Burger King Menu With Prices [Updated May 2024]

If you want to enjoy some burgers and other fast food while feeling like top-notch royalty, then Burger King is the place to be! The name of this chain of fast-food restaurants is entirely justified. In this blog post, we will discuss the entirety of the Burger King Menu with prices!

Burger King has a wide range of menus to choose from, which includes their regular menu, breakfast menu, drinks menu, and more. However, the regular menu is the most popular, and an average meal from Burger King’s regular menu will cost between $5 – $10, based on various factors. 

Burger King has been around for ages, and many of us have grown up eating classic whoppers and various other famous options. Although it started on a smaller scale compared to now, Burger King is now one of the top fast-food chains in the world. 

Moreover, Burger King has had a remarkable history over the years. It is also one of those fast-food restaurant chains where you can get quality food for a reasonable price. So, in this article, we will be getting into the nitty-gritty of the Burger King menu.

Along with that, we will be discussing the prices of each menu item. However, before we begin with that, the costs of the menu options in this article are as per their New York Broadway location, and they may differ from one place to another. Now, let us get exploring!

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Burger King Menu With Prices

Burger King Menu Prices

Burger King, also known as ‘BK’ or ‘The Home Of The Whopper,’ is one of the top fast-food restaurants across the world. There are barely a few restaurant chains full of Burger King, so the chain has a significant global presence. 

The chain started way back in 1954, and ever since, the menu has just grown and gotten better. As one of the names of this fast food chain suggests, Burger King has been the home of the Whopper for ages. Since this burger was first introduced, it has been one of their top sellers. 

However, Whoppers are not all that Burger King is famous for. The restaurant serves a delicious range of flame-grilled burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken fries, cheesy tots, coffee, shakes, beverages, and desserts. Let us look at the menu options below and their prices. 

Burger King Breakfast Menu With Prices

Although Burger King was not the first fast-food restaurant chain to come up with breakfast options, it has come a long way. Burger King is known for serving top-class breakfast options, with something to offer for everyone. 

The Burger King breakfast menu has attractive options, like Iced Coffee, Mocha Iced Coffee, French Toast Sticks, oatmeal, hash browns, breakfast sandwiches, and more. The prices of all these menu items are given below. 

Breakfast Platters

Pancake & Sausage Platter$3.69

Breakfast Oatmeal

Fruit Topped Maple Flavor$1.99

Breakfast Value

Sausage Burrito$1.19
Sausage Biscuit$1.00
Sausage & Cheese Muffin Sandwich$1.19
French Toast Sticks (3 Pieces)$1.00
Milk (Fat-Free Or Low Fat Chocolate)$1.49
Hash Browns (Small)$1.00
Hash Browns (Medium)$1.69
Hash Browns (Large)$1.89

Breakfast Kids’

Maple Flavor Oatmeal, Milk & Apple Slices$4.49

Burger King Lunch and Dinner Menu With Prices

Burger King, along with the delicious options that they serve for breakfast, also has a large variety to offer on their Lunch menu and Dinner menu. At almost every Burger King location nationwide, the lunch and dinner menus provide matching options. 

Along with various Whopper options, Burger King lunch and dinner menus feature chicken sandwich options, French fries, Onion Rings, Chicken fries, Pies, milkshakes, drinks, and various bundles. 


Shroom N’ Swiss Melt$5.49
Cheesy Tots$1.49
12 Pc. Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries$4.99
8 Pc Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries$3.99
4 Pc Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries$1.99
Have – Sies$3.29
Classic BK Royal Crispy Wrap$2.99
Spicy Bk Royal Crispy Wrap$2.99
Honey Mustard BK Royal Crispy Wrap$2.99

Flame Grilled Burgers

Classic Melt$4.99
Bacon Melt$5.49
Shroom N’ Swiss Melt$5.49
Impossiblr Whopper$8.19
Texas Double Whopper$8.29
Double Whopper$8.19
Triple Whopper$8.19
Bacon King$8.39
BBQ Bacon Whopper Jr. $3.89
Whopper Jr.$3.89
Bacon Double Cheeseburger$4.09
Bacon Cheeseburger$3.29
Double Cheesenurger$3.29
Rodeo Burger$2.39

