Gaylord Palms Thanksgiving Buffet 2024

Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention center in Orlando, Florida, is one of the most happening resorts in the United States! For Thanksgiving, they have curated a special buffet for all their guests to enjoy. Want to know all about what the buffet has to offer? Then make sure you read this article till the end! 

Gaylord Palms Thanksgiving Buffet

Gaylord Palms will be hosting a special buffet for Thanksgiving this year for all their In-House guests to enjoy. The buffet will be served at their newly renovated Villa De Flora, where guests can enjoy a luxury meal with classic Thanksgiving food, along with modern food options inspired by various cuisines from around the world. 

This adventure resort has a lot to offer when it comes to guest satisfaction. Yes, they do host a lot of shows and have tons of activities too. But no one can deny the fact that the food served at this resort is beyond impeccable. The options on their Thanksgiving menu are truly endless, and they have something to offer everyone! So, without further ado, let us take a look at the Thanksgiving Buffet! 

Thanksgiving Buffet Menu At Gaylord Palms

Gaylord Palms

Before we begin exploring the Thanksgiving menu at Gaylord Palms, there are a few things that I would like to tell you about. Firstly, the resort and convention center has mentioned that the Thanksgiving buffet is available only for overnight hotel guests. 

Moreover, even for overnight hotel guests, there is absolutely no option of walking in. As they have limited seats available, they have mentioned that every guest will need a prior reservation to enjoy their special Thanksgiving Buffet. The tickets must be purchased online only. 

They have also mentioned that the tickets are non-refundable. But, to be fair, why would anyone want to miss out on a buffet this magnificent after buying the tickets? They will also charge an additional fee for parking, and an 18% service charge along with taxes are not included in the admission fee. 

They have also mentioned that in case you want to reserve a table for 13 or more guests, contact the sales team. Lastly, coming down to the prices for adults, which includes children over 13 years of age, the price of the buffet is $ 80.00 per person, plus service charges and taxes. 

For children, the price is $ 40.00 per person, plus the service charge and taxes. Children under the age of 3 years are free with a paying adult. Now that you know all the technicalities about the buffet let me straightaway take you to the food that they will be offering! 

1. Antipasti


Antipasti is what we all begin our meals with. The perfect bite-sized food to begin a wonderful eating experience! Although they termed the first course as Antipasti, Italian specialties are not all that you will find here. The options are endless, with a huge variety of food from different nationalities. 

  • Cold Cuts – Prosciutto di Parma, Soppressata (Italian Dry Salami), Black Pepper Salami. 
  • Veggies – Pickled Vegetables, Balsamic Roasted Cipollini Onions, Marinated Peppers, Grilled Artichokes. 
  • Cheeses – Buttermilk Blue Cheese, Aged Cheddar, Truffle Pecorino, Pimento
  • Condiments – Fig Jam, Whole Grain Mustard, Spicy Pickles, Local Honey. 
  • Bread and Nuts – Assorted House Baked Bread and Rolls, Marcona Almonds, Cranberry Nut Crackers

2. Greens And Garden 

Greens and Garden

The next option on the buffet is greens and garden. Salads, if made well, do taste incredible! They also complement meals really well. Moreover, you can’t expect anything but the best from Gaylord Palms! So, the four salad options on their menu are as given below. 

  • Wheat Berry Salad – With butternut squash, kale, dried cranberries, and sage. 
  • Roasted Beets – With arugula, pine nuts, feta, and mustard vinaigrette. 
  • Caprese – With heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, and local basil pesto. 
  • Fall Caesar – With garlic croutons, crispy chickpeas, shaved radish, and Grana Padano dressing. 

3. On Ice

On Ice

All delicacies that taste best when served cold will be served on ice. These include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Let us straightaway take a look at what all these options are. 

  • Citrus Poached Shrimp Cocktail – A simple shrimp cocktail with a sour twist that you weren’t expecting.
  • Freshly Shucked Cold-Water Oysters – The freshest oysters you will ever taste in your life, paired with some lemon. 
  • Smoked Trout Dip – Dip made with fresh trout, cream cheese, sour cream and mayonnaise, with a kick from horseradish. 
  • Pastrami Salmon Lemon – Fresh salmon pastrami with a zesty flavor of lemon.
  • Cocktail Sauce – The perfect companion for your shrimp cocktail and more!
  • Champagne Mignonette – This champagne mignonette is the perfect accompaniment for your oysters. 
  • Hot Sauce – For an added spicy kick to accompany all your food. 
  • Seeded Crackers – Crackers made with a number of seeds, crispy and the perfect companion for cheese. 

