21 Low Sodium McDonald’s Foods To Order In 2024

Lately, many of us have been looking to reduce our sodium intake. So, fast food restaurants like McDonald’s are taking all the measures for the same. If you are also curious about the low-sodium foods you could enjoy at McDonald’s, you have come to the right post! 

McDonald's Low Sodium Menu Options

McDonald’s menu has options with a low sodium content like hamburgers, French fries, hash browns, and even desserts like baked apple pie! Keeping recent health trends in mind, McDonald’s has tried their best to lower the sodium content of as many of their menu items as possible. 

One great thing about McDonald’s is that they are taking into account that people are trying to be healthier these days. So, not just low-sodium, but they are including all sorts of diets and dietary restrictions in their menu. 

A few researchers have also claimed that McDonald’s food is terrible for the body. So, the company has been making extra efforts to ensure that its customers enjoy their food without worrying about dietary issues! So, with all that, let us look at these low-sodium foods. 

Does McDonald’s Have Low Sodium Food?

Does McDonalds have low sodium options

A few decades ago, it would have been hard for people to believe that a place like McDonald’s would have low-sodium food options. It is also fair because McDonald’s started simply as a place known for hamburgers, fries, and shakes. 

Now, the menu has options that are considerate of most sorts of diets and nutritional restrictions. So, with all that, McDonald’s corporation has done its best. Now, in the array of healthy foods offered at McDonald’s, you can also find low-sodium food options. 

McDonald’s has also been evolving their menu in the best way possible. Now, McDonald’s has a vast menu with an array of options. The McDonald’s menu nutrition, in general, is also very different from what it used to be.  

What Are Some Low Sodium Food Options At McDonald’s? 

McDonalds low sodium options

I mentioned 21 food items from the McDonald’s menu with lower sodium content in this section. These can be enjoyed without having to worry about eating high amounts of sodium.

 I have also included a few hacks that you could try out to reduce the sodium content even further. 

1. Apple Slices – (0 mg)

The apple slices are the best option if you want to avoid sodium altogether in your meal at McDonald’s. 

2. Americano – (10 mg)

Americano is all pure coffee, so regardless of what size you would go for, the sodium content will still stay under 10 mg. 

3. Premium Roast Coffee – (10 mg)

Like the Americano, premium roast coffee is an excellent option for those looking for a drink with almost no sodium. Here also, regardless of the size of the glass you choose, the sodium content will not go higher than 10 mg. 

4. Vanilla Cone – (80 mg)

The amount of sodium in a vanilla cone is just 3 % of the daily recommended intake needed. Even if you get the ice cream topped with hot fudge, it would still be less sodium. 

5. Baked Apple Pie – (100 mg)

Despite the shortcrust casing for this pie, the sodium content is shallow for this dessert. It comes up to only 4 % of the daily recommended value, which is an absolute wonder for anyone trying to reduce their sodium intake. 

6. Fruit & Maple Oatmeal – (150 mg)

The fruit & maple oatmeal from McDonald’s is one of the healthiest options that McDonald’s has to offer, in all. The amount of sodium only comes up to 7 % of the recommended daily intake. 

7. Fries – (90 mg, 190 mg, 260 mg, 400 mg)

This may come as a shocker to many, but the salted French fries from McDonald’s, despite what size you go for, have the lowest sodium content in them! The same applies to the fries and the chicken nuggets, as there are no sauces or cheese. 

The above sodium contents mentioned are for the kids’ size portion, small, medium, and large, respectively, which are all a little!

8. McFlurry with Oreo Cookies – (260 mg)

McFlurry with oreo cookies

McFlurry with oreo cookies is a decent dessert option if you want something with low sodium. Although this may seem odd, there are many options on the McDonald’s menu with high sodium content. 

This is regardless of them being a dessert. However, the sodium content in McFlurry with Oreo cookies is 11 % of the daily recommended intake. 

9. Hash Browns – (310 mg)

The hash browns from McDonald’s have a pretty low sodium content, bringing it to about 14% of the recommended daily intake. You could also ask them for hash browns with no salt if you would like. 

10. Blueberry Muffin – (330 mg)

Like the apple cake, this baked goodie from the McDonald’s menu forms 15% of the recommended sodium intake that you would need. 

11. Chicken McNuggets – (330 mg, 500 mg)

Are McDonald's Chicken Nuggets Healthy?

This menu option is great if you want something with low sodium content. One of the main reasons behind this is that there are no extra sauces or cheese, which usually make up for a very high sodium content. 

