What Is Burger King Called In Australia? (Hungry Jack’s)

Burger King was known as Insta-Burger King before it became famous. However, it is still not known as Burger King in Australia. You will be surprised to learn that, to date, they have a different name there! So, what is Burger King called in Australia?

Burger King

Due to the trademark issue, Burger King is known as “Hungry Jack’s” in Australia. When Burger King was looking to expand into Australia, a local business was already named “Burger King.”

The Australian franchisee, owned by Jack Cowin, chose to use the name “Hungry Jack’s” for the Australian outlets to resolve the trademark conflict. Are you intrigued by this information? Well, many such Burger King facts will surprise you

But for now, let’s first find out more about the new information you have just discovered. You will also find the answer to why a different name in Australia knows Burger King. 

Why Was Burger King Named Hungry Jacks In Australia?

Hungry Jack's

Burger King was called “Hungry Jack’s” in Australia due to the trademark issues. When Burger King tried to expand into Australia in the 1970s, there was already a food takeaway store in Adelaide, South Australia, called “Burger King.”  

Thus, it faced trademark difficulties upon their arrival in the country. As a result, the Burger King Corporation could use a different name for its restaurants in Australia. 

To address this difficulty, Jack Cowin, the Australian franchisee owner who introduced Burger King to Australia, chose to use a different name, “Hungry Jack’s.

This enabled the company to operate in Australia without violating the existing trademark. Thus, the fast-food chain “Burger King” in many other countries is still known as “Hungry Jack” in Australia. 

Why Did Burger King Enter Late In Australia?

Burger King

Burger King arrived late in Australia due to trademark difficulties. That’s because an Adelaide takeaway food restaurant had already trademarked the name. 

This information was known to Jack Cowin, an Australian fast food entrepreneur who wanted to bring the franchise to Australia. However, the challenge took work to overcome. For many years, Hungry Jack’s failed to purchase the trademark from the local Burger King. 

Then, in the mid-90s, the Burger King trademark in Australia expired. The international headquarters of Burger King soon opened dozens of stores in Australia. Hungry Jack’s, dubbed Burger King, suddenly competed with Burger King. 

Finally, Burger King attempted to cancel its contract with Hungry Jack’s. As a result, the two companies had a tense relationship for over a decade. After a lengthy legal struggle, hungry Jack finally secured Burger King’s rights to all of Australia. 

Despite the opportunity to name the Australian chain Burger King, they preserved the Hungry Jack’s brand. As a result, Burger King’s attempts to obtain the moniker were unsuccessful. 

It was in 2003 that Burger King Corporation reached an agreement with Hungry Jack’s Pty Ltd. to rebrand Burger King’s 81 locations in Australia as Hungry Jack’s. Thus, they are the sole master franchisees of both brands.

Why Did Burger King Choose The Name Hungry Jacks?

Hungry Jack's

Burger King chose the name Hungry Jack’s due to trademark issues. When they planned to open stores in Australia, a restaurant named Burger King existed. Thus, the name Hungry Jack’s was considered suitable to overcome this challenge. 

You might be wondering why they chose the name Hungry Jack’s. Well, here’s how it was thought of. The name Hungry Jack’s was inspired by a famous pancake mix brand, Hungry Jack, owned by Pillsbury. As the name was associated with a renowned brand, Jack Cowin took advantage and named his business on similar lines. 

Jack Cowin probably took inspiration from Pillsbury, thinking that customers would instantly be attracted to this name as it was known for providing quality products. Thus, it would, in turn, set a good tone for starting his own business.  

As per Scrape Hero, as of September 6, 2023, there are 452 Hungry Jack’s locations in Australia. Victoria has the most Hungry Jack’s locations in Australia, with 107 sites accounting for around 24% of all Hungry Jack’s locations in Australia. 

Did Burger King Try To Change Back Its Name?

Burger King

No, Burger King did not try to change its name in Australia after their final decision in 2003. They said this was done in “the spirit of a mutually successful business relationship.”

Burger King and Hungry Jack’s relationship worked well for 25 years. However, it began to turn sour in the 1990s when Burger King became aware of Hungry Jack’s phenomenal success. 

Hungry Jack renewed its deal with Burger King in 1991. With this new deal, Hungry Jack’s could grant third-party licenses to other franchises. However, this was permitted because Hungry Jack opened four more restaurants yearly.

However, from 1991 to 1996, Hungry Jack’s failed to open four new locations each year. Moreover, the legitimate claim to the original “Burger King” moniker had expired by 1996. 

