McDonald’s Menu Nutrition | Calories, Carbs & More [2024]

Off lately, nutrition has gained the right amount of importance. Keeping that in mind, people tend to check the nutritional values of everything that they consume, including the lovely food from McDonald’s! So, in this blog, let us take a detailed look at McDonald’s menu nutrition! 

McDonald’s is the biggest fast-food restaurant in the world and has managed to remain so over the years. McDonald’s menu prices are also really affordable, which is like a cherry on top of the cake. However, what are the nutritional contents of this fast food? 

The McDonald’s menu is vast, even in terms of nutrition. There are menu items that have barely any calories, whereas there are others that have a slightly higher calorie content. The humble hamburger from McDonald’s has about 250 calories, whereas their largest burger, the Big Mac has 550 calories. 

It is indeed quite vital for a lot of us to know the nutritional aspects of our diets and, in general, everything that we consume. In this detailed article, we will be doing the same thing by having a look at all the information about the nutritional aspects of the McDonald’s menu. So, let’s get started!

Is McDonald’s Food Healthy Or Unhealthy? 

McDonald's Menu Nutrition

Have you ever wondered if the food from McDonald’s is healthy or unhealthy? While most people would agree that the fast food from McDonald’s isn’t the healthiest option to eat, others might even beg to differ. 

With McDonald’s, however, a remarkable thing to remember is that it is one of those restaurants where hygiene is always the top priority. The chain makes sure that the employees follow all sorts of rules when it comes to hygiene protocols. So, this is one factor that you truly wouldn’t need to be worried about.

Coming back to whether the food is healthy or unhealthy, there are pros and cons attached to eating food from McDonald’s. Yes, there are some unhealthy aspects to the food, like high quantities of sodium, sugar, and fat. 

Moreover, just like various other places that serve coffee, the caffeine content of the coffee at McDonald’s can be pretty high. But it isn’t all bad, honestly! On the McDonald’s menu, you can find many options that are healthy and have healthy aspects attached to them. 

The chain offers a range of salads that are healthy and nutritious. Moreover, the biggest thing to keep in mind here is the fact that if eaten in moderation, which is how most fast food is supposed to be eaten, the food from McDonald’s is not unhealthy in most ways. 

This is, however, just an overview of the unhealthy and healthy aspects of the food from McDonald’s. If you want a detailed guide on whether McDonald’s food is good or bad for you, then be sure to check out the link to read our article about the same. 

McDonald’s Menu Items Nutritional Values

How to order online from McDonald's?

In this section, you will find a list of all the menu items that McDonald’s has to offer, along with their nutritional values. I have covered the nutritional values in as much detail as possible. These are, however, the basic nutritional values for standard McDonald’s menu options. 

