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Don’t wanna end up working hefty holiday recipes in your kitchen? Don’t worry! Cracker Barrel has got you the best holiday menu so you can spend more time with your family! Cracker Barrel already has a huge fanbase for its traditional home-style dishes on the menu. Trust me! Its holiday menu is a must-try. Prime rib, sugar-cured steak, pecan pie, and many delicious edibles are on Cracker Barrel’s holiday menu. Read further to know more.

The holiday menu of Cracker Barrel has heat n’ serve options like prime rib, roasted gravy, sweet yeast rolls, etc. You can also have spiral-sliced sugar-cured ham, cranberry relish, macaroni n’ cheese, etc. The holiday sides on the menu are cornbread dressing, carrots, beans, fried apples, etc. Pecan pie is a special holiday dessert served with other holiday menu items. You can have a delightful family holiday meal at Cracker Barrel costs between $89.99 and $ 100.

Cracker Barrel has hassle-free services even during the holiday season. You can have a family dinner on holidays at Cracker Barrel. The heat n’ can serve up to 10 people. If you decide to order food online, the link for Cracker Barrel’s official app is mentioned below. Order your favorite holiday dishes at home and then just heat n’ serve! All the other important links of Cracker Barrel are provided below. Go through these links, but first, read the history of Cracker Barrel.

Cracker barrel was founded by Dan Evins in 1969. The first Cracker Barrel restaurant was established in Lebanon, Tennessee. This restaurant chain is famous for country-style food, its signature rocking chairs, and the old country store attached to each Cracker Barrel restaurant. This brand has 663 restaurant branches serving in 45 different states in the U.S.

Cracker Barrel Holiday Menu Prices

Cracker Barrel Holiday Dishes

Whether you are here with a bunch of people or a large gathering, your holiday feast at Cracker Barrel gets ready within 3 hours. The ‘Heat n’ serve’ family dinner has three different family meal combo sections to add some extra ‘feisty’ vibes to your holiday dinner. The prime rib heat n’ serve family dinner has prime rib with Au Jus and Horseradish sauce. It’s served with mashed potatoes, roasted gravy, sweet yeast rolls, and any two countrysides of your choice.

The ‘Holiday ham heat n’ serve’ has a spiral-sliced sugar-cured ham. It’s served with cornbread dressing, cranberry relish, roasted gravy, macaroni n’ cheese, sweet yeast rolls, and countryside of your choice. You can choose to give the heating directions for prime rib and the sugar-cured ham. The side dish serves 4 to 6 people. 

The ‘holiday ham heat n’ serve’ is another holiday special for family dinner. It has spiral-sliced sugar-cured ham, cornbread dressing, roasted gravy, macaroni n’ cheese, cranberry relish, sweet yeast rolls, and any two countrysides of your choice. These sides serve about 8 to 10 folks. You also have apple pecan streusel and pecan pie with the holiday meal. You can also order holiday food online from the official website or Cracker Barrel’s app.

The side dishes served with the holiday menu are carrots, cornbread dressing, fried apples, sweet potato casserole, and many more. Baby carrots are flavored with brown sugar and a hint of margarine. It’s packed cold to be reheated and served later. The cornbread dressing has biscuits and cornbread grated and mixed with chopped onions, celery, parsley, and chicken broth. It’s baked in the oven and can be reheated when it’s time to serve.

Hashbrown casserole, meatloaf, steamed broccoli, baked potato, country fried steak, fried chicken tenders, etc., are other famous dishes of Cracker Barrel that can be enjoyed during the holiday feast at Cracker Barrel. Read the entire Cracker Barrel holiday menu along with the prices. Check out all the other important links mentioned below, along with Cracker Barrel’s social media handles. 

Prime Rib Heat N Serve Family Dinner

Prime Rib With Au Jus & Horseradish Sauce (serves 4-6)$ 99.99
Mashed Potatoes $ 13.99
Sweet Yeast Rolls $ 5.99
Roasted Gravy$ 7.99

Heat N’ Serve Holiday Side Dishes

Carrots$ 13.99
Cornbread Dressing$ 13.99
Fried Apples$ 13.99
Sweet Potato Casserole$ 13.99

Holiday Ham N’ Serve Family Dinner

Spiral-Sliced Sugar Cured Ham$ 59.99
Cranberry Relish$ 20.99
Macaroni N’ Cheese$ 20.99
Sweet Yeast Rolls$ 5.99
Cornbread Dressing$ 20.99
Roasted Gravy$ 5.99

Heat N’ Serve Holiday Side Dishes

Carrots$ 20.99
Fried Apples$ 20.99
Sweet Potato Casserole$ 20.99

Holiday Ham Heat N’ Serve Feast

Spiral-Sliced Sugar Cured Ham$ 59.99
Cornbread Dressing$ 20.00
Roasted Gravy$ 20.00
Macaroni N’ Cheese$ 20.00
Cranberry Relish$ 20.00
Sweet Yeast Rolls$ 5.00
Apple Pecan Streusel Pie & Pecan Pie$ 11.99

Heat N’ Serve Holiday Side Dishes

Carrots$ 20.99
Fried Apples$ 20.00
Sweet Potato Casserole$ 20.00

Other Holiday Specials

Country Fried Steak$ 11.99
Meatloaf$ 10.99
Bacon N’ Egg Hashbrown Casserole$ 9.99
Roast Beef$ 12.49
Southern Fried Chicken$ 10.99
Grilled Chicken Tenders$ 10.59
Beans N’ Greens$ 7.59
Loaded Baked Potatoes$ 1.69
Sweet N’ Smoky Glazed Tenders$ 9.49

Cracker Barrel Nutritional Information


Click on the link in the above table to know the nutritional value of the holiday menu items served at Cracker Barrel.

Cracker Barrel Franchising Details

Cracker Barrel interior decor

Cracker Barrel has more than 600 restaurants in the U.S. It’s currently serving delicious country-style food in 45 different states of America. If you wish to have a Cracker Barrel franchise, you need to wait for some time. All Cracker Barrel’s restaurants are owned by the company, and none is franchised. This restaurant has not shared any information on the franchises yet. If there are any franchise details available, we’ll update the information here.

Cracker Barrel Contact Information

Cracker Barrel Corporate Office Address: PO Box 787, Lebanon, TN 37087

Cracker Barrel Corporate Phone Number: 800-333-9566

You can also contact the team of Cracker Barrel by filling the contact form available on its website.

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