So Burger King terminated its contract with Hungry Jack, saying it had not been followed through on. Meanwhile, they opened other eateries under their brand name across Australia.

As a result, Jack Cowin and his company, Competitive Food Australia, filed a legal lawsuit against Burger King, alleging that the master franchise agreement was violated. Ultimately, Hungry Jack triumphed over Burger King and collected $41.6 million.

So, following the legal battle, Burger King left Australia, selling all of their restaurants to Hungry Jack’s. Jack Cowin and his firm now control the rights to Hungry Jack’s. To this day, you won’t find a single Burger King in Australia. Burger King continues to be Hungry Jack’s in Australia. 

Is Hungry Jack’s Menu the Same As Burger King’s in Australia?

Hungry Jack's menu

No, Hungry Jack’s menu items in Australia are not similar to the menu at Burger King in other countries. Hungry Jack’s menu is more diverse. However, they share some everyday food items on the menu. 

While you can expect to find many signature items associated with Burger King globally, such as Whoppers, cheeseburgers, desserts, and sides, Hungry Jack’s also offers items specific to the Australian market. 

You can find new items on Hungry Jack’s menu, like fried chicken boneless pieces, Carolina Whopper, Storm Bubble Gum, and more. However, these items are not available on Burger King’s menu. Hungry Jack’s also provides a considerably larger selection of sauces and condiments than Burger King.

In this article, you can learn more about the difference between Burger King and Hungry Jack’s menus

Is Hungry Jack’s Whopper Different From Burger King’s Whopper?

Hungry Jack's whopper

Hungry Jack’s Whopper is similar in concept to Burger King’s Whopper, which is served in other countries. Both sandwiches feature a flame-grilled beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mayonnaise, and ketchup on a sesame seed bun. 

The similarities in ingredients and overall structure are apparent. The Whopper is the most iconic item on Burger King’s menu. It is known for its size, flame-grilled taste, and the “Have It Your Way” customization options, which allow you to add or remove ingredients based on your preferences.

Similarly, Hungry Jack’s Whopper is the Australian equivalent of the Whopper. It has the same ingredients. However, there may be a slight difference in taste and presentation due to variances in ingredients, sourcing, and preparation methods.

Do Burger King And Hungry Jack’s Have The Same Taste?

Burger King

No, Burger King and Hungry Jack’s don’t have similar tastes. That’s because the flavor of food depends on the ingredients used. As both the brands operate on different continents, the taste of ingredients impacts the overall taste of similar products. 

The difference in taste of Hungry Jack’s food is quite evident. Many people have noted this difference. Let’s look at some reviews to find what they find different. 

In a YouTube Channel review, a customer noted: “The double Whopper with cheese is my favorite thing to get at Burger King. Also, I noticed that your onion rings in Australia look way better than what we get in the U.S. Our onion rings are smaller and not as crispy but still good, though.” 

“Those onion rings look SO much better than the ones we have in the U.S.,” another noted. 

Similarly, a Quora user wrote: “As a fast food connoisseur, I can confidently say that the burgers are indeed “better” at Hungry Jacks. And yes, it is, in fact, called Hungry Jacks.

The beef at Hungry Jack’s is like a smoky symphony of flavor, melting in my mouth, while the beef at McDonald’s is like Ghandi’s “flip-flop.”

The buns at Hungry Jack’s are like Cupid’s soft buttocks, while the buns at McDonald’s are dry, uninspired, and, dare I say it, quite frankly, pedestrian.

The sauce at Hungry Jack’s is a sugary treat being injected into my veins, while the sauce at McDonald’s looks like the vomit I threw up when I was eight years old in my father’s friend’s restaurant.”

People also appreciated Hungry Jack’s food on a Reddit thread. A user wrote, “I tried the red rooster fried chicken for the first time last week, and it was good. Super crunchy, crispy coating but no real herb or spicy flavor like K.F.C. But crispier.”

Another user wrote, “I eat there. The burgers are juicy and nice (yeah, I know it’s grease, but still.) I believe it’s definitely better than KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, or anywhere else. Honestly, it is the top tier of fast food places.”

“Word, hungry jacks slaps and isn’t even that expensive for the amount of food you get, those burgers are wide man.”

Which Is Healthier: Hungry Jack’s Or Burger King?

Burger King

Both Hungry Jack’s and Burger King come at par with each other in the calorie content of their menu items. Thus, we cannot pick the healthier of the two.  

But a quick look at the nutritional information of both menu items can help you identify the suitable food items for you. 

