Does Burger King Have Hot Chocolate On Their Menu?

Are you craving something warm and indulgent from Burger King? So, let’s find out if they serve hot chocolate on their menu.

Burger King Hot Chocolate

Sadly, Burger King currently does not have hot chocolate on its menu in the United States. However, they still serve them in other countries like Australia and Italy.

In its place, you can enjoy other delectable options from Burger King’s drinks menu. But for now, let’s find out more about Burger King’s hot chocolate and whether the brand will bring it back on the menu. 

Is Hot Chocolate Available At Burger King?

Burger King Hot Chocolate

No, hot chocolate is no longer available at Burger King. It featured on the menu briefly and was discontinued thereafter. 

Burger King sold hot chocolate in 2013. It was discontinued from the menu after that. We can say so by looking at Burger King’s allergen menu

But let’s not get disheartened just yet. You never know; Burger King’s menu may feature it again as they did in 2013. 

Until then, please make the most of the other drinks on their menu, such as sodas, coffee, tea, and juices. The best part is that you can order all these items from Burger King online by following easy steps

Did Burger King Have Hot Chocolate In The Past?

Yes, Burger King did have hot chocolate on its menu in the past. However, it was discontinued after that without any reason provided by the company.

Burger King’s hot chocolate was a part of the menu in 2013. The company also released an advertisement on National Cocoa Day asking people to enjoy the BK hot chocolate.

Therefore, it aroused curiosity among people and they commented on the advertisement, showing interest in the drink. However, it was soon discontinued, like many other Burger King items

Does Burger King Still Serve Hot Chocolate in Other Countries?

Burger King Hot Chocolate

Yes, Burger King does serve hot chocolate in other countries like Australia and Italy. Therefore, you can still enjoy it while traveling to these countries until Burger King relaunches hot chocolate in the US.

Burger King hot chocolate tastes delicious. The good news is that you can still savor its delectable flavor in Australia or Italy. However, you will find hot chocolate in Australia at Hungry Jacks because that’s what Burger King is called

It is available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, and is priced between $3.95 and $5.05. Moreover, you can order it with freshly steamed full cream, skim, soy, almond, oat, or lactose-free milk. 

Likewise, you will also find hot chocolate at Burger King Italy in three sizes for a similar price.

Is Burger King Hot Chocolate Good? 

Yes, Burger King’s Hot Chocolate makes for a delectable drink. It is appreciated for its rich taste and texture. Moreover, its warm temperature makes it a great beverage to enjoy in winter.

Burger King’s hot chocolate is prepared with milk, sugar, and cocoa powder. Thus, it boasts a rich and indulgent flavor satisfying sweet cravings. 

Furthermore, it has a velvety smooth texture, providing a luxurious mouthfeel that leaves a warm and comforting feeling behind. Therefore, Burger King’s hot chocolate has a well-balanced taste, making it a crowd-pleaser.

Will Burger King Ever Reintroduce Hot Chocolate In the USA?

Yes, Burger King may reintroduce hot chocolate in the USA. We can say so by looking at the history of Burger King. They have time and again reintroduced discontinued items on their menu.

Therefore, Burger King may launch it again for a limited time or make it a part of the permanent menu. However, it should be noted that they have not released an official statement about it. 

Until then, you can enjoy other beverages from their menu. The options include coffee, tea, juices, shakes, and frozen drinks. 


We have reached the end of this article, and you have the answer to what you are looking for. So, while you will not find hot chocolate on Burger King’s menu, you can try other drinks till then. For example, you can have Slushies and Icees from their menu

Likewise, you can enjoy the coffees they offer. Burger King serves good frappes that can be enjoyed independently or paired with your favorite items from their menu.

Furthermore, they also serve iced coffee, which makes for a great drink to cool off during the summer. However, if smoothies are your favorite drink, you will no longer find them on Burger King’s menu. They were a part of the menu for a limited time only. 

So, head to your nearest Burger King restaurant and try all the delectable options on their menu. But remember to come back and tell us about your favorite food items from their menu in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What drinks does Burger King serve?

At Burger King, you can enjoy a variety of coffees, tea, juice, sodas, and milk.

Are Burger King drinks available all day?

Yes, Burger King serves drinks all day.

Are Burger King drinks healthy?

Not all Burger King drinks are healthy. However, you will find more nutritious options like low-fat milk, juices, coffees, and iced tea.

Does Burger King have hot beverages?

Yes, Burger King serves hot coffee and tea.

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