Boston Market Thanksgiving Menu With Prices [Updated June 2024]

Boston Market is known for serving up some delicious meat, like chicken, turkey, ribs, and meatloaves. So, considering how amazing their food and meat preparations are, how about enjoying Thanksgiving this year from the all-new Boston Market Thanksgiving menu? Let us see the same, along with the prices of these menu items, in this article. 

Boston Market Thanksgiving Menu With Prices

Before we begin exploring the menu and prices, I would like to tell you that the prices can differ slightly from one location to another. For this article, the prices have been taken from their Glendale, Arizona, menu. In case you want to know the price variations at your nearest location, you can check them on the Boston Market official website, with your location entered. 

Boston Market, has been offering some delectable turkey, meatloaves, and ribs, too, over the years. So, for Thanksgiving, they have introduced a new range with a number of turkey and chicken options to choose from, both individual and family meals. A full meal from Boston Market should cost around $ 15. 

In general, the Boston Market menu is really vast, with a lot of meat variation dishes. So, many of you may probably wonder what it is that they have special for Thanksgiving this year. Well, the only way to find out is by reading this article till the end! So, without further ado, let us explore these Thanksgiving specials from their menu with prices! 

Boston Market Thanksgiving Specials

Boston Market Thanksgiving Menu

Did you know that Boston Market was actually known as ‘Boston Chicken’ until 1995? Strange, I know, but initially, they only served delectable and really juicy Rotisserie Chicken.

While their famous chicken still remains one of their top-selling items, they eventually ended up introducing new meat options on their menu, which also became a hit! Yes, you did guess them right; the new options are meatloaf, ribs, and of course, turkey.

For a place that is especially known for serving crispy and juicy meat, you know they are good with their craft! So, for Thanksgiving, also known as ‘Turkey Day,’ there truly is no better place to visit than Boston Market! 

They have also introduced a new range of rotisserie chicken options on their menu. “All you can enjoy on Thanksgiving is turkey,” said no one ever!

So, even if it is chicken that you are craving on Thanksgiving in place of turkey, that too different flavor variations, then again, Boston Market is the best place to enjoy the same! Now, let us take a look at everything new that has been introduced on the Boston Market menu, along with their prices too! 

1. Roasted Turkey Breast

Boston Market Roasted Turkey Breast

I don’t think I can ever emphasize enough the fact that the rotisserie meats at Boston Market are the juiciest you may ever try! If it is Thanksgiving, most of you would surely be all ready to enjoy some turkey. 

But, in case all of your family members aren’t big on turkey, you can just order a portion for yourself at Boston Market! No carving is involved, just a juicy piece of turkey breast to enjoy, along with two regular sides and cornbread, or served just as it is! 

MealRegularA La Carte (7 Oz.)A La Carte (15 Oz.)
Roasted Turkey Breast$10.29$9.99$12.59

2. Roasted Turkey Breast – Kids Meal

Roasted Turkey Breast-Kids Meal

Of course, little kids would crave turkey, too, on Thanksgiving. But, an adult portion of turkey accompanied by two sides and cornbread can be a bit too much for a little child. So, Boston Market has a version of their Roasted Turkey Breast for kids too! 

The kids’ meal roasted turkey breast yet again has a juicy and crispy piece of turkey, perfect for kids to enjoy. Along with the turkey, they serve a small side, cornbread, and also small kids drink. Applicable for kids 12 years old and under, the price of this meal is given below. 

Roasted Turkey Breast – Kids Meal$6.29

3. Turkey On Ciabatta Sandwich

Turkey On Ciabatta Sandwich

Thanksgiving is eventually all about enjoying your favorite food, right? So, who cares if the turkey is roasted or in the form of a sandwich? The sandwiches at Boston Market are made with fresh rotisserie meats, so you can expect them to be really juicy! 

The turkey on ciabatta sandwich is, yet again, one of their top sellers. Along with juicy slices of turkey, the sandwich also has cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion, and herbed mayonnaise. You can order the sandwich as it is or make it a combo by adding a side and a fountain drink of your choice! 

Turkey On Ciabatta (Sandwich Only)$10.29
Turkey On Ciabatta (Make It A Combo)$13.99

4. Family Turkey Meals

Turkey Family Meal

Thanksgiving is a time when we all enjoy meals together. So, I am sure that most of you, probably your entire family together, would like to enjoy some turkey. For that, instead of ordering individual portions of the same, you can order from a number of family meals that you can choose from. 

