55 Keto Recipes with Cream Cheese You Need To Try!

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Cream cheese in bowl

A Keto diet is perfect to lose weight or maintain a healthy body and heart. People always think the keto diet means eating bland food, but it is not always like that. Cream cheese, which everyone loves, fits perfectly in your keto diet, and you can make many delicious keto recipes with cream cheese. 

Some of the keto recipes with cream cheese you need to try are easy keto cream cheese pancakes, Italian sausage-stuffed mushrooms, creamy chicken mushroom soup, one pan cheesy fajita chicken, 2-minute everything seasoning cream cheese dip, turkey bacon ranch pinwheels, spinach chicken casserole with cream cheese and mozzarella and Keto cheesecake fluff.

Even if we add cream cheese to our keto diet, staying consistent with the same is still a little challenging. You can take your keto diet journey to the next level with the Keto 2.0 diet A keto diet mainly reduces the consumption of carbs and instead has a high fat content. Keto 2.0 focuses on consuming fat that comes from plants instead of animals. 

Returning to cream cheese, I want you to continue your keto journey smoothly and without compromise. So, look at this extensive list of keto recipes with cheese cream and have a cheesy life. 

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Is Cream Cheese Keto-Friendly?

cream cheese

Yes, cream cheese is keto-friendly. It is an excellent keto-friendly ingredient because it has low carbs. Cream cheese is one of the keto-friendly foods that is readily available in the food world. Not only low in carbs but high in fat, which is a must for a ketogenic diet. 

55 Best Keto Recipes With Cream Cheese

1. Easy Keto Cream Cheese Pancakes

Easy Keto Cream Cheese Pancakes

One of the simplest yet delicious pancakes you can ever have! You can make Cream cheese pancakes with eggs and cream cheese. You can always add some sweetness using your choice of sweetener. However, I prefer sugarless or sometimes add a pinch of cinnamon for the sweet yet spicy flavors. 

This recipe is one of the classic recipes without using flour as an ingredient. Combine cream cheese with eggs and whisk until fluffy and nice. Your pancake batter is ready! I hope you flip the pancakes well and enjoy it with coffee. 

2. Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken

Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken

Cream cheese pairs well with savory and meaty food items. One of the must-try recipes is  Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken. Perfectly blended with spices, adding cream cheese takes the recipe to the next level. Perfect for a dinner party with family and friends. Serve this on the table, and you will enjoy creamy yet spicy flavors blended with juicy chicken breasts. 

All you need to do is marinate the chicken breast with spices and sear them in a skillet until nicely browned. Make some sauce by melting butter and cooking onion, garlic and jalapenos. Add some cream cheese and broth for the saucy consistency. Cook, and once done, serve with some pasta or rice. 

3. Keto Cauliflower Cream Cheese Soup

Keto Cauliflower Cream Cheese Soup

Enjoy warm and delicious cauliflower cream cheese soup if you crave a cheesy meal with low carbs. Super healthy and easy to make, this recipe is a hit for those who want a cozy, comfortable meal. Another great thing about the recipe is that it is entirely gluten-free. 

The perfectly grated cauliflower combined with exotic spices delivers a great soup recipe. The recipe also calls for some chicken broth for the deep flavors. The addition of shallots and garlic makes sure that the dish is aromatic and warm. Try this recipe, and I am sure you will love the creamy and flavorful soup made with simple cauliflowers. 

4. Keto Chicken Broccoli Casserole

Keto Chicken Broccoli Casserole

Chicken and broccoli are my two favorite ingredients; if wine pairs them, magic is created. Now, talking so much about this fantastic pair, try chicken broccoli casserole, which is entirely keto and has your favorite – cream cheese. Casseroles are super convenient to make, and when it comes to the taste, they have unique flavors. 

You need some shredded chicken with broccoli and spices. The recipe calls for cream cheese, and this addition ensures you enjoy the cheesiest yet low-carb dish. Place the chicken in a baking dish and season with spices. Make some cream cheese mixture by adding chicken broth with cream cheese. This mixture will go in the seasoned chicken. Top with broccoli and sprinkle mozzarella if you want. Bake until the cheese melts and gets bubbly. 

5. Keto Creamed Spinach with Cheese

Keto Creamed Spinach with Cheese

Spinach is one of the most nutritious leafy vegetables, and adding this to your diet is a struggle. Let me help you out with this today. Have you ever tried creamed spinach with cheese? If not, this is your sign to do it now. One can hardly resist this beautiful and delicious dish. This dish is rich in flavors and perfectly infused with cheesy and creamy textures. 

Get some spinach, cream cheese, seasonings, garlic, and heavy cream. Cook the spinach in butter with garlic. Once the spinach is wilted, add the cheesy ingredients – cream cheese and heavy cream. Add the Italian seasoning along with salt and pepper. Cook and then garnish with lots of parmesan. 

6. Keto Lemon Bars 

Keto Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are for those with a sweet tooth but trying to control their sugar cravings. Melts in your mouth, this sweet treat has a tangy punch. Soft, velvety, and smooth lemon bars will answer all your prayers for delicious yet healthy desserts. I love lemon bars, and the recipe preparation is too easy. No dairy, sugar & gluten-free, and low in carbs – too good to be true. 

For the crust, use almond flour, as it is one of the healthiest flour options. All you have to do is combine it with butter, and your crust is ready. Place the mixture on the parchment paper and nicely press to make an even base. Combine cream cheese, dairy-free yogurt, lemon juice and zest, corn flour, or almond flour in a blender.

You can even use powdered sugar for keto. Pour the mixture over the crust and bake it with love. Once the lemon bars are cool, enjoy every bite. 