4. Crafted Small Plates

Crafted Small Plates

In the buffet, you will also find a few crafted small plates, which are perfect for nibbling on before getting to the main course. There aren’t many options, but there is no doubt that they will be absolutely delicious! 

  • Butternut Squash Ravioli – With roasted mushrooms, garlic cream, and fried sage. 
  • Cheese Tortellini – Crispy Pancetta, Sweet Peas, Marinara or Pistachio Pesto. 

5. Soup


As it is a Thanksgiving dinner, they are offering a pumpkin-flavored soup, of course! But it also has a crunchy element to it. Let us take a look at what that is! 

  • Pumpkin Bisque – With toasted pumpkin seeds

6. Out Of The Oven 

Out Of The Oven

This section of the buffet actually has a lot to offer! Here, you can find every accompaniment that you would want with your Thanksgiving turkey meal and also a lot more that you can enjoy! 

  • Apple Cranberry Stuffing – With rosemary, breadcrumbs and turkey sausage.
  • Whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes – Creamy and buttery mashed potatoes. 
  • Sweet Potato Puree- With Charred Marshmallows
  • Brussel Sprouts – With pickled shallots and hazelnuts
  • Green Bean Casserole – With mushroom cream and crispy Vidalia onions
  • Brick Oven Roasted Chicken – With fennel and tomato ragu
  • Pan- Seared Grouper – With cauliflower puree and harissa cabbage slaw. 
  • Braised Short Rib – With gnocchi and caramelized pearl onions. 

7. Carving Board

Carving Board

Here comes the main deal of the buffet, the carving board. Featuring all the specials that you would want on Thanksgiving, the carving board is the true definition of a feast! 

  • Free- Range Roasted Turkey – With black pepper gravy and cranberry sauce
  • Pepper- Crusted Prime Rib – With Au Jus and horseradish cream
  • Citrus-Brined Ham – With bourbon honey glaze 

8. For The Little Ones

For The Little Ones

In case you were wondering if your little ones would enjoy the buffet options or not, you don’t really need to worry! There is a whole section dedicated to kids, with all things that they usually enjoy eating and will make them extremely happy! 

  • Buttermilk Chicken Tenders – Perfectly crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside. 
  • Macaroni and Cheese – Ooey and gooey macaroni and cheese topped with crispy breadcrumbs. 
  • Waffle Fries – The perfect sidekick for your buttermilk chicken tenders. 
  • Sauces – Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Honey Mustard

9. The Sweeter Side

The Sweeter Side

Finally, we reached the last section of the buffet. Of course, it won’t be a holiday celebration like Thanksgiving if there are no desserts to end the meal with! You may have expected just a few dessert options, but they actually have so many to choose from! I have mentioned all these options below. 