Chicken & Fish

12 Pc Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries$4.99
8 Pc Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries$3.99
4 Pc Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries$1.99
BK Royal Crispy Chicken$4.99
Spicy BK Royal Crispy Chicken$5.49
Bacon And Swiss BK Roya; Crispy Chicken$6.49
Original Chicken Sandwich$4.89
16 Pc Chicken Nuggets$4.89
8 Pc Chicken Nuggets$2.69
4 Pc Chicken Nuggets$1.99
Big Fish$6.39
Chicken Jr.$2.39
Classic BK Royal Crishpy Wrap$2.99
Honey Mustard BK Royal Crispy Wrap$2.99
Spicy BK Royal Crispy Wrap$2.99


Chessy Tots$1.49
Have – Sies$3.29
Classic Fries$3.29
Onion Rings$3.29
12 Pc Chicken Fries$4.99
4 Pc Chicken Fries$1.99
8 Pc Chicken Fries$3.99
4 Pc Chicken Fries$1.99
16 Pc Chicken Nuggets$2.69
8 Pc Chicken Nuggets$2.69
Mozzarella Sticks$1.99
Motts Applesauce$1.69
4 Pc Chicken Nuggets$1.29

Sauces & Condiments

Barbecue Dipping Sauce$0.10
Buffalo Dipping Sauce$0.10
Sweet and Sour Sauce$0.10
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce$0.10
Ranch Dipping Sauce$0.10
Zesty Dipping Sauce$0.10
Grape Jam$0.00
Strawberry Jam$0.00

Drinks & Coffee

Coca – Cola$2.99
Diet Coke$2.99
Dr Pepper$2.99
Pure Life Purified Water$1.99
Sweetened Iced Tea$2.99
Minute Maid Lemonade$2.99
Unsweetened Iced Tea$2.99
Hi – C Fruit Punch$2.99
Mello Yello$2.99
Honest Kids Apple Juice Drink$1.79
Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry$1.89
Frozen Coke$1.89
BK Cafe$1.99
Bk Cafe Decaf$1.69
Bk Cafe Iced Coffee$1.99
Fat Free Milk$1.79
Simply Ornge Juice$2.49


Hershey’s Sundae Pie$2.19
Classic Oreo Shake$4.29
Chocolate Oreo Shake$4.29
Chocolate Shake$4.09
Vanilla Shake$4.09
Strawberry Shake44.09
Soft Serve Cup$1.19
Soft Serve Cone$1.19
2 Chocolate Chip Cookies$1.00

King Jr. Kids Options

Cheeseburger King Jr. Meal$4.49
4 Pcs. Chicken Nuggets King Jr. Meal$3.99
6 Pieces Chicken Nuggets King Jr. Meal$4.59
Hamburger King Jr. Meal$3.99

The options given above are some of the best offered on the Burger King menu. Moreover, Burger King offers Chicken nuggets for a very cheap price, along with delicious flame-broiled burgers.

However, this is only some of what you can enjoy at Burger King. Along with a large selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, Burger King also offers a lovely Drinks menu worth looking at! 

Does Burger King Have Special Diet Options On Their Menu? 

Does Burger King Have Special Diet Options?

Lately, people are more aware of the food they are sensitive to and their dietary restrictions. Considering all these new trends, Burger King has been evolving and making major menu adjustments to accommodate everyone’s needs. 

So now, you can easily find a range of menus at Burger King that cater to people with special dietary requirements. Some of these include healthy menu options, vegan menu options, gluten-free menu options, low-sodium menu options, and even diabetic menu options. Here is a brief description of what these menus have to offer. 

Burger King Healthy Menu Options

It may sound like the biggest irony to know that fast food restaurant chains like Burger King offer healthy options to their diners. It may not fit the ‘fast-food’ chain narrative, but you can find quite a few healthy options on the Burger King menu. 

