Bruegger’s Bagels Menu With Prices [Updated June 2023]

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If you are looking for the most authentic and delicious bagels, Bruegger’s Bagels is the right place for you. This restaurant chain has ample bagel dishes that you can enjoy all day. This restaurant chain also serves chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins, and delish beverages. Read this article to know the entire menu of Brueggers Bagels.

Bruegger's Bagels restaurant

Bruegger’s Bagels’ menu is best known for the bagels. This restaurant serves fresh-baked bagels, egg sandwiches, signature lunch sandwiches, sides, and juices. Turkey chipotle, herby turkey, western brisket, etc are some of its famous signature sandwiches. You can have a perfect meal at Bruegger’s Bagels for around $20.

Apart from the menu, I will also tell you Bruegger’s Bagels’ franchising details, contact information, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Bruegger’s Bagels menu. Bruegger’s Bagels is also active on social networking sites. Follow its social media handles to receive updates about its recent offers, deals, combos, or others.

Bruegger’s Bagels is an American-based bakery brand that was founded by Nordahl Brue and Mike Dressell in 1983. The first Bruegger’s Bagels store was opened in Troy, New York. Both Nordahl Brue and Mike Dressell had the motive to make the best bagels anyone has ever had and they did it.

Bruegger’s Bagels is one of the biggest bakery chains in America right now. The brand has established a reputation for authentic New-York style bagels. And it is due to the quality of their products that their customers keep coming back to them. Aside from bagels, Bruegger’s Bagels menu also has a wide range of breakfast and lunch items.

Bruegger’s Bagels Menu Prices

Bagel sandwich at Bruegger's Bagel

Bruegger’s Bagels menu includes bagels, soups, garden-fresh salads, custom-roasted coffee blends, filling sandwiches, and desserts. But the bakery brand has made its name due to its famous New York-style bagels.

You can choose from over 20 varieties of bagels that include asiago parmesan, cinnamon sugar, pumpernickel, sundried tomato, cranberry orange and so many more. You also have a wide range of flavored cream cheeses to choose from. This includes bacon scallion, onion and chive, strawberry, and jalapeno.

Their bagels have been boiled in water, baked fresh, and always served hot. They also have around 17 varieties of seasonal bread flavors. Their regular bagel costs around $1 to $3 and their sandwich costs around $3 to $6, which are pretty much affordable. They also have a very professional staff that will greet you every time you will visit there.

Different varieties of fresh baked bagels are half dozen, bagel bundle, cream cheese tubs, baker’s dozen, brunch box, etc. The big bagel bundle has four plain bagels, two sesame bagels, two everything bagels, three cinnamon raisin bagels, a cinnamon sugar bagel, a whole wheat bagel, and two tubs of cream cheese.

Farmhouse, egg, peppered bacon & cheese, sriracha honey sunrise, western, and smokehouse brisket egg are some of the delicious egg sandwiches made from bagel served at Bruegger’s Bagels. Western egg sandwich has cheddar cheese, chipotle sauce, fresh-cracked egg, a mix of green peppers, red peppers, and red onions.

Some of the best lunch specialties offered here are turkey chipotle, herby turkey, western brisket, smoked salmon, etc. Turkey chipotle has roasted turkey with peppered bacon, tomatoes, lettuce leaves, and chipotle mayo layered inside the bagel slices. This sandwich is made using Bruegger’s Bagels’ everything bagel.

Chocolate chip cookies, sea salt kettle chips, twice-baked hashbrowns, etc are among the sides served here. Among drinks, your can enjoy freshly brewed coffee, hot tea, bottled OJ, and many more. So without waiting, let’s check out the latest Bruegger’s Bagels menu with prices.

Fresh-Baked Bagels

Single Bagel with Cream Cheese$ 2.49
Single Bagel without Cream Cheese$ 2.49
Bagels (3)$ 6.49
Half Dozen$ 9.99
Baker’s Dozen$ 15.79
Bagel Bundle$ 13.49
Big Bagel Bundle$ 21.99
Cream Cheese Tubs$ 5.49
Brunch Box$ 44.99

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Egg Sandwiches

Egg, Peppered Bacon & Cheese$ 7.79
Farmhouse $ 8.79
Egg, Turkey Sausage & Cheese$ 7.79
Sriracha Honey Sunrise$ 8.29
Egg & Cheese$ 6.79
Western$ 8.49
Egg, Sausage, & Cheese$ 7.79
Smokehouse Brisket Egg$ 8.99
Skinny Zesty Egg White$ 7.99
Egg, Ham & Cheese$ 7.79
Skinny Bacon, Avocado, & Tomato Egg White$ 8.49
Pastrami, Egg & Swiss$ 7.99

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Signature Lunch Sandwiches

Turkey Chipotle$ 10.49
Herby Turkey$ 9.99
Western Brisket$ 10.99
Smoked Salmon $ 10.79
Leonardo Da Veggie$ 9.29
Hot Pastrami $ 10.29

Sides & Desserts

Chocolate Chip Cookie$ 2.99
Sea Salt Kettle Chips$ 1.99
Twice Baked Hashbrown$ 2.299
Blueberry Muffin$ 2.69

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Coffee & Tea

Coffee & TeaSmallMediumLarge
Iced Coffee$ 3.29$ 3.99
Fresh Brewed Coffee$ 3.19$ 3.59$ 3.99
Hot Tea$ 3.29$ 3.79

Juices & More

Bottled Water$3.29
Bottled OJ$3.69

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Bruegger’s Bagels Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday6 am to 7 pm
Weekends (Sat & Sun)7 am to 6 pm
Saturday7 am to 5 pm

Note: Some outlets may close up to 12 at night, so please check ahead of time.

Bruegger’s Bagels Happy Hours

Monday to Sunday4 pm to 5 pm

During their happy hours, Bruegger’s Bagels menu may vary from location to location, so we suggest you check your location ahead of time.

Bruegger’s Bagels Nutrition Information


To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Bruegger’s Bagels menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Bruegger’s Bagels Franchising Details

Bruegger's Bagels bakery

Bruegger’s Bagels operates around 300 stores in over 26 states of the United States, the District of Columbia, and Canada. This restaurant chain opened its first European location in France in 2013. If you, too, want to open a Bruegger’s Bagels franchise, read the table below to know how much it will cost you.

Franchise Fee$ 30,000
Total Investment $ 368,600 to $ 575,600
Franchise Agreements renewable Fee$ 5,000
Royalty Fee5 %

Bruegger’s Bagels Contact Information

Bruegger’s Bagels Corporate Office Address: 12201 Merit Dr #900, Dallas, TX 75251, USA

Bruegger’s Bagels Corporate Phone Number: 802-660-4020

You can also contact the team of Bruegger’s Bagels by using the contact form on their website.

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