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Cotton Patch Cafe Menu With Prices

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Wanna enjoy true Texas food? Cotton Patch Cafe is a place for you. This restaurant serves the best Texas flavors in multiple varieties of food items like brisket queso, mozzarella sticks, sirloin steak, chipotle maple chicken, etc. All these food items are freshly made with no preservatives. There’s a different menu for kids. Check out the latest menu along with the prices of these food items.

Cotton Patch Cafe

Cotton Patch Cafe’s menu has appetizers like skillet cornbread, fried pickles, bacon cheese fries, etc. You can enjoy true Texas tenders here like buffalo tenders, honey barbecue, etc. There are fresh salads and soups on the menu like Caesar salad, Tex Mex Salad, tomato basil soup, etc. You can also enjoy alfredo pasta, fried shrimp, and many other items. Most of these food items fall under $ 15.

Cotton Patch Cafe also offers catering services, and you can also order food online from Cotton Patch Cafe. You buy gift cards and sign up to join Cotton Patch Cafe’s e-club. Check out the links below if you are interested in any of these. I’ve also provided this restaurant’s contact details and all the important details below. Before we move on to the menu prices, let’s know some history about Cotton Patch Cafe.

Cotton Patch Cafe was founded by Lawrence E. Marshall and Michael Patranella in 1989. It’s a Texas-based American restaurant chain. Its first restaurant was opened in Nacogdoches, Texas, and now has about 51 casual dining restaurants in Texas, Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Cotton Patch Cafe Menu Prices

Cotton Patch Cafe's Foof

Let’s start with the appetizers first! You’ll find a number of delicious appetizers on the menu of Cotton Patch Cafe. Some of these appetizers are brisket queso, skillet cornbread, trio dipper, fried pickles, and many more. The restaurant serves delicious melty mozzarella sticks and bacon cheese fries topped with melted Monterey jack and cheddar cheese. 

Don’t forget to have true Texas tender whenever you visit Cotton Patch Cafe! These crispy tenders are hand-battered and fried in southern style. These tenders are served in French fries and with the restaurant’s scratch-made cream and your choice of dipping sauce. You can also have these tenders grilled or marinated. Some of the best dipping sauces served here are buffalo, sweet chili, Tajin, and honey barbecue.

Among southern signatures, you can have chicken fried steak, chicken fried chicken, fried catfish, and many other items. The creamy alfredo pasta is tossed with grilled shrimp, grilled chicken, or is made with vegetarian ingredients. It also serves the family-favorite, meatloaf topped with homemade tomato glaze. 

Wanna try the best steakhouse dishes? Cotton Patch Cafe has an entire section as a steakhouse. This section has a couple of delicious items listed like sirloin, NY strip, and ribeye. You can have your choice of cut steak for these dishes. These dishes include any two mouth-watering items from the “Fixins” on the menu.

The menu of Cotton Patch Cafe has incredibly delicious items listed under “Fixins”. Some of these items are garlic mashed potatoes, French fries, baked squash, cinnamon apples, loaded baked potato, black-eyed peas, etc. You can also enjoy burgers and sandwiches like classic burgers, patty melt, chicken salad sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, and many more. 

Among drinks, you can enjoy southern sippers like Hurricane, margarita, swamp thing, etc., or beer like shiner rock, Coors light, bud light, Budweiser, etc. If you like wine, try mimosa, Cavit, or Frontera. You can also have soft drinks like diet coke, sprite, Dr. Pepper, or hand-crafted strawberry lemonade

That’s not all about the menu! You can read the entire menu with prices in the tables below. Check out the nutritional information and allergens information from the link provided further below. I’ve also provided their social media handles here in this article. Check out these tables and order your favorites now. Enjoy your meal.


