Why Isn’t McDonald’s On DoorDash? | Let’s Know Facts

Doordash, one of the most popular delivery platforms in the United States, has almost every restaurant listed on its app. However, many people have mentioned that they could never find the fast food giant McDonald’s on the app. So, why isn’t McDonald’s on DoorDash? Let’s know facts about the same. 

Why isn't McDonald's on DoorDash?

McDonald’s is indeed on DoorDash, despite the rumors about them renegotiating their contract with the company a few years ago. So, you can easily order your favorite fast food from DoorDash!

Although McDonald’s is a vast company offering delivery services, quite a few people have permanently shifted to platforms like DoorDash. This delivery platform turns out to be easier to operate since you can browse through multiple restaurants, all on the same page. 

Hence, it often comes as a big shocker when they need help finding a restaurant chain as big as McDonald’s on such a prominent delivery app. But as mentioned above, McDonald’s is indeed on Doordash, but it may not show for a few reasons. Here we will look at all these reasons and how they can be fixed from your end! 

Is McDonald’s Not On DoorDash? 

Here is a screenshot that shows how McDonald’s is present on DoorDash. 

McDonalds doordash screenshot

McDonald’s all across the United States is indeed very much on the DoorDash delivery platform! This is regardless of the vast array of complaints by customers about them not being able to find McDonald’s on DoorDash.

Over the past year, there have been rumors that the internationally acclaimed burger restaurant chain might get off delivery platforms like DoorDash and Uber Eats. This was because the delivery platforms needed to charge more for their services. 

Hence, it came about that McDonald’s had renegotiated the contract for the franchises to make more money. DoorDash also takes penalties from McDonald’s when the wait time is too long or if the customer is unsatisfied with the order. 

Although these seemed legitimate reasons why McDonald’s would want to drop off the DoorDash platform, they are still very much on it. There are, however, a few reasons for glitches while trying to find McDonald’s on DoorDash, which we will discuss in the next section. 

Reasons Why McDonald’s Is Not Available On DoorDash

Reasons why McDonalds may not be on DoorDash

You may not find McDonald’s on DoorDash for four main reasons. These reasons are: 

  1. The only McDonald’s store around you has turned off their delivery
  2. There are too many canceled orders by a store.
  3. McDonald’s stores around you have constantly delayed deliveries
  4. Issues with internet connectivity for the device you are using. 

A reason or two of the abovementioned ones may seem pretty strange. Hence, we will look deeper into these reasons and what can be done if you are caught up in a similar situation. 

1. McDonald’s Store Around Has Turned Off Delivery

Along with constant orders for delivery, McDonald’s also gets a lot of in-house customers, drive-thru customers, and those who order via their official website or app. This could increase the traffic a bit too much for that particular store. 

So, in situations like these, where the store would want to keep their staff manageable, they can turn off or pause their delivery services on delivery platforms. Even if a store shuts down, DoorDash tends to obliterate it from the system. 

2. The Store Nearby Has Too Many Canceled Orders

Just like McDonald’s can switch off their online delivery service via DoorDash, the delivery platform has the same power. DoorDash has a system that helps them track the performance of all the stores. 

This gives them an idea if a particular McDonald’s store has been having too many cancellations with their orders. In such a situation, it indicates to the DoorDash algorithm that they have a huge load of customers. This gives DoorDash to pause services for that particular store temporarily. 

3. McDonald’s Stores Are Having Too Many Delayed Deliveries

DoorDash has a system that lets drivers know every restaurant’s “Avoidable Wait” time. Sometimes, if a McDonald’s store has had a series of avoidable waits for over one hour, the company tends to take this very seriously. 

This is also why they would decide to pause the delivery services of that restaurant for a few hours or a day. When this happens, DoorDash tends to take McDonald’s off listing restaurants nearby. 

4. Issues With Internet Connectivity

Last, McDonald’s might not show up on your DoorDash due to poor or improper internet connectivity issues. You can recheck your connection and continue browsing McDonald’s on DoorDash. 

Other Delivery Apps That You Can Use To Order McDonald’s

Other delivery apps that you can use to order mcdonalds

There is still good news if all the issues mentioned above occur and are not getting fixed fast enough! If not Doordash, there are multiple ways to get yourself that delicious McDonald’s meal by ordering online

Along with DoorDash, McDonald’s is also present on UberEats and GrubHub, which are prominent delivery food apps. If none of these methods don’t work, you can always resort to the official McDonald’s app to place your order or their official website!


So, coming to the end of this informative article, we can conclude that McDonald’s is very much present on Doordash, despite some rumors. Their wait time may be too long, resulting in food not being top quality and refunded. 

Yes, this could also happen on their app, where you must request a mobile order refund. However, to save the standards of their own company, Doordash tends to pause the services of McDonald’s whenever a location gets a lot of rush. If you are facing any of these issues and have McDonald’s points, it would be easier to order from McDonald’s official website instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is McDonald’s on DoorDash? 

Yes, McDonald’s is on DoorDash. 

When do delivery services for McDonald’s via DoorDash start again if paused? 

Depending on the rush at that location, it may take a few hours to a day. 

Is McDonald’s getting off DoorDash anytime soon? 

As of now, no such information is available about the same. 

Is McDonald’s also on other food delivery apps?

Yes, you can also find McDonald’s on apps like Uber Eats and Grubhub! 

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