Burger King Healthy Menu Options: 

  1. Cheeseburger
  2. Hamburger
  3. Chicken Nuggets
  4. French Toast Sticks
  5. Hash Browns

Check out the link to learn more about Burger King’s Low-Calorie healthy options menu

Burger King Vegan Menu

Other than looking for healthy options, veganism has also increased over the past few years. So again, keeping customers’ demands in mind, Burger King, known for their flame-grilled beef burgers, has offered some lovely vegan options over the years. 

Burger King Vegan Menu Options: 

  1. Impossible Whopper
  2. French Fries
  3. Hash Browns
  4. French Toast Sticks
  5. Impossible Burger
  6. Mott’s Applesauce

Have a look at the detailed Burger King Vegan Menu here. 

Burger King Gluten-Free Menu Options

One of the most significant downsides of any fast-food restaurant chain is that most food is loaded with gluten. Well, of course, fast food chains like Burger King serve a lot of bread-based stuff, which is not something that people with celiac disease would be looking forward to. 

Burger King Gluten-Free Menu Options: 

  1. Shakes
  2. All Burgers without bun
  3. Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich Without Bun
  4. Garden Salad without Croutons
  5. Grilled Chicken Salad without Croutons
  6. Salad Dressings like honey mustard, Ranch, Avocado Ranch, Light honey balsamic, and Apple Cider Vinaigrette
  7. Fries
  8. Hash Browns
  9. Apple Slices
  10. Soft Serves
  11. Applesauce

Can People With Allergies Eat At Burger King? 

Other than gluten intolerance, many allergies need as much consideration. So, Burger King, although they don’t have too many options on their Allergen menu, there are still some options that are worth exploring. 

On the allergen menu at Burger King, you can find options especially curated for seafood allergies, lactose intolerance, nut allergies, and more. Moreover, all the retail products sold at Burger King, like juices and sauces, have all the potential allergens mentioned on the packaging. 

Burger King Allergen Menu Options That Are Safe For Particular Allergies:

  1. Wheat Allergy – Coffees, Shakes, Retail Beverages
  2. Soy Allergy – Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Fries, Hash Browns, Coffee, Retail Beverages, Sundaes
  3. Milk Allergy – Whopper, Hamburger, Whopper Jr., Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Fries
  4. Egg Allergy – Whopper, Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Quarter Pound King, Chicken Fries, Hash Browns
  5. Peanuts Allergy – All Flame-Grilled Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Sides, and Retail Beverages
  6. Tree Nuts Allergy – All Flame-Grilled Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Sides, and Retail Beverages
  7. Fish Allergy – Every Menu item except Big Fish
  8. Shellfish Allergy – Every Menu Item
  9. Sesame Allergy – Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Fries, Chicken Jr., Waffle sandwiches, Croissan’wich, Biscuits, Coffees, Desserts, Retail Beverages

Burger King Low Sodium Menu Options

Quite a few people prefer limiting the amount of sodium they consume since many proven ailments can be caused by overconsumption. So, being a chain of fast-food restaurants, it can be a task to find menu items with lower sodium content. 

However, there are many attractive options on the Burger King low-sodium menu. Most of the menu items from Burger King can be manipulated to reduce sodium. The best way to do so is by saying no to the sauces and cheese, the main ingredients with a whopping sodium content. 

Burger King Diabetes Menu Options

Of course, people who have diabetes also once in a while crave meals from Burger King! Although it may seem like a task to find diabetic-friendly options on the Burger King menu, it is not. The main idea that people with diabetes need to keep in mind is to reduce as much carbohydrate content as possible. 

Carbohydrates generally spike the sugar content. So, if you are a person with diabetes looking for options on the Burger King menu, most burgers are great if you remove a bun. Moreover, you could also go for chicken options, as they have more protein.

Burger King Diabetic Menu Options: 

  1. Hamburger
  2. Whopper Jr.
  3. Chicken Fries
  4. Chicken Sandwich

Check out the detailed Burger King Diabetics Menu here. 

