How To Get A McDonald’s Refund | Refund Policy And Process

We often enjoy a delicious burger, fries, and more from McDonald’s. But sadly, sometimes, for some reason or another, the restaurant chain may have disappointed you, and the only way out may seem like getting a refund. So, let us take a detailed look at how to get a McDonald’s refund, along with their refund policy and process. 

How to get a McDonald's refund

In most cases, you must be asked directly from the restaurant you ordered from to get a refund from McDonald’s. If, for some reason, the food is not of the quality you would expect, you are entitled to get a refund from the restaurant chain. 

When a customer wants a refund, the fast food chain usually asks for a reason before processing the refund. Moreover, quite a lot of McDonald’s outlets across the United States are also owned by franchisees. 

These locations may have slightly different refund policies from the company-owned locations. However, in this blog post, you will get almost every answer you need on getting a refund from any McDonald’s location and what exactly the company’s refund policies are.

Can McDonald’s Refund Your Money? 

Can McDonalds give a refund

Yes, McDonald’s does refund the money to their customers.

However, the chances of this happening are less likely than you think. In most cases, the company would exchange the order for a fresh one rather than refund the customer. 

Since McDonald’s strives to serve good food and would not want a single customer to leave with a bad experience, they will do anything to turn that around. Most stores, whether franchise or company-owned, tend to offer their customers an exchange of orders, either with the same options or different ones. 

In most cases, even if they do a refund or an exchange, it is only applicable if the order has yet to be consumed or is just consumed halfway through. A fully finished order is not eligible for a refund or an exchange. There are also certain situations where they give their customers a refund, which are discussed in more detail later on.

McDonald’s Refund Policy

McDonalds refund policy

Although it is less detailed than some other policies that McDonald’s strictly follows, McDonald’s also has a refund policy. The standard policy remains the same at all locations, but some franchise owners may make a few changes based on how well their restaurant is doing financially. 

As per the official website of McDonald’s, here is what the company has to say about refunds, 

You can update or abandon your order at any time until you check in your order at a restaurant. However, once you check in at a restaurant, you cannot cancel it. If you desire a refund for any reason, including if the products are unsatisfactory or other reasons, please contact the restaurant where you purchased the product regarding any refund due to you. Your legal rights in this respect are not affected by anything in these terms.” 

Along with this, there are also a few basic things that customers need to keep in mind, which are: 

  1. They are not eligible for a refund if they finish the meal. 
  2. You can only ask for a refund if the food is consumed halfway through. 
  3. The food item has to be purchased within 30 days before applying for a refund. 

If these circumstances are not adhered to by the customers, then McDonald’s does not entertain requests for refunds or exchanges. 

What Is McDonald’s Refund Policy On Unopened Food Items? 

Can you get a refund on unopened food items

McDonald’s is considerate with their refund policy, especially when food is unopened. In this case, their refund policy stays straightforward. You are entitled to request a refund from McDonald’s if you feel the food does not look up to the mark or is expired. 

You can directly ask the restaurant you ordered from for a refund for unopened food items. Just go to the cashier with the receipt; they will gladly help you with a refund or exchange. While going through a drive-thru, again, ensure you have the receipt or your driving license. 

Remember that with unopened food items, a refund is only applicable if,

  1. The food is still sealed and in its original packaging.
  2. You have the receipt of the original order. 
  3. You are asking for a refund within 14 days of purchase. 

Is The McDonald’s Refund Policy The Same For All Locations? 

Yes, the McDonald’s refund policy, all in all, is the same for every location of theirs. Most of their outlets will give a refund as long as you have a receipt of the food purchased, along with a valid reason. 

But having said that, there could be minor changes at a few locations. These could be nothing but just that the location would instead exchange your food for something better than give a refund. This depends on the franchise owner, and you may have to ask the outlet closest to you about the same. 

How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund From McDonald’s? 

How long does it take to get a refund from McDonalds

If you apply for a refund on your debit or credit card, in most cases, the refund will come through and reflect in your bank account in either a few days, to a maximum of three weeks. However, in most cases, the refund always gets through in just ten days. 

If you have asked the store closest to you for a refund and if they have agreed to do the same, it may come as a huge sigh of relief. However, naturally, the next question to cross anyone’s mind would be when the refund would go through and reflect in your bank account. 

How Can You Contact McDonald’s For A Refund? 

To get a refund from McDonald’s, you only need to contact the store where you placed your order. You can call them or visit them with the food item and the receipt, and the store will take it further from there. It’s as simple as that! 

Of all the steps for getting a refund from McDonald’s for your unsatisfactory food, contacting the company is probably the easiest. Here as well, the idea of franchise-owned stores applies, which is why this process has been made out pretty simple by the fast food chain. 

Can You Get A Refund If You Don’t Like The Food? 

Can you get a McDonalds refund if you dont like the food

Yes, you can ask for a refund even if you don’t like what you have ordered, since there is no rule about the same. However, whether you get a refund entirely depends on that particular outlet’s franchise owner. 

In such situations, most McDonald’s locations are more likely to offer an exchange rather than a refund. 

Can You Get A Refund From McDelivery App? 

Yes, you can get a refund from McDonald’s for your food, even if you placed the order via their McDelivery App.

However, even in this situation, to get the refund, you will have to contact the restaurant directly to get through the process. You can do so by calling them or even showing up physically with a receipt. 

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Coming to the absolute end of this article, McDonald’s luckily does have a refund policy. Although certain factors apply, like the food has to be either unopened or partially written, it is still possible to get a refund if the reasons are valid enough. 

You must also apply for a refund within 30 days of purchasing to get one. As long as these things are kept in mind, getting a refund from McDonald’s is easy. To know more such FAQs related to McDonald’s, look at our posts on if McDonald’s points expire, why McDonald’s isn’t on DoorDash, and if McDonald’s has free Wi-Fi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s give refunds easily?

If the reason is valid and the criteria are as per their refund policy, then yes, McDonald’s does give a refund. 

How do you get a refund from McDonald’s? 

The best way to get a refund from McDonald’s is by calling the store where you got your order. 

Can you get a refund if you don’t like the food? 

Some McDonald’s outlets may give a refund in a situation like this. However, most of them will instead give you an exchange. 

How long does it take for the refund to reflect in your account? 

It takes about ten days for the refund from McDonald’s to reflect in one’s bank account. 

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