7. Keto Cheesecakes

Keto Cheesecakes

Who doesn’t love cheesecakes? It is a perfectly creamy and the smoothest sweet dish one can ever have. Now, if you are on a keto diet and craving cheesecakes, don’t worry. Try this keto cheesecake recipe, and you will for sure love it. The recipe is prepared quickly, allowing you to enjoy a cheesecake’s goodness without guilt. 

You can use almond flour for the crust or some coconut flour if you are allergic to nuts. Still a problem? Go crustless because this is your cheesecake, so make it your way. The use of cream cheese will make sure that you enjoy the creamy and cheesy flavors.

You will love the velvety and smooth texture. The moment this cheesecake will go in your mouth, you will ask for more and more. Do give this recipe a try, and you will love it.  

8. Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

Cream cheese jalapeno poppers hold a special place in my heart. I am always a craver for spicy yet creamy dishes, and this perfectly matches my taste buds. The best thing about this recipe is that it is baked. Taco seasoning in the recipe brings out another fold of flavors when paired with cream cheese and cheddar. 

Make a cream cheese mixture by combining cream cheese, Cheddar cheese, and seasoning mix. Cut the jalapenos in half and fill the cream cheese mixture. Place the jalapenos on the baking sheet and sprinkle some bread crumbs. Bake until jalapenos are tender and the cheese melts. Enjoy these spicy yet creamy bites. 

9. Keto Sausage Balls

Keto Sausage Balls

I love sausages because they are so meaty in flavor and perfectly pair well with anything and everything. However, if you are trying to lose weight, think twice before eating these balls of heaven. Don’t worry; try these keto sausage balls that are incredibly delicious yet healthy. 

You need only five ingredients for the recipe – Breakfast sausage, Cream cheese, Shredded cheddar cheese, Baking powder, and Almond flour. You can always customize the recipe to your liking. Mix all the ingredients and make small, cute balls with the mixture. Bake the balls for 20 minutes or more. Once done, enjoy these sausage balls as it is, or combine them with some keto-friendly pasta. 

10. 5-Ingredient Crab Dip

5-Ingredient Crab Dip

One of the most flavorful dips on Earth is – crab dip—hands down, to the flavors and texture of the recipe. The crab meat combined with cream cheese and delicious seasoning is perfect for enjoying crunchy celery or carrots. You can enjoy other dishes with the dip, like nachos and tortilla chips. 

Combine cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and Old Bay seasoning. This mixture is going to be super creamy and cheesy. The recipe calls for some cheddar cheese, chives, and hot sauce.

Now, all you have to do is combine the crab meat. Make sure to cut the crab meat into tiny pieces so that every bit of the dip is filled with the goodness of crab flavors. All you have to do is bake. Serve once cool, and enjoy. 

11. Keto Cream Cheese Cookies

Keto Cream Cheese Cookies

We all want that one bite of cookie, yet our diet preferences make it a little challenging. On a keto diet, you can enjoy cream cheese cookies. These cookies are super fluffy, smooth, and delicate. The addition of cream cheese adds nice tangy notes and gives a very creamy texture. Preparing this recipe is quite simple and convenient. 

Mix dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk butter and cream cheese. Add sugar and eggs to the mixture and whisk everything well. You can use an electric hand mixer for the best results.

Add a few drops of vanilla extract, then add the dry ingredients. Make balls from the mixture and press them between your hands, giving a cookie shape. Bake the cookies for 10 minutes or so. Your delicious cookies are ready to eat. 

12. Keto Cream Cheese Frosting 

Keto Cream Cheese Frosting

The frosting makes cookies, pastries, or cakes more delicious and beautiful. However, frosting may concern you because of its high carb. But worry not, as keto cream cheese frosting is perfect for sweet treats. You can quickly whip the frosting with very few ingredients. 

I prefer using powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar. This recipe requires only some cream cheese, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar. Let the cream cheese melt at room temperature and get soft & smooth. Combine all the three ingredients in a bowl. Hand whisk the mixture until fluffy, smooth, and soft. This keto cream cheese frosting is used to top cupcakes, pastries, or sweet treats. 

13. Olive Spread

Olive Spread

Olive spread is perfect to pair with French bread or sandwiches. They are super rich in flavors and very cheesy. The flavors of olives are well blended with creamy and velvety cream cheese. For the recipe, all you need is cream cheese, olives, mayonnaise, chives, and pecans. 

Take a bowl and combine cream cheese with chopped olives and mayonnaise. You need to shape the mixture like logs and chill in the refrigerator. Make sure to store it in an airtight container. Take some pecan in a pan and bake it for 5 to 8 minutes. The idea is to lightly toast the pecans and roll the cream cheese in chopped chives and pecans before serving. 

14. Homemade Boursin Cheese

Homemade Boursin Cheese

Boursin cheese is another cheesy, creamy, and velvety dip you can ever try. The good news is that they are easy to make at home with few ingredients. Adding cheese cream with flavorful herbs makes this dip too good to be true. You can combine this dip with any dish and enjoy the cheesiest flavors. Pair with bread, salads, pasta, chicken dishes, or crackers. 

Take a bowl and combine cream cheese and butter. Add the seasoning mix and blend everything. Add salt and pepper to taste. Your dip is ready to be served. You can keep the dip at room temperature. 

15. Bacon-Wrapped Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Bacon-Wrapped Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

These bacon-wrapped cream cheese-stuffed chicken are fancy yet simple dishes at home. Perfectly baked with cream cheese, this dish will melt your heart within the first few bites. You can refrigerate the dish for around 3 to 4 days in airtight containers. The flavors of bacon paired with chicken make a magical combination. 

Start cooking bacon in a pan until it turns red, and cook thoroughly. Meanwhile, in a bowl, combine cream cheese and chives. Also, before using chicken, tenderize with the help of a rolling pin. Take the mixture and spread it over the chicken breast.