Burger King Halal Menu Options

Eating Halal-certified meat is very important for all Muslims. Considering the delicious food served at Burger King, everyone would want to try the options. However, sadly in the United States, the meat used at Burger King is not halal-certified. 

Most Muslim-majority countries worldwide, along with some exceptions like India, mostly have Burger King outlets that offer Halal meat. However, this concept has yet to catch on in the United States. Although, there is no need to worry! There are still plenty of options on the Burger King Halal menu that you can enjoy! 

Does Burger King Have A Separate Kids’ Menu? 

Does Burger King Have A Separate Kids Menu?

All kids love fast food! Moreover, let’s face it, one of the easiest ways to please kids is true, with some good old burgers and fries. But, there is also the fact that normal adult-sized portions are too much for kids to finish. 

Keeping that in mind, most fast-food chains, including Burger King, adapted to serving a separate kids’ menu. Like some other fast food chains, Burger King does not offer a toy to kids with their kids’ special meals. 

Instead, the chain has focused more on the nutritional values and balance of the kids’ meals, making them even better.

Burger King Kids’ Menu Options: 

  1. Hamburger Jr. King Meal
  2. Cheeseburger Jr. King Meal
  3. 4-Piece Chicken Nuggets Jr. King Meal
  4. 6-Pieces Chicken Nuggets Jr. King Meal 

How To Order Online From Burger King? 

How To Order Online from Burger King?

Burger King serves their food quickly since it is a chain of fast-food restaurants. One of the best things about a fast-food restaurant is that you can grab a meal instantly, even when running late. 

But, at times when you would instead not step out of the house, Burger King comes to the rescue with online ordering! Ordering online from Burger King is as straightforward as it can be. There are multiple portals to choose from while ordering online from Burger King. 

The easiest and best way to order from Burger King is through their official website. Also, Burger King is listed on various delivery platforms, like Uber Eats and Grubhub, to make the process even easier. Check out this link for a step-by-step guide on ordering online from Burger King

Best Burger King Food Items To Order From Their Menu

Best Burger King Menu Items

Every fast-food restaurant chain has a few things that are above and beyond everything else on its menu! Choosing the best at places like Burger King can take time and effort. There is much to choose from, whether it is burgers, chicken, sides, or beverages! 

However, a few have managed to remain the top sellers. So, here we will look at some of the best food options from the Burger King menu that you need to try out! 

1. Whopper

Yes, the first one, indeed, had to be the Whopper! This is OG, all that Burger King is known for! The Whopper has been the best seller at Burger King ever since it first appeared on the menu. The best part about the Whopper is the many burger versions! 

2. Chicken Fries

Another classic from Burger King has to be their chicken fries. Who would have thought French fries made with chicken would be so good? These are perfectly crispy on the outside, with a soft interior. Pairing them up with sauces makes them taste even more incredible! 

3. Chicken Sandwich

Just like the Whopper, the sheer options that Burger King offers with their menu options are incredible! The chicken sandwich is a classic; however, what makes it stand out is the fact that it has a lot of variations available too! You’re craving any chicken sandwich, and Burger King is there to the rescue! 

4. Croissan’wich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon, or Ham

Along with their lunch and dinner menu options, some breakfast menu items also stand out! The croissan’wich, as you may have already guessed, is a croissant breakfast sandwich made with flaky French bread! This sandwich’s filling options are plenty, making it stand out even more! 

5. Shakes

Last but surely not least, the beverages, especially the shakes from Burger King, are incredibly delicious. The milkshakes are thick and made with creamy ice cream, and the five flavor options ensure that everyone would like a possibility! 

These are, indeed, just a few best Burger King Food options out of the many that you can try from the Burger King menu. If you want more information about particular menu items, like the Best Burgers, and Best Sauces to order from Burger King, then look at all the links!  