Menu ItemCaloriesTotal FatCarbohydratesProteinSugarCholesterolCalciumIron
Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit460 cal26 g39 g17 g3 g215 mg180 mg3 mg
Egg McMuffin310 cal13 g30 g17 g3 g250 mg170 mg3 mg
Sausage McMuffin400 cal26 g29 g14 g2 g55 mg140 mg2.5 mg
Sausage McMuffin with Egg480 cal31 g30 g20 g2 g280 mg170 mg3 mg
Sausage Biscuit460 cal30 g37 g11 g2 g35 mg70 mg2.5 mg
Sausage Biscuit with Egg530 cal35 g38 g17 g3 g225 mg110 mg3.5 mg
Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddle430 cal21 g44 g17 g15 g215 mg190 mg3 mg
Sausage McGriddle430 cal24 g41 g11 g14 g35 mg80 mg2.5 mg
Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddle550 cal33 g44 g19 mg15 g235 mg190 mg3 mg
Big Breakfast940 cal48 g103 g26 g36 g485 mg140 mg4.5 mg
Big Breakfast with Hotcakes1340 cal63 g158 g36 g48 g525 mg280 mg7.5 mg
Hotcakes580 cal15 g101 g9 g45 g40 mg130 mg3 mg
Hotcakes and Sausage770 cal33 g102 g15 g46 g75 mg140 mg3 mg
Sausage Burrito310 cal17 g25 g13 g2 g170 mg140 mg2.5 mg
Hash Browns140 cal8 g18 g2 g0 g0 mg8 mg0.5 mg
Fruit & Maple Oatmeal320 cal4.5 g64 g6 g31 g5 mg80 mg2 mg
Big Mac550 cal30 g45 g25 g9 g80 mg120 mg4.5 mg
Quarter Pounder with Cheese520 cal26 g42 g30 g10 g95 mg190  mg4 mg
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese740 cal42 g43 g48 g10 g165 mg200 mg6 mg
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Deluxe630 kcal37 g44 g30 g11 g105 mg200 mg4.5 mg
McDouble400 cal20 g33 g22 g7 g70 mg100 mg3.5mg
Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Bacon630 cal35 g43 g36 g10 g115 mg190 mg4.5 mg
Cheeseburger300 cal13 g32 g15 g7 g40 mg100 mg3 mg
Double Cheeseburger450 cal24 g34 g25 g7 g85 mg180 mg3.5 mg
Hamburger250 cal9 g31 g12 g6 g30 mg20 mg3 mg
Crispy Chicken Sandwich470 cal20 g46 g26 g9 g70 mg30 mg2 mg
Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich530 cal26 g48 g27 g10 g65 mg30 mg2.5 mg
Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich530 cal26 g48 g27 g9 g65 mg30 mg2.5 mg
Spicy Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich530 cal26 g49 g27 g10 g65 mg30 mg2.5 mg
Filet-O-Fish390 cal19 g39 g16 g5 g40 mg60 mg2 mg
McChicken400 cal21 g39 g14 g5 g40 mg20 mg2.5 mg
Chicken McNuggets (4 Pieces)190 cal12 g12 g9 g0 g25 mg0 mg2 mg
Chicken McNuggets (6 Pieces)280 cal18 g18 g13 g0 g40 mg2 mg4 mg
Chicken McNuggets (10 Pieces)470 cal30 g30 g22 g0 g65 mg2 mg6 mg
French Fries (Kids)110 cal5 g15 g2 g0 g0 mg6 mg0.5 mg
French Fries (Small)230 cal11 g31 g3 g0 g0 mg10 mg0.5 mg
French Fries (Medium)320 cal15 g43 g5 g0 g0 mg15 mg1 mg
French Fries (Large)480 cal23 g65 g7 g0 g0 mg25 mg1.5 mg
