IHOP Christmas Menu With Prices [Updated April 2024]

International House Of Pancakes, or IHOP, is one of the most popular spots to enjoy a vast menu. With Christmas coming up soon, IHOP has brought customers an all-new range of delicious holiday specials! So, let us look at the IHOP Christmas menu for this year and their prices, all in this article! 

Ihop Restaurant

IHOP is known for serving a range of breakfast options. For the holiday season that is coming up soon, IHOP has released a range of milkshakes, French toasts, and a combo that will be available only for a limited time. On average, anything from IHOP’s holiday menu should cost between $ 4.79 – $ 14.79. 

IHOP ensures they release something new on their menu for every holiday around and appropriately themed. They went all out for holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween and are doing the same for Christmas.

So, the new range for their Christmas menu is truly delectable and will give you that warm feeling that the holiday always does! However, before we begin, I would like to mention that the prices given here are for Glendale, California.

The prices of these Christmas menu items from IHOP may vary from one place to another. However, you can check out the prices for the location closest to you on IHOP’s official website. So, let us begin by discovering the new drool-worthy menu! 

IHOP Christmas Specials With Prices

IHOP Christmas Menu

IHOP is one of those places where you can find almost anything you want when it comes to good old American comfort food. Their variety, whether it comes to pancakes, waffles, milkshakes, sandwiches, and everything in between, is truly endless. 

However, although most of their entrees, sandwiches, and other savory foods are popular, no one can beat IHOP when it comes to certain breakfast specials. There is no specific theme that the chain is following for a holiday. 

Most of the menu options are based on some ingredient that would remind you of Christmas. The new range IHOP has released consists of three new French toast options, a delectable combo, and some great beverages. Now, let us look at these options in a little more detail, along with their respective prices. 

1. Thick N’ Fluffy Gingersnap Apple French Toast

Gingersnap Apple French Toast

Gingersnap is one of those flavors that is quite associated with Christmas. IHOP has combined this subtle flavor with a few new ingredients and made probably the tastiest French Toast ever! 

Their French toasts, in general, are extremely thick and fluffy and leave your taste buds and belly happy. On top of that, the new flavor is even more exciting because of the sheer combination of textures and flavors.

The Thick N’ Fluffy Gingersnap Apple French toast consists of two slices of thick artisan bread. This bread has been dipped in their classic French toast batter and perfectly cooked.

The Toast is further topped with spiced cinnamon apples, gingersnap cookie crumbles, red currants, and some powdered sugar. You can also opt not to add some of the toppings to your French Toast if you aren’t too fond of them. 

Thick N’ Fluffy Gingersnap Apple French Toast$ 8.99

2. Thick N’ Fluffy Lemon Ricotta Mixed Berry French Toast

Lemon Ricotta Mixed Berry French Toast

One thing about IHOP is that they never stop experimenting with new flavors! Thick N’ Fluffy Lemon Ricotta Mixed Berry French Toast is a new Christmas take and is worth a try on holiday!

This French Toast is almost like a decadent combination of various seasons put together. A symphony is created when these flavors come together in a single bite. This French Toast starts the same way as any other French toast from IHOP. 

Once it has been dipped in batter and cooked to perfection, it is topped with some creamy lemon ricotta. Finally, the last toppings are mixed berries and a generous amount of powdered sugar to finish it. 

Thick N’ Fluffy Lemon Ricotta Mixed Berry French Toast$ 13.99

3. Thick N’ Fluffy Strawberry Banana French Toast

IHOP Banana Strawberry French Toast

Name a better combination than good old strawberries and bananas. I’ll wait! I can’t think of any. Imagine this lovely combination that several people love transformed into IHOP’s fluffy French Toast! I don’t know about you, but just the thought of it makes my mouth water! 

Thick N’ Fluffy strawberry banana French toast divinely combines two simple toppings. These French toasts are dipped in their vanilla and cinnamon batter and griddled to perfection, with two slices of thick Toast served per portion. 

The toasts are topped with glazed strawberries, fresh banana slices, and powdered sugar. You can customize the toppings and add or subtract them from your order as per your preference! 

Thick N’ Fluffy Strawberry Banana French Toast$ 14.79

4. Thick N’ Fluffy French Toast Combo

French Toast Combo

Yes, these decadent French toasts are also a part of a lovely combo! This combo is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy sweet and savory food together. Moreover, this is the perfect combo if you want an indulgent breakfast during the holiday season! 

This combo consists of your choice of French Toast from their new Christmas range. However, the only difference is ordering French Toast as it is: two slices of bread, whereas a combo will have a single slice of French Toast. 

The savory bit in this combo consists of freshly fried eggs, crispy hash browns, and meat. This combo consists of options to choose from, which include two slices of meat, four slices of meat, and six slices of meat, with their prices differing. 

