Tim Hortons Holiday Menu With Prices [Updated April 2024]

Tim Hortons is ready with its festive treats! The updated holiday menu of Tim Hortons has our favorite items filled with holiday flavors. It has peppermint drinks, donuts, and muffins. All these menu items are served packed in holiday-themed cups and bags. Not just the food but Tim Hortons’ fans can also expect to buy themed merchandise from this restaurant chain. 

Tim Hortons restaurant

Tim Hortons holiday menu has classic candy cane hot chocolate, peppermint mocha latte, peppermint mocha cold brew, and candy cane white hot chocolate. You can also enjoy holiday tree donuts, peppermint dream donuts, Black forest-filled ring dream donuts, and hazelnut eclair donuts. You can try holiday muffins like gingerbread-filled muffins and chocolate hazelnut muffins.

Tim Hortons is serving its holiday drinks in festive cups having heart-nosed reindeer, donut-shaped snowman, and many other designs on them. You can also enjoy regular menu items at Tim Horton with holiday specials. For that, check out the regular menu of Tim Hortons. You’ll also find the contact details and some important links to Tim Hortons below in this article. Do you know the history of Tim Hortons? 

Tim Hortons is a Canadian chain of restaurants founded by Tim Horton and Jim Charade on May 17, 1964. This restaurant specializes in serving donuts and coffee. It’s Canada’s renowned quick-service restaurant chain with 4, 846 restaurants operating in 14 countries.

Tim Hortons Holiday Menu With Prices

Tim Hortons holiday drinks

Tim Hortons has four peppermint-flavored drinks on the menu. These are peppermint mocha, peppermint hot chocolate, peppermint frozen iced capp, and peppermint mocha cold brew.

Peppermint frozen iced capp is frozen coffee in Tim Hortons’ version combined with peppermint syrup. These drinks are served with peppermint pieces and whipped cream on top. 

About peppermint mocha latte? It’s a peppermint mocha-flavored espresso-based drink. This drink can be enjoyed hot or cold.

The peppermint mocha cold brew is an interesting and refreshing combination of Tim Horton’s cold brew and peppermint syrup and is flavored with chocolate. This drink is topped with peppermint pieces and cold foam. 

Now let’s move to baked goodies on the holiday menu! The restaurant serves different holiday-themed donuts to brighten up your mood.

You can enjoy peppermint dream donuts, holiday tree donuts, polar bear donuts. Hazelnut eclair donuts and black forest-filled ring dream donuts.

The peppermint dream donut is a delicious chocolate ring donut topped with vanilla fluff, peppermint bark pieces, and chocolate fondant. The peppermint chocolate drizzled on top adds more to the holiday bliss.

Don’t forget to try the holiday tree donut! This tree-shaped donut is loaded with Venetian cream and has green fondant and sprinkles on top. 

The polar bear donut looks like a polar bear while the hazelnut eclair donut is a sugar-filled cookie with blue and white snowflakes on top. The gingerbread-filled muffins have the flavor of gingerbread in them.

Tim Hortons hasn’t revealed the prices of all the menu items yet. We’ll update the prices here on these tables as the restaurant reveals all the menu prices. Check out the holiday menu of Tim Hortons in the tables below.

You can also check out the nutritional value of these items from the below table. I’ve also mentioned all the other important details here. Order your favorite holiday food and enjoy your holiday.

Featured Items Menu With Prices

Pumpkin Spice Latte$ 3.89
Pumpkin Spice Iced Latte$ 3.89
Pumpkin Spice Iced Capp$ 4.59
Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew$ 4.59
Mochanut Iced Latte$ 3.69
Sunrise Sunset TimsBoost With Red Bull$ 4.99
Sky’s The Limit TimsBoost With Red Bull$ 4.99
Tropical Mango Refresher$ 2.69
Nitro Tropical Mango Refresher$ 2.99
Cinnamon Sugar Oatmilk Latte$ 3.55
Cinnamon Sugar Oatmilk Iced Latte$ 3.59
Strawberry Coconut Refresher$ 3.59
Orange Tangerine Refresher$ 2.99
Coffee$ 1.99
Iced Coffee$ 2.89

Holiday Drinks Menu With Prices

Classic Candy Cane Hot Chocolate$ 2.69
Peppermint Mocha Latte$ 3.99
Peppermint Hot Chocolate$ 2.49
Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew$ 3.79
Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate$ 2.69
Peppermint Frozen Iced Capp$ 3.69

Also, check out the official Tim Hortons menu with prices.