Brisket Queso$ 8
Skillet Cornbread$ 3
Trio Dipper$ 8
Fried Pickles (Texas size)$ 8
Fried Pickles $ 6
Jumbo Crispy ‘Shrooms $ 6
Jumbo Crispy ‘Shrooms (Texas size)$ 8
Fried Green Tomatoes$ 6
Fried Green Tomatoes (Texas size)$ 8
Mozzarella Sticks$ 6
Mozzarella Sticks (Texas size)$ 8
Bacon Cheese Fries$ 6
Bacon Cheese Fries (Texas size)$ 8

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Soups N’ Such

Tomato Basil Soup$ 3$ 6
Potato Cheese Soup$ 3$ 6
Chicken N’ Dumplins$ 3$ 6

True Texas Tenders

Original (4 tenders)$ 11
Original (8 tenders)$ 16
Buffalo (4 tenders)$ 11
Buffalo (8 tenders)$ 16
Honey Barbecue (4 tenders)$ 11
Honey Barbecue (8 tenders)$ 16
Sweet Chili (4 tenders)$ 11
Sweet Chili (8 tenders)$ 16
Tajin (4 tenders)$ 11
Tajin (8 tenders)$ 16

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Southern Signatures

Chicken Fried Brisket$ 15
Chicken Fried Steak$ 14
Chicken Fried Chicken $ 13
Alfredo Pasta (with 8 grilled shrimp)$ 14
Alfredo Pasta (with grilled chicken)$ 12
Alfredo Pasta (vegetarian)$ 12
Super Combo Fish & Shrimp (8 shrimp)$ 18
Super Combo Fish & Shrimp (4 shrimp)$ 16
Fried Catfish$ 14
Fried Shrimp$ 14
Shiner Fish & Chips$ 12
Meatloaf$ 12
Vegetable Platter$ 10
Steak Fingers$ 12

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Sirloin (9 oz)$ 16
Sirloin (6 oz)$ 14
NY Strip (10 oz)$ 18
Ribeye (10 oz)$ 18

All Up The Grill

Chipotle Maple Chicken $ 13
Center Cut Pork Chops$ 15
Grilled Cajun Duo (4 shrimp)$ 15
Grilled Cajun Duo (8 shrimp)$ 18
Grilled Shrimp$ 13
Garlic Herb Shrimp$ 13
Lemon Herb Grilled Salmon$ 15
Honey BBQ Salmon$ 15
Blackened Tilapia$ 13

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Pick Your Greens

Caesar Salad$ 9
Tex Mex Salad$ 9
Strawberry Pecan Salad$ 9
Cobb Salad$ 9

Lighter Plates

Light Blackened Tilapia$ 12
Light Grilled Chicken $ 12
Light Lemon Herb Grilled Salmon$ 14

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Garlic Mashed Potatoes$ 3
Macaroni & Cheese$ 3
French Fries$ 3
Baked Squash$ 3
Steamed Veggies$ 3
Fried Okra$ 3
Fresh Broccoli$ 3
Southern Green Beans$ 3
Whole Kernel Corn $ 3
Sauteed Mushrooms$ 3
Black Eyed Peas$ 3
Cinnamon Apples$ 3
Broccoli Rice Casserole$ 3
Loaded Baked Potato$ 3
Sweet Potato Fries$ 3
House Salad$ 3
Caesar Salad$ 3
Cup of Soup$ 3

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Chicken Salad Sandwich$ 9
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$ 9
Chicken Fried Chicken Sandwich$ 9
The BLT$ 10
Turkey Club $ 9

Steakhouse Burgers

Patty Melt$ 9
Classic Burger$ 10
Three Cheese Bacon Burger$ 10

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Tex Mex

Street Dog (Smoked brisket with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce)$ 12
Street Dog (Grilled chicken with zesty chipotle sauce)$ 11
Street Dog (Grilled fish with zesty chipotle sauce)$ 11
Quesadilla (Smoked brisket with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce)$ 12
Quesadilla (Grilled chicken)$ 11

Mix & Match

Half Cobb Salad & Grilled Chicken $ 7
Half Strawberry Pecan Salad & Grilled Chicken$ 7
Half Tex-Mex Salad & Grilled Chicken$ 7
Half Caesar Salad & Grilled Chicken$ 7
Half BLT & Grilled Chicken$ 7
Half Turkey Club & Grilled Chicken$ 7
Half Chicken Salad Sandwich & Grilled Chicken$ 7

