Can A Diabetic Eat At McDonald’s In 2024 | 14 Options To Try

Managing diabetes can often feel like a juggling act, especially when eating at McDonald’s. In that case, healthy meal options are a lifesaver. But for those with diabetes, finding menu items that won’t lead to a blood sugar spike can be challenging. So, The question arises – can a diabetic eat at McDonald’s?

Man Eating At McDonald's

Yes! A Diabetic person can eat at McDonald’s. They must choose healthy menu options, including menu items low in calories and sugar. Some of these options include grilled chicken sandwiches, salads, and oatmeal. These options provide an appropriate amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, which can help keep blood sugar levels stable.

When choosing fast food, it’s essential to consider the total amount of carbohydrates in a meal as they are broken down into glucose in the body and can cause blood sugar spikes if consumed excessively. 

So, people with diabetes should be mindful of portion sizes. There are various menu options at McDonald’s that diabetic people can choose as a part of their meals. But out of so many menu options, which item is suitable for the diabetic? 

Well, here I have gathered a list of 12 food options for people with diabetes at McDonald’s. Now eating at McDonald’s can still be a part of a healthy lifestyle for those with diabetes.

Can A Diabetic Person Eat At McDonald’s?

Burger With Fries

Yes! People with diabetes can eat at McDonald’s. But it’s essential to be mindful of what you eat. It’s not just the carbs that people with diabetes need to take care of, but also the fat content. Consider these factors and find items on the menu that fit your dietary needs.

One thing to keep in mind is portion control. Eating large portions can quickly add up in terms of both carbohydrates and calories. So, it’s essential to stick to appropriate serving sizes. For example, you can opt for a small portion instead of ordering large fries or pair your meal with a side salad instead. 

You can also customize your order at McDonald’s. For example, you are skipping the cheese or opting for a whole wheat bun. On top of that, it’s also essential to look at the nutrition information on the McDonald’s website. They have a variety of lower carbs and fat options, such as grilled chicken sandwiches, salads, fruits, yogurt, etc. 

Keep These Things In Mind While Eating At McDonald’s If You Have Diabetes

If you’re eating at McDonald’s and have diabetes, it’s essential to be mindful of the nutritional values of your food choices. Keeping track of carbohydrates and serving sizes is necessary, as carbs can affect your blood sugar levels.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while eating at McDonald’s if you have diabetes:

  • Watch your portion size: Eating more than you need is easy, especially when eating at a fast-food restaurant. If you have diabetes, be careful of the portion size. 
  • Know menu options: McDonald’s has a variety of options such as parfait, quarter pounder without cheese, and grilled chicken salad which you can order. If you have diabetes, choose the healthy menu options. 
  • Choose healthier sides: Instead of ordering French fries, apple slices, or yogurt parfait. These menu options are lower in carbs and calories, making them a better choice for people with diabetes.
  • Order single burger: Always order a single burger, not with double or triple patties. For example, altogether avoid Big Mac burgers.  
  • Avoid sauces and dressings: Sauces and dressings add extra calories to your meals. Choose lighter condiments such as mustard or vinegar.  
  • Avoid fried meat: Avoid fried or crispy chicken or fried fish. They will be high in calories and fat content because they are deep-fried. Instead, go for grilled options.
  • Avoid sugary drinks: Soft drinks contain the highest sugar. Avoid them entirely, as they can raise your blood sugar quickly.     

It’s okay to have fast food every once in a while, but it’s to be mindful of nutritional values and making healthier choices. To check the detailed list of McDonald’s menu nutrition, click here.

Foods For Diabetic People At McDonald’s

McDonald’s offers a variety of menu options that fit into the healthy eating plan for people with diabetes. Here are some items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner:


Egg McMuffin

1. Egg McMuffin

Egg McMuffin comprises a toasted English muffin, Canadian bacon, egg, and American cheese. It has 300 calories and 31g of carbohydrates per serving. For people with diabetes, this is an excellent option because it provides protein from the egg and bacon, and an English muffin is a lower-carb option than a traditional burger.

2. Small Cappuccino 

A small cappuccino has approximately 80 calories and 12g of carbohydrates, most of which comes from milk. It’s a good option for people with diabetes because it provides a low-calorie and low-carb chance to start the day.

