Honey Baked Ham Holiday Menu With Prices [Updated May 2024]

Ham is one of the most popular meals people enjoy around the holiday season, and we can all agree that no one does ham as well as Honey Baked Ham! The chain has a huge and wonderful lineup of holiday specials this year! In this article, let us look at the Honey Baked Ham holiday menu with prices! 

Honey Baked Ham Holiday Menu

Honey Baked Ham, although known for serving world-class ham, does much more than that! The chain mainly offers options like store pickup, lunch, a catering menu, and even shipping! So, the new options on their holiday menu are more of something you can enjoy at home with all your family and friends! 

Honey Baked Ham has a new range of selections under holiday meals for the holiday season. These meals consist of a selection of ham, turkey, or even both, along with several sides. These meals are enough to feed a whole crowd and cost somewhere between $ 72 – $ 180. 

Now, as you already know, the Honey Baked Ham menu is vast as it is. So, most holiday meals consist of different variations of their usual menus. Don’t worry, though, as these variations are just as delicious, if not more! You’ll see! 

Also, before we begin exploring the holiday menu and the prices of these options, I want to mention that the prices may differ from one location to another. The prices in this article have been taken from their Honey Baked Of West Caldwell location in New York. Now, let’s get into the menu right away! 

Honey Baked Ham Holiday Specials And Prices

Honey Baked Ham restaurant

Besides classics like ham and turkey, Honey Baked Ham also offers several sandwiches, soups, sides, and much more! Their BBQ Baby back ribs are also one of the most popular options on their menu. 

Well, considering how much people love the usual selections off their menu, Honey Baked Ham will not be experimenting with new flavors for this holiday season. Instead, the chain will offer some of its bests to please a large crowd! 

Let’s face it, cooking during the holiday season is a much bigger task than we all anticipate. Taking care of every person’s nutritional needs and also allergies, well, let’s say it is a lot of tedious work. 

Isn’t the holiday season supposed to be all about relaxing and getting some time off from everyday work? When Honey Baked Ham is around, that is exactly what you will do for this holiday season! Here are some of the specials this chain offers for the holiday season! 

1. 8 lb Honey Baked Ham And Turkey Feast 

Well, for this menu option, the word ‘feast’ is beyond appropriate! This meal is large, and you can put as much emphasis on ‘Large’ as you would like! The meal consists of some of their classics, like bone-in honey-glazed ham, which weighs 8 lb!

It doesn’t end there, though. This meal also consists of a whole turkey breast. The options to choose from when it comes to turkey breast are smoked and roasted. However, the ham and the turkey breast are covered with their classic sweet and crunchy glaze!

Moreover, the meal also includes four of their classic frozen sides, which need to be heated and served. This meal is good enough to feed a crowd of 12-16 people easily. The preparation and how to serve each meal are given on their packaging. 

8 lb Honey Baked Ham And Turkey Feast$169.31

2. 9 lb Honey Baked Ham And Turkey Feast

This is another version of the above-mentioned feast; yes, it is a feast too! This meal is enough to feed a crowd of 12-16 people! The honey-baked ham is a little larger than the one previously mentioned. 

This meal also consists of a turkey breast with a variation to choose from. The variation consists of smoked and roasted turkey breast, along with four of their frozen sides to choose from, which all need to be heated and served!

The side options are plenty, with carbs, veggies, sauces, and more! The price for one of these meals or feasts is given below. 

9 lb Honey Baked Ham And Turkey Feast$179.30

3. 8 lb Signature Honey Baked Ham Meal

For many of us, turkey is reserved for enjoying, particularly on Thanksgiving. If ham is something you like better and still want to feed a large crowd, you should opt for the 8 lb signature honey-baked ham meal! 

This meal is all ham and no turkey! Consisting of a bone-in half ham, which is 8-9 lbs in weight, topped with its signature sweet and crunchy glaze. This meal also consists of four of your favorite side options to choose from. 

All the side options are frozen and can be heated and served as per the instructions given on the packaging. This meal, as it does not consist of a turkey breast, is comparatively more affordable than the options mentioned above. 

