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Did you hear the news? Get a Free Family Sized Palabok when you order one large Family Sized Chicken Inasal and do you know where you will find this offer. If no, then I will tell you the name of the place where you can redeem this offer and the name of the place is Mang Inasal.

Before you visit there, I will provide you the information that includes Mang Inasal menu prices, contact information, franchise details and the nutritional breakdown of Mang Inasal Menu items.

Let’s start with the history first. Mang Inasal was started by Edgar Sia in the year 2003. The first restaurant he opened was at Robinsons Mall Carpark in Iloilo City. At present, they have more than 500 outlets nationwide and the headquarters of their company is in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines.

People love to go to because they have the best Chicken Inasal and the plus point is you can have unlimited rice with it.

Mang Inasal Menu Prices

Mang Inasal menu

Mang Inasal menu includes eatables for those people who come with family and friends called blowout promo. They also have other meals that come in different sizes. Their specialty chicken inasal comes with a wide variety of different flavors, meals that cover three dishes called triple rice meal.

They also have pork bbq with three flavors that are liked by everyone. They also have sides that will elevate your meal and appetizing drinks also.

Mang Inasal works on FSC philosophy’s strategy by serving great Food, delivering excellent service and maintaining Cleanliness and good store conditions every day. Mang Inasal has an affordable range of eatables. You can have a good meal here for around $40. So without waiting, let’s check the latest menu prices of Mang Inasal.

Blowout Promo

Chicken Inasal Paa Large Family SizePHP 396.00
Chicken Inasal Spicy Paa Large Family SizePHP 409.00
Chicken Inasal Pecho Large Family SizePHP 336.00
Chicken Inasal Spicy Pecho Large Family SizePHP 345.00

NEW! Buddy Size

Chicken Inasal Paa Large Buddy SizePHP 198.00
Chicken Inasal Spicy Paa Large Buddy SizePHP 205.00
Chicken Inasal Pecho Large Buddy SizePHP 226.00
Chicken Inasal Spicy Pecho Large BuddyPHP 232.00
Pork BBQ Buddy SizePHP 142.00

NEW! Family Size

Chicken Inasal Regular Family SizePHP 439.00
Chicken Inasal Paa Large Family SizePHP 396.00
Chicken Inasal Spicy Paa Large FamilyPHP 409.00
Chicken Inasal Pecho Large Family SizePHP 336.00
Chicken Inasal Spicy Pecho Large FamilyPHP 345.00
Pork BBQ Family SizePHP 362.00
Palabook Family SizePHP 219.00
Pork Sisig Family SizePHP 340.00
Bangus Sisig Family SizePHP 384.00
Chicken Sisig Family SizePHP 340.00

Chicken Inasal

Regular Chicken InasalPHP 98.00
Paa Large – PM1PHP 116.00
Spicy Paa Large – PM1.5PHP 119.00
Pecho Large – PM2PHP 133.00
Spicy Pecho Large – PM2.5PHP 136.00
Todo Solb Meal Paa LargePHP 142.00
Todo Solb Meal Spicy Paa LargePHP 145.00
Todo Solb Meal Pecho LargePHP 160.00
Todo Solb Meal Spicy Pecho LargePHP 163.00

NEW! Triple Rice Meal

Regular Chicken Inasal Triple Rice MealPHP 114.00
Paa Large- PM1 Triple Rice MealPHP 132.00
Spicy Paa Large- Pm1.5 Triple Rice MealPHP 135.00
Pecho Large-PM Triple Rice MealPHP 150.00
Spicy Pecho Large – PM2.5 Triple Rice SizePHP 153.00
Bangus Sisig Triple Rice MealPHP 130.00
Todo Solb Meal Paa Large Triple Rice MealPHP 158.00
Todo Solb Meal Spicy Paa Large Triple Rice MealPHP 162.00
Todo Solb Meal Pecho Large Triple Rice MealPHP 176.00
Todo Solb Meal Spicy Pecho Large TriplePHP 179.00

Pork BBQ

1 Stick Pork BBQPHP 55.00
2 Stick Pork BBQPHP 94.00
1 Stick Pork BBQ Ala CartePHP 39.00


Bangus SisigPHP 109.00
Pork Sisig with RicePHP 94.00
Pork Sisig SoloPHP 83.00
Bangus Sisig SoloPHP 98.00
Chicken Sisig with RicePHP 94.00


Plain RicePHP 22.00
Leche FlanPHP 32.00
SoupPHP 11.00
ToyomansiPHP 6.00
Chicken OilPHP 6.00
Chicken Sisig Ala CartePHP 83.00

Drinks (Inumin)

Iced Red GulamanPHP 40.00
Iced TeaPHP 40.00
CokePHP 40.00
Coke ZeroPHP 40.00
SpritePHP 40.00
Coke 1.5LPHP 99.00

Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on Mang Inasal, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Franchise Details

Mang Inasal Franchise

Mang Inasal has more than 500 locations in Philippines. So if you are interested in opening their franchise here is the cost in the table below.

Franchise FeePHP 1,200,000
Royalty 5% of gross and sales

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Contact Information

Mang Inasal Corporate Office Address: Pioneer Highlands North Condominium, Pioneer Avenue corner Madison St., Mandaluyong City 1550, Philippines

Mang Inasal Corporate Office Phone Number: (02) 8-898-7777

To contact the team of Mang Inasal you can also fill the contact form on their website.

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