3. Sausage Burrito

The sausage burrito contains sausage, scrambled eggs, and melted cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. It has 450 calories and 39g of carbohydrates. While the burrito does contain a fair amount of carbs, it is also a good source of protein, which can help regulate blood sugar levels.

4. Fruit And Maple Oatmeal

The fruit and maple oatmeal comprise whole grain oats, diced apples, and raisins, topped with cream and maple syrup. Order it without cream. So, it will come to 220 calories approx and 35g of carbohydrates. Now it has become the best option for people with diabetes because whole-grain oats are a slow-digesting carb that will provide sustained energy throughout the day.

5. Apple Slices 

Apple slices are a better choice for people with diabetes at McDonald’s because they are a low-carb, high-fiber fruit. They contain only 15 calories per packet and 3 g of sugar. This means they won’t cause blood sugar levels to spike as quickly as other high-carb foods. Plus, the fiber in the apple slices can help slow down the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream, which can help keep your blood sugar levels more stable.

6. Americano  

McDonald’s Americano coffee is a strong coffee made with hot water and espresso. The small cup of Americano coffee contains no calories, 0 fat, and 0 sugar. That’s why it’s the best choice for people with diabetes. Moreover, it doesn’t contain milk and sugar at all. It’s a pure black coffee that people with diabetes can consume without worries. 

7. Premium Roast Coffee

McDonald’s premium roast coffee is available in various options, including black, with cream, and sugar. If you have diabetes, it’s best to choose black coffee. This coffee also has no sugar or carbs and only five calories. It means it won’t contribute to your daily calorie intake.

Lunch or Dinner 


1. Quarter Pounder Deluxe Without Cheese

A quarter-pounder deluxe without cheese contains a quarter pound of beef, lettuce, pickles, onions, and ketchup, served on a sesame seed bun. It has 410 calories and 40g of carbohydrates. Removing the cheese helps to reduce the calorie and carb count, making it a good option for people with diabetes.

2. Filet-O-Fish 

The Filet-O-Fish is a breaded fish filet with tartar sauce served on a bun. It has 390 calories and 38g of carbohydrates. This option is suitable for people with diabetes because it provides a source of lean protein and is relatively low in carbs compared to other menu items.

3. Mcchicken (Without Mayo) 

A McChicken burger is loaded with breaded chicken patty, lettuce, and pickles served on a bun. Without the mayonnaise, it has 320 calories and 37g of carbohydrates. The breaded chicken provides protein, and removing the mayonnaise helps reduce the calorie of the burger.

4. McDouble (Without Ketchup And Mustard) 

The McDouble contains two beef patties with pickles and onions, served on a bun. It has 390 calories and 36 g of carbohydrates without ketchup and mustard. Again, an excellent option for people with diabetes. 

Snacks/ Desserts

Chicken Nuggets

1. Vanilla Cone 

A small vanilla cone has approximately 150 calories and 28g of carbohydrates, most of which come from the sugar in the ice cream. This option is a treat and should be consumed in moderation and once in a while by people with diabetes.

2. 4 Piece Chicken Nuggets 

Chicken nuggets are fried chicken pieces. Four pieces of Mcnuggets have 190 calories and 11g of carbohydrates. Portion-wise, it’s a great option and also the source of protein. Remember to consume it in moderation. 

3. Hamburger 

McDonald’s hamburger is loaded with a beef patty, a bun, pickles, onions, mustard, and ketchup. It has 250 calories and 33 gm of carbohydrates. The beef patty provides protein, but it’s essential to maintain portion control.


People with diabetes can still enjoy eating at McDonald’s. However, it’s important to remember that not all menu items are created equal from a calorie point of view. McDonald’s does offer some options that can be part of a healthy eating plan for those with diabetes. But it’s also essential to know how McDonald’s foods are bad for your body.  

Therefore, choosing the right menu items is essential. By making intelligent and balanced food choices, people with diabetes can manage their blood sugar levels.

In this article, I also provided some food items that people with diabetes can consider when dining at McDonald’s. This information is helpful to you, and you found the correct answer. If you want to know more about healthy options like low-sodium McDonald’s foods to order, then check the article here.

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