8 lb Signature Honey Baked Ham Meal$128.32

4. Quarter Ham Meal

Only some have parties that have 12-16 people! If feeding a much smaller crowd is on your mind, this quarter ham meal is perfect! This meal is perfect for a crowd of 4-8 people. 

This meal consists of a bone-in piece of ham, which weighs 5 pounds and is topped with their sweet glaze. This meal also includes three frozen sides, making it the perfect quantity for a smaller crowd. 

The side options include broccoli, mac and cheese, cornbread stuffing, green beans, and many others! The prices may vary depending on customizations. However, the basic starting price for this meal is as given below. 

Quarter Ham Meal$91.92

5. Turkey Dinner

Thanksgiving is long gone, but can you still get enough delicious and juicy turkey without any ham? Then, Honey Baked Ham surely has a great option for you, especially if you would like to feed a large crowd. 

The turkey dinner is a meal perfect for 6-8 people. Although it does not have a whole turkey, it consists of turkey breast, with two options to choose from regarding how you would like them to be prepared. These options are smoked turkey breast and roasted turkey breast. 

This meal consists of a total of 3 frozen side dishes, all heated and served. The options are very similar to the ones in other meals, but ordering the turkey gravy as one of the sides will surely be worth it! 

Turkey Dinner$72.46

6. Half Boneless Ham Meal

Working around the bones while carving meat can be such a task! Moreover, if it’s someone like me, who doesn’t know how to carve meat, then a lot will end up going into the trash! 

If you face a similar issue when it comes to carving any meat, then don’t worry! Honey Baked Ham has got your back with their boneless ham! This half-boneless ham meal is a decent meal serving 6-8 people. 

The meal has an option of three frozen sides as well; however, one that I recommend pairing with this ham is their cornbread pudding, hands down! The starting price of this meal is mentioned here. 

Half Boneless Ham Meal$91.22

7. Boneless Ham And Turkey Duo

Have all your sides ready but can’t be bothered to prepare the meat for your holiday feast? Yet again, Honey Baked Ham has covered you in the best way possible! This meal duo is the best meaty treat to enjoy on Christmas! 

This duo consists of all meat and none of the sides! The options include a half-boneless ham that is glistening with their glaze. You can also enjoy some boneless turkey breast, which can be roasted or smoked, as per your liking! 

The turkey breast is also topped with its signature sweet and crunchy glaze, making it taste heavenly! The meal is fit to serve 4-6 people, of course, depending on whether you have sides to accompany the meal or not! 

Boneless Ham And Turkey Meal$100.74

How To Order Online From The Honey Baked Ham Holiday Menu? 

The Honey Baked Ham menu

If you are getting one of these meals from Honey Baked Ham, you will have to pick them up from the location next to you. But who wants to do that when the holidays are around? Instead, wouldn’t you rather get this meal ordered and then delivered to your doorstep? Well, you can do that too! 

You can easily order any of these meals from Honey Baked Ham’s holiday menu via their official website and Android and iOS apps. Moreover, the chain is also active on various delivery platforms, like Uber Eats, Doordash, Grubhub, and even Postmates, if that seems easier for you. 

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  9. Piccadilly – Piccadilly Restaurants, known for their massive meals, have a special curated holiday menu, which includes a lot of ready to eat options. Now, you can enjoy a Christmas feast while also getting the well deserved rest that you need! 


Honey Baked Ham has some specials on its holiday menu for the holiday season. These options include large meals that serve a group, with options consisting of ham and turkey, along with frozen side options to choose from. On average, a holiday meal from Honey Baked Ham should cost around $ 72 – $ 180, depending on customizations and location. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the options on the holiday menu at Honey Baked Ham be available all through the holiday season? 

Yes, the options on the holiday menu at Honey Baked Ham will be available all through the holiday season. 

Will all locations have this menu available? 

Yes, this menu is available at all Honey Baked Ham locations across the United States.

Are the prices mentioned above the final prices for the menu options? 

No, the prices mentioned above are the starting prices of the menu items. The prices can vary as per how you customize your order. 

Will the prices be the same at every Honey Baked Ham location? 

The prices may differ from one Honey Baked Ham location to another. 

Can the options from the holiday menu at Honey Baked Ham be ordered online? 

Yes, the options from the holiday menu at Honey Baked Ham can be ordered online. 

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