Apple Slices15 cal0 g4 g0 g3 g0 mg10 mg0 mg
Tangy Barbeque Sauce45 cal0 g11 g0 g9 g0 mg4 mg0 mg
Spicy Buffalo Sauce30 cal3 g1 g0 g0 g0 mg0 mg0 mg
Creamy Ranch Sauce110 cal12 g1 g0 g1 g5 mg4 mg0 mg
Honey Mustard Sauce60 cal3.5 g6 g0 g4 g5 mg6 mg0 mg
Honey50 cal0 g12 g0 g11 g0 mg0 mg0 mg
Sweet N Sour Sauce50 cal0 g11 g0 g10 g0 mg2 mg0 mg
Ketchup10 cal0 g2 g0 g2 g0 mg0 mg0 mg
Mustard0 cal0 g0 g0 g0 g0 mg4 mg0 mg
Mayonnaise90 cal10 g0 g0 g0 g10 mg0 mg0 mg
Caramel Machhiato (Small)260 cal7 g41 g8 g37 g25 mg290 mg0 mg
Caramel Macchiato (Medium)320 cal9 g50 g10 g45 g30 mg360 mg0 mg
Caramel Macchiato (Large)400 cal12 g61 g13 g56 g35 mg470 mg0 mg
Cappuccino (Small)120 cal6 g9 g6 g9 g20 mg210 mg0 mg
Cappuccini (Medium)160 cal8 g13 g8 g12 g25 mg290 mg0 mg
Cappuccino (Large)210 cal11 g17 g11 g16 g35 mg380 mg0 mg
Caramel Cappuccino (Small)210 cal5 g35 g6 g32 g15 mg230 mg0 mg
Caramel Cappuccino (Medium)260 cal6 g44 g8 g40 g20 mg280 mg0 mg
Caramel Cappuccino (Large)340 cal9 g55 g11 g50 g30 mg390 mg0 mg
French Vanilla Cappuccino (Small)210 cal5 g35 g5 g27 g15 mg180 mg0 mg
French Vanilla Cappuccino (Medium)230 cal6 g37 g7 g36 g20 mg230 mg0 mg
French Vanilla Cappuccino (Large)310 cal9 g47 g10 g46 g30 mg320 mg0 mg
Mocha Latte (Medium)380 cal12 g57 g10 g52 g35 mg320 mg0 mg
Mocha Latte (Large)470 cal16 g70 g13 g64 g45 mg430 mg0.5 mg
Americano (All Sizes)0 cal0 g1 g0 g0 g0 mg15 mg0 mg
Premium Roast Coffee (All Sizes)0 cal0 g2 g0 g0 g0 mg15 mg0 mg
Iced Caramel Macchiato (Small)210 cal6 g32 g6 g29 g20 mg230 mg0 mg
Iced Caramel Macchiato (Medium)310 cal10 g45 g11 g41 g30 mg390 mg0 mg
Iced Caramel Macchiato (Large)370 cal10 g58 g11 g53 g30 mg410 mg0 mg
Iced Mocha (Small)280 cal10 g39 g7 g35 g35 mg220 mg0 mg
Iced Mocha (Medium)320 cal11 g48 g8 g43 g35 mg250 mg0.5 mg
Iced Mocha (Large)450 cal15 g69 g11 g62 g45 mg370 mg0.5 mg
Iced Coffee (Small)140 cal5 g24 g2 g22 g20 mg40 mg0 mg
Iced Coffee (Medium)180 cal7 g30 g2 g28 g25 mg50 mg0 mg
Iced Coffee (Large)260 cal9 g45 g3 g42 g35 mg70 mg0 mg
Iced Caramel Coffee (Small)140 cal5 g23 g3 g20 g20 mg70 mg0 mg
Iced Caramel Coffee (Medium)190 cal7 g31 g4 g26 g25 mg100 mg0 mg
Iced Caramel Coffee (Large)270 cal9 g46 g5 g39 g35 mg140 mg0 mg
Iced French Vanilla Coffee (Small)120 cal5 g19 g2 g17 g20 mg40 mg0 mg
Iced French Vanilla Coffee  (Medium)170 cal7 g26 g3 g23 g25 mg50 mg0 mg
Iced French Vanilla Coffee (Large)230 cal9 g38 g4 g34 mg35 mg70 mg0 mg
Latte (Small)140 cal8 g12 g7 g11 mg25 mg260 mg0 mg
Latte (Medium)190 cal10 g15 g10 g15 g30 mg350 mg0 mg
Latte (Large)250 cal13 g20 g13 g19 g40 mg460 mg0 mg
Iced Latte (Small)90 cal4.5 g7 g4 g7 g15 mg160 mg0 mg
