29 Best McDonald’s Coffee Drinks To Buy In 2024

McDonald’s, being one of the leading fast-food chains in the world, has a wide range of food and beverages, including coffee. Their coffee is so popular among loyal customers that they have a separate McCafe menu. 

McDonald's coffee

McDonald’s has around 29 different varieties of coffee flavors, from the basic premium roast coffee, which is their best, to various flavors like caramel, hazelnut, and french vanilla. 

Mickey D’s is known for its affordable coffee items. You can get lattes, mochas, and much more. You can enjoy an iced or hot coffee with your favorite flavor. 

Most people order coffee during breakfast time, but they often dodge between which one to order with their meal. Now, if you are confused about what to order, let me simplify it. 

Today we will list all the McDonald’s coffee items from the McCafe menu and rank them from top to bottom. We will also talk about the nutrient contents in the coffee drinks so that you can make an informed decision while ordering next time.

How Many Coffee Drinks Does McDonald’s Have?

McDonald’s has lined up 29 coffee drinks for you on the McCafe menu, starting from $2.01 for a medium cup of coffee to $5.29. Below I have listed McDonald’s McCafe menu and rated them on the basis of their taste and flavors.

Ranking Every Coffee Drink From McDonald’s

1. McCafe Premium Roast Coffee – $2.29

94648598.jpg scaled e1678427263115

Unpopular opinion: The simplest McCoffee is the McBest. McDonald’s premium roast coffee is one of the best drinks from the McCafe menu (I will fight you on this).

It has a very smooth and soulful flavor with no sugar making it the most tasteful and perhaps the healthiest option on the McCafe menu in just $2.29.

Made from 100% Arabica bean roast, this coffee gives you the required flavors and the much-needed caffeine kick. Its smooth yet sharp taste will definitely give your day a great start. 

2. McCafe Americano Coffee – $3.47 


If you are someone who likes business as the side to their coffee, you should try McDonald’s Americano coffee. Americano, as we know, is nothing but espresso diluted with some piping-hot water. 

It contains the same smooth espresso flavor, but the water balances the strong notes. I prefer having McDonald’s Americano on days that require a boost of energy. The only con to this drink choice is that not all outlets may serve it.

So walk into your nearest McDonald’s with your fingers crossed. Get a medium cup of McCafe Americano for $3.47.

3. McCafe Latte – $4.19


If you are a “frothy, milky coffee” person, I bet you’d love the McCafe latte. It is a perfect concoction prepared with espresso and just the right amount of frothy milk. You can buy this from McDonald’s for $4.19.

The drink is not that sweet even though the milk contains some sugar. This can make your latte an elegant drink. This coffee is customizable, and personally, it is how I like to start my day. 

4. McCafe Iced Coffee – $3.49

Iced Coffee

I think I just mentioned that things are better when kept simple, and this is exactly what this drink is, simple and better.

Let me go ahead and assume everybody loves the iced version of a creamy coffee on a hot day. This iced coffee is a perfect blend of arabica beans, cream, and of course, the not-so-secret ingredient, ice. 

The only downside, I feel, to this drink is that as the ice melts, it subsequently dilutes the taste. So, maybe sip faster? Anywho, It’s perfect in taste and will definitely make your day for $3.49. 

5. Iced French Vanilla Coffee – $3.49

Iced French vanilla coffee

If iced coffee is too simple for you, then go ahead and try adding french vanilla syrup for just $3.49. Thank me later!

When the strong flavour of premium roast coffee meets the sweet and elegant french vanilla syrup, an epic fusion is born; ice adds up the charm, making this a cool and refreshing drink. 

You can also check the caffeine level in iced coffee to make sure you get the right start of the day.I am a mad vanilla lover, so I prefer this version whenever I need to pamper myself. 

6. Iced French Vanilla latte  – $3.99

Iced French vanilla latte

Take it from a coffee lover, a latte infused with French vanilla can calm down even Satan. Creamy and frothy, this iced version of the french vanilla latte is a must-try. 

Chilled espresso combines a generous amount of french vanilla syrup and lots of ice. This drink is so light that you may want to get another one but don’t get carried away. 

Try this for only $3.99 on a hot day and calm your inner Satan. 

7. Iced Caramel Coffee – $3.49

Iced caramel coffee

Don’t kill me for mentioning iced caramel coffee so early because it is damn good. 

Caramel and milk – a perfect love story you will want to binge on. 

But wait, if you love strong coffee notes, this drink might disappoint you a bit. McDonald’s serves a medium cup of iced caramel coffee for $3.49.

Also, did you know that Iced Caramel Coffee is one of the original menu items on McCafe? Be rebellious and simply ignore the fact it is very sweet.

