Are Burger King Nuggets Gluten Free In 2024?

Are Burger King nuggets gluten free? This is a common question that many people have about BK's popular menu item. People with gluten intolerance want to know what they can safely eat at Burger King. So, let's dive in and determine whether BK's nuggets are gluten-free.

No! Burger King nuggets are not gluten-free. They contain wheat flour and other gluten-containing ingredients in the breading mixture that coats the chicken. So, unfortunately, people with gluten sensitivities should avoid them. However, Burger King does offer some other gluten-free menu options.

Are Burger King Nuggets Gluten Free

Burger King nuggets are a popular choice for many fast-food lovers. They are bite-sized and are deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. They are served with a variety of dipping sauces. However, now that you are wondering if you can find other gluten-free options at BK. Well, then, keep reading continuously because we will also be covering what other gluten-free options you can get.

Are Burger King Nuggets Gluten-Free?

BK Chicken Nuggets Gluten Free

Burger King’s nuggets are not gluten-free. According to Burger King’s allergen information, the nuggets contain wheat flour in the bread, which means they are unsafe for people with gluten intolerance. So, checking the allergen information at Burger King before placing your order is always better.

Burger King Chicken Nuggets Ingredients

Burger King’s chicken nuggets are made from meat chicken and coated in seasoned breading before being deep-fried. The breading contains wheat flour, modified cornstarch, salt, leavening agents, spices, and onion powder. Moreover, the chicken is marinated in water, salt, sodium phosphates, and monosodium glutamate (MSG) before being coated or fried.

Are Burger King Nuggets Healthy To Eat?

Are Burger King Nuggets Healthy To Eat

Chicken nuggets are undoubtedly the most popular menu item at Burger King; they are not a healthy option. Here is a nutritional value of the chicken nuggets.

Calories192.7 kcal
Fat12.3 g
Cholesterol27.2 mg
Sodium495 mg
Carbohydrates11.3 g
Protein9.2 g
Sugar0.1 g

The chicken at Burger King is made from white meat, a healthier option. However, the chicken is also coated in the batter and then deep-fried, which adds extra calories and fat to the final product.

Moreover, the batter contains ingredients such as modified corn starch and wheat gluten, which are highly processed and not the healthiest choice. So, if you eat nuggets occasionally, they are a good choice.

But if you are eating them regularly, they are not a healthy option. So, make sure what your portion size is and how often you eat these nuggets. After all, that’s what makes your lifestyle healthy.

Other Gluten-Free Options At Burger King

Likewise, as I said earlier, many other gluten-free options are available at Burger King. You can order:

  • Whopper without buns
  • Classic fries
  • Soft vanilla serve
  • Apple slices
  • King jr. meals (without buns)
  • Hash browns

From their sauces and condiments, you can order ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue dipping sauce, honey mustard topping sauce, ranch dressing sauce, zesty dipping sauce, and many other sauce options available at Burger King. Get the complete details of Burger King’s gluten-free menu here.


Suppose you are gluten intolerant and want to know whether Burger King nuggets are gluten-free. We just answered that Burger King nuggets are not gluten-free. After reviewing the ingredients, we found that these nuggets include a breading mixture of wheat flour, modified cornstarch, salt, onion powder, spices, and other leavening agents.

The ingredients clearly show that these nuggets are not gluten-free. However, if you are looking for other gluten-free options at Burger King, you have various options. You Can order their famous whopper without buns. Moreover, you can also order from BK’s side menu, such as apple slices, hash browns, and classic fries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Burger King nuggets gluten-free?

No! Burger King nuggets are not gluten-free. They contain wheat flour, modified corn starch, and other leavening agents which are not gluten-free.

Has Burger King changed their nugget recipe to make it gluten-free?

As per the current information on Burger King’s official website, they still need to change their nuggets recipe to make it gluten-free.

Is it safe for individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance to consume Burger King’s gluten-free nuggets?

No! For gluten intolerant people, it’s unsafe to consume Burger King’s nuggets as they contain gluten ingredients such as wheat flour and other leavening agents.

Are Burger King’s nuggets available at all locations, or only select ones?

Yes! Burger King nuggets are available at all locations.

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