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McDonald’s Secret Menu

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Are you craving burgers and bored with your daily menu at McDonald’s? Well! Don’t worry. There are some other items that are only available on McDonald’s secret menu. You can try a number of items there. Read on to know more about the secret menu of McDonald’s. 

McDonald's Outlet

McDonald’s secret menu is loaded with the best hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and French fries. They also offer orange creamsicle, air burger, big McChicken, etc. All these secret menu items are available at affordable prices. 

McDonald’s is an American fast food company that was founded by Maurice McDonald and Richard McDonald on 15 April 1955. The first McDonald’s store was opened in San Bernardino, California. Later Ray Kroc partnered with both brothers and expanded it globally. Currently, they have 40,000 outlets across the globe. 

There are a lot of other options that you can try at McDonald’s that are not listed on its menu. It’s obvious that you won’t find all the secret menu items of McDonald’s on its official website or menu.

You will find everything from the inspiration of the beverage to what they consist of and how to order. So, let’s not wait and grab one of these soon! Check all the details in this article.

Secret Menu Items Of McDonald’s

McDonald's Food

McDonald’s secret menu has varieties of burgers, fries, and beverages on its secret menu at affordable prices. Follow the list below and try all these items now!

1. Poor Man’s Big Mac

Poor Man's Big Mac

This dish has two burgers and one slice of cheese with special sauce (that’s the big mac sauce), extra lettuce and no ketchup. The beef patties and cheese are completely identical to those found in the big mac. 

The poor man’s big mac from the McDonald’s secret menu should be one of the most popular secret menu items at Mcdonald’s. It contains cheese in a 550-calorie big mac.

2. Big Mac’ N’ Cheese

Big Mac' N' Cheese

Mac and cheese contain large amounts of fat and refined carbs, both of which contribute to its high-calorie count. It’s also caloric, which carries with it its fair share of delights.

It is one of the best veggie macs. An all-time classic that will provide support for your bones and cells and give you energy. It will run you around $3.99. 

3. Grilled Cheese 

Grilled Cheese 

Grilled cheese is slightly less tasty but way less expensive than the big mac ‘n’ cheese grilled cheese, which is a cheeseburger, hold the burger. It will run you around $0.99. 

It offers a range of nutrients that can promote health benefits, including increased muscle mass and stronger teeth and bones.

4. Monster Mac

Monster Mac

The “Monster Mac” burger is one of McDonald’s meatiest secret menu items. The monster mac is a big mac made with eight (or any number, really) burgers instead of two. It will cost you extra, at least $2.50 per patty.

The “Monster Mac” is precisely what it sounds like: a hulking version of the flagship McDonald’s sandwich. There are 700 calories in one monster mac burger.

5. Fries With Big Mac Sauce

Fries With Big Mac Sauce

If you’re a fan of the Big Mac, take a chance by asking for fries with big mac sauce from McDonald’s secret menu. The “fries with big mac sauce” option is one of McDonald’s more famous “secret menu” items. 

It contains 540 calories and 25 grams of fat. Big mac sauce is made of a handful of basic ingredients, and it’s simple and delicious.

6. Land, Sea, & Air Burger

Land, Sea, & Air Burger

The Land, Sea, and Air Burger is a secret menu item at McDonald’s that contains two beef patties, two breaded chicken patties, and a filet-o-fish patty. 

It has 1330 calories, 69 grams of fat. It’s not on the regular menu, but it is on the McDonald’s secret menu. 

7. Big McChicken

Big McChicken

Chicken is rich in a variety of important nutrients, including protein, niacin, selenium, and phosphorus. The McDonald’s “Big McChicken” sandwich is one of McDonald’s most creative “secret menu” items.

The chicken big mac is similar to its meaty sibling, however it replaces the two burgers with two tempura chicken patties. Of course, it also includes the signature big mac sauce, pickles, shredded lettuce and a slice of American cheese.

8. Orange Creamsicle

Orange Creamsicle

The orange creamsicle is the combination of McDonald’s reduced fat soft vanilla served ice cream and a splash or two of the orange Hi-C from their soda fountain. It will cost you $1 or $2.

But if your McDonald’s has a coca-cola freestyle machine, you can always create an orange creamsicle by adding the fanta yourself.

9. Apple Pie McFlurry

Apple Pie McFlurry

The apple pie mcflurry is one of McDonald’s most famous secret menu items. Order a mcflurry (plain vanilla will work best) with hot caramel on top and two separate apple pies. 

It will cost $2.69, according to your snack size. There are 230 calories in McDonald’s apple pie. Pair it with a hot caramel sundae for your own twist on apple pie a-la-mode.

10. Hashbrown McMuffin

Hashbrown McMuffin

A McMuffin has a sausage patty, egg and a hash brown, a perfect breakfast sandwich. It will cost you $2.59 on Mcdonald’s secret menu.

Hash browns are richer in vitamin E. Daily need coverage for sodium from hash browns is 16% higher. You can enjoy it with your choice of sauce.

11. Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich

An ice cream sandwich is a frozen dessert consisting of ice cream between two biscuits, skins, wafers, or cookies. The ingredients used to make ice cream sandwiches are mainly sugar, milk, and flavoring.

It’s a perfect marriage of chewy texture, creamy goodness, sweet vanilla, earthy chocolate, and sticky fingers. Its hand-warmed wafer was a perfect shield for my sensitive teeth from the cold ice cream and equally protected the ice cream from melting too quickly.

12. Surf & Turf Burger

Surf & Turf Burger

Who needs steak and shrimp when you can have a burger patty and a filet-o-fish patty on one massive sandwich? Surf & turf burger will cost $7.28 and contain 830 calories. This meal is healthy and has a great source of protein, with less than 1 gram of carbohydrates.

Similar Restaurants That Offer A Secret Menu

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts – The secret menu from Dunkin’ Donuts has a number of wonderful beverages to choose from, which can be ordered at any time of the year! 
  2. Starbucks – Starbucks has a secret menu for every season and the one for the holiday season is beyond amazing and worth checking out! 
  3. In N Out – This west coast giant sure has some wonderful treats when it comes to their secret menu! From burgers and fries to milkshakes, there’s every option available. 
  4. Dutch Bros.  – Dutch Bros is one of the best coffee chains in the United States and their secret menu is beyond impressive! 
  5. Shake Shack – The secret menu from Shake Shack is truly something way beyond what you would expect. Check it out yourself!
  6. Jack in the Box – Jack in the Box is known for their versatile menu and their secret menu is just as versatile and vast as the regular one! 
  7. Sonic – Sonic is famous not just for their wacky style of service, but also for serving some delicious fast food and their secret menu is just beyond wonderful. 
  8. Chick-fil-A – Chick-fil-A is known for their OG chicken sandwich. But, I bet you didn’t know that they even have a grilled version of the same and a lot more, on their secret menu! 
  9. Wendy’s – Wendy’s, although a fast food chain, has some of the most gourmet burgers on their secret menu. 
  10. Taco Bell – If you want to try some amazing Mexican food that you haven’t before, then taco bell’s secret menu is surely worth a look! 


So, I hope now you have an idea of the secret menu items at McDonald’s! Try all these delicious dishes at McDonald’s. Keep visiting our platform to stay updated on the secret menu and hacks of famous restaurants!

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