8. Iced Latte – $3.49

I know the last four drinks have been about iced coffee, but don’t you think the iced version has more flavor than the hot one?

The same is the case with an iced latte – cool yet warm. It is the best latte when it comes to the perfect blend of chilled espresso with milk and ice. Anyone who loves espresso should definitely try an iced latte.  

Not much sugar and has the perfect coffee flavor for a chilling sensation on a hot day in just $3.49 only.

9. Caramel Latte –  $4.17

Caramel latte and iced caramel latte

Caramel in a hot latte? We may get deja vu from when we used to stir buttery caramel in hot milk, but this time it has an adult touch – espresso. 

Caramel latte tastes out of the world, and even a small cup of this will fill your soul with the richness of melted caramel. Try this hot cup with McDonald’s savory menu items and enjoy the distinct flavors simultaneously. You can get caramel latte from McDonald’s for $4.17.

10. Iced Caramel Latte – $4.69

If we are talking about the caramel latte, we definitely need to talk about the cooler version, which is the Iced Caramel Latte. 

The Iced caramel latte is your regular caramel latte with ice supremacy. Similar yet different, isn’t it? More ice means less sugar! Iced caramel latte will cost you $4.69.

11. Cappuccino – $3.43

McCafe Cappuccino

Hands down to the best cappuccino I have ever tried. McDonald’s cappuccino is a must-try for any coffee lover or, specifically, cappuccino lover. It has the right amount of milk foam blended perfectly with a shot of espresso. 

 You may ask, what is so good about it? Maybe the way they make it different. Freezy boys said that they loved McDonald’s Cappuccino so much that they drank a few too many.  Try yourself for $3.43 and know why. 

12. French vanilla cappuccino – $3.59

French vanilla cappuccino

Your regular McDonald’s cappuccino with french vanilla flavour sounds interesting. Espresso shot with vanilla syrup- the taste is equally interesting. 

 I would call this drink a perfect burst of vanilla flavor. It is smooth and creamy, adding essence to your dull day. A perfect mood lifter in just $3.59.

13. Caramel Cappuccino – $3.79

Caramel cappuccino

Things might get a little extra sweet now as we have McDonald’s caramel cappuccino. If you have a sweet tooth, this drink is your paradise. Shots of espresso with lots of foamy texture and caramel syrup make this drink light. 

What did it miss? Some strong coffee notes, but who cares if you are ok with caramel overtaking the flavor? Have this real sweet cappuccino for $3.79. 

14. Caramel Macchiato – $3.03

Caramel Macchiato

Dark roasted espresso with steamed milk and lots of caramel syrup. Try McDonald’s caramel macchiato, which will have better coffee notes than other caramel versions. You can buy this for $3.03.

You may find the same flavors as in the caramel latte, but this is more buttery as extra caramel is drizzled on top. 

15. Iced Caramel Macchiato – $3.29

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Make things better with ice, lots of ice. Iced caramel macchiato unlocks new levels in terms of taste and flavors.

 A youtube user Chris claimed he gets iced caramel macchiato almost daily. Another user commented that he prefers this version more as it has the right amount of caramel sweetness, and the espresso flavor is not so overpowered. Great drink for $3.29.

16. Hot Chocolate – $3.43

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is not coffee. I already know that, but have you tried asking for a hot chocolate with an espresso shot? If not, then this is your sign.  

Trust me, if you try this customization, you are never going back to your regular hot chocolate. It’s a perfect blend of espresso and chocolate syrup.

Heavenly, delicious, and warm for your soul. Go for extra whipped cream. McDonald’s hot chocolate will cost you $3.43. 

17. Mocha – $3.79


Why are simple drinks underrated? I mean, regular mocha is so delicious and tempting that it feels like a warm hug in the form of coffee. 

Similar to a latte but with a chocolate base, it is everything you need during a break. It has an earthy aroma and creamy texture, making it a warmful drink. It will only cost you $3.79 so why don’t you try it once? 

18. Iced Mocha – $3.43

Iced Mocha

Obviously, after mocha, the next best thing is the Iced mocha. The addition of ice in the regular mocha makes it more diluted. Cool off the hot breeze with a real chocolate iced mocha. Get yourself a chilling iced mocha for $3.43.

19. Iced Caramel Mocha – $5.19

Iced caramel mocha

Chocolate and caramel together? How will it taste in a coffee drink? Absolutely dreamy.

Iced caramel mocha has everything – espresso, chocolate base, caramel, whipped cream, and obviously ice. McDonald’s iced caramel mocha will cost you $5.19.

With a perfect creamy texture, iced mocha has the right sweetness and buttery flavor with clear espresso notes. It is everything you want in a sweet coffee drink. 