Burger King Opening / Closing Hours 

Usually, most fast-food restaurant chains tend to have set timings that they follow everywhere. You would have expected the same with Burger King, but that is not necessarily true. Though most of their outlets run at standard operating hours, a few exceptions exist. 

Day Of The WeekOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday06:00 am10:00 pm
Tuesday06:00 am10:00 pm
Wednesday06:00 am10:00 pm
Thursday06:00 am10:00 pm
Friday06:00 am10:00 pm
Saturday06:30 am10:30 pm
Sunday06:30 am10:30 pm

The standard operating hours for most Burger King outlets across the United States are 6 am – 10 pm. However, there are also quite a few outlets in the United States that are franchise owned. So, some of them operate till midnight. 

Moreover, some outlets are open 24 hours a day. So, although most places do have a standard time, they can also vary. So, I would recommend looking at Burger King’s Opening / Closing hours for a detailed analysis. 

Burger King Menu As Per Restaurant Hours

Burger King Menu As Per Restaurant Hours

Burger King serves meals all day, with a different menu for each dinner. So, whether it is breakfast, a meal, or even late-night cravings that need to be taken care of, Burger King has surely got you covered in the best way possible! In this section, we will briefly examine the different menus offered at Burger King, as per the Restaurant Hours. 

Burger King Breakfast Menu

Burger King is the perfect place to enjoy the best breakfast ever. They have a vast selection of breakfast specials on their Breakfast menu; all served during the official breakfast hours at Burger King

The Burger King breakfast menu includes pancakes, croissan’wich, biscuits, hash browns, coffee, and oatmeal. There are also a few lovely combo options that make the meals worth the price!

Burger King Lunch Menu

Burger King offers quite a lot for lunch as well. The Burger King lunch menu has options ranging from a variety of beef burgers to chicken sandwiches, chicken sides, fish sandwiches, and several vegetarian side options. 

The Lunch menu at Burger King also features options like the impossible Whopper, a perfect burger option for vegans. Lastly, the lunch menu has a range of sweet beverages and coffee drinks. Do check out their official lunch hours before your visit. 

Burger King Dinner Menu

Last but not least, Burger King offers a dinner menu as well. Burger King’s dinner menu is almost entirely identical to the lunch menu. They serve the same burgers, sandwiches, sides, and beverage options. 

However, one thing that may differ is that some locations offer a few more options here and there. Lastly, a few deals are specific for lunch and dinner. But the menu is undoubtedly worth having a look at! 

Burger King Menu Deals To Avail Right Now

Burger King Deals To Avail

One thing that keeps every fast food restaurant chain in its way is the deals they seldom offer. Most chains, like Burger King, have different values throughout the year. Some of these deals have remained evergreen, whereas others faded with time. 

We all can agree that deals are excellent. Most of the prices of each menu item from Burger King are incredibly reasonable. But with deals, these prices get better. The values are also not restricted to discounts on the menu items. 

There are various deals where you can redeem points. Moreover, you can save quite a lot on delivery charges, so it’s a win! Some discounts can be redeemed at their locations, whereas others are more centric around their online ordering portals. 

Moreover, signing up for the Burger King Royal Perks will also win you a lot! Check out Burger King Deals, Best Burger King Coupons, and Burger King Breakfast deals to know more about them! 

Some Popular Burger King Deals

Popular Burger King Deals

Burger King, just like most other fast food restaurants, comes up with new deals now and then. These deals create a lot of excitement amongst people, and most customers can’t wait to avail themselves of them! 

Being a cheapskate myself, deals are something that I am always on the lookout for! Although Burger King has introduced a lot of deals over the years, some have managed to stay on top of the rest, being the most popular deals to have ever existed at Burger King. In this section, we will be exploring these deals in brief. 

1. Burger King 2 for $ 5 Deal

Although this deal was around for a short time, most people loved all of it! The 2 for $ 5 discount was introduced in early 2022 and offered much for your money. You were also known as the mix-n-match deal; with this deal, you could enjoy a Whopper and an original chicken sandwich for just $ 5!