Iced Latte (Medium)120 cal6 g10 g6 g9 g20 mg220 mg0 mg
Iced Latte (Large)170 cal9 g14 g9 g13 g30 mg320 mg0 mg
Caramel Latte (Small)250 cal7 g38 g8 g35 g25 mg300 mg0 mg
Caramel Latte (Medium)320 cal10 g48 g11 g45 g30 mg390 mg0 mg
Caramel Latte (Large)400 cal12 g59 g14 g55 g40 mg490 mg0 mg
Iced Caramel Latte (Small)180 cal5 g28 g6 g26 g15 mg220 mg0 mg
Iced Caramel Latte (Medium)270 cal8 g40 g9 g36 g25 mg320 mg0 mg
Iced Caramel Latte (Large)330 cal9 g54 g10 g50 g30 mg380 mg0 mg
French Vanilla Latte (Small)250 cal7 g38 g7 g30 g20 mg260 mg0 mg
French Vanilla Latte (Medium)320 cal9 g48 g9 g38 g30 mg330 mg0 mg
French Vanilla Latte (Large)390 cal12 g59 g12 g47 g35 mg420 mg0 mg
Iced French Vanilla Latte (Small)210 cal6 g32 g7 g25 g20 mg220 mg0 mg
Iced French Vanilla Latte (Medium)260 cal8 g41 g8 g31 g25 mg270 mg0 mg
Iced French Vanilla Latte (Large)390 cal11 g61 g12 g47 g35 mg270 mg0 mg
Caramel Frappe (Small)430 cal18 g60 g7 g55 g65 mg220 mg0 mg
Caramel Frappe (Medium)490 cal20 g70 g8 g65 g70 mg260 mg0.5 mg
Caramel Frappe (Large)660 cal26 g94 g11 g87 g95 mg350 mg0.5 mg
Mocha Frappe (Small)420 cal17 g61 g7 g55 g60 mg210 mg0.5 mg
Mocha Frappe (Medium)470 cal19 g67 g8 g61 g65 mg230 mg0.5 mg
Mocha Frappe (Large)650 cal26 g95 g11 g87 g90 mg330 mg1 mg
Apple Fritter510 cal29 g56 g5 g25 g0 mg90 mg 2 mg
Blueberry Muffin440 cal20 g60 g5 g34 g20 mg40 mg2 mg
Cinnamon Roll with Cream Cheese Icing540 cal16 g19 g10 g43 g35 mg50 mg 3.5 mg
McFlurry with Oreo Cookies510 cal16 g18 g 12 g60 g40 mg380 mg1.5 mg
McFlurry with M n M Candies640 cal21 g96 g13 g83 g45 mg440 mg0.5 mg
Vanilla Cone200 cal5 g33 g5 g23 g20 mg180 mg0.5 mg
Chocolate Shake (Small)520 cal14 g85 g12 g67 g55 mg400 mg0.5 mg
Chocolate Shake (Medium)650 cal17 g107 g15 g85 g65 mg500 mg0.5 mg
Chocolate Shake (Large)800 cal20 g134 g18 g106 g80 mg610 mg0.5 mg
Vanilla Shake (Small)480 cal13 g80 g10 g51 g50 mg340 mg0 mg
Vanilla Shake (Medium)570 cal15 g97 g12 g62 g60 mg410 mg0 mg
Vanilla Shake (Large)780 cal19 g133 g17 g85 g75 mg570 mg0 mg
Strawberry Shake (Small)470 cal13 g77 g10 g58 g50 mg350 mg0 mg
Strawberry Shake (Medium)600 cal16 g99 g13 g74 g60 mg460 mg0 mg
Strawberry Shake (Large)850 cal21 g143 g19 g107 g80 mg 650 mg0 mg
Hot Fudge Sundae330 cal10 g51 g8 g44 g25 mg260 mg0.5 mg
Hot Caramel Sundae330 cal7 g58 g7 g41 g30 mg240 mg0 mg
Baked Apple Pie230 cal11 g33 g2 g14 g0 mg6 mg1 mg
Chocolate Chip Cookies170 cal8 g22 g2 g15 g10 mg10 mg2 mg
Coca- Cola (Extra Small)110 cal0 g28 g0 g28 g0 mg2 mg0 mg
Coca- Cola (Small)150 cal0 g39 g0 g39 g0 mg2 mg0 mg
Coca- Cola (Medium)210 cal0 g56 g0 g56 g0 mg2 mg0 mg
Coca- Cola (Large)290 cal0 g77 g0 g77 g0 mg4 mg0 mg