Use the mixture generously. Take the chicken breast and roll it with bacon. Make sure that you tie the chicken very nicely using the bacon. Bake until golden and crispy. Garnish with chopped chives, and enjoy. 

16. Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Cream Cheese

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Cream Cheese

If you need clarification about what to make with asparagus, why don’t you try this new and flavorful prosciutto-wrapped asparagus? This recipe includes cream cheese, which makes it keto-friendly.

Also, adding cream cheese makes the dish very creamy and smooth. Making this dish is super easy and fun to make. Cut the prosciutto in half, spread cream cheese, and roll with asparagus. All you have to do now is bake them with complete warmth and love. 

17. Dill Veggie Dip with Cream Cheese

Dill Veggie Dip with Cream Cheese

We are not over with dip recipes made with cream cheese. Try dill veggie dip; you will love serving this at every party and gathering. Simple to make yet very flavorful and rich in texture. I find this dip very refreshing and crunchy at the same time. 

The ingredients you need for the recipes are – cream cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, heavy cream, chives, parsley, garlic powder, salt, onion powder, black pepper, grated cucumber, and dill. Combine cream cheese, mayonnaise, and sour cream with an electric mixer. Add the rest of the ingredients and combine well. You can add some more vegetables like carrots, capsicum, etc. Serve it chilled and enjoy. 

18. Cream Cheese Pound Cake

cream cheese pound cakes

If you have yet to try this delicious, soft, melt-in-mouth cream cheese pound cake, do it now. If you follow the recipe step by step, you will get moist, velvety, and buttery. 

Beat some butter until smooth and creamy. Add the cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, and sour cream. Beat some eggs, then add the flour, baking powder, and salt. Ensure there is no lump, and bake for 70 to 80 minutes. Once baked, let it cool, top with some whipped cream made with cream cheese, and enjoy the cake. 

19. Keto Chocolate Cheesecake Fat Bomb

Keto Chocolate Cheesecake Fat Bomb

Who said that chocolate cheesecakes cannot be delicious and healthy simultaneously? Try this recipe without compromising your keto diet, and have mouthwatering cheesecakes. Combine cream cheese, sour cream, and vanilla extract. It is best if you use an electric mixer for the same.

After this, add the butter, followed by powdered erythritol and unsweetened cocoa powder. Let the mixture chill down in the fridge. Use some coconut oil or butter, and make cute balls. Make some chocolate coating and cover each ball with chocolate mixture. Let the chocolate sit in the fridge and coat well. Enjoy the fat bombs, and have a good chocolate day. 

20. Keto Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Keto Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is so familiar that it should be considered a staple. You may not get to eat this dish if you are on a keto diet. However, with my special recipe, you can enjoy your mac and cheese without compromise. Let me tell you, this recipe calls for cauliflower, and this is one of the most unique combinations you can ever try. I was shocked by how the flavors turned out and couldn’t be happier. 

Make sure to boil the cauliflowers with a pinch of salt. Remove and set it aside. Start boiling some milk and then add cream cheese to the same pan. Season the mixture with spices and herbs.

Cheddar cheese and mozzarella are also great in a keto diet, so add them generously. Add the cauliflower back and coat with cheese sauce. It is time to bake, so transfer everything to the baking dish. Make a pork rinder mixture in a small bowl and sprinkle over the cauliflower. Garnish this delicious keto mac and cheese with crispy bacon, and enjoy. 

21. 2-Minute Seasoning Cream Cheese Dip

2-Minute Seasoning Cream Cheese Dip

Dips are underrated, but they make your delicious dishes better and complete. This 2-minute seasoning cream cheese dip is soft, smooth, and perfect for snacks or savory dishes. Finding the best-flavored ones is hard in the world of dips and spreads. However, this dip carries the best dip qualities. 

All you need is some cream cheese and sour cream. Combine these two nicely in a bowl. Add seasoning like salt, garlic powder, and onion powder. Whip the mixture well. Transfer to a bowl and enjoy. 

22. Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll Fat Bombs

Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll Fat Bombs

Satisfy your sugar cravings with these cream cheese cinnamon roll fat bombs. This recipe gives me all the Christmas vibes. You can enjoy the sweet bites and the velvety texture. This recipe may take up to one hour, but trust me, it is super easy and convenient. 

Combine cream cheese, butter, sweetener, cinnamon, and vanilla extract with an electric mixer. You need to chill the mixture in the refrigerator for around thirty minutes. Once the mixture is cooled, make small balls out of it.

Freeze the balls for another 45 minutes. Meanwhile, make some frosting, for which you must whisk cream cheese, heavy cream, sweetener, and vanilla extract. Take the balls out and top with the prepared frosting. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder and enjoy. 

23. Keto Chocolate Mousse

Keto chocolate mousse

This keto chocolate mousse is super easy to make and, for sure, very delicious. Perfectly sweet and soft in texture, this mousse is a must-try. As this is a keto-friendly mousse, we will use powdered zero-calorie sweetener. This is a perfect treat if you have a sweet tooth but are worried about the carbs. 

Take cream cheese in a bowl and whisk it with the help of an electric mixer. Slowly add some heavy cream and vanilla. Add the sweetener, cocoa powder, and a pinch of salt to elevate the flavors. Let the mixture get soft and fluffy. Refrigerate the mousse after placing a cup. Enjoy every single bite and have a chocolaty day. 

24. Cloud Bread

Cloud Bread

One of the fluffiest, softest, and sweetest breads I have ever tasted. Very low in carb and gluten-free, making this cloud bread is super easy. You can eat this as a snack or even have some after dinner as a dessert. 

Take some egg whites and whip until creamy and fluffy. Add cream of tartar and mix until it turns into firm meringue peaks. In a clean mixing bowl, beat some cream cheese. Now add some egg yolks and make a very smooth mixture.