2. Burger King 2 for $ 6 Deal

This deal was around the same time as the 2 for $ 5 deal. This deal was similar to the previous one, but it did stand out because the options offered were comparatively very fancy. With the 2-for $ 6 discount, you could enjoy options like Bacon Double Cheeseburger or Rodeo Double Cheeseburger, a 9-piece order of Chicken Fries, and a portion of French Fries. 

3. Burger King 2 for $ 10 Deal

Similar to the previous two deals mentioned above, this deal, too, offers two types of sandwiches. But, since it costs more, the agreement also has more add-ons. This deal is more of a mix-n-match meal deal, where you can enjoy two whole meals for $ 10. The burger options for this deal are the classic Whopper and the crispy chicken sandwich. 

4. Burger King Dollar Menu

As the name is self-explanatory, the Burger King dollar menu consists of a few options that are all available for $ 1. Although this menu has fewer or as fancy options as the other deals, it was still great as you could get a lot for your money! The burger options on this deal included a chicken jr. sandwich, Bacon Cheeseburger, and French fries. 

These are just some of the best deals ever at Burger King. Other than these deals mentioned here, Burger King offered some options like Burger King Family Bundle and National Burger Day Deals, which are worth looking at! 

Does Burger King Have A Secret Menu? 

One of the great things, not just about fast food restaurants but restaurant chains in general, is that, more often than not, they have a special secret menu to offer. Luckily at Burger King, you can also find a lovely range of hidden menu options that are beyond amazing! 

Moreover, there is just something extraordinary about secret menu items. Just the fact that the options on this menu cannot be found on any other menu at the restaurant chain makes it so much more exciting to try and explore! Now that you know about the secret menu at Burger King, let us also look at some popular hidden menu items! 

1. Burger King Rodeo Burger

Burger King Rodeo Burger

Ever wondered what adding some onion rings to a juicy burger would do? You don’t need to wonder anymore; you can try this combination at Burger King! The Rodeo Burger combines the best flavors from Burger King with a flame-grilled beef patty, topped with some BBQ sauce, and finished with crispy onion rings. 

2. Burger King Suicide Burger

Burger King Suicide Burger

Well, the name of this secret menu item from Burger King is undoubtedly misleading; there is no doubt about that. But, although tricky, this burger is truly as delicious as you could have ever imagined! The Suicide burger is hefty, consisting of four patties and four slices of cheese, all packed between two pieces of fresh bun. 

3. Burger King BLT

Burger King BLT

This sandwich from Burger King is exceptional, as although the name only mentions chicken, the sandwich also has a crispy fried chicken filet! The Burger King BLT is loaded with a crispy chicken filet, chopped lettuce, mayonnaise, and bacon, all in a freshly toasted sesame seed bun. 

Have Burger King Prices Gone Up? 

Over the years, we have all seen a gradual increase in the prices of almost everything available. Everything is more expensive than it was over the past few years, from basic amenities like groceries to even the meals available at fast food restaurants. 

Similarly, Burger King has also seen a hike in the prices of all the menu items in the United States. A survey in 2022 showed that the costs of individual options on the Burger King menu, like Burgers, fries, and beverages, increased by 9% compared to 2021. 

Overall, there has also been a massive price hike across 39 Burger King outlets across the United States, raising prices by 21%. Well, the whole reason behind this happening is, of course, nothing other than inflation. 

Over the years, inflation has been on the rise, which has increased the basic prices of almost every ingredient in the market by a large margin. This has resulted in a hike in burger prices and, overall, has caused many Burger King outlets to close. So, yes, Burger King prices have increased over the past few years. 

Does Burger King Cater Parties?

Does Burger King Cater Parties?

Whenever there’s a party around, I don’t know about you, but for me, the most challenging task has always been to decide what to get to eat! Everyone in a crowd has their preferences, and let’s face it, pleasing a group is much more challenging than we all estimate it to be. 

Keeping that in mind, one menu option for parties where it is difficult to go wrong is some fast food. For lovely flame-grilled burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, and a lot more variety, Burger King is undoubtedly the best place to order from.  