Sprite (Extra Small)90 cal0 g27 g0 g27 g0 mg2 mg0 mg
Sprite (Small)140 cal0 g35 g0 g35 g0 mg2 mg0 mg
Sprite (Medium)200 cal0 g51g0 g51 g0 mg2 mg0 mg
Sprite (Large)230 cal0 g69 g0 g69 g0 mg15 mg0 mg
Dr. Pepper (Extra Small)40 cal0 g11 g0 g10 g0 mg2 mg0 mg
Dr. Pepper (Small)100 cal0 g27 g0 g27 g0 mg8 mg0 mg
Dr. Pepper (Medium)200 cal0 g54 g0 g54 g0 mg10 mg0 mg
Dr. Pepper (Large)280 cal0 g75 g0 g75 g0 mg15 mg0 mg
Fanta Orange (Small)150 cal0 g39 g0 g38 g0 mg2 mg0 mg
Fanta Orange (Medium)210 cal0 g56 g0 g56 g0 mg2 mg0 mg
Fanta Orange (Large)300 cal0 g78 g0 g76 g0 mg4 mg0 mg
Diet Coke (All Sizes)0 cal0 g0 g0 g0 g0 mg0 mg0 mg
Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (Extra Small)110 cal0 g29 g29 g29 g0 mg2 mg28 mg
Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (Small)160 cal0 g40 g40 g40 g0 mg2 mg39 mg
Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (Medium)230 cal0 g58 g58 g58 g0 mg2 mg56 mg
Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (Large)310 cal0 g80 g80 g80 g0 mg4 mg77 mg
Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Small)190 cal0.5 g44 g2 g39 g5 mg70 mg0.5 mg
Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Medium)240 cal1 g55 g3 g49 g5 mg90 mg0.5 mg
Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Large)330 cal1 g76 g4 g68 g5 mg120 mg0.5 mg
Mango Pineapple Smoothie  (Small)200 cal0.5 g45 g2 g42 g5 mg70 mg0 mg
Mango Pineapple Smoothie  (Medium)250 cal1 g57 g3 g52 g5 mg80 mg0.5 mg
Mango Pineapple Smoothie  (Large)340 cal1 g78 g4 g72 g5 mg110 mg0.5 mg
Sweet Tea (Extra Small)70 cal0 g18 g0 g17 g0 mg10 mg0 mg
Sweet Tea (Small)100 cal0 g26 g0 g24 g0 mg15 mg0 mg
Sweet Tea (Medium)130 cal0 g31 g1 g29 g0 mg15 mg0 mg
Sweet Tea (Large)170 cal0 g43 g1 g40 g0 mg25 mg0 mg
Unsweetened Iced Tea (All Sizes)0 cal0 g0 g1 g0 g0 mg15 mg0 mg
Hot Tea (Small)10 cal0 g0 g 2 g0 g0 mg10 mg0 mg
Hot Tea (Medium)10 cal0 g0 g 3 g0 g0 mg15 mg0 mg
Hot Tea (Large)15 cal0 g0 g3 g0 g0 mg15 mg0 mg
Minute Maid Orange Juice (Small)150 cal0 g36 g2 g32 g0 mg35 mg0.5 mg
Minute Maid Orange Juice (Medium)190 cal0 g45 g3 g41 g0 mg45 mg0.5 mg
Minute Maid Orange Juice (Large)270 cal0 g65 g4 g58 g0 mg60 mg0.5 mg
Honest Kids Appley Ever After Organic Juice35 cal0 g8 g0 g8 g0 mg0 mg0 mg
1 % Low Fat Milk Jug100 cal2 g12 g8 g11 g10 mg260 mg0 mg
Reduced Sugar Low Fat Chocolate Milk Jug130 cal2.5 g18 g9 g14 g10 mg270 mg1 mg
Hot Chocolate (Small)370 cal14 g52 g11 g48 g40 mg380 mg0.5 mg
Hot Chocolate (Medium)450 cal16 g63 g14 g58 g50 mg460 mg0.5 mg
Hot Chocolate (Large)560 cal20 g76 g17 g71 g60 mg600 mg0.5 mg
DASANI Water0 cal0 g0 g0 g0 g0 mg0 mg0 mg