However, with chicken nuggets, it is also important to note that not all sizes have low sodium. Only the four pieces and six pieces portions of chicken nuggets have the sodium content as mentioned above, which is 15% and 22% of the daily recommended value, respectively. 

12. Apple Fritter – (360 mg)

The apple fritter is a baked good option from the McDonald’s menu, consisting of only 16 % of the daily recommended sodium intake. 

13. Cinnamon Roll with Cream Cheese Icing – (450 mg)

Compared to the apple cake and blueberry muffin, this baked goodie from McDonald’s is slightly higher in sodium. However, unlike many other menu items from McDonald’s, there is also no way to reduce this content further.

14. Hamburger – (510 mg)

McDonalds hamburger

The hamburger from McDonald’s is the burger with the lowest sodium content. One of the biggest reasons for this is that it does not contain any cheese, which saves a lot of the added sodium.

Surprisingly, with the hamburger, an ingredient you could say goodbye to, especially if you want to reduce the amount of sodium, is ketchup! 

By not adding ketchup to the burger, the sodium content decreases to 430 mg. If you are in the mood to experiment, you could instead go for a tangy honey mustard sauce with the lowest sodium content of all the spices. 

15. Hot Cakes – (530 mg)

Hot cakes have a daily sodium intake value of 23 %. There is also a way to reduce the sodium content if you like. Just order hotcakes without the salted whipped butter, and the sodium content will come down to 480 mg. 

16. McChicken – ( 560 mg)

McChicken is also a great option; from the menu of sandwich options, There are other chicken sandwiches. However, they have a lot of added sauces that make them unfit for people wanting to eat a lower amount of sodium. 

The McChicken is simple, with a single sauce, which is mayonnaise. You could ask them to hold the mayonnaise and go for a different sauce instead, but it would make less of a difference than mayonnaise. All in all, it does not have too much sodium. 

17. Filet-O-Fish – (580 mg)

Filet O Fish

Amongst the fish and chicken sandwich options, the one with lower sodium content than others is the classic filet-o-fish. Here, the tartar sauce does add a lot of extra sodium. 

However, it is also understandable that the sandwich might taste a little too dry without the tartar sauce. But you can omit the pasteurized cheese slice, which will decrease the sodium content by 100 mg! 

18. Sausage McMuffin – (760 mg)

The sausage McMuffin, similar to the Egg McMuffin, has a sodium content of 760 mg, which amounts to 33% of the daily recommended sodium intake.

Again, identical to the egg McMuffin, you can reduce the sodium level further if you would like by asking them not to add cheese, which will bring it down to 550 mg. 

19. Egg McMuffin – (770 mg)

Egg McMuffin 1

Although this may not seem like too low of sodium content, it is one of the best options you can enjoy from the breakfast menu. Moreover, the amount of sodium in this breakfast sandwich makes up only 33% of the daily recommended value. 

If that seems too much and you want to lower the sodium content further, go for an egg McMuffin without Canadian bacon and pasteurized cheese slice. This will bring the sodium content down to 340 mg, which is only 15% of the recommended daily intake! 

20. Sausage Burrito – (800 mg)

Just like the McMuffin options, a simple hack to bring down the sodium content of the sausage burrito from 800 mg to 600 mg is if you ask them to skip the pasteurized cheese slice. 

21. Sausage & Egg McMuffin – (830 mg)

If you want a hearty breakfast option from McDonald’s that also does not have too high of sodium content, then the sausage and egg McMuffin is a good choice. Although the content may seem a little high to some, it can be brought down further to 630 mg just by not adding a slice of pasteurized cheese. 


As we have reached the end of this blog post, it has helped you with all the options you may have wanted for a low-sodium diet. Some of the options here may have been expected, whereas the other options could have been a surprise. 

However, all in all, it comes down to the same thing: McDonald’s has been expanding their menu in terms of dietary restrictions, along with low-sodium options. 

In case you are interested in knowing more about the healthy options offered at McDonald’s, then have a look at our articles on McDonald’s gluten-free menu, McDonald’s vegan menu, McDonald’s low-calorie options, and McDonald’s diabetic options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all the options mentioned above really low in sodium content? 

Yes, the options mentioned above all have a low sodium content. 

Which menu item from McDonald’s has no sodium content? 

The apple slices from McDonald’s are one of those menu items with no sodium content. 

Are there any other beverages that have a low sodium content? 

Yes, most of the beverages from the McCafe menu, along with the soft drinks, all have a low sodium content. However, Americano and premium roast coffee have the lowest amount of sodium in them. 

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