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Whether you’ve spent the day working or binge-watching your favourite series, at the end of the day, you need something interesting to eat. Today, I am here with the latest Zizzi Menu Prices to help you pick an innovative dish.

store of Zizzi restaurant

Zizzi Menu has a blockbuster menu full of tasty items, including Italian dishes ranging from pizza, pasta and risotto to salads non-gluten delights. Apart from these dishes, they also have meat, starters, sides, drinks and desserts. The most famous dish on their menu is rustic Sofia, a preferred choice of meat lovers. People here can fill their tummy here under £10.00.

In this article, apart from Zizzi’s delicious menu, I will provide you with information regarding their franchise, contact details and nutritional breakdown of the food articles present on Zizzi’s Menu. But before heading towards these details, let’s have a quick recap of the restaurant’s history.

Zizzi is an Italian restaurant serving delicious food for the last 22 years (since 1999). The first restaurant was opened in Chiswick, West London. Currently, they have more than 164 restaurants across two countries, with its headquarters in London, England.

Zizzi Menu Prices

food from the menu of Zizzi restaurant

Zizzi restaurant offers the customers some of the most exquisite starters like cheese & truffle honey pasta parcels & Zizzi mixed olives; they also have pizzas like Rustica piccante & Rustica Sofia; pasta such as king prawn linguine & spaghetti bolognese.

For non-veg lovers, they have meat like roasted duck gnocchi & roasted pork belly; to add a crunch to your meal, select salads and sides like pan-seared salmon salad & kale & broccoli. In the non-gluten category, they have non-gluten pinoli & non-gluten lentil ragù.

The Zizzi restaurant menu also comprises some appealing drinks like Zizzi G&T & rhubarb & white peach cooler. If you are someone with a sweet tooth, they have desserts like chocolate melt & chocolate & banana calzone for you.

Zizzi is a restaurant where people love to come with their loved ones. The ambience of the restaurant is full of solace. The quality of food they provide is fantastic, and the staff of their restaurant is always ready to help their guests in ordering the best food.

Zizzi’s menu prices are exceptionally well compared to the services they provide and come under £20.00. So, without any further ado, let’s check the latest Zizzi Menu Prices.

Full Menu


Cheese & Truffle Honey Pasta Parcels£6.95
Zizzi Mixed Olives£2.85
Garlic Bread£4.95
Garlic Bread with Mozzarella£5.95
Garlic Bread With Blue Cheese£6.15
Mushroom Brindisi£5.65
‘Little Soul’ Breads£4.65
Garlic King Prawns£7.25
Fonduta Formaggi£5.95
Bocconcini Caprese£6.25

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Rustica Truffle Salami£14.50
Rustica Margherita£8.95
Rustica Piccante£13.65
Rustica Smoky Chorizo£13.55
Rustica Primavera£12.45
Rustica Sofia£13.35
Rustica Gamberone & Chorizo£13.65
Rustica Pepperoni Campagna£11.25
Rustica Pinoli£11.85
Rustica Jackfruit Italian Hot£12.45
Vegan Rustica Margherita£8.95


Hot Smoked Salmon & Dill Tortelloni£13.95
Spaghetti Pomodoro£8.45
King Prawn Linguine£11.95
Casareccia Pollo Piccante£11.35
Beef Brisket & Venison Tagliatelle£13.35
Spaghetti Chorizo Carbonara£11.75
Strozzapretti Pesto Rosso£10.85
Spaghetti Bolognese£10.35
Lentil Linguine Ragù£10.25
Crab Cannelloni Al Forno£13.25
Pork & Wild Boar Meatballs Al Forno£12.45
Pasta Della Casa£12.65
Ravioli Di Capra£9.95
Ravioli Di Capra£8.45


Chicken Thigh Calabrese£13.85
Roasted Duck Gnocchi£14.85
Roasted Pork Belly£15.50


Super Zucca Salad£10.95
Chicken & Prosciutto Salad£11.25
Pan-Seared Salmon Salad£14.15

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Garlic Bread£4.95
Garlic Bread with Mozerella£5.95
Chips With rosemary & sea salt£3.75
Chips With truffle oil & riserva cheese£4.00
Sweet Potato Fries£3.75
Courgette Fritti£4.00
Fried Herby Potatoes£3.75
Baby Gem Salad£3.75
Kale & Broccoli£3.75

Non-Gluten Mains

Non-Gluten Jackfruit Italian Hot£12.45
Non-Gluten Margherita£8.95
Non-Gluten Vegan Margherita£8.95
Non-Gluten Pepperoni Campagna£11.25
Non-Gluten Gamberone & Chorizo£13.65
Non-Gluten Pinoli£11.85
Non-Gluten Pomodoro£8.45
Non-Gluten Vegan Pomodoro£8.45
Non-Gluten Chorizo Carbonara£11.75
Non-Gluten Beef Brisket & Venison£13.35
Non-Gluten King Prawn£11.95
Non-Gluten Bolognese£10.35
Non-Gluten Pollo Piccante£11.35
Non-Gluten Pesto Rosso£10.85
Non-Gluten Lentil Ragù£10.25
Non-Gluten Super Zucca Salad£11.75


Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie Bomb£6.95
Passion Fruit Cheesecake£5.65
Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie£6.00
Golden Millionaire’s Slice£5.65
Chocolate Melt£5.65
Honeycomb Cheesecake£6.25
3 Scoops of Gelato£4.55
Chocolate & Banana Calzone£5.65

Drinks Menu

Passion Fruitini£6.75
Ciao Bella£6.75
Raspberry & Prosecco Mojito£6.75
Aperol Spritz£6.75
Zizzi G&T£6.75
Passion Fruit Punch£7.45
Raspberry & Mint Cooler£3.45
Orange & Watermelon Cooler£3.45
Rhubarb & White Peach Cooler£3.45

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationzizzi.co.uk/nutritionalinformation/

To check the nutritional information, click on the link I’ve mentioned in the above table.

Franchise Details Of Zizzi

store of Zizzi restaurant

Zizzi has more than 164 locations in the countries like United Kingdom and Ireland. If you are interested in opening their franchise then you have to wait because right know they are not providing franchise to anyone.

Important Links

Official Websitezizzi.co.uk/
Gift Cardszizzi.co.uk/giftcards/

Contact Information of Zizzi

Zizzi Corporate Office Address: 3rd Floor Capital House 25 Chapel Street London NW1 5DH

Zizzi Corporate Office Phone Number: +44 345 602 2698

To contact the team of Zizzi, you can also fill the contact form mentioned on their website.

Social Media Links

Facebook Page: facebook.com/zizzi/

Instagram Account: instagram.com/zizzi/

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/zizzi/

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