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I know a lot of people that love tea. But I have a question, don’t you get bored from drinking that same tea regularly. If you agree with me, then I have a place where you can go and have a wide variety of teas. The name of that place is Serenitea which offers not only tea but other drinks also.

Serenitea store

Serenita’s menu serves a wide variety of tea such as milk, fruit, brewed and hand-crafted tea. You can also order rice meals, Espresso & Chaffee and snacks from the menu.

But before you visit there, I will provide you the information that includes the latest menu of Serenitea with prices, their contact information, franchise details and the nutritional breakdown of the items that are served at Serenitea. Let’s start with the history first.

Peter Chen and Juliet Herrera, two business partners, started Serenitea in the year 2008. They opened their first store outside Metro Manila at the Cebu IT Park in Cebu City and they have more than 62 outlets nationwide with its headquarters in Metro Manila.

People love to go to Serenitea because they serve the best range of teas with delicious drinks also.

Serenitea Menu Prices

Serenitea Menu

Serenitea menu includes the variety of drinks that include seasonal drinks with three flavors, teas that include brown sugar, teas with arctict cream, pure milk teas, and teas made by hand. They also have palatable matcha drink, refreshing brewed tea.

There are a wide variety of fruitea also with yakult. People who want to drink coffee can also enjoy espresso and chaffee. There are also caffeine-free drinks that you can have with some snacks and home kits.

Serenitea provides the ambiance that is calm and relaxing. The staff they had in their cafe is welcoming and friendly. You can enjoy the tea with slow music running on a jukebox in their cafes.

Serenitea drinks are affordable in price. You can have a great drink here for under PHP 100. So without waiting, let’s check the latest Serenitea menu with prices.

Summer Cooling Treats

Summer Cooling TreatsPrice
Buy 2 Emperor Milk TeaPHP 137.50
Buy 2 Hokkaido Milk TeaPHP 137.50

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Rice Meals

Rice MealsPrice
Imperial Beef RicePHP 218.90
Yakiniku Beef RicePHP 218.90
Ginger Beef RicePHP 218.90
Black Pepper Beef RicePHP 218.90
Chicken Chops RicePHP 165.00
Chicken Wings RicePHP 198.00
Creamy Chicken RicePHP 253.00
Curry Chicken RicePHP 253.00
Plain RicePHP 44.00
Taiwan Sausage RicePHP 143.00

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Brown Sugar

Brown SugarPrice
Buy 1 Take 1 Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Big PearlsPHP 165.00
Buy 1 Take 1 Brown Sugar Grass Jelly with Big PearlsPHP 165.00
Brown Sugar TahoPHP 165.00
Brown Sugar Grass JellyPHP 165.00
Brown Sugar Fresh Regular MilkPHP 165.00
Brown Sugar Frost Regular MilkPHP 165.00

Arctict Cream

Arctict CreamPrice
Taro SnowPHP 176.00
Cookies & Cream Milk TeaPHP 176.00
Choco Cookies Milk TeaPHP 176.00
Auro Trio ChocolatePHP 203.50
Coffee SnowPHP 176.00
Midnight MatchaPHP 192.50
Winter SnowPHP 136.50
Auro Cacao Cookies n CreamPHP 194.25

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Milk Tea

Milk TeaMediumLarge
Black Tea LattePHP 143.00PHP 165.00
Brown Sugar Taho Milk TeaN/APHP 198.00
Soybean Cheese Frost Milk TeaPHP 159.00PHP 176.00
Cookie Brulee Milk TeaPHP 159.00PHP 176.00
Cookie Supreme Milk TeaPHP 192.50PHP 209.00
Traditional Milk TeaPHP 115.50PHP 132.00
Creme Brulee Milk TeaPHP 137.50PHP 154.00
Okinawa Milk TeaPHP 121.00PHP 137.50
Hokkaido Milk TeaPHP 121.00PHP 137.50
Wintermelon Milk TeaPHP 121.00PHP 137.50
Emperor Milk TeaPHP 121.00PHP 137.50
Nagasaki Milk TeaPHP 121.00PHP 137.50
Jasmine Milk TeaPHP 115.50PHP 132.00
Royal Milk TeaPHP 115.50PHP 132.00
Assam Milk TeaPHP 115.50PHP 132.00

