Chester’s Pizzeria Menu With Prices [Updated April 2024]

The Chester’s Pizzeria menu with prices may vary slightly according to your nearest location. I’ve provided Chester’s Pizzeria outlet’s menu from Ohio, U.S. The menu will be updated on the 1st April 2024 onwards.

Chester's Pizzeria

For accurate prices, look for the menu of the nearest Chester’s Pizzeria menu from its official website, or any other food delivery app.

Chester’s Pizzeria menu with prices has soft fluffy cheese pizzas with savory toppings like mushrooms, sausage, etc. They also offer chicken wings, Italian sandwiches, subs, and pasta. A flavor-packed meal at Chester’s Pizzeria will cost you around $11.99. 

Chester’s Pizzeria is famous for serving delicious food from Italian cuisine like pizzas, pasta, and other comfort foods. You might need to visit the restaurant every time you want to enjoy Chester’s Pizzeria specials.

Now, let me give you a quick review of its history.

Chester’s Pizzeria is a family-owned restaurant. It was founded by Chester and Mary Dadabo in 1947 in their Lindenwald home. First, it was opened in Ohio. Moreover this resturant is owned by Dadabo Family.

This restaurant has no other branch and is active at only one location in Ohio. 

Chester’s Pizzeria Menu With Prices

Chester's Pizzeria food

Chester’s Pizzeria is a place that offers salads as good as its other dishes.

Fresh salad served at Chester’s Pizzeria is tossed in salad dressings like ranch, bleu cheese, 1000 Islands, honey French, and homemade house Italian.

Deluxe salad on salads section at Chester’s Pizzeria’s menu is a delicious concoction of iceberg lettuce tossed with green and black olives and other ingredients like mushrooms, cheese, bacon, ham, pepperoni, and pepperoni peppers.

Pasta dinner is served at this restaurant with toasted garlic bread and a fresh side salad. You can choose to have spaghetti pasta, spaghetti with meatballs, or lasagna.

You can also customize your pasta by adding more toppings to it.

Chester’s Pizzeria is primarily famous for pizzas. Pizzas on the menu of Chester’s Pizzeria have the most enticing cheese-pull and savory aromatic flavors.

Each pizza is loaded with a delicious combination of toppings. Feel free to have more toppings on your pizza and enjoy. 

The choices among toppings for pizzas at Chester’s Pizzeria are pepperoni, sausage, onions, ham, green pepper, ham, anchovies, spinach, chicken, beef, green or black olives, pineapple, capicola, and tomatoes. 

If you love snacking on chicken wings, Chester’s Pizzeria can also offer you chicken wings sauced up in your choice of flavors. The flavors you can choose from are teriyaki, mildly spicy, spicy hot, BBQ, and garlic.

You can also try Italian sandwiches here like Italian steak hoagie and sailor boy. Italian sailor boy is Chester’s famous sub having ham, bologna, pepperoni, salami, provolone cheese, and onions, all piled up inside it.

Feel free to check out this entire article after reading the menu. The contact information and all the necessary details are provided below in this article. 

Pizza Menu With Prices

Cheese Pizza$ 7.00
One Topping Pizza$ 7.50
Two Topping Pizza$ 8.00
Three Topping Pizza$ 8.50
Four Topping Pizza$ 9.00
Five Topping Pizza$ 9.50

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Chicken Wings Menu With Prices

Chicken Wings 8$ 7.25
Chicken Wings 16$ 13.40
Chicken Wings 24$ 20.00
Chicken Wings 36$ 29.25

Italian Sandwiches Menu With Prices

Italian Steak Hoagie$ 5.99
Sailor Boy Sandwich$ 7.99
Additional Toppings$ 1.00

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Fresh Salads Menu With Prices

Tossed Salad$ 5.95
Iceberg Lettuce With Cucumber$ 6.99
Deluxe Salad$ 7.95
Iceberg Lettuc With Ham$ 9.95

Pasta Dinners Menu With Prices

Spaghetti$ 8.99
Spaghetti With Meatballs$ 9.99
Lasagna$ 11.99
Additional Toppings$ 1.00
Additional Meatballs$ 1.25

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Italian Breads Menu With Prices

Garlic Bread$ 4.75
Garlic Cheese Bread$ 6.75

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How To Order Online From Chester’s Pizzeria ?

Want to enjoy your favorites from Chester’s Pizzeria at home? Well! Now, you can have such a delightful experience. Wanna know how? Try ordering Food from Chester’s Pizzeria by referring to their official website, or any other food delivery app.

At present Chester’s Pizzeria is not available on any food delivery app. But as soon as they will provide services on any delivery app we will give an update. We have shared detailed screenshots that show how to order food online from Chester’s Pizzeria.

Finding The Latest Chester’s Pizzeria Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

3. The complete menu of Chester’s Pizzeria is available on the official website.

Chester's Pizzeria Menu

Chester’s Pizzeria Franchising Details

Chester's Pizzeria Outlet

Chester’s Pizzeria is owned and operated by the family of Chester and Dadabo Family. This restaurant is active only in Ohio. If you’re looking forward to owning its franchise, you’ll have to wait a while. They are not offering franchise options as of now. But as soon as there’s any such information available, we’ll update the details in this article.

Chester’s Pizzeria Contact Information 

Chester’s Pizzeria Head Office Address: 2929 Dixie Hwy, Hamilton, OH 45015, United States.

Chester’s Pizzeria Phone: 513-892-1973

Chester’s Pizzeria Email Address: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chester’s Pizzeria

What is Chester’s Pizzeria famous for?

Chester’s Pizzeria is famous for pizzas, pasta, and Italian sandwiches like Sailor Boy. This restaurant also serves salads and Italian bread. 

Can we order Chester’s Pizzeria’s food online?

No, Chester’s Pizzeria does not accept online orders from its official website or from any other food delivery app. 

Are there any franchises of Chester’s Pizzeria?

No, Chester’s Pizzeria does not offer any franchises. It serves only one location that’s Hamilton in Ohio. 

Does Chester’s Pizzeria offer any traditional holiday dishes?

No, Chester’s Pizzeria does not serve any traditional holiday dish to its customers. 

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