Now it’s time to sprinkle some Italian seasonings, followed by salt and garlic powder. Take a small proportion and place it on the baking sheet. Bake until golden and fluffy. That is all. Enjoy every bite. 

25. Keto Bacon Scallion Cream Cheese

Keto Bacon Scallion Cream Cheese

We all love eating bagels; the flavors will elevate with this keto bacon scallion cream cheese. This recipe calls for cream cheese and crispy bacon. A perfect savory spread with scallions provides a refreshing pairing option with a bagel. Take some cream cheese and pour almond milk. You can even add heavy cream instead of almond milk. 

Squeeze some lemon juice, vinegar, and sweetener. Use a hand mixer and then stir in crumbled bacon and scallions.

Let the prepared mixture freeze for a while so that it gets firm. The crispy bacon bits give an excellent taste and a perfect bagel bite with cream cheese. The addition of scallions adds the required crunchiness and refreshing elements. 

26. Keto Bacon Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

Keto Bacon Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers are a fun dish to enjoy before a meal as a snack starter. These fun-looking snacks will lure all the guests and family members, and trust me, the flavors are mouthwatering. The best thing about this dish is that it is baked and keto-friendly. 

You only have to invest a little time, and within a few minutes, your jalapeno poppers with cream cheese will be ready.

It is the perfect appetizer with lots of creamy flavors. Also, the recipe calls for bacon that will add the right amount of crispiness to the dish. Those who love the spiciness and tanginess of jalapenos will love this recipe. 

Make the jalapenos filling, combining cream cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, green onions, cilantro, and garlic. Take jalapenos and cut them in half. Fill the space of the jalapenos with cream cheese mixture. Place them in a line on a baking sheet. Sprinkle bacon over the jalapenos and ensure it sticks with the cream cheese mixture. Bake in the oven until golden and crispy. 

27. Keto Sushi Rolls

Keto Sushi Rolls

Sushi is loved by many of us, and it has become a ubiquitous dish here. People visit restaurants to enjoy sushi and try making the same recipe at home. However, you may hesitate to eat sushi if you are on a carb-cutting spree. Worry not, as I have a keto-friendly recipe for sushi rolls.

The key ingredients in the recipes are cauliflower rice instead of white rice, which means significantly less carbs. And don’t worry about variation in the taste. It will have similar flavors and savory notes to the regular sushi rolls. 

Firstly, make some cauliflower rice by grinding the cauliflower in a food processor. Cook the cauliflower rice in a non-stick pan for 7 minutes. Keep the cooked cauliflower aside in a bowl. Add some cream cheese, vinegar, and erythritol while the cauliflower rice is warm.

After mixing, place the bowl in the refrigerator for around half an hour. Meanwhile, you can prepare the filling. We will prepare different mixtures – salmon, avocado, and spicy tuna. 

Slice some salmon, avocado, and cucumber, and combine sriracha and mayonnaise. Keep it aside. Combine tuna, mayonnaise, sriracha, vinegar, and chili oil in another bowl. Take a noria sheet and place the shiny side on a sushi mat. Place the chilled cauliflower rice and spread evenly. Now apply any one of the prepared mixtures. 

Use a splash of water on the sides to easily roll and tuck the filling in between. The sushi mat will help in rolling it perfectly. Now, you can cut the rolled sushi in two parts to give a perfect eating size. For salmon avocado, use some mayo to garnish; sprinkle some sesame seeds for spicy tuna. 

28. Garlic Butter Keto Bread

Garlic Butter Keto Bread

One of the most common side dishes is garlic butter bread. We all know that the original recipe has many calories and carbs. This version of garlic butter bread is keto-friendly and tastes very similar. It has a better flavor because of the cream cheese. 

The crispy bread is paired with creamy and smooth cream cheese with aromatic flavors of garlic. The specialty of the bread is that we use almond flour with a secret ingredient – bacon bits. 

Start with combining parmesan and Italian seasoning on a shallow plate. In another bowl, take some mozzarella and stir with cream cheese. Melt the cream cheese mixture for a minute or so. 

In the same bowl, break eggs and add baking powder, almond flour, and bacon. Mix everything well. Now, scoop some mixture, giving it a round shape, and coat it with a prepared parmesan mixture. Place the mix on an iron skillet and refrigerate for 10 minutes.

Now, you only have to wait for it to cool down. Meanwhile, preheat your oven, and once the skillet is out of the refrigerator, place it in the oven. Bake the bread for 20-25 minutes. Prepare garlic butter by combining minced garlic with chopped parsley and browned butter. Brush the garlic butter over the baked bread and enjoy. 

29. Cloud Bread Blinis With Smoked Salmon

Cloud Bread Blinis With Smoked Salmon

If you are looking for easy yet delicious snacks or appetizers, go for cloud bread blinis with smoked salmon. This dish turned out very differently, and I was delighted with the flavors. One of the most healthy appetizers you can try and enjoy with friends and family. 

The recipe calls for egg whites and yolks but in two different bowls. 

The first bowl will have egg whites, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt. In the second bowl, combine egg yolks with cream cheese, salt, onion, garlic powder, and some pepper. Whisk the mixture nicely. You can use an electric blender to whip the ingredients. 

Mix one-third of the egg white mixture with the egg yolk mixture. Make a smooth paste. Repeat this and fold everything very nicely.

Take small scoops of the mixture in a baking tray and place on the tray. Bake them for a while. Meanwhile, mix the horseradish and cream cheese sauce and prepare the salmon. Once the blinis are naked, top it with cream cheese and smoked salmon. 