2 Slices Of Meat4 Slices Of Meat6 Slices Of Meat
Thick N’ Fluffy French Toast Combo$ 11.49$ 12.99$ 13.99

5. Red Passion Fruit Splasher

The next few new options on IHOP’s Christmas menu are beverages. Starting with a refreshing cooler, this red passion fruit splasher is the perfect accompaniment to any savory meal! 

The combination of flavors here is a blend of the holidays and a refreshing summer simultaneously! This fruit splasher contains a blend of lemonade, lemon-lime soda, and refreshing passion fruit syrup. 

Lastly, the fruit splasher is topped with some red currants. However, you cannot add them to your drink if you don’t like them. This fruit splasher is available in two sizes, which surprisingly cost the same! 

16 oz.30 oz. 
Red Passion Fruit Splasher$ 5.29$ 5.29

6. Gingersnap Milkshake

Gingersnap Milkshake

One of the most loved Christmas flavors is on the IHOP Christmas menu! This time, in the form of a decadent milkshake. This milkshake is truly decadent. There is no doubt about that, considering the number of flavors and toppings! 

We are starting with some premium vanilla ice cream blended with gingersnap cookies and gingersnap syrup. The concoction also includes a decadent caramel drizzle. The milkshake is finally topped with whipped cream, gingersnap cookie crumbs, and red currants. 

With this milkshake, you can also choose to omit some of the toppings if you are not particularly fond of them. The milkshake is available in just one size. 

Gingersnap Milkshake$ 7.49

7. Gingersnap Hot Chocolate

Gingersnap Hot Chocolate

The last special on IHOP’s Christmas menu is a decadent gingersnap hot chocolate. It isn’t Christmas if there is no hot chocolate involved! But imagine the flae hot chocolate flavor with some extra toppings! 

This hot chocolate is the perfect combination of several Christmas flavors together. The hot chocolate is gingersnap flavored and packed with the perfect spice. Also, having hot chocolate without whipped cream is no fun! 

So, that is the next topping on this hot chocolate! Rich and fluffy whipped cream is topped off with chewy and delicious gingersnap cookies and some red currants. This decadent beverage is truly like Christmas in a cup. 

Gingersnap Hot Chocolate$ 4.79

How To Order Online From IHOP’s Christmas Menu? 

Ihop Menu

Christmas is one of those times when the celebrations begin with some lovely food. This is regardless of whether it is homemade food or from your favorite restaurant. But here, some of you probably are not as interested in going to IHOP on a cold evening.

You would, indeed, rather enjoy some of these delights at home. So, let us take a look at some ways you can enjoy these delicious treats from the comfort of your home!

To order online from IHOP’s Christmas menu, you can place your order directly on their official website or even their android and iOS apps. Lastly, IHOP’s Christmas menu is available on delivery platforms such as UberEats, Postmates, Grubhub, Seamless, and DoorDash, if that seems easier. 

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  3. McDonald’s – McDonald’s surely needs no introduction! This internally acclaimed fast food chain has offers all through the holiday season and also a bunch of special menu items which you can’t miss out on! 
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  5. Dairy QueenDairy Queen is known for its soft serves and various other frozen treats. Keeping that in mind, they have launched a holiday menu with some delicious options for blizzards and more! 
  6. Red LobsterWho said no one would crave seafood during the holiday season? For the freshest seafood ever, is there even a better place than Red Lobster? This chain has a number of feasts that have been added on their holiday menu, perfect for any sort of appetite! 
  7. Boston MarketBoston Market for the holiday season has a number of precooked meals, curated with perfection. Whether it is entire meals you are looking for or just sides, everything can be found at Boston Market! 
  8. Honey Baked HamNo one does ham better than Honey Baked Ham and this chain has specials that include not just ham, but a lot more! Their holiday menu is truly vast and perfect for the season. 
  9. Cracker BarrelCracker Barrel, for the holiday season, has a number of specials on their holiday menu. These consist of a number of heat and serve options, which you should surely check out! 
  10. PiccadillyPiccadilly Restaurants, known for their massive meals, have a special curated holiday menu, which includes a lot of ready to eat options. Now, you can enjoy a Christmas feast while also getting the well deserved rest that you need! 


For Christmas this year, IHOP has introduced a new and exciting range of delicious treats on its menu. These treats include new French toast options, a combo for those with a big appetite, and a range of refreshing and delectable beverages. The prices above are for their Glendale location and might differ from one place to another! Happy Holidays everyone! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the newly released options on IHOP’s Christmas menu?

For their Christmas menu, IHOP has released a range of new french toast flavors, a breakfast combo, and some delectable beverages. 

Can the options on IHOP’s Christmas menu be customized per personal preferences? 

Yes, most of the options on IHOP’s Christmas menu can be customized per customers’ preferences. 

Will IHOP be delivering the options on its Christmas menu? 

IHOP will deliver the new options on its Christmas menu via its official website and various delivery platforms. 

How much would an average meal from IHOP’s Christmas menu cost? 

On average, a meal from IHOP’s Christmas menu should cost $ 4.79 – $ 14.79. 

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