Food ItemsCaloriesProteinFatCarbohydratesSugarSodium
Burger King Whopper679 Kcal34.7 g39.5 g54.8 g14.5 g1173.9 mg
Hungry Jack’s Whopper657 Kcal28.3 g39.3 g47.9 g  8 g837 mg
Burger King French Fries370 Kcal5 mg16 mg54 g1 g270 mg
Hungry Jack’s French Fries308 Kcal3.7 mg14.2 mg 41.1 g.3 g593 mg
Burger King 8 pc Chicken Nuggets385.4 Kcal1.5 mg24.7 mg22.6 g0.1 g 990 mg
Hungry Jack’s 6 pc Chicken Nuggets 255. 7 Kcal14 g13.6 g20.4 g.9 g410 mg

If you follow a strict diet, then Burger King’s menu nutrition values can help you identify all the items that fit your diet.

However, Burger King also provides low-calorie options you can choose from immediately. Furthermore, which fast food chain can be healthier for you also depends on the specific menu items you choose and how you customize your order.

Are Hungry Jack’s And Burger King Identical In Looks?

hungry jack's

No, Hungry Jack’s and Burger King do not have identical looks. However, they share a common visual identity. There are some differences in the logos and overall branding due to the use of different names in different regions.

  • Logo and Color Scheme: Both chains’ logos feature a burger emblem. While the burger icon’s basic design remains the same, the wording and color scheme differ slightly. Burger King commonly uses blue and orange colors, whereas Hungry Jack’s uses red and yellow.
  • Store Design: The interior and exterior of Hungry Jack’s and Burger King restaurants might vary depending on locale and franchisee design preferences. However, they share a fast-food restaurant look, including dining areas, counters, and branding components that correspond to the respective logos and color schemes.
  • Uniforms: Employees at Hungry Jack’s and Burger King wear uniforms personalized to the respective chain’s identity, including logo placement, color schemes, and design features.

However, you will also find some familiarity between the two brands. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Ordering System: The ordering processes at Hungry Jack’s (Australia) and Burger King (the United States and other countries) are similar because both chains are part of the same global fast-food brand. You can select your items, customize them, and place an order for them.
  • Payment: After finalizing your order, you’ll be directed to the payment counter, where you can pay for your order. Payment methods typically include cash, credit or debit cards, and mobile payment options (e.g., mobile wallets or contactless payments).
  • Order Pickup: You can pick up your order from the counter or designated order pickup area when your number is called or displayed on a digital screen.
  • Drive-Thru: Like Burger King, Hungry Jack’s also has drive-thru service. It allows customers to place orders from their vehicles, pay at the drive-thru window, and pick up their food without leaving their cars.

While there are visual differences due to regional branding and naming, the overall feel and experience of visiting a Hungry Jack’s or Burger King restaurant are similar. They both offer a menu with familiar items. Moreover, their restaurant layout and service style are identical and reminiscent of typical fast-food establishments.


What is Burger King called in Australia? Hungry Jack’s! So, if you visit Australia for leisure or work, you know where to head. If you travel from the U.S.A. or elsewhere, you will be happy to try a more diverse menu at Hungry Jack’s. 

Burger King is known for its iconic Whoppers, but you can get more varieties of the iconic Whopper at Hungry Jack’s. As we speak about the Whopper, have you heard about Burger King’s left-handed whoppers? Moreover, you can enjoy some more options at Hungry Jack’s that might be new to you.

But that’s not to say that Burger King’s menu is bland. Its delectable range of items has made a name for itself in the fast-food industry. Besides the food, Burger King has also made profits with its new business decisions. 

For example, Burger King acquired Tim Horton’s, which benefited the brand. If you are still waiting to be made aware of this merger, read about it. After its merger with Tim Horton’s, Burger King also acquired Popeyes

Now that I have shared so many new exciting topics, read about them to learn more about your favorite fast-food restaurant, Burger King.

Frequently Answered Questions (F.A.Q.s)

What Is Burger King called in Australia?

Burger King is called Hungry Jack’s in Australia.

Why is Burger King Called Hungry Jack’s in Australia?

When Burger King tried to expand into Australia in the 1970s, there was already a tiny food takeaway store in Adelaide, South Australia, called “Burger King.” 

Do Hungry Jack’s and Burger King have the same menu?

No, Hungry Jack’s and Burger King do not have the same menu. Hungry Jack’s menu is more diverse. However, they do share some everyday items.

Does Hungry Jack’s look identical to Burger King?

No Hungry Jack’s does not look identical to Burger King. They have different logos and overall branding due to other names in different regions.

Does Hungry Jack’s menu have more options than Burger King?

Yes, Hungry Jack’s has more menu options than Burger King.

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