30. Buffalo Chicken Fat Bombs

Buffalo Chicken Fat Bombs

Don’t worry; these fat bombs won’t make you fat if you have the right portion. Coming back to the recipe of buffalo chicken fat bombs, which is a perfect combination of tender and juicy chicken with crispy bacon. The flavors of cream cheese complement the zesty seasoning. Overall, I call these heaven bombs instead of fat bombs. 

You can do this very quickly at home. All you need to do is cook the bacon until nice and crisp. Once the bacon is cooked and cooled down, cut it into pieces. Take a bowl and add some shredded chicken. Stir in cream cheese, ranch seasoning, green onions, red hot sauce, and butter. Now, you need to combine the mixture until smooth and creamy. Let the mixture freeze for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Scoop some of the mixture and make round balls once the mixture is chilled and firm. Run the balls with crispy bacon bits, then place them in the freezer again. Let the balls get firm, and then enjoy these little bites of heaven.

31. Cheddar Ranch Savoury Fat Bombs

Cheddar Ranch Savoury Fat Bombs

If you loved the buffalo chicken fat bombs, try cheddar ranch savory fat bombs. This recipe has a heavenly blend of cream cheese, dill, garlic, cheddar, and pecans. When mixed, these ingredients create a magic of flavors and taste.

They are easy to make; you can make them quickly. You will love the savory flavors with a hint of sweetness; it is healthy and keto-friendly. 

Mix cheddar, cream cheese, garlic powder, and dried dill. You need to chill the mixture. Remember to cover the mixture with a plastic wrap. Meanwhile, mix some pecans and parsley. Take the cream cheese mixture out of the freezer and coat it with the pecan mixture. That is all. You can store these cute and delightful balls in an airtight container. Pop them in your mouth and satisfy your mid-day cravings. 

32. Turkey Bacon Ranch Pinwheels

Turkey Bacon Ranch Pinwheels

Many people enjoy turkey bacon ranch pinwheels as snacks, but it is a comfort meal. Simple yet delicious, this recipe is my go-to dish whenever I want to brush off all the blues. This recipe will give a warm glimpse of the holiday season. You can even treat your guests with these pinwheels and let them enjoy the fantastic flavors combined with turkey. I prefer the smoked version for the turkey as it enhances the overall flavors. 

Apart from turkey, we will use some bacon for the extra crispy and meaty flavors. Combine cream cheese, Ranch seasoning, shredded cheddar cheese, and chopped bacon. Take some tortillas and spread the prepared mixture evenly.

Top the tortilla with a generous amount of turkey meat. Roll the tortilla so that the filling is nicely tucked inside. Slice the tortilla and enjoy the smoothest and creamiest turkey bacon ranch pinwheels. 

33. Spinach Chicken Casserole With Cream Cheese and mozzarella 

Spinach Chicken Casserole With Cream Cheese and mozzarella

Who doesn’t love cheesy casseroles? Now, you can enjoy the keto-friendly chicken casserole with spinach, cream cheese, and mozzarella. This recipe calls for chicken breasts that complement other ingredients like spinach and cheese. It is super easy to make and a very comforting meal you can enjoy with your loved ones. The savory flavors are too good to be true, and I am sure you will love every bite of this cheesy chicken casserole. 

You can start by mixing the spices, like Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes, into a zip-lock bag. Add olive oil and garlic in the same bag and season with salt and pepper. Now place the chicken breast in the bag and coat it with the seasonings.

Place the chicken on a baking tray and spread a generous amount of cream cheese. Top the cream cheese with some cooked spinach. Now it’s time for mozzarella. After shredding a good amount of mozzarella, bake the chicken until golden and bubbly. 

34. Keto cheesecake fluff

Keto Cheesecake Fluff

The velvety and creamiest bites of cheesecakes are close to heaven. Although it is a little high in carbs, you can still enjoy it with this keto cheesecake fluff recipe. The best part is that the recipe requires only three ingredients and can be ready in 5 minutes. I can bet that the final dish will turn out most creamiest and irresistible. It is perfect to have it after a great dinner. 

All you have to do is gather some cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, and powdered sweetener. When I say that you can do this within five minutes, then it is true. Whip some heavy whipping cream until you see the stiff peaks. You can use the stand mixer for the same. Keep it aside for a while. 

Combine cream cheese and powdered sugar in the stand mixer until fluffy and smooth. Fold the whipped cream with the cream cheese fluff. Now, serve this creamy and smooth cheesecake fluff in a bowl or a glass, and top it off with some berries of your choice. 

35. Keto mug cheesecake


Want to try mug cheesecake that you can make in the microwave? This mug cheesecake recipe is keto-friendly. It’s super easy to make, and you only need a few ingredients. This recipe of cheesecakes will be crustless, but trust me, the flavors will be worthwhile. 

Gather the simple ingredients like cream cheese, egg, lemon juice, lemon zest, powdered sugar, and some vanilla extract if you want to. Mix these ingredients in a bowl. I prefer a fork to do this step as it is very convenient. Take ramekins on any cup that you can microwave. Grease with olive oil very lightly. 

This will help the cheesecake to come out once baked. Place the batter in the ramekins and microwave on high for around a minute. Give another 20 seconds in the microwave, then rest on the counter for 10 minutes. Make sure to refrigerate for an hour and then enjoy. 

36. Keto truffle recipe

Keto truffle recipe

With cream cheese, your cravings for something sweet yet light at the same time will never end. I loved the keto truffle recipe that I had at my friend’s house. After that, I had to try it at home, and the flavors were mesmerizing. These cream cheese truffle balls have a decent combination of chocolate, coffee, and rum flavors. Incredibly easy to make and has the perfect sweet notes. I used rum extract instead of real rum; you can choose the other way around. 

