Manchu Wok Menu With Prices [Updated April 2024]

When your roommate goes to bed, leaving his leftover chicken entree in the fridge unattended, do you have a sudden craving for authentic Chinese food? This weekend leave those leftovers in the refrigerator and go to Manchu Wok. In this article, I will provide you information about Manchu Wok menu prices.

Manchu Wok Restaurant

Manchu Wok is a restaurant where you will find Chinese food, with signature dish combos, wok box entree, side, drinks, party tray, and they also give you the option to create your combo of different dishes. Manchu Wok is famous for its honey garlic chicken, and anyone can have a meal here for under $15.00.

The information that I have mentioned above is just a brief of their whole menu; besides this information, I will provide you details regarding Manchu Wok menu prices, contact information, franchise, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Manchu Wok menu. Let’s start by exploring Manchu Wok history first.

Manchu Wok is a Canadian Chinese theme-based fast food restaurant. Dr. Jack Lew started it in 1980 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. They have more than 70 restaurants in two countries, with its headquarters in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Manchu Wok Menu Prices

Food from Manchu Wok

Manchu Wok menu includes signature dish combos such as honey garlic chicken & sweet and sour pork. In this restaurant, you get the option to create your combo. They also have a menu for party tray which includes general tso’s chicken & lo mein noodles.

Their menu comprises of wok box entree such as chicken entree & steamed rice. To elevate the taste of main dishes, they have sides in their menu like chicken wings & spring rolls. You can also have refreshing drinks like bottled pop & juice.

Manchu Wok serves the best authentic Chinese food and the most exciting part about their restaurant is that anyone can get their food within the time frame of 10 ten minutes before placing their order. The ambiance of their restaurant is utterly relaxing.

Manchu Wok restaurant menu has affordable dishes which fall under the price range of $50.00. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Manchu Wok menu prices.

Signature Dish Combos

Honey Garlic Chicken$13.40
Sweet & Sour Pork$13.40

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Creating Your Own Combo

Entrees (Pick any 1)$11.10
Entrees (Pick any 2)$13.40
Entrees (Pick any 3)$15.70

Wok Box Entree

Chicken Entree$12.55
Pork Entree$12.55
Beef Entree$13.20
Vegetables Entree$10.05
Steamed Rice$5.30
Fried Rice$7.05
Shanghai Noodles$7.95
Lo Mein Noodle$7.95

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Chicken Wings (4 Pieces)$7.25
Vegetable Spring Roll (1pc)$2.70
Sweet & Sour Chicken balls (4 Pieces)$7.05
Chicken Egg Roll (1pc)$2.70
Spring Roll (1pc)$2.70


Bottled Water Aquafina (591ml)$3.15
Bottled Pop (591ml)$3.35
Bottled Juice (450ml)$3.35
Pure Leaf Iced Tea (547ml)$3.95

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Party Tray

General Tso’s Chicken$49.99
Honey Garlic Chicken$49.99
Lo Mein Noodles$29.99
Shanghai Noodles-Spicy$29.99
Sweet and Sour pork$49.99
Mixed Vegetables$32.99
Fried Rice $27.99
Chicken Stir Fry$40.99
Beef Stir Fry$45.99

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional information of the items present on Manchu Wok menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Franchise Details of Manchu Wok

Manchu Wok Outlet

Manchu Wok has more than 70 restaurants in Canada and the United States. If you are interested in opening their franchise then here is the information in the table below.

Liquid Capital $75,000
Net Worth$300,000
Total Investment$260,000 – $400,000
Franchise Fee$30,000

Important Links

Official Website

Manchu Wok Contact Information

Manchu Wok Corporate Office Address– MTY Group Corporate Head Office. 2 East Beaver Creek Road, Building One. Richmond Hill, ON. L4B 2N3

Manchu Wok Toll-Free Phone Number– 1-800-563-6688

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