonald’s did pretty well as far as curating this meal is concerned. They included their top-selling menu items in this meal, which makes the whole experience so much more indulgent for anyone who wants to try it. 

Moreover, these meals are even more exciting because they give you the toy in a box, just as they would for a regular happy meal! The box is also eye-catching with lovely colors, returning to good old childhood memories! 

McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Price

A McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Toy is priced at $12.95. 

This is what the average price is for an adult happy meal toy. However, the costs may differ slightly from one location to another. The meal is reasonably priced, just like all the other items you find on the McDonald’s menu

How Are McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals Different From Regular Happy Meals? 

How are McDonalds adult happy meals different from regular happy meals

A few significant and pronounced differences exist between the adult and regular Happy meals from the McDonald’s kids menu. The differences are based on the box size, the meal size, the toys, and the overall price and curation of the meal. 

For a better idea of the differences between these two meals, let us look at each parameter that makes these meals different from each other. 

CriteriaAdult Happy MealRegular Happy Meal
Size Of The BoxLargeSmall
Design Of The BoxDesigns featuring Cactus Plant Flea MarketClassic red McDonald’s box with golden arches
Food10 chicken nuggets or Big Mac, medium fries, and a medium fountain drinkHamburger or 4 pieces chicken nuggets, small fries, milk, apple slices
ToyFigurine Toys in collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea MarketPractical toys for kids that change as per collaborations
Price$ 12.95$ 3.69 – $ 4.49

Are McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys Different From Adult Happy Meal Toys? 

Yes, McDonald’s happy meal toys differ significantly from Adult Happy Meal toys. 

Adult happy meal toys are more based on them, returning nostalgia for all the adults enjoying the meal. So, they have four fixed characters as toys to be given with the Adult Happy Meal. Three of the four characters, Grimace, Hamburglar, and Birdie, are recognizable. 

Over that, they have also introduced a new character, Cactus Buddy, in honor of the Cactus Plant Flea Market brand. These toys are also made of a clay-like material rather than all plastic. Moreover, the toys given with Adult happy meals only do a little. 

They are like figurines worth collecting. On the other hand, kids’ happy meal toys are functional and can be played with. They are mostly lighter in weight than adult happy meal toys. Finally, there are no fixed characters for these toys. The toys keep changing as per new promotions and different collaborations.

McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Toys List

McDonalds adult happy meal toys list

Here is a list of the iconic toys that are offered with the McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal: 

  1. Grimace
  2. Hamburglar
  3. Birdie
  4. Cactus Buddy

Out of this list, most of us are probably familiar with the first three toys mentioned. Grimace, Hamburglar, and Birdie are patrons of McDonald’s, known for their iconic looks. They have made comebacks now and then, with this being their most recent comeback. 

The fourth toy character, Cactus Buddy, is new to the gang. This iconic new toy has been added to honor the Cactus Plant Flea Market brand. The character is very different, with its iconic McDonald’s T-Shirt, cap, and crooked smile. 

Why Do McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Toys Have Four Eyes? 

Why do adult happy meal toys have four eyes

McDonald’s adult happy meal toys have four eyes due to their collaboration with the streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market. This brand is known for its off-beat designs, including a yellow smiley face with four eyes on previously produced t-shirts and bracelets. 

Many people may not think that Adult Happy Meal toys have four distinct eyes. But many people did find the idea of four eyes pretty spooky. This eventually made them wonder if it was just a design or if there was a deeper hidden meaning behind it. 

There is a meaning behind this design. The main thing is that the brand, in collaboration with McDonald’s, has this iconic design of a character with four eyes. Keeping that in mind, they just took it further and designed the toys with a similar look. 

Are McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Toys Worth A Lot? 

Are adult happy meal toyss worth a lot

Yes, McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal toys have been worth a lot since they have gone out of circulation. On average, each toy brings resellers a profit of at least $100. 

McDonald’s toys are and have always been a collector’s dream. Quite a few people thoroughly enjoy collecting these toys and are willing to pay big money for them. This is one of the main reasons these toys sell for a lot more money than their original price. 

Moreover, the toy going for the highest bid is Cactus Buddy, a newly introduced character to the group! The older characters may bring more nostalgia, but Cactus Buddy is bringing resellers an average profit of $918.18 while listed on eBay! 

This is because it is a new character, and there aren’t too many pieces of the same. Moreover, for those who like the streetwear brand, Cactus Buddy may seem more appealing than the other characters. Overall, earning on something you originally spent just $12.95 on is an excellent profit! 

Are McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals Still Available? 

Are mcdonalds adult happy meal toys still available

Unfortunately, Adult Happy Meals are not still available at McDonald’s. They were a limited edition item on the menu and hence were available for a short time. 

McDonald’s introduced their adult Happy Meals for a very short period. They were primarily available for grabs just in October 2022. They started selling the meals on the 3rd of October, 2022, and were available until the 31st of October, 2022. 

Just like the Adult Happy Meals, many deals are no longer available at McDonald’s, despite their popularity. A few deals you should know about and which are not available at McDonald’s anymore are the 2 for $5 deal, the 2 for $6 deal, and the $6 meal

Can You Still Get McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Toys? 

Collage Image

No, you cannot get McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s anymore, as they are officially out of stock. 

The original price these toys were sold for, which covered the meal’s cost, was very reasonable. However, sadly you cannot buy these toys from McDonald’s at their retail price anymore, as they have gone out of circulation. 

But if you are a toy collector, you are in luck! These McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal toys sell like hotcakes on platforms like eBay!

The toys are very highly-priced compared to their original retail price. Moreover, there is also bidding for all the toys. If this intrigues you, you should check out the listings! 


To bring back nostalgia for all the adults, McDonald’s introduced adult happy meals for a short span! The meal consisted of either a Big Mac or ten pieces of chicken nuggets, a side of medium fries, and a medium beverage. 

The happy meal also featured a toy, which was the prime attraction. As far as the toys go, McDonald’s brought back old favorite characters and a new one everyone loved. 

Although this meal is no longer available at McDonald’s, we hope they bring it back soon! Apart from the happy meal toys, you can also enjoy the McDonald’s Gold Cards and McDonald’s Gift Cards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the McDonald’s adult happy meal consist of? 

McDonald’s adult happy meal consists of a Big Mac or ten pieces of chicken nuggets, along with a side of medium fries, a drink, and a toy. 

Are adult happy meal toys different from regular happy meal toys? 

Yes, adult happy meal toys are different from regular ones. 

How much did an Adult Happy Meal at McDonald’s cost?

The price of an Adult Happy Meal at McDonald’s is $ 12.95. 

Are the Adult Happy Meals at McDonald’s still available? 

No, Adult Happy Meals at McDonald’s are not available anymore. 

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