Add some cream cheese followed by cocoa powder, Swerve, Stevia, rum extract, instant coffee, water, and heavy whipping cream. Use a hand blender to mix all these ingredients. The idea is to make a smooth batter. Place the bowl in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. Mix some more cocoa powder and spread it to run the balls once chilled. Place them in paper candy cups once rolled and coated with cocoa powder. Let it cool for another hour. 

37. Low Carb Cream Cheese Spaghetti

Low Carb Cream Cheese Spaghetti

It is challenging to satisfy the savory cravings on a keto diet. Low in carbs, this baked spaghetti casserole with turkey will give you the right flavors you crave. Very simple and easy to make, you can try this during small gatherings of friends and family. 

Start with cooking ground turkey in some butter. Let the turkey turn brown, and then add pasta sauce, onion, garlic, fresh parsley, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, garlic salt, and pepper. Let everything simmer for a while. Meanwhile, combine some cream cheese, ricotta cheese, sour cream, and mozzarella. 

Prepare the casserole dish by spraying some oil. Place the cooked noodles or pasta, followed by the cream cheese mixture. Now place the cooked turkey and top it with the pasta sauce. Spread some mozzarella and parmesan. Bake the casserole for 20 to 25 minutes, and it is done when you see a nice brown color. Garnish with basil and pepper flakes. 

38. Low-carb Cream Cheese With Herbs

Low-carb Cream Cheese With Herbs

We all want to enjoy our snacks and appetizers with some creamy dip. That is why I am here to share a really excellent and mostly underrated low-carb cream cheese with herbs. This recipe includes fresh herbs, giving you a flavorful and refreshing dip. 

And it is very wrong to say that it is just a dip because you can also use it as a spread. You need only essential ingredients like cream cheese, basil or parsley, celery stalks, garlic seasoning, and lemon zest. 

All you must do is stir the listed ingredients except the celery stalks in a bowl. I recommend adding some olive oil as well. Place the mixed ingredients in the refrigerator. This will allow the dip to develop better flavors. If you want, you can even add some salt to the dip. Meanwhile, rinse and cut the celery stalks in half. Once the dip is chilled, enjoy it with celery stalks or any other item you choose. 

39. Low Carb Cream Cheese Pumpkin Pancakes

Low Carb Cream Cheese Pumpkin Pancakes

Pancakes and mornings are like best buddies. They are a perfect pair for each other. Even though you are cutting carbs from your diet and want to enjoy some delicate and sweet pancakes, look no further. Try pumpkin pancakes made with cream cheese, making them low-carb and keto-friendly. As the recipe says pumpkin pancakes, we will use pumpkin to make the butter. Also, the flavors will intensify with pumpkin spice in the pancake batter. 

Talking about the batter, combine cream cheese, eggs, almond flour, and some pumpkin spice. Blend the ingredients well. Keep it aside to make the butter. For pumpkin butter, start by mixing some of the pumpkin with butter. To smoothen the mixture, keep microwaving for 10 seconds and stir. You can add stevia to taste after it smoothes. Now, all you have to do is make pancakes as usual. You can top the pancakes with pecans and butter to enjoy.

40. Low Carb Cream Cheese Stuffed Bagel Bites

Low Carb Cream Cheese Stuffed Bagel Bites

I get too excited about the dish when I hear cream cheese stuffed. This tells my love for cream cheese, especially on the keto diet. This dish is an excellent breakfast on the go. Grab these cute little bagel bites and munch on them while you prepare for your work. 

The sweet flavors will lighten your mood and kill all the blues. Making them is relatively easy. You can even make some and store them for the following day. 

The recipe is prepared in two different parts. First, we must prepare the ingredients for the bagel and then make the delicious filling. I recommend you start the filling preparations first. 

You will need cream cheese, vanilla extract, vanilla liquid stevia, heaving cream, and sugarless strawberry jam. Blend these ingredients using a stand mixer until smooth and creamy. Now, scoop the filling and make small balls. Place the balls in the refrigerator on parchment paper. Let it chill for not less than thirty minutes. 

Next, start preparing the bagel bites. Break some eggs in sour cream and blend it well. Stir in some ground flaxseeds, salt, baking powder, coconut flour, protein powder, cinnamon and stevia. After transferring them to the muffin cups, you only have to bake them. Start with placing bagel mixture, then top with the cream cheese balls. Bake for 20 minutes and enjoy. 

41. Beef Stroganoff Casserole

Beef Stroganoff Casserole

I am sure you have tried many casserole recipes, but trust me when I say beef stroganoff casserole is a must-try. It is one of my favorite comforting meals for any part of the day. The savory flavors of this dish are simply commendable.

The combination of cream cheese and cream of mushroom soup with beef will enhance the flavors and make you crave more. The warm bites of this dish make me so comfortable and remove all the tiredness. 

The specialty of the dish is the egg noodles. Cook the egg noodles for around 10 minutes in boiling water. Meanwhile, season the ground beef with some salt and pepper. Sprinkle some garlic powder for the aromatic flavors. Now cook the meat. Once it turns brown, add cream of mushroom soup, cream cheese, and milk; let the cream cheese melt properly. Your cheesy sauce is ready. Transfer the sauce over the cooked noodles and enjoy. 

42. Italian Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms

Italian Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms are flavorful vegetables. They bring meaty and earthy notes to the dish—a perfect snack option with stuffed mushrooms for gatherings and parties. The stuffing makes the dish more tempting and desirable. You can even make some of it ahead of time and store it to enjoy later. Don’t worry, as it is a keto-friendly diet. 

Remove the stems of the mushrooms and finely chop them. Keep it aside and start cooking the sausages in a bit of oil. Crumble the sausages while cooking for 4 to 5 minutes. Transfer to a clean plate. In the same pan, cook the mushrooms with salt, pepper, and thyme. Cook the mushrooms for a minute or so. 