If you would like to know more about the nutritional values of orders customized as per your liking, then do check out the nutritional calculator from McDonald’s. Other than that, if you want an even more extensive guide on the same, then check out this nutrition facts pdf from McDonald’s too!  

Most Nutritious Vs. Least Nutritious McDonald’s Menu Options

What are people saying about the McDonald's menu?

At places like McDonald’s, quite a lot of the menu items that you may find won’t be the healthiest of them all. So, it does come down quite a lot to trial and error and also some customization with orders. 

However, that also does not mean that absolutely nothing on the menu can be considered nutritious! In the table below, let us take a look at the most nutritious items that you can find on the McDonald’s menu, compared to the least. 

McDonald’s Most Nutritious Vs. Least Nutritious Food

Most NutritiousLeast Nutritious
Hamburger (Burger)Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese
McChicken (Sandwiches)Spicy Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Fruit & Maple Oatmeal (Breakfast)Big Breakfast With Hotcakes
Fruit n’ Yogurt Parfait (Dessert)McFlurry
Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Beverages)Chocolate Shake
Americano (McCafe)Caramel Frappe
4 Pieces Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal (Kids Meals)Hamburger Happy Meal

The Most Nutritious Options On The McDonald’s Menu

The table given above must have given you a fairly brief idea about the fact that there are indeed some items on the McDonald’s menu that are nutritious. Some of them can generally be classified as nutritious meal options. However, there are also a few that are a part of the list as they are the healthiest by comparison. 

So, there are quite a few menu options on the McDonald’s menu that you can enjoy without feeling too guilty, whereas the others are something that you should steer clear of. So, let’s take a detailed look at some of the healthiest options that you could enjoy from the McDonald’s menu! 

Most Nutritious Burger – Classic Hamburger


The most nutritious burger on the McDonald’s menu is the classic hamburger. It has been classic through all these decades and is considered to be one of the best McDonald’s burgers to buy!  

Made with a beef patty, buns, ketchup, pickles, onions, and mustard, the extra processed stuff is mostly at bay. So, this burger has an energy value of just 250 kcal, along with 9 grams of fat, 12 grams of protein, and 31 grams of carbohydrates. 

If you want an even healthier version of this burger, you can easily make it at home by following this McDonald’s hamburger recipe! 

Most Nutritious Sandwich- McChicken


Considering the fact that not everyone eats beef, McDonald’s has some lovely sandwich options on their menu, which are both chicken and fish based. Out of these, one classic has managed to remain the healthiest sandwich of them all, which is their McChicken sandwich. 

This sandwich can be found in most McDonald’s outlets globally. Along with the simple flavors, this sandwich is also quite nutritious, consisting of 400 kcal energy, 21 grams of fat, 39 grams of carbohydrates, and 14 grams of protein. 

The McChicken sandwich is also low in cholesterol and sodium, forming 13% and 24% of the daily recommended value, respectively. You can also make a version of this sandwich right at home by following this exceptionally easy McChicken recipe

Most Nutritious Breakfast Option- Fruit & Maple Oatmeal

McDonald's oatmeal

This restaurant chain serves the best fast-food breakfast, and the McDonald’s breakfast menu prices are also as reasonable as they can get! The menu features lovely McMuffins, hotcakes, McGriddles, and even oatmeal, along with a bunch of beverages.   

So, just by looking at the options that are available, most of you may have guessed already that the most nutritious breakfast option is oatmeal. The Fruit & Maple Oatmeal from McDonald’s is indeed delicious and has just 320 calories for a single portion. 

Moreover, this is made with mostly healthy ingredients, so even the rest of the nutritional values are not bad at all. The fruit & maple oatmeal consists of 4.5 grams of total fat, along with 64 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of protein, and 31 grams of sugar. The sodium content on this is really low and makes up for just 7% of the daily recommended intake. 

