Chao Pescao Seafood Menu With Prices [Updated May 2024]

Chao Pescao’s seafood menu prices may differ from one location to another. We have shared the menu prices of Chao Pescao located in Consell de Cent, Barcelona, Spain. For accurate pricing of your nearest location, look at the Chao Pescao menu on their official website or other food delivery websites. The menu is updated on 1st May 2024.

Chao pescao Menu with prices

Chao Pescao is known for serving fantastic seafood dishes, considered some of the best in Barcelona. The chain offers various options on its menu, ranging from delicious seafood starters to several different fish slices. An average meal from Chao Pescao will cost €10 – €15. 

Are you looking to enjoy some of the best seafood variations in Barcelona? Chao Pescao has got you with its exquisite menu options. This restaurant has been in business for more than 25 years, making a permanent mark in the restaurant industry in all of Barcelona. 

The restaurant takes pride in getting some of the freshest seafood you may have ever had, with fresh produce delivered daily. Chao Pescao also has a peculiar system in the purest original style of the southern fishing ports. 

This process makes Chao Pescao even more loved among customers. Currently, they have two restaurants in Barcelona, both pretty famous.

Chao Pescao Restaurant goes by the slogan, “Come, discover us and enjoy shellfishing,” they sure take the saying pretty seriously to give their customers the best experience they could ever imagine! 

Chao Pescao Seafood Menu With Prices

Chao Pescao Seafood Menu prices

Besides the restaurant chain serving some of the freshest seafood, the Chao Pescao Seafood Menu will surely leave you in awe just by the sheer variety offered. They have simple options, like tuna tartar, lobster cream, boiled shrimp, mixed salad, and even garlic prawns as appetizers. 

Along with these delicious delicacies, the restaurant menu has some seafood appetizers you may have never had before, and are indeed worth a try!

exquisite options include ox crab, octopus legs, octopus croquettes, and a Caesar salad with prawns! 

Moreover, delicious appetizers are only part of the menu at Chao Pescao! The restaurant also offers a lovely range of fish slices, served by weight. The fish slices include standard options like grilled prawns, mussels, squid, tuna, and salmon. 

Besides that, the restaurant offers some unique fish cuts, including white bait with eggs, baby octopus, mussels, clams, monkfish, and seafood skewers.

Lastly, you can also opt for their special fish of the day, which is always the freshest catch possible. 

The restaurant, along with serving delicious seafood, is also known for its affordable prices for most customers.

Now that you know a little about the menu, let us look at the costs of these menu items in the table below. 


Mixed Salad€6.90
Caesar Salad with Prawns€9.50
Thai Salmon Salad€9.50
Tataki Salad€9.50
Galician Oyster€3.00
French Oyster€2.90
Spiny Dye Murex€2.64
Boiled Shrimp€3.08
Ox Crab (Natural or Stuffed)€14.50
Octopus Leg (Galician or Grilled)€12.90
Garlic Prawns€9.95
Tuna Tartar€8.90
Seafood Soup€6.10
Lobster Cream€6.90
Baby Squid Croquettes€8.90
Octopus Croquettes€8.90

Fish Slice

Fish SlicePrice
Crayfish Grilled€5.49
Prawn Grilled€4.24
Clam (Grilled or Marinara sauce)€3.08
Grilled Wedge Clams€4.29
Grilled Razor Clams€5.50
Grilled Scallops€3.90
Mussel (Steamed, Marinara sauce or Thai)€1.09
Mixed Tempura€8.90
Fried Baby Squid (with eggs)€2.74
Squid (Grilled or Fried)€3.69
Cuttlefish (Grilled or Fried)€3.52
Fried Cuttlefish Legs€3.27
Baby Octopus (Grilled or with Onions)€2.15
Fried Whitebait (with eggs)€2.86
Fried Boqueron€6.40
Monkfish (Grilled or Fried)€4.68
Flounder (Grilled or Fried)€8.90
Seafood Skewers€3.90
Fish of The Day€7.50

How To Order Online From Chao Pescao Seafood

Would you instead want to enjoy these delicious seafood delicacies from Chao Pescao at home? You can order food online from either of their two restaurants in Barcelona! You can easily place your order online via Chao Pescao’s official website.

Moreover, you can also place your order via various online delivery platforms that deliver all through Barcelona. To order these delicious seafood delicacies, look at delivery platforms like JustEat, Uber Eats, and Glovo.  


Chao Pescao is known for serving fantastic seafood dishes, considered some of the best in Barcelona. The chain offers various options on its menu, ranging from delicious seafood starters to several different fish slices. Refer to the tables above to make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does Chao Pescao Seafood have restaurants right now? 

Chao Pescao Seafood has two locations in Barcelona right now. 

How much would an average meal from Chao Pescao Seafood cost? 

An average meal from Chao Pescao Seafood will cost €10 – €15. 

Can you order online from Chao Pescao Seafood? 

Yes, you can order online from Chao Pescao Seafood via their official website and also various delivery platforms like Uber Eats and JustEat

Does Chao Pescao Seafood offer fresh seafood options? 

Yes, the restaurant takes pride in offering some of the best and freshest seafood you can ever have. 

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