Holiday Specials Menu With Prices

Holiday Tree Donut $ 1.49
Peppermint Dream Donut
Polar Bear Donut
Hazelnut Eclair Donut
Gingerbread Filled Muffin
Chocolate Hazelnut Muffins$ 1.79
Black Forest Filled Ring Dream Donuts$ 1.99
Holiday DIY Donut Kit$ 10.19

Coffee Menu With Prices

ItemsSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Original$ 1.79$ 1.99$ 2.29$ 2.79
Dark Roast$ 1.69$ 1.99$ 2.29$ 2.79
Decaf$ 1.69$ 1.89$ 2.19$ 2.79

Iced Coffee Menu With Prices

Iced Coffee (Small)$ 2.49
Iced Coffee (Medium)$ 2.89
Iced Coffee (Large)$ 3.39

Hot Beverages Menu With Prices

Pumpkin Spice Latte$ 3.89
Cinnamon Sugar Oatmik Latte$ 3.55
Coffee$ 1.99
Dark Roast Coffee$ 1.99
Speciality Tea$ 2.49
French Vanilla$ 2.69
Hot Chocolate$ 2.69
Coffee Mocha$ 2.59
Latte$ 3.99
Vanilla Latte$ 3.59
Caramel Latte$ 4.19
Mocha Latte$ 4.19
Vanilla Almond Latte$ 3.19
Cappuccino$ 3.59
Americano$ 2.89
Espresso$ 1.09
Take Twelve$ 20.39

Tim Hortons Holiday Menu Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationmyfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts/tim-hortons
Allergens Guidetimhortons/allergens.guide

Find the nutritional value and allergens information of Tim Hortons’ holiday menu items by clicking on the above links. You can also have the nutritional information of these menu items from the menu available on Tim Hortons’ website.

Tim Hortons Franchising Details

Tim Hortons' Restaurant

Tim Hortons has 4,846 active restaurants operating in 14 different countries. This multi-billion dollar franchise in 2014 became a subsidiary of Canadian company Restaurant Brands International and is majority-owned by 3G Capital, a Brazilian firm. If you’re looking for its franchise details, refer the table below.

Initial Franchise FeeFrom $ 15,000 to $ 50,000
Real Estate Taxes, Personal Property Taxes and Common Area Maintenance ChargesFrom $ 1,000 to $ 22,000
EquipmentFrom $ 75,000 to $ 415,000
Planning and Development and Design CostsFrom $ 17,500 to $ 100,000
Site Development CostsFrom $ 0 to $ 500,000
Building CostsFrom $ 150,000 to $ 800,000
TrainingFrom $ 7,900 to $ 11,800
Start-up Supplies and Initial InventoryFrom $ 1,000 to $ 30,000
Professional and License FeesFrom $ 1,500 to $ 10,000
Development Assistance FeesFrom $ 5,000 to $ 25,000
InsuranceFrom $ 150 to $ 21,500
Initial Advertising and PromotionFrom $ 500 to $ 6,000
Security DepositsFrom $ 0 to $ 15,000
Additional FundsFrom $ 25,000 to $ 40,000
Estimated TotalFrom $ 299,550 to $ 2,046,300

Tim Hortons Contact Information 

Tim Hortons Head Office Address: 874 Sinclair Road Oakville, ON L6K, 2Y1 Canada

Tim Hortons Phone: 1-905-845-6511

Get in direct contact with the team of Tim Hortons by filling the contact form on their website.

Important links

Official Websitetimhortons.com
Order Onlinetimhortons.com/menu
About Tim Hortonstimhortons.ca/about-us
AppsGoogle Play or Apple Store
Tims For Goodtimhortons.com/tims-for-good
Email Subscriptiontimhortons.com/signup
Contact Digital Supporttimhortons.com/support
Guest Supporttimhortons.com/support

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/TimHortonsUS

Instagram: instagram.com/timhortonsus

Twitter: twitter.com/timhortonsus

YouTube: youtube.com/TimHortons

Check out the video below to know more about Tim Hortons’ holiday menu.

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  10. Piccadilly – Piccadilly Restaurants, known for their massive meals, have a special curated holiday menu, which includes a lot of ready to eat options. Now, you can enjoy a Christmas feast while also getting the well deserved rest that you need! 

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Tim Hortons [FAQs]

Does Tim Hortons have Flavored coffee?

Tim Hortons offer a selection of flavored coffee options like our double double, white hot chocolate, dark roast coffee, and Maple.

Who was the founder of Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons is a Canadian chain of restaurants founded by Tim Horton and Jim Charade on May 17, 1964.

What is the specialty of Tim Hortons?

This restaurant specializes in serving donuts and coffee.

How many stores are currently there of Tim Hortons?

It’s Canada’s renowned quick-service restaurant chain with 4, 846 restaurants operating in 14 countries.

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