Most Nutritious Dessert- Fruit N’ Yogurt Parfait

Fruit and yogurt parfait

The desserts from McDonald’s stand out in their own way. Although they started off with limited dessert options, now, they have added quite a few options to this part. The most nutritious dessert on the McDonald’s menu has to be the Fruit n’ Yogurt Parfait. 

The fruit n’ yogurt parfait from McDonald’s is the healthiest option by comparison. However, even if you take it into consideration just as it is, it still makes up for a pretty healthy dessert in general! 

A portion of this parfait has only 160 calories, with just 2 grams of fat. Other than that, it has 31 grams of carbohydrates and 4 grams of protein. This dessert is also completely trans fats free, has only 5 mg of cholesterol, and the best part is that it only has 21 grams of sugar. 

Most Nutritious Beverage- Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

McDonald’s has been serving shakes for a long time. But, people steer away from them as they aren’t as healthy and loaded with sugar. Moreover, for people with gluten intolerance, it is also important to check if McDonald’s milkshakes have gluten. So, keeping all of that in mind, the smoothies from McDonald’s became a part of their menu. 

The most nutritious beverage option that you can enjoy from McDonald’s is their strawberry and banana smoothie. They also have a mango and pineapple smoothie, which is mostly on par with this one, but just a little higher in calories. 

A small portion of the strawberry banana smoothie consists of only 190 kcal of energy. Moreover, it has only 0.5 grams of total fat, 44 grams of carbohydrates, and 2 grams of protein, with some sugar. You can also make a version of this right at home with this easy strawberry banana smoothie recipe

Most Nutritious McCafe Options- Americano & Premium Roast 


The McCafe menu, also called the McDonald’s Drinks menu 2023, is truly vast, with all sorts of coffee and beverage options. There are a lot of milk-based sweet drinks on this menu, which are high in fat and calories and have a very high sugar content as well. 

However, the saving grace for the most nutritious option on the menu remains the Americano. Just like regular black coffee, Americano has absolutely no calories, fat, or any other nutritional value.

If you are a fan of iced coffee, then you can even check out the accurate analysis of the caffeine content in McDonald’s Iced Coffee that we have covered. 

Similar to the classic Americano, even their premium roast coffee does not have calories but does have caffeine. So, either of them can be picked as the healthiest option. You can take a look at the best coffee drinks to buy from McDonald’s by following the link. 

Most Nutritious Options For Kids – 4 Pieces Chicken Nuggets Happy Meal

McDonald's remains open on most major holidays. However, some outlets may remain closed for Christmas and Easter.

Most kids love McDonald’s and would never say no to the same! McDonald’s kids’ menu is also very carefully curated, keeping in mind the nutritional values. One thing that stands out as being the healthiest option on the kid’s menu is the four pieces chicken nuggets happy meal.

I am sure that you would not have expected to see Chicken nuggets here! But, they are indeed healthier as they don’t have all the added sauces like the burgers do.

The portion of the nuggets is pretty small, which solves half the problem. Moreover, happy meals have also been curated in a way that you can pick healthier sides and beverage options. You could go for a side salad as the side option and a smoothie rather than a soda. 

On average, if you would go for a happy meal combo of 4 pieces of chicken nuggets, small fries, and 1% milk, the calories would be 395. You can also easily replicate McDonald’s chicken nuggets by checking out this recipe!  

McDonald’s Special Diet Options

Best Menu Items From McDonald's

Although previously known for only serving fast food and burgers, McDonald’s has evolved a lot over the years. Now that people are more conscious about their diet, McDonald’s has taken it upon itself to introduce foods that are fit for different dietary requirements. 

So yes, even with most dietary restrictions, you can still enjoy a lovely meal from McDonald’s. However, not everything on the McDonald’s menu fits every sort of dietary restriction either! So, in this section, let us take a look at some of the special menus and menu items that you can enjoy at McDonald’s. 

McDonald’s Healthy Options

I bet two words that you never thought would be in the same sentence are “healthy” and “McDonald’s”. It may sound like an irony to some of you! However, McDonald’s does have healthy options to eat on its menu. 