Now, prepare the cream cheese mixture. Combine softened cream cheese, egg yolk, and Parmesan cheese. Mix the sausage and cream cheese blend. Let it refrigerate for an hour or so. Scoop the cream cheese mixture and fill the mushroom. Bake it until bubbly, and enjoy once it cools down. 

43. Creamy Chicken Mushroom Soup

Creamy Chicken Mushroom Soup

The days when we feel so blue and gloomy are complex, but you can make it a hot and comforting day. Have some creamy chicken mushroom soup, and let it take away all your worries. Combining meaty and earthy mushrooms with delicious chicken pieces goes to the next level of flavors. The addition of herbs makes the dish more aromatic and therapeutic. 

You have to start by cutting the mushroom stems. Take a pan and heat some oil. Cook the onion and garlic. Stir the chicken pieces and season with some salt, pepper, thyme, oregano, and Worcestershire sauce. Add mushrooms as well. Cook until the mushroom and chicken cook well.

Mix half and half with some cornflour. Stir in chicken broth and cream. Add this to the chicken and let it simmer for a while. You can add some salt to taste and serve once the chicken is well cooked. Serve it hot and enjoy. 

44. Creamy Blue Cheese and Red Onion Crostini

Creamy Blue Cheese and Red Onion Crostini

I know that most of us are not so fond of blue cheese, but trust me, this recipe – Creamy Blue Cheese and Red Onion Crostini– will be your new favorite. The recipe also calls for cream cheese, and the combination with red onions and baguette is exceptionally delicious. 

Cut the baguette into thick slices and place them on a baking tray. Brush a little oil over each slice. Now, toast the baguette for at least 9 to 10 minutes. Meanwhile, peel some red onion and cut into slices. Cook the onion with some sugar over medium heat. 

Pour some red wine vinegar and cook for another minute. Stir some salt and remove from the heat. On the other hand, prepare the cheese mixture. 

Mix cream cheese and blue cheese in a bowl. Take the toasted bread slices and spread the cheese mixture generously. Top it with the prepared onion jam, and use some parsley for garnishing. 

45. Chicken Bacon & Veggie Cream Cheese Wrap

Chicken Bacon & Veggie Cream Cheese Wrap

Meat and cream cheese go well together, so you must try Chicken Bacon & Veggie Cream Cheese Wrap—a perfect meal for any part of the day. I also serve this dish as a snack for a small gathering, and everybody loves the unique meaty flavors with the creamy cheese. 

Best dish if you are on a keto diet as it has low carbs and high protein content. You can prepare this and store it in the fridge for a week. One of the creamiest yet crunchy wraps you will ever taste. 

The first step is to cook the chicken breast after mixing it with olive oil, black pepper, and ranch seasoning. Once the chicken is cooked, cut them into small pieces. Meanwhile, cook the bacon strips on a pan or air fryer. Take a tortilla wrap and spread cream cheese generously and evenly. Place the lettuce followed by bell pepper, red onion, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, a slice of bacon, and chicken. Roll the wrap so that everything is perfectly tucked inside. Cut in half and enjoy. 

46. Creamy Chicken and Tomato Bake

Creamy Chicken and Tomato Bake

Creamy chicken and tomato bake is a perfect dish to enjoy as it is, or you can even pair it with some zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice. This yummy and keto-friendly diet is an excellent addition to your dinner table. 

The best thing is that it is a pot dish with a straightforward preparation method. When I talk about the flavors, it adds the right amount of savory, meaty, and creamy notes. I love to pair this baked dish with some warm cauliflower dish, and this is one of my comfort foods of all time. 

Start with placing the chicken breast in the baking tray. Top the chicken with tomatoes, onions, garlic, salt and pepper. Also, pour some olive oil over the chicken. Take some scoops of cream cheese and place at the center of the baking dish. Cook the chicken by baking it for around 30 minutes or so. Take the chicken pieces and garlic once cooked and shred. Mix everything well, and you are done.  

47. Easy Cream Cheese Chicken

Easy Cream Cheese Chicken

The combination of savory and cheesy flavors is God’s heaven. I must say that chicken with cream cheese is the synonym definition of delicious food. The recipe calls for the simple and essential ingredients that are very flavorful. You can enjoy this dish on your keto diet and call it a good food day. 

Serve this at a party, and people won’t stop discussing the food. Adding mushrooms with chicken breast is another excellent combination of all time. You can even serve some peas with this dish and enjoy your keto-friendly meal. I prefer some broccoli on the side to enjoy with creamy chicken. 

Start cooking some onions and mushrooms in oil for 5 minutes until soft and translucent. Add some garlic for the aromatic flavors. On the other hand, season the chicken breast strips with salt and pepper. 

Add the seasoned chicken to the same pan and cook until golden brown. Now it’s time to stir some cream cheese along with chicken broth. Let the cheese melt well, and then sprinkle some mozzarella. Cover and cook until the chicken is well done. Serve immediately and enjoy this hot and cheesy chicken dish. 

48. Keto Crack Chicken

Keto Crack Chicken

Without any doubt, keto crack chicken is a perfect dinner meal. The unique combination of chicken, bacon, ranch seasoning, and cream cheese is all we need—a very fulfilling dish with many flavors and tastes. As the name itself suggests, it is a keto-friendly dish. There is a minimal carb, plus it is easy to prepare. You are for sure going to love the flavors. 

Sprinkle salt, pepper, and garlic powder over the chicken breast pieces. Firstly, cook some bacon strips in oil, and in the same pan, cook the chicken after removing the bacon strips. Make sure to use butter to cook the chicken breast for better flavors.

Pour the pan liquid over the cooked chicken on a baking dish. Meanwhile, combine the cream cheese and spices in a bowl and spread over the chicken breasts. Top with bacon strips followed by mozzarella. Bake until cooked and enjoy. 