  • White Chocolate Panna Cotta – An Italian classic made with a twist. 
  • Cranberry Gelle – A sweet and tart dessert to end your meal with on Thanksgiving. 
  • Baked Streusel – The perfect way to add a crispy layer to your cranberry gelle. 
  • Banana Bourbon Cupcake – Banana and whiskey will never taste the same once you try this really decadent cupcake. 
  • Salted Caramel Jam – With seasalt, to add extra indulgence to the banana bourbon cupcake. 
  • Milk Chocolate Banana Parisian Cream Tart – Decadent milk chocolate mousse with bananas and topped with light, whipped cream. 
  • Chocolate Cinnamon Cremeux – Decadent chocolate cremeux with a hint of spice, perfect for Thanksgiving. 
  • Chocolate Paper – Thin and snappy dark, milk and white chocolate. 
  • Pistachio Opera Cake – Flavors of coffee and chocolate perfectly balanced with the goodness of a pistachio sponge. 
  • Sour Cherry Glaze – This glaze is the perfect sweet and sour topping for almost any dessert. 
  • Pistachio Brittle – Crispy brittle with bits of pistachio. 
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake – The perfect combination of fall flavors with a decadent cheesecake. 
  • Pecan Sable Crust – Crispy sable with a rich pecan filling. 
  • Mini-Pumpkin Macarons – Thanksgiving favorite flavor combined with petit french cookies. 
  • Brown Butter Financier – French almond cake made with nutty and toasty brown butter. 
  • Port- Poached Pears – Whole pears poached in port wine. 
  • Milk Chocolate Mousse – Rich milk chocolate mousse made with the best quality of chocolate. 
  • Traditional Pumpkin Pie – There is nothing more traditional fall than a good old pumpkin pie! 
  • Spiced Cream – To add to the fall flavor, try your pumpkin pie with some spiced cream. 
  • Ginger Snaps – Warm and fuzzy ginger flavored cookies. 
  • Apple-Stack Sorghum Cake – The perfect cake for anyone who is gluten intolerant. 
  • Red Velvet Whoopie Pies – Red velvet cake pieces with a creamy frosting sandwiched between them. 
  • Pumpkin Butter Bars – Soft, buttery crust with pumpkin butter and crispy crumbs on top. 
  • Candied Pecans – Pecans candied with sugar. 
  • Pumpkin Sugar Cookies – Sugar cookies with a hint of pumpkin spice. 
  • Mini La Bete Noire – The most decadent flourless chocolate cake. 
  • Mango and Passionfruit Curd – Thick curd with flavors from mango and passionfruit. 

Similar Restaurants Offering A Thanksgiving Menu

  1. IHOP – IHOP serves some of the best pancakes possible, but that really isn’t all! This chain of restaurants also will be serving some really great Thanksgiving specials for adults and seniors too, which are truly delectable. 
  2. Romanos Macaroni Grill – Romanos Macaroni grill has incredible Italian food. So, keeping that in mind, the chain has got a new twist for its Thanksgiving menu, which is a three-course meal worth trying out! 
  3. Ruths Chris Steak House – For Thanksgiving, Ruths Chris Steak House is offering not just a pre-fixe meal but also turkey dinner to go and sides to go, which will make your Thanksgiving celebration much better! 
  4. Cooper Hawks – Cooper Hawks will be serving a lovely set meal on Thanksgiving at their restaurant, along with some really great pre-packaged meals for a home celebration. Click the link to check these out! 
  5. STK Steakhouse – STK Steakhouse will be whipping up some delicious turkey with all the works for Thanksgiving this year. They have a Thanksgiving menu for dining in and also for takeaway and delivery! 
  6. Cracker Barrel – Cracker Barrel is one of those places that you can count on to enjoy a hearty meal. This year for Thanksgiving, the chain has a number of specials that also include family meals to go, which you should surely check out!
  7. Boston Market – Although initially known for serving great chicken, Boston Market is surely one of those places that also serves juicy turkey. They will be offering a number of specials on Thanksgiving, both for kids and adults, that are definitely worth indulging in! 


Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, will be hosting a special Thanksgiving Buffet this year. The buffet is really vast and has a lot of options for everyone. The buffet will be on from 12 pm until 8 pm on Thanksgiving day and requires a prior reservation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where will the Thanksgiving buffet be held at Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center? 

The Thanksgiving buffet will be held at the newly renovated Villa De Flora at Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center. 

Is a prior reservation needed to enjoy the Thanksgiving buffet at Gaylord Palms? 

Yes, you will have to reserve a table online to enjoy the Thanksgiving buffet at Gaylord Palms. 

How much does the buffet cost for one person? 

The buffet cost per person is $ 80 for adults and $ 40 for children, plus service charges and taxes. 

Can anyone enjoy the Thanksgiving buffet at Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center? 

No, the Thanksgiving buffet is only for guests who have a room reserved in the resort. 

How much gratuity does Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center charge with the Thanksgiving buffet? 

Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center will charge an 18% gratuity with the Thanksgiving buffet. 

How many courses are offered in the Thanksgiving buffet? 

Including the kids’ meal options, the Thanksgiving buffet at Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center will have 9 courses. 

Are there no charges for kids under three years of age? 

No, there are no buffet charges per se for kids under three years of age if accompanied by a paying adult.  

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