Chi-Chi’s Pizza Menu With Prices [Updated February 2024]

The Chi-Chi’s Pizza menu with prices may vary slightly according to your nearest location. I’ve provided Chi-Chi’s Pizza outlet’s menu from California, U.S. The menu will be updated on the 1st of February 2024.

Chi-Chi's Pizza Restaurant

For accurate prices, look for the menu of the nearest Chi-Chi’s Pizza menu from its official website.

Chi-Chi’s Pizza menu with prices has tomato sauce and cheese pizza with different varieties of toppings like salami, sausage, olives, etc. You can have anything from the menu for less than $30.

You can also buy gift cards from Chi-Chi’s Pizza. Have a look at the links provided below, along with all the other important links. Before you proceed with the menu and prices, check out the history first.

Chi-Chi’s Pizza was opened by Frank Paul Miccolis in 1958 in Panorama City, California. Frank named this restaurant in honor of his father.

Frank took over Lido Pizza in 1960 and the restaurant chain has about 5 active restaurants at present. You’ll find Chi-Chi’s Pizza in Simi Valley, Saugus, Van Nuys, Canyon Country, and Northridge.

Chi-Chi’s Pizza Menu With Prices

Chi-Chi's Pizza

Chi-Chi’s Pizza specializes in pizza and pasta. The most basic pizza served here has tomato sauce and cheese-loaded over a soft pizza base. You can have your own choice of toppings for the pizza.

The sausage toppings are mildly flavorful, sliced olives give a slight succulent flavor, and lean-cut Canadian-style bacon gives a mildly smoky flavor. There are many other choices for pizza toppings. 

Fresh salads served here are Italian green salad, baby greens, garlic bread, steamed blue mussels, and many more.

Caesar salad served at this restaurant has herbed croutons, parmigiano-reggiano, and caesar dressing.

Lido’s antipasto salad has crisp romaine, pepperoni, salad cheese, tomatoes, onion, pepperoncini, garbanzo, and Italian dressing. Among soups, you can have clam chowder and seasonal soup.

Linguine with clam sauce, cheese ravioli, meat ravioli, and eggplant parmigiana are among the special pasta served at Chi-Chi’s Pizza.

Lasagna Al Forno has pasta meat and cheese layered in lasagna and then baked to perfection.

Cannelloni has beef, pork, & Ricotta. This casserole dish is filled with seasoned white chicken breast and fresh pasta. 

You can also try sandwiches like Italian roast beef sandwiches, salami sandwiches, and sides like garlic bread, sausage link, jalapenos, mushroom sauce, and many more.

Among sweet bites, you can enjoy tiramisu, ice cream, cheesecakes, or sherbet. To know the entire menu and prices, you need to read the menu tables below.

Check out the nutritional value of each of these items from the link in the nutritional information table.

Furthermore, have a look at the contact details to contact the team of Chi-Chi’s Pizza if you have any queries.

Pizza Menu With Prices

Individual Tomato Sauce & Cheese Pizza$14.95

Specialty Pastas Menu With Prices

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo$22.50
Fettuccine Alfredo$18.50
Lasagna Al Forno Pasta$19.95
Cannelloni Pasta$18.95
Garlic Cheese Bread Dippers$8.75
Steamed Blue Mussels$12.95
Grilled Meatballs Pasta$9.25
Eggplant Parmigiana Pasta$19.95
Italian Sausage Link$4.25
Cheese Ravioli$16.95
Meat Ravioli$16.95
Chicken Ravioli$16.95
Chicken Parmigiana Pasta$20.95

Wings Menu With Prices

Combo Wings (12Pcs)$16.95
Wings (8Pcs)$13.95
Chi-Chi’s Chicken Tenders$13.95
Tuscan Style Grilled Chicken Breast With Vegetables$16.50
Chi-Chi’s Chicken Tenders with Golden Pressure Fried Potatoes$16.50

Soups menu With Prices

Sourdough Rolls (4Pcs)$2.50
Garlic Bread$3.50
Chi-Chi’s Minestrone Soup$5.50
Clam Chowder$5.95

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Crisp Salad Bowl Menu With Prices

Chi-Chi’s Antipasto Salad$7.95
Caesar Salad$6.95
Italian Green Salad$6.45
Baby Greens$6.45

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Entrees Salads Menu With Prices

Chi-Chi’s Antipasto Salad$15.75
Italian Green Salad$12.75
Caesar Salad$13.75

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Chicken Menu With Prices

1/2 Chicken & Fries$18.75
Family Size Bucket$41.95
Golden PF Potatoes$8.95
1/2 Chicken Dinner$22.75