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Hand Crafted Milktea

Hand Crafted MilkteaMediumLarge
Hongkong Milk TeaPHP 143.00PHP 154.00
Thai Milk TeaPHP 143.00PHP 154.00


Cookie Brulee MatchaPHP 181.50PHP 198.00
Cookie Supreme MatchaPHP 203.50PHP 220.00
Greentea SlushPHP 165.00PHP 181.50
Matcha LattePHP 165.00PHP 181.50
Uji Pyramid SlushN/APHP 181.50

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Chocolate Milk TeaPHP 143.00PHP 159.50
Choco Royal Milk TeaPHP 143.00PHP 159.50
Malty Choco Milk TeaPHP 165.00PHP 181.50
Milo DinoPHP 137.50PHP 148.50
Auro Cacao FrostPHP 165.00PHP 181.50
Auro Cacao Cookie SupremePHP 203.50PHP 220.00


Calamansi FruiteaPHP 115.50PHP 126.50
Cranberry FruiteaPHP 121.00PHP 132.00
Grapefruit FruiteaPHP 121.00PHP 132.00
Lychee FruiteaPHP 115.50PHP 126.50
Green Apple FruiteaPHP 115.50PHP 126.50
Aloha FruiteaPHP 154.00
Mango Marvel Cheezy FrostPHP 220.00
Strawberry Dream Cheezy FrostPHP 220.00

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Espresso & Chaffee

Espresso & ChaffeeMediumLarge
Cold BrewPHP 137.50PHP 159.50
Cafe AmericanoPHP 137.50PHP 159.50
Cafe LattePHP 148.50PHP 170.50
Mocha Latte PHP 165.00PHP 187.00
Okinawa EspressoPHP 165.00PHP 187.00
Hokkaido EspressoPHP 165.00PHP 187.00
Matcha EspressoPHP 181.50PHP 203.50

Arctic Slush

Arctic SlushMediumLarge
Espresso SlushPHP 154.00PHP 176.00
Okinawa SlushPHP 165.00PHP 187.00
Hokkaido SlushPHP 165.00PHP 187.00
Mocha SlushPHP 165.00PHP 187.00
Cookie Mocha SlushPHP 176.00PHP 198.00

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Brewed Tea

Brewed TeaMediumLarge
Jasmine Green TeaPHP 88.00PHP 99.00
Earl Grey Black TeaPHP 88.00PHP 99.00
Assam Black TeaPHP 88.00PHP 99.00

Caffeine Free

Caffeine FreeMediumLarge
Winter FrostPHP 126.50PHP 137.50
Winter Melon StormPHP 137.50PHP 148.50
Honey CalamansiPHP 121.00PHP 132.00
Taro LoverPHP 137.50PHP 148.50
Winter SweetPHP 99.00PHP 110.00
Honey Calamansi SlushPHP 132.00PHP 143.00

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Original Chicken ChopsPHP 121.00
Chicken ChopsPHP 121.00
Chicken WingsPHP 231.00
Chicken DelightPHP 165.00
Squid Balls 3 PcsPHP 93.50
Squid Balls 5 PcsPHP 143.00
Meat Balls 3 PcsPHP 82.50
Meat Balls 5 PcsPHP 132.00
Pepper TofuPHP 99.00
Fish n’ FriesPHP 218.90
Fries n’ DipPHP 154.00
HashbrownPHP 49.50
French BeansPHP 121.00
Taiwan SausagePHP 108.90
Fried MantouPHP 108.90
Mexican Chicken WingsPHP 231.00
Italian Chicken WingsPHP 231.00
Western Chicken DelightPHP 187.00
Chicken BaoPHP 132.00

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Serenitea Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on Serenitea, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Serenitea Franchise Details

Serenitea franchise

Serenitea has more than 62 outlets in different cities of Philippines. So if you are interested in opening their franchised store, then here is the cost in the table below.

Franchise FeePHP 1,700,000

Serenitea’s Contact Information

Serenitea Corporate Office Address: Unit 8a1- 8a2, 100, M. Concepcion Avenue, Barangay Buting, Barangay Buting, Pasig City 1600 Metro Manila

Serenitea Corporate Office Phone Number:  +63 (2) 8 642 2167, +63 (2) 8 642 2162, +63 (2) 8 531 7882

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