But the real question here remains. Does Burger King even cater to larger crowds? The answer is yes! Along with all the options at Burger King, you can also find a vast catering menu at the fast food chain! 

Burger King’s catering menu has fewer options than the regular menu. But there is still plenty to choose from. Burger King, however, does catering orders only for crowds that consist of a minimum of 20 people. So, the next time you have a party, you know where to order food! 

Does Burger King Operate During Holidays? 

Holidays seem like a perfect time to get together with friends and family and enjoy as much food as possible. For fast-food lovers like me, another fascinating aspect that follows every holiday in the year is the holiday menus that places like Burger King have to offer! 

Holiday offerings for every single holiday differ, and Burger King mostly follows the same thing. They have a specially designed menu for most holidays, flavors that pay homage to the season, and more. However, the Holiday Hours at Burger King might differ for each holiday. 

Moreover, only some holidays are as big a deal at Burger King. On holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter, even most Burger King outlets remain closed for the employees. But, throughout the rest of the year, on holidays like Memorial Day, 4th Of July, Labor Day, and even Halloween, Burger King is mostly always open, with many specials on their menu! 

Best Methods To Pay While Ordering From Burger King Menu

Popular Payment Methods At Burger King

Over the past few years, most of us have gone cashless, and it has become the most preferred method of payment across the world. However, quite a few people still prefer the old ways when it comes to clearing their checks. 

Either way, you can pay the way you would wish to, at Burger King. Along with cashless methods, Burger King has many more ways for easy bill payment. Here are a few of the easiest and best payment methods while ordering a meal from Burger King. 

1. Cash

Ah, cash is the first and most obvious way to pay at Burger King. If not for the younger generation, I am sure the older generation would be thrilled to know about this! Moreover, every Burger King location across the country accepts cash payments! 

2. Credit & Debit Cards

One of the easiest ways of going cashless is still to pay with debit and credit cards. Like cash payments, every Burger King location across the United States readily accepts payments via debit and credit cards. 

3. Apple Pay

Apple Pay has taken the world by storm over the past few years, and most people still consider it the best evolution of going completely cashless! Apple Pay is also a secure way to pay your bill at Burger King. Check out our link to know how exactly to go about it. 

4. Google Pay

After Apple Pay, if there is a mode of payment that helps go cashless, it has to be Google Pay. Similar to the sooner, Google Pay is available at almost every Burger King outlet across the United States, and you can follow this link to know how exactly it works. 

5. EBT / Food Stamps

EBT and food stamps are other standard methods of payment used quite often by people. Unlike other payment methods in this article, EBT and Food Stamps might not be accepted as readily, significantly nationwide, at every Burger King location. So, please look at whether the outlet closest to you takes them before making your final payment! 


Burger King is the only place where you can enjoy the best burger with fries, sandwiches, sides, etc. Why wait? Refer to the above details about the updated menu items and their prices and head to the nearest outlet of  Burger King and enjoy! Taste the amazing flavors of their burgers and indulge in a dining experience you’ll love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a meal from Burger King cost on average?

On average, a meal from Burger King will cost you somewhere between $ 5 – $ 10. 

Are the menu prices at all Burger King locations the same?

No, the menu prices may differ slightly from one location to another. 

Does Burger King offer different menus for each meal of the day? 

Yes, Burger King does offer a different menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Is Burger King open all day long?

Only a few Burger King locations across the country are open 24 hours.

Does Burger King offer catering? 

Yes, Burger King does offer a catering menu.

At what time does Burger King stop serving dinner?

At most of their locations, Burger King stops serving dinner at 10:30 pm and at midnight at some of the outlets. 

Does Burger King have a secret menu? 

Yes, Burger King does have a few secret menu items that are worth a try. 

Is Burger King open on every holiday? 

Burger King is operational on most holidays, except for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and sometimes Easter. 

Does Burger King take all modes of payment? 

Yes, Burger King accepts most modes of payment, whether cash or cashless. 

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