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Signature Specials

Chicken Fried Chicken (+ one Fixin)$ 7
Chicken Fried Steak (+ one Fixin) $ 7
Meatloaf (+ one Fixin)$ 7
Chicken Alfredo Pasta (+ one Fixin)$ 7

Family Meal (serves 4-6)

Chicken Fried Family MealIncludes 3 Family Size Fixin’s, choice of family size House or Caesar Salad, 6 Rolls and Butter, Choice of Gallon Sweet Tea or Unsweet Tea$ 58
Mama’s MeatloafIncludes Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Southern Green Beans and Whole Kernel Corn, 6 Rolls and Butter with your choice of Gallon Sweet or Unsweet Tea$ 38
Chicken Alfredo PastaIncludes Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Southern Green Beans and Whole Kernel Corn, 6 Rolls and Butter with your choice of Gallon Sweet or Unsweet Tea$ 38
True Texas TendersIncludes Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Southern Green Beans and Whole Kernel Corn, 6 Rolls and Butter with your choice of Gallon Sweet or Unsweet Tea$ 42

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Weekend Roast

Roasted Turkey & Dressing$ 13

Southern Sippers

Hurricane$ 7
Margarita$ 7
Sangria$ 7
Swamp Thing$ 7
Southern Sweet Texas Tea$ 8

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Beer (Bottle)

Shiner Bock$ 4
Dos Equis XX Lager$ 4
Modelo Especial$ 4
Coors Light$ 4
Miller Light$ 4
Budweiser$ 4
BUd Light$ 4
Michelob Ultra$ 4

Wine (Glass)

J. Roget – Champagne$ 6
Mimosa – J. Roget and Orange Juice$ 6
Cavit – Rose$ 6
Frontera – Chardonnay$ 6
Cavit – Pinot Noir$ 6
Carmenet – Cabernet$ 6
10 Crimes – Red Blend$ 6

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Soft Drinks$ 3
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea (Raspberry or peach flavored luzianne tea)$ 3
Hand Crafted Strawberry Lemonade$ 3

Kids’ Menu


Chicken Tenders$ 5
Mac & Cheese$ 5
Spaghetti$ 5
Veggie Plate$ 5
Cheeseburger$ 5

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Mashed Potatoes$ 3
Corn$ 3
Green Beans$ 3
French Fries$ 3
Cinnamon Apples$ 3
Slices Strawberries$ 3

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Coke$ 3
Diet Coke$ 3
Dr. Pepper$ 3
Sprite$ 3
Lemonade$ 3
Root Beer$ 3
Whole Milk$ 3
Juicy Juice Apple Juice$ 3
Nesquik Chocolate Milk$ 3
Sweet Tea$ 3
Unsweet Tea$ 3

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Pecan Pie$ 6
Key Lime Pie$ 6
Carrot Cake$ 5
Dr. Pepper Chocolate Cake$ 5
Cobbler$ 5
Mama’s Special Butter Cake$ 5

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Cotton Patch Cafe Nutritional Information


You can check out the nutritional information of menu items form the link in the above table. You can also check the allergens menu of Cotton Patch Cafe from the table above.

Cotton Patch Cafe Franchising Details

Cotton Patch Cafe

 Cotton Patch Cafe has about 51restaurants serving Texas-style food in Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico. This restaurant has not revealed any franchise details yet. We’ll update the information here when Cotton Patch Cafe confirms any future plans for franchises.

Cotton Patch Cafe Contact Information 

Cotton Patch Cafe Head Office Address: 600 E Dallas Rd suite 300, Grapevine, TX 76051, USA

Cotton Patch Cafe Phone: : 817-865-6500

Cotton Patch Cafe Fax Number: 817-865-6396

Important links 

About Cotton Patch
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Social Media Handles





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