The McDonald’s healthy menu may not be as exciting as the regular menu. However, there is no doubt that the flavors and combinations on the healthy menu are just on par with the regular menu from this fast food restaurant chain. 

Technically, this menu is very vast, with a lot of different options to choose from. Some of the best options out of the healthy menu are hamburgers, McChicken, and Southwest chicken salad. To check out more such options, have a look at the McDonald’s healthy menu covered by us. 

McDonald’s Gluten-Free Options

Gluten intolerance can be a hard thing to deal with. This is even more so because most things that we consume already have gluten added to them. Moreover, McDonald’s is a place where they specialize in burgers, which means that they use buns with gluten. 

Fret not; if you are intolerant to gluten, but also enjoy their share of fast food from McDonald’s, then you are in luck. The evolving fast food chain is here to save you with options like lettuce burgers, salads, beverages, and more. The McDonald’s gluten-free menu is long and surely worth having a look at!

McDonald’s Vegan Options

McDonald’s is adapting some of the best vegan options that you must try! However, before I tell you about McDonald’s vegan options, it is important to note a few things. 

The French fries and hash browns from McDonald’s don’t qualify as vegan or even vegetarian, for that matter. They are fried in vegetable oil. However, they are also flavored with added beef flavors. 

The rest of the great vegan options are side salad, apple slices, fruit, maple oatmeal, and a lot more! Take a look at our article on the details of McDonald’s vegan menu to explore more options!  

McDonald’s Low Sodium Options

A lot of people prefer eating food with as little salt as possible. Mostly, all the food that you get at McDonald’s is loaded with a lot of salt. The sodium content is especially high in the sauces and cheese, surprisingly, in some of the desserts as well. 

But luckily, there are quite a few safe options that are low in sodium that you can find, like chicken nuggets, filet-o-fish, and even French fries! Look at the details about the options on the McDonald’s low-sodium menu by tapping on the link. 

McDonald’s Diabetes Options

The dietary restrictions for diabetic patients can indeed be very tricky. In most cases, it is best for them to avoid any added complex carbohydrates, as that is what creates a spike in the blood sugar level. When it comes to options for diabetics at McDonald’s, it can get a little tricky. 

However, despite that, there are quite a few options on this menu that work pretty well for diabetics. The best options for diabetics from the McDonald’s menu, keeping this in mind, are the quarter pounder and hamburger. 

All of them have a low carbohydrate content, and hence, they fit well under this menu. Explore more options on the McDonald’s diabetic menu by checking our detailed article on the same! 


As we have reached the end of this article on McDonald’s menu nutrition, I hope it has helped you understand all that you wanted to know about, in detail. McDonald’s, being a fast food restaurant chain, does not serve the healthiest food out there. 

However, they have started taking into consideration every sort of dietary restriction and have come up with various new menus for the same, along with detailed nutritional guides. But, regardless of that, McDonald’s food should always be eaten in moderation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is McDonald’s food healthy or unhealthy?

There are both healthy and unhealthy aspects attached to McDonald’s food. 

Is the Filet-O-Fish sandwich from McDonald’s a healthy option? 

Yes, compared to many other options on the McDonald’s menu, the Filet-O-Fish is comparatively healthier as it is packed with protein. 

Are McDonald’s milkshakes gluten-free? 

Yes, in most cases, they are gluten-free. However, there are chances of cross-contamination happening, so be careful about that. 

Is the papaya pineapple smoothie just as healthy as the strawberry banana smoothie? 

They are both healthy beverage options, however, the Papaya pineapple smoothie is just a little higher in calories, by comparison. 

Can diabetics eat at McDonald’s?

Yes, diabetics can eat at McDonald’s. However, they must be careful about the nutritional values of all the menu items and not order the ones with a high carbohydrate content. 

Can a vegan eat at McDonald’s? 

Yes, there are certain options on the McDonald’s menu that are fit for vegans. 

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