20. Mocha Frappé – $5.59

Mocha frappe

Cream, coffee, cocoa, sugar, milk, and water – mix them all together and get a rich chocolate flavor coffee drink. The most elegant coffee item on the McCafe menu which you can get for $5.59. Whipped cream makes it much better. 

Those who have tried frappe drinks must also try the McDonald’s mocha frappe. It may give you a similar taste to McDonald’s hot fudge sundae.

21. Caramel Frappe – $5.09

With a subtle caramel flavor, caramel frappe is everything you need if you are craving something smooth and buttery.

However, it is too sugary and might not be preferred when looking for an energy burst. McDonald’s caramel frappe will cost you $5.09.

This caramel frappe has a caramel coffee frappe base and is served with ice, whipped cream, and some caramel drizzle.

22. Mocha Latte – $5.29


What’s different in a mocha latte? The chocolate drizzle is added on top after combining espresso with steamed whole milk and chocolate syrup. The more, the better, isn’t it?

Enjoy this whenever you feel low for $5.29  because coffee and chocolate will work right for you. 

23. French Vanilla Latte – $4.19

mcdonalds mccafe vanilla latte.jpg 2

A hot version of an iced french vanilla latte. Simple yet delicious. However, I like the iced version more. 

This warm and creamy coffee drink is idle for cold mornings. You can try this version for $4.19 if you prefer a more sweet flavor, as the iced version is a little low on sugar 

24. Caramel hot chocolate – $3.79

Caramel Hot chocolate

Play with your McDonald’s regular hot chocolate by adding caramel to it. Caramel and chocolate can never go wrong together. McDonald’s serves caramel hot chocolate for $3.79.

You may not find this on some McDonald’s menus, so either check it online or take a walk to your nearest McDonald’s outlet and try your luck.

25. Caramel Mocha – $3.79

Caramel Mocha

The coolest drink of all – caramel mocha- is a great option for sugary coffee without missing the flavor. If you love to try different sweet variations of coffee, you can count on this one. Same price like caramel hot chocolate – $3.79.

It has brewed espresso shots and chocolate topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. A perfect paradise for sweet coffee lovers.

26. Hazelnut Cappuccino – $3.39

A candy flavor, like coffee, with lots of sweet notes. Putting hazelnut flavors in last will justify the topic – best McDonald’s COFFEE drink. You will hardly taste the coffee as the hazelnut completely takes over.

However, try this only if you are a mad fan of anything with hazelnuts or stay away.

Get this version of cappuccino for $3.39.

27. Hazelnut latte – $4.19

Hazelnut in a latte – too much, even for a sweet tooth. This latte will taste nothing but sugary. I mean, you can hardly taste coffee. Anywho, if you still like this, who am I to judge? Go for it, sugar. This sugar bomb will cost you $4.19.  

28. Iced Hazelnut latte – $3.99

Iced Hazelnut latte

Things get a little diluted when it comes to iced hazelnut coffee. Still, you can hardly feel the coffee notes. Treat yourself to this if you are looking for something sweet and cold at the same time for just $3.99.

29. Iced Hazelnut coffee – $1.90

Same thing but with premium roast coffee. Many claim this is a better version than the hazelnut latte as you can enjoy the rich coffee flavour. You can get this as low as $1 to $2.50 from McDonald’s.

Sweet advice? Trust me, skip any version with hazelnut if you want to have real coffee. 


Finally, after a long list of McDonald’s coffee drinks, we are at the end of the topic, and we have a winner: McDonald’s premium roast coffee. So many sweet flavors possess a candy flavor; the best thing is that you can modify them according to your taste.

Like coffee, McDonald’s has different varieties of burgers, but few of them are tagged as the best burgers, which everyone must try. 

Also, if you want to know which McDonald’s sauce is best, check out our blog here. I have also tried many breakfast items from McDonald’s, and there are a few that I would recommend everyone to try at least once.

I am sure after this; you will know what to order from McDonald’s, whether it’s simple coffee or their specialized burgers. I will be back with more information for you. Until then, why don’t you order a medium Americano and enjoy it a little bit? 

Frequently asked questions

Does McDonald’s have sugar-free coffee?

You can enjoy sugar-free coffee at McDonald’s by simply asking not to add extra sugar. If you have any chocolate or caramel-flavored coffee or latte, the sugar is already available and cannot be eliminated. You can try sugar-free french vanilla coffee or a latte. 

Does McDonald’s serve coffee during the night?

Yes, McDonald’s serves coffee all day and even at night.

What is senior coffee at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s offers some discounts to people over the age of 55, which is called Senior coffee. McDonald’s also offers an 8th cup of senior coffee for free.

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