Is Shake Shack Open On Easter In 2023?

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Nothing beats a good refreshing shake when it comes to delicious and filling snacks! It’s easy to get bored of too much holiday food but shakes seem to be a good replacement for a holiday meal. So, how about a shake from the Shake Shack menu to celebrate the upcoming holiday of Easter?

Shake Shack

Shake Shack will remain open and will be taking orders from customers on Easter. This chain will be serving its customers and keep on serving delicious food on April 9 as per their usual working hours, from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Going strong since the time it was founded in 2004, Shake Shack offers its customers a great deal of food options. Serving some of the best shakes, the chain also serves New York-style hotdogs, hamburgers, fries, hotdogs, etc. 

Shake Shack is one of the best places you can get your food from this Easter. But for what time duration will it remain open for Easter? What will it be serving its customers? Keep reading to know all the important details!

Shake Shack Easter Opening/Closing Hours

Shake Shack Food
Shake Shack Easter Hours11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Shake Shack will be welcoming its customers and will also be taking orders on Easter. The chain will stay open and will keep serving delicious food on April 9 as per their regular hours, which are from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Shake Shack is known for its welcoming nature towards its customers. The chain has a range of menu items, from which you can pick what you want and place an order. In case you’re feeling a bit lazy, you can also order your Shake Shack order via the Shack app while having a happy Easter!

Shake Shack Easter Specials That You Can Try

The top five Shake Shack menu items that you should try this Easter are:-

  1. Double ShackBurger 
  2. SmokeShack
  3. Chick’n Shack
  4. Shack Stack
  5. Shack-Cago Dog
Shake Shack Food

1. Double ShackBurger

What’s better than the original ShackBurger from Shake Shack you ask? It’s the Shake Shack double ShackBurger! This burger definitely tops the list of the best menu items of Shake Shack. Being a fan favorite, this particular burger is super delicious and perfect for you to relish on Easter!

The double ShackBurger contains two patties along with layers of cheese, tomato, lettuce, Shacksauce, etc. The patties are cooked well and are juicy, loaded with their own grease. Having lip-smacking ingredients, this burger is like no other and remains unbeatable!

2. SmokeShack

The SmokeShack has both quantity and quality. Being one of the best burgers at Shake Shack, SmokeShack never fails to satisfy! Priced at just $6.84, the SmokeShack burger makes up for the perfect filling meal and works well with any beverage.

SmokeShack is loaded with flavor. This burger is smeared with chopped cherry pepper relish along with the famous ShackSauce. It is further topped off with delicious applewood smoked bacon. 

The SmokeShack is meaty and has a certain balance to it, provided by the tangy and sweet taste of the bacon and cherry pepper. SmokeShack will take you on a ride to food paradise, and you should definitely try it out this Easter!

3. Chick’n Shack

Looking for a delicious chicken burger but don’t know which one to pick? Put your faith in Shake Shack and pick their Chick’n Shack burger! You will not be disappointed! 

The Chick’n Shack burger is one of the best chicken burgers to ever exist! It’s super delicious and packs just the right amount of ingredients. The chicken used in this burger is extra juicy and extremely tender, making it a delight to eat! The burger is lastly topped off with buttermilk herb mayonnaise, pickles and lettuce.

4. Shack Stack

Want to go all out with food this Easter? Try Shake Shack’s Shack Stack! It is a hefty burger with loads of ingredients. It is filled with cheesy goodness along with a delightful meaty experience. 

The Shack Stack contains a delicious hamburger patty. The burger is later loaded with melted cheese and is further topped with tomato, ShackSauce, and lettuce. Perfect for foodies, this burger is the perfect fit for you if you’re looking for a delectable, filling meal!

5. Shack-cago Dog

The Shack-cago Dog is another one of Shake Shack’s food endeavors. It is mouth-watering delicious and makes up for the perfect snack! This hotdog contains immense flavor along with amazing texture.

The Shack-cago Dog has a garnish of juicy tomatoes, crisp white onions, cucumber slices, pickled gherkins, celery salt, sport pepper, creamy yellow mustard, and gherkin relish. It is perfectly cooked and is a top choice of most customers at Shake Shack!

Similar Restaurants That Are Open On Easter

  1. Five Guys – Five Guys will be open and welcoming its customers on Easter. So, you can enjoy delicious burgers, fries, and refreshing beverages from this restaurant on Easter Sunday.
  2. Jersey Mike’s – From steak subs to sugar cookies, Jersey Mike’s has numerous edibles listed on its menu that you’ll love to binge. Check out the Easter updates of Jersey Mike’s along with the dishes you can try on Easter.
  3. El Pollo Loco – Want to enjoy the best of Mexican cuisine on Easter? El Pollo Loco is serving delicious foods like avocado burritos, chicken tortilla soup, and many more on Easter this year. Check out its Easter updates and enjoy your Easter!
  4. Qdoba – Qdoba is another restaurant that offers Mexican-style food on Easter. Click on the link in the name to know the Easter timings of this restaurant and all the dishes you can try on Easter.
  5. Church’s Chicken – Not just fried chicken, you can try numerous other dishes at Church’s Chicken on Easter. This restaurant chain offers delicious chicken sandwiches, jalapeno poppers, and other Easter-worthy dishes.
  6. Boston Market – Boston Market is a place for you if you’re craving rotisserie-style chicken. This restaurant is open and serves many more exciting dishes to the customers on Easter.
  7. White Castle – Enjoy the Easter feast at White Castle! Whether you’re up for breakfast sandwiches or a holiday family feast, this restaurant chain’s menu has something for everyone in your family.
  8. Carl’s Jr. – If you want to fill your Easter basket with delicious burgers, sandwiches, and other comfies, Carl’s Jr. is a perfect place for you. This restaurant chain is open for customers on Easter. Click on the name to know its Easter timings.
  9. Red Lobster – Good news! The Red Lobster is open and ready to serve all its best menu items to the customers on Easter. So, if you’ve plans to visit Red Lobster on Easter, click the link to know its Easter timings.
  10. Tim Hortons – Tim Hortons is open for Easter orders this year. So, you can enjoy Timbits, Tim Hortons’ signature sandwiches and its other menu items on Easter. Click on the name of the restaurant to know its Easter timings.


Shake Shack will be open and offering its services to customers on Easter. The chain will remain operational on April 9 as per its regular working hours, which are from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Shake Shack open on Easter?

Shake Shack will be open and welcoming customers on Easter i.e. April 9.

What will be Shake Shack’s working hours on Easter?

Shake Shack will be open on Easter as per their regular working hours, which are from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

What menu items can you enjoy at Shake Shack on Easter?

The top Shake Shack menu items that you should try this Easter are double ShackBurger, SmokeShack, Chick’n Shack, Shack Stack, Shack-cago Dog, etc.

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