These family meals are specifically designed for 3, 4, and also six people. Depending on how many people you order a meal for, along with the turkey, you will also get 3, 4, or 6 large sides and pieces of cornbread. The prices of all the family meal options are as given below. 

Family MealFor ThreeFor FourFor Six
Roasted Turkey$30.49$40.49$59.49

5. Turkey Cheddar Sliders

Turkey Cheddar Sliders

If you happen to visit Boston Market late at night on Thanksgiving to satiate your hunger, you can actually enjoy some options that aren’t available otherwise! For example, their Thanksgiving Turkey Cheddar Sliders are one of the best things you could enjoy late at night at Boston Market. 

The Turkey Cheddar Slider is exactly what you think it is! Made with freshly carved juicy rotisserie chicken, along with melted cheddar cheese is the perfect late-night snack you need, available at Boston Market after 9 pm. 

Turkey Cheddar Sliders (1 Slider)$3.85
Turkey Cheddar Sliders (1 Slider Combo)$7.34
Turkey Cheddar Sliders (3 Sliders)$10.45
Turkey Cheddar Sliders (3 Sliders Combo)$13.94

How To Order Online From The Boston Market Thanksgiving Menu?

Boston Market

Thanksgiving is a time when we all want to go out with friends and family and celebrate with a large and hearty meal. But, I am also sure about the fact that not all of you would want to go out to indulge in a Thanksgiving meal and instead just order in. For that, let me tell you how exactly you can enjoy a meal from the Boston Market Thanksgiving Menu at home.

To get food from the Thanksgiving Menu delivered at home, you can place an order directly on the Boston Market website. Similarly, they are also present on major delivery platforms such as UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates, if that makes the ordering process much easier for you! 

Similar Restaurants Offering A Thanksgiving Menu

  1. Golden Corral – Golden Corral is known for serving an excellent buffet, for sure. But, they also have specials for Thanksgiving this year, which are not limited to just the buffet! Click the link to see what their Thanksgiving specials are! 
  2. Gaylord Palms – Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention center is offering an excellent Thanksgiving buffet with a twist, for all their hotel guests this year. If you happen to be in Florida on turkey day, trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this buffet! 
  3. IHOP – IHOP serves some of the best pancakes possible, but that really isn’t all! This chain of restaurants also will be serving some really great Thanksgiving specials for adults and seniors too, which are truly delectable. 
  4. Romano’s Macaroni Grill – Romano’s Macaroni grill has incredible Italian food. So, keeping that in mind, the chain has got a new twist for their Thanksgiving menu which is a three course meal worth trying out! 
  5. Ruth’s Chris Steak House – For Thanksgiving, Ruth’s Chris Steak House is offering not just a pre-fixe meal, but also turkey dinner to go and sides to go, which will make your Thanksgiving celebration much better! 
  6. Cooper’s Hawk – Cooper Hawks will be serving a lovely set meal on Thanksgiving at their restaurant, along with some really great pre-packaged meals for a home celebration. Click the link to check these out! 
  7. STK Steakhouse – STK Steakhouse will be whipping up some delicious turkey with all the works, for Thanksgiving this year. They have a Thanksgiving menu for dining-in and also for take away and delivery! 


For Thanksgiving this year, Boston Market has a range of turkey specials that you can try out. These specials are available for individual orders and also family meals. The side options served with meals usually include cornbread and other options as per your preference. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Boston Market still be serving their chicken, meatloaf, and rib specials on Thanksgiving? 

Yes, Boston Market will be offering their regular menu, too, on Thanksgiving, along with the turkey specials. 

Will Boston Market be serving desserts on Thanksgiving? 

Yes, Boston Market will be serving a number of desserts, all available on their menu, on Thanksgiving. 

How much would a meal for an individual cost from Boston Market? 

Although it eventually depends on what you choose, on average, you can expect one person to spend around $ 15 for a good meal from Boston Market. 

Kids until what age are allowed to enjoy the kids’ meal from their Thanksgiving menu? 

Kids that are 12 years and under can enjoy a kids’ meal from the Boston Market Thanksgiving menu.

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