49. Keto Queso Chicken Soup

Keto Queso Chicken Soup

Soup is the most warming and comforting meal for cozy days, and everything improves with the addition of chicken. With keto queso chicken soup, you get more delicate and creamy flavors than you can ever taste. The blended spices with cream cheese are everything you could ask for. 

Heat a pan and add oil. Toss some Rotel and taco seasoning in the oil. Stir in some chicken and broth and simmer for a while. Take the chicken out and shred it in a bowl. Add cream cheese followed by heavy cream in the soup. You can mix the ingredients using a blender. Let the cheese melt, and then add the chicken back. Add some salt and serve the soup immediately. 

50. Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins

Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins

Muffins are great and even more significant when they are friendly. I had this little delight at my cousin’s house, and I loved the sweet notes. Perfectly baked, fluffy, soft blueberry and cream cheese muffins are to die for. Start with combining oil and butter in a bowl. Stir in some sugar, egg, and egg white in the same bowl. 

Now add buttermilk and vanilla extract. Whisk everything together nicely. Mix flour, cornstarch, baking powder, and salt in another bowl. Combine the ingredients of both bowls. Add the blueberries to the batter and keep it aside. 

Make a cream cheese mixture by combining cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla extract. It would be best if you also prepared the streusel. For that, combine flour, brown sugar, and salt. Drizzle butter over the mixture and make a smooth mixture with no lumps. 

Take muffin cups and fill 2/3rd with the muffin batter. Place the cream cheese mixture in the center. Again, place the batter and swirl the batter and cream cheese nicely. Sprinkle some streusel. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Let it cool for a while. Enjoy every single bite. 

51. One Pan Cheesy Fajita Chicken


Chicken and vegetables are one of the most underrated combinations. The creamy and cheesy fajita made with chicken and veggies is exceptionally delicious. The flavors are great, and with low carb and high protein, it is a perfect keto-friendly. 

Mix spices like cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Use the same spice blend and sprinkle over the chicken. Coat it evenly. Cook the chicken in the skillet with some oil. After 2 to 3 minutes, add the vegetables and stir well. Cook everything well and keep it aside. Stir in heavy cream, broth, cream cheese, and half the cheddar cheese. Transfer the chicken and fold it with the creamy and cheesy mixtures. Let it simmer, and enjoy. 

52. Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed Cauliflower

We are fond of mashed potatoes, but have you ever tried mashed cauliflower? It’s a perfect keto-friendly dish if you miss potatoes in your life. Mashed cauliflower is perfectly creamy and cheesy with delicate notes. Try this different version of mashed potatoes, and you will surely be thankful to me. 

Steam the cauliflower until soft. Strain the cauliflower to remove excess water. In a food processor, blend the cauliflower. Add cream cheese, sour cream, onion powder, garlic powder, butter, salt and pepper. Mash well and combine nicely. Heat it again in the pot. Garnish with butter and some chives. 

53. Chaffle 


Waffles are great but come with carbs, a big no for fitness enthusiasts. That is why we have this fantastic chaffle recipe with a beautiful flavor similar to the original waffles. You will enjoy the sweet flavors; the crispy bites are too good. 

To make the chaffle batter, combine eggs, then add shredded cheese, softened cream cheese, almond flour, baking powder, sweetener, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Mix everything evenly. Fill the mini waffle cups with the batter and bake until crisp for around 4 to 6 minutes. 

54. Keto Sugar Cookies

keto sugar cookies

Cookies are childhood best friends, and now, when we are grown-ups, we hesitate to take a bite because of carbs and sugar. You will be amazed that this keto sugar cookie recipe has no oil, eggs, or grains, but the flavor and texture are unmatched. If you want to enjoy melt-in-mouth cookies, then try this recipe. 

Take a mixing bowl and combine almond flour, followed by coconut flour, powdered sugar, and a pinch of salt. Now combine softened butter and cream cheese. Whisk the butter and add vanilla extract. After kneading, the dough is made the same. Make small balls and flatten them one by one. Let it freeze for half an hour or more. Use a cookie cutter and cut the cookies as per your desire. Coat with the powdered sugar and bake until gooey and golden. 

55. Stuffed Poblano Peppers

stuffed poblano

The best-stuffed poblano peppers I have ever tasted in my life. The cheesy and well-roasted peppers are nicely cooked and are gooey and well-seasoned. Take some poblano peppers and light grease with oil. Grill the peppers for around 10 minutes from all the way through. Once they are cooled, peel the skin. Scoop the insides. 

Combine cream cheese, cheddar cheese, garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, and salt and pepper in a bowl. Stuff the cheese-cream mixture well. Be very generous with the mixture. Cook until the cheese is melted, and once done, squeeze some lime juice and garnish with some cilantro. 


Cheese cream is one of my favorite foods, and I love adding it to most of my dishes—cheese cream pairs well with every dish, whether baking or grilling. Pair them with something savory or top it on sweet treats; they are so good and versatile.

I enjoy eating cream cheese pound cake, muffins, and anything sweet. I hope that this whole cheesy conversation was helpful and smooth for your understanding. I will be back with some more conversations like this. Until then, eat some cream cheese chicken. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is cream cheese good for keto?

Yes, cream cheese is excellent to add to your diet if you are on a keto diet. It has low carbs and perfectly satisfies your cheese cravings.  

What are some savory dishes to eat with cream cheese?

You can have any dish made with chicken with cream cheese. Bacon and other meat also pair well. From pizza to fajitas, there is always room for cream cheese, and its addition always elevates all the flavors. 

What type of cheese is not preferred in a keto diet? 

Generally, cheese is great for a keto diet. However, due to some nutrient content and fat, cottage cheese and low-fat & processed cheese are not ideal for a keto diet. 

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