Cracker Barrel Specials For Thanksgiving 2024

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, the perfect time to indulge in hearty meals at Cracker Barrel! This chain is quite well known when it comes to serving southern-style food; hence, there really is no better place to visit. So, in this article, let us see all the new specials that will be available at Cracker Barrel on Thanksgiving that you should not miss out on! 

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Menu

Cracker Barrel, as we all know, has an array of menus to choose from, like their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, along with a kids menu, holiday menu, a gluten-free menu, vegan menu and so on. So, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to most of you that they have a special menu for Thanksgiving. 

For Thanksgiving this year, Cracker Barrel will be serving some delicious Turkey dinners on the actual holiday for customers to enjoy. But that is surely not all! The chain has also released a number of family-go-to meals and pies for Thanksgiving, which are all subject to availability at every Cracker Barrel location. 

In this article, let us see everything about what Cracker Barrel has to offer for the upcoming major holiday, along with how exactly you can order all these options. Moreover, I have also included information on when you will be able to enjoy these specials. So, let’s begin exploring for Turkey Day! 

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Specials

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Menu 2

After reading everything mentioned above, I am sure that all of you have an idea of what exactly Cracker Barrel has to offer this year for Thanksgiving. While one of the options introduced is for dining in only, the other options are more for having a celebration at home.

Of course, considering the fact that Thanksgiving does mean a huge meal prep for a lot of people, cooking can surely be a really huge task. Hence, to make your home celebration of Thanksgiving a little less tiring, Cracker Barrel has introduced family meals for Thanksgiving. 

These meals have a lot other than just turkey! You and your family will get to enjoy a number of sides, sauces, and desserts, too, along with the freshly made turkey. The meals are available in ‘hot and ready’ variations and also ‘ heat and serve. 

So, depending on the amount of time you have on your hands, you can eventually decide which one of these options you would like to go for. Moreover, you can also choose one of their decadent pies to end your homemade Thanksgiving meal on a sweet note. Now, let us take a detailed look at all these options. 

1. Homestyle Turkey N’ Dressing Meal

Homestyle Turkey and Dressing Meal

If you plan on having a little Thanksgiving celebration but don’t want to prepare a whole turkey, you are in luck! Cracker Barrel will be serving deliciously fresh turkey meals on Thanksgiving, where one of them is truly a feast for a single person. 

As per Cracker Barrel’s menu, a Homestyle Turkey N’ Dressing meal consists of Turkey and dressing, gravy, a sample of sugar-cured ham, sweet potato casserole with pecans, cranberry relish, a choice of side, along with buttermilk biscuits or corn muffins. 

Lastly, the meal also includes a refillable beverage and a slice of Pumpkin Pie. They have, however, mentioned that the beverage would not be a part of the meal if it is taken to-go.

Moreover, there is also a children’s version of this meal available that does not include casserole or ham in it. The meal will be available to-go from November 17th until November 25th and for dining in on Thanksgiving day only, starting at 11 am. 

2. Homestyle Turkey N’ Dressing Family Meal To Go

Homestyle Turkey and Dressing Family Meal to go

Looking for a Thanksgiving feast to feed around six people at once? Then I presume you might want to celebrate at home, rather than at a restaurant. Well, don’t begin preparing a whole turkey, as instead, you can just get a Homestyle Turkey N’ Dressing Family Meal to go from Cracker Barrel! 

This meal comes hot and ready to serve, so there is basically no sort of prep required here, including options like turkey and dressing, sugar-cured ham, cranberry relish, turkey gravy, green beans, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes or sweet potato casserole and lastly, some dinner rolls. 

This family meal doesn’t have a dessert as a part of the combo, as you can see. However, you can always order one of their pies separately, which I will discuss later.

Moreover, Cracker Barrel has mentioned that these will be available until December 1st or till supplies last, and you will have to give them a 24-hour notice period before pick up. They have also mentioned consuming the meal within 72 hours after pick-up. 

3. Heat N’ Serve Family Meal To-Go

Heat and serve family meal to go

This one is surely much bigger than a regular family meal from Cracker Barrel. Although, this will also need a little longer from you as you will have to heat the meal before you serve it to your guests! 

But trust me, it still is not as bad as prepping a whole turkey by yourself! This meal will take less than two hours to prepare. Plus, the flavors and options are impeccable, so that surely makes it so worth the effort! This meal is good enough to serve ten people, so let’s take a look at what all there is to offer. 

The heat n’ serve family meal to-go consists of two oven-roasted turkey breasts, cornbread dressing, turkey gravy, cranberry relish, three country sides, sweet yeast rolls, and lastly, pumpkin pie and also pecan pie. You can also add extra sides if you would like, of course, at an extra cost. 