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Chicken Entree Salads Menu With Prices

Chicken Caesar Salad$18.75
Crispy Chicken Tenders Salad$18.75
Grilled Chicken Breast Salad$18.75

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Platter Combinations Menu With Prices

Ravioli & Spaghetti$16.95
Southern Italian Platter$22.95
Ravioli & Ravioli $17.45
Northern Italian Platter$22.95

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Gluten-Free Menu With Prices

Gluten-Free Pizza$13.50
Gluten-Free Pasta$16.25
Gluten-Free Dessert$7.95

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Fresh Pasta Menu With Prices

Large Fresh Pasta With Meatless Sauce$15.95
Individual Fresh Pasta With Meatless Sauce$10.95

Sandwiches Menu With Prices

Ciabatta Chicken Sandwich$11.50
Meatball Sandwich$10.95
Cold Cut Combination Sandwich$10.50
Italian Style Roast Beef Sandwich$11.50
Sausage Sandwich$10.95
Salami Sandwich$10.50
Provolone Cheese Sandwich$10.50
Mortadella Sandwich$10.50

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Side Orders Menu With Prices

Sourdough Rolls (4 Pcs)$2.50
Garlic Cheese Bread Dippers$8.75
Meat Sauce$5.50
Grilled Meatballs$11.95
GPF Potatoes$8.95
Ranch & Blue Cheese$6.00
Garlic Bread$3.50
Sausage Link$4.25
Potato Chips$2.25
Mushroom Sauce$3.25

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Beverages Menu With Prices

S. Pellegrino Italian Bottled Water$3.00
Acqua Panna Italian Bottled Water$3.00
Iced Tea$3.95
Italian Soda$3.95

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Desserts Menu With Prices

Flourless Chocolate Cake$7.95
Ice Cream$5.75
Chocolate Sundae$6.75
Caramel Sundae$6.75

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How To Order Online From Chi-Chi’s Pizza?

Want to enjoy your favorites from Chi-Chi’s Pizza at home? Well! Now, you can have such a delightful experience. Wanna know how? Try ordering food from Chi-Chi’s Pizza by referring to their official website.

To order food from Chi-Chi’s Pizza, you can refer to some leading food delivery service apps like Postmates, and UberEats. We have shared detailed screenshots that show how to order food online from Chi-Chi’s Pizza.

Finding The Latest Chi-Chi’s Pizza Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open UberEats and place the order online from Chi-Chi’s Pizza.

Chi-Chi's Pizza UberEats

2. Add the location of any nearest outlet of Chi-Chi’s Pizza.

Chi-Chi's Pizza Location

3. Once you add the location, the complete menu will be displayed.

Chi-Chi's Pizaa menu

Chi-Chi’s Pizza Nutritional Information


Click on the link in the table above to know the nutritional value of the menu items of Chi-Chi’s Pizza.

Chi-Chi’s Pizza Franchising Details

Chis-Chi's Pizza restaurant

Chi-Chi’s Pizza is a famous restaurant chain offering Italian-style food in American cities. This restaurant brand has about 5 active branches and has not shared any information to expand the business further. If there are any franchise details available in the future, we’ll update the information here in this article.

Chi-Chi’s Pizza Contact Information 

Chi-Chi’s Pizza Head Office Address:  9205 Alabama Ave., Unit A, Chatsworth, California 91311-5884

Chi-Chi’s Pizza Phone: (818) 700-9029

Chi-Chi’s Pizza Fax Number: 1-818-700-1332

Chi-Chi’s Pizza Email Address: [email protected]

You can directly contact the team of Chi-Chi’s pizza by filling the contact form on its website.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Chi-Chi’s Pizza [FAQs]

Who is the founder of Chi-Chi’s Pizza?

Frank Paul Miccolis opened the first Chi-Chi’s Pizza in Panorama City, California in January 1958.

Does Chi-Chi’s Pizza provide gift cards?

Yes, Chi-Chi’s Pizza provides gift cards. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

Which are the most famous food items at Chi-Chi’s Pizza?

The most famous food items at Chi-Chi’s Pizza starters & snacks, traditional or boneless wings (12 pieces), Chi-Chi’s chicken tenders, Chi-Chi’s chicken tenders, etc

How many total locations does Chi-Chi’s Pizza have in the U.S.?

There are total of 299 locations of Chi-Chi’s Pizza.

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