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Chicken katsu, Seafood combo, or loco moco, what do you want to grab from L&L Hawaiian Barbecue this weekend? This article will provide you with ample information regarding L&L Hawaiian Barbecue menu prices that you should know before paying a visit there.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is a restaurant inspired by Hawaii food, and their menu includes bbq mix, musubi, local specials, catering menu. The latter is the category of their menu. But they have sub-categories also for this section.

But this was just a brief of their whole menu. I have listed the detailed menu below. Besides that, I will also tell you about the franchising details, their contact information and the nutritional breakdown of the items present on their menu. But first, let’s check their history.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is a Hawaiian-themed restaurant, started by Eddie Flores Jr. in the year 1976. They have more than 200 restaurants in 7 countries, with its headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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The L&L Hawaiian Barbecue menu includes bbq mix, which comprises of combination plates, chicken plates, beef and pork plates, and seafood plates; they also have mouth-watering musubi, including ramen, burgers and sandwiches, sides, drinks.

Their menu has a special menu for locals such as seafood mix, New York steak; they also have a menu for parties and gatherings that includes star dishes like chicken katsu, bbq beef, mochiko chicken. To kick start your day, the breakfast menu covers dishes like breakfast plates and french toast.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is a restaurant where you will get the absolute pleasure of eating delightful food because of the uniquely decorated restaurants. The food they serve is incredible, and the staff of their restaurant is humble and polite.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue menu prices are pretty high, but the service that they provide is otherwordly. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest L&L Hawaiian Barbecue menu prices.


Combination Plates

BBQ Mix$11.75
Seafood Combo$11.75

Chicken Plates

BBQ Chicken$7.75$9.75
Chicken Katsu$7.75$9.75
Chicken Katsu Curry$7.95$9.95
Chicken Cutlet with Gravy$7.75$9.75

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Beef and Pork Plates

Loco Moco$7.95$9.95
Hamburger Steak$7.95$9.95
BBQ Beef$7.95$9.95
BBQ Short Ribs$8.75$10.95
Kalua Pork with Cabbage$7.75$9.95
Beef Curry$7.45$9.75
Beef Stew$7.45$9.75

Seafood Plates

Fried Shrimp$7.95$9.95
Fried Fish$7.95$9.95
Garlic Shrimp$10.95


Lighter Options

Lighter Garlic Shrimp$9.95
Lighter Garlic Fish$8.95
Lighter BBQ Chicken$7.95


BBQ Chicken$6.95
Chicken Katsu$6.95
BBQ Beef$6.95
Kalua Pork with Cabbage$6.95


BBQ Chicken$2.85


Plain Ramen$3.85
Plain Ramen with Spam$4.75
Plain Ramen BBQ Chicken$5.75
Plain Ramen BBQ Beef$5.75

Burgers and Sandwiches

BBQ Burger$3.25
BBQ Cheeseburger$3.55
BBQ Chicken Sandwich$3.75
Fried Fish Sandwich$3.95
Fried Shrimp Burger$3.95


White Rice$0.95
Brown Rice$1.20
Macaroni Salad$1.25
French Fries$3.35
Gravy Fries$3.75
Toss Salad$1.75



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Local Specials

Seafood Mix$11.95
Mix Plate with Seafood$11.95
Mix Plate with Meats$10.95
New York Steak with Fried Shrimp$11.95
New York Steak$10.95
Bento $11.95
Mochiko Chicken$7.95$9.95
Grilled Garlic Chicken$7.95$9.95
Breaded Veal Cutlet$6.95$9.95
Beef Curry Bowl$6.95
Beef Stew Bowl$6.95
Chicken Katsu Curry Bowl$6.95
Aloha Saimin$6.95
Teriyaki Beef Saimin$5.95
Veggie Burger$3.95
Teriyaki Beef Burger$3.95

Catering Menu


Chicken Katsu$29.95$48.95$79.95
BBQ Chicken$29.95$48.95$79.95
BBQ Beef$35.95$55.95$97.95
BBQ Short Ribs$44.95$81.95$139.95
Kalua Pork wth Cabbage$35.95$59.95$92.95
Fried Shrimp$39.95$59.95$95.95
Fried Fish$32.95$55.95$92.95
White Rice$15.95$23.95$38.95
Macaroni Salad$20.95$30.95$47.95
Toss Salad$25.95$35.95$49.95

Catering Specials

Mochiko Chicken$29.95$48.95$78.95
Grilled Garlic Chicken$29.95$53.95$94.95
Pupu Platter$46.95

Breakfast Special

Breakfast Plate$5.55
Omelette with Choice of Breakfast Meat$5.55
Ham and Egg Sandwich$3.55
Bacon and Egg Sandwich/ BLT$3.55
Spam & Egg Sandwich$3.95
Portuguese Sausage & Egg Sandwich$3.95
French Toast$3.95
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $2.75

Franchise Details of L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

outlet of L&L Hawaiian barbecue

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue has more than 200 restaurants in countries like the United States, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia. If you are interested in opening their franchise, you must check the table below.

Total Investment $135,700 to $527,000
Franchise Fee $30,000
Royalty Fee4% of gross and sales
Advertising and Promotion Fee2%

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