This family to-go meal will be available for pick up from November 23rd until December 1st, or until available. Yet again, a 24-hour notice is required, and you will have to use the meal within 72 hours. The meal kit also includes heating instructions and some recipes for the leftovers! 

4. Fresh Baked Pies

Fresh Baked Pies

The last option on the Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving menu surely has to be something sweet! They have a range of pie options to choose from, which will surely pair extremely well with their thanksgiving feasts! 

Cracker Barrel has launched not just one or two but five new flavors of pie, especially for Thanksgiving! These flavors are pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie, pecan pie, apple pecan streusel pie, and lastly, an all-American apple pie. 

With the pumpkin pie, they have specifically mentioned that it will be available from the 28th of October until the 1st of December, until supplies last. The rest of the flavors will be available until December 24th. The pies can be ordered online or purchased in-store. 

How To Order The Thanksgiving Specials From Cracker Barrel? 

Now that you know all about the Thanksgiving specials at Cracker Barrel, the next question that may have come to your mind would obviously be about the whole ordering process. Afterall, although there is an in-house meal option for larger parties, most people may prefer sticking to family meals instead.

Let me tell you how exactly you can order these meals. To order any of these Thanksgiving meals, Cracker Barrel has specifically mentioned that they are not taking online orders anymore.

So, to place an order, you will have to call your local Cracker Barrel and book a meal at least 24 hours prior to when you would want it, depending on availability. In fact, they have even mentioned that the earlier you order, the better it will be, as everything is subject to availability.

All the options on their Thanksgiving menu will be available until November 24th, along with their pumpkin pie. The rest of the holiday pies will be available until December 26th. They have also mentioned scheduling a pick-up time to make the whole process easier. 

Similar Restaurants Offering A Thanksgiving Menu

  1. Boston MarketAlthough initially known for serving great chicken, Boston Market is surely one of those places that also serves juicy turkey. They will be offering a number of specials on Thanksgiving both for kids and adults that are definitely worth indulging in! 
  2. Golden CorralGolden Corral is known for serving an excellent buffet, for sure. But, they also have specials for Thanksgiving this year, which are not limited to just the buffet! Click the link to see what their Thanksgiving specials are! 
  3. Gaylord PalmsGaylord Palms Resort and Convention center is offering an excellent Thanksgiving buffet with a twist, for all their hotel guests this year. If you happen to be in Florida on turkey day, trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this buffet! 
  4. IHOPIHOP serves some of the best pancakes possible, but that really isn’t all! This chain of restaurants also will be serving some really great Thanksgiving specials for adults and seniors too, which are truly delectable. 
  5. Romano’s Macaroni GrillRomano’s Macaroni grill has incredible Italian food. So, keeping that in mind, the chain has got a new twist for their Thanksgiving menu which is a three course meal worth trying out! 
  6. Ruth’s Chris Steak HouseFor Thanksgiving, Ruth’s Chris Steak House is offering not just a pre-fixe meal, but also turkey dinner to go and sides to go, which will make your Thanksgiving celebration much better! 
  7. Cooper’s HawkCooper Hawk’s will be serving a lovely set meal on Thanksgiving at their restaurant, along with some really great pre-packaged meals for a home celebration. Click the link to check these out! 
  8. STK SteakhouseSTK Steakhouse will be whipping up some delicious turkey with all the works, for Thanksgiving this year. They have a Thanksgiving menu for dining-in and also for take away and delivery! 


For Thanksgiving this year, Cracker Barrel has introduced a few specials on its menu. One of them is a regular Thanksgiving meal that you can enjoy while dining in, whereas the others are larger meal options for parties. They also have a number of holiday pies to choose from. Either way, you will have to place your order one day in advance and schedule a time for pick-up. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between the Thanksgiving To-Go meals? 

The main difference between the Thanksgiving To-Go meals is that one of them is hot and ready to serve, enough for six people, whereas the other has to be heated prior to consumption and is enough for ten people. 

How far in advance do the orders need to be placed? 

As per the official website of Cracker Barrel, it is eventually down to availability, so they suggest placing your orders as soon as possible. 

Is Cracker Barrel taking online orders for Thanksgiving meals? 

No, as per the official website of Cracker Barrel, they aren’t taking online orders, so you will have to call the outlet closest to you and place an order directly. 

Does the ‘Heat N Serve’ meal have to be consumed within 72 hours? 

Yes, as per the official website of Cracker Barrel, the meal should be consumed within 72 hours. 

How long does it take to prepare a ‘Heat N Serve’ Meal? 

On average, you can expect a ‘Heat N Serve’ meal to take about 2 hours to prepare. 

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