21 Discontinued Burger King Menu Items To Know About

Despite Burger King’s popularity and extensive menu, quite a few items could have done better with the customers. In this article, we will be taking a detailed look at 20 discontinued Burger King menu items!

Burger King Discontinued Menu Items

The discontinued Burger King menu items are: 

  1. Ribs
  2. Crown-Shaped Nuggets
  3. Satisfries
  4. Burger Shots
  5. Shake Em Up Fries
  6. Cupcake Shake
  7. Donut Holes
  8. Classic Frozen Lemonade
  9. King Boxes
  10. Cini Minis
  11. French Toast Sandwiches
  12. Maple Waffle Sandwiches
  13. Seasoned Sweet Potato Curly Fries
  14. Bacon Sundae
  15. Poutine a la Burger
  16. Chicken Tenders
  17. Mac N Cheetos
  18. Flamin’ Hot Mac N Cheetos
  19. Crispy Potato Pretzel Fries
  20. Sweet Potato Fries
  21. Gingerbread Cookie Shake

Most of the options mentioned above were discontinued a little while after release. Many people also believe these items are the same as the secret menu. However, that is not the case. 

If you want to know about the latest secret menu items available at Burger King and updated menu prices, look at the links shared here. For now, let us get exploring the discontinued menu items! Happy Reading to you! 

Discontinued Burger King Menu Items And Why They Were Removed

Fast food chains like Burger King must constantly keep working on their menu. So, now and then, they introduce new menu items to attract customers and make them happy. Some of these experiments have been enormously successful and have defined the chain. 

It was a massive success when Burger King first introduced their Whopper. However, many experiments done with the Whopper have yet to be successful. Similarly, the chicken fries have defined Burger King as a brand, but versions of it may have yet to work. 

So now, let us look at these options, why they were discontinued, and which ones we wish would make a comeback on the Burger King menu! 

1. Ribs


Ribs have only worked for some fast-food restaurant chains, including Burger King. Ribs at Burger King first appeared in 2010 for a limited time only. Although this item has been discontinued from the menu, it was a huge success when it was a part of the menu. 

Burger King ended up selling 10 Million Ribs back then and ran out a week before they were supposed to be done with the limited-time deal. Even now, after so many years, many people favor these ribs and want them to return to the Burger King menu. 

So, considering the massive success of the ribs, it may seem utterly ridiculous to know that this menu item is now discontinued. It has made comebacks at Burger King in other countries, but never in the United States! 

Why Were Ribs Discontinued? 

Most people did like the ribs quite a bit. They said the ribs were perfectly charred, juicy, and had a balanced flavor. However, quite a few people disagreed with the idea and thought the ribs were salty and expensive. 

It is one of the reasons why ribs never made a comeback, as they were not well received by as many people as Burger King would have wished. 

2. Crown-Shaped Chicken Nuggets

Crown Shaped Chicken Nuggets

These chicken nuggets from Burger King almost became a trademark for the fast food chain. Plain chicken nuggets in the shape of crowns intrigued many people, and there was a massive demand for them. 

When they removed this menu item in 2011, it triggered an online petition! So yes, people loved these royal chicken nuggets. These nuggets have never made a nationwide comeback after, but they are, as of now, available at quite a few outlets in Florida. 

Why Were Crown-Shaped Chicken Nuggets Discontinued? 

Burger King introduced these nuggets back in 2011 for New Year’s. Most people believe that these nuggets never made a comeback because they were meant to be sold only for that limited time. 

Moreover, they also thought the crown shape was too kid-friendly and wanted to introduce something everyone would like. Hence, these nuggets were eventually discontinued. 

3. Satisfries


About a decade ago, Burger King was doing several experiments to introduce side options on their menu, notably healthier options. This is how ‘Satisfries’ became a massive part of their new menu, as they were a healthier alternative to regular, greasy fries. 

The idea behind satisfries was to introduce ‘guilt-free’ eating of sides. They absorbed 40 % less oil than regular fries, so Burger King wanted people to choose them. It was primarily for people looking to eat healthier options. It is safe to say that this did not favor Burger King. 

Why Were Satisfries Discontinued? 

Many people had many issues with this particular menu item, eventually leading it to get discontinued. Quite a lot of people thought that the fries were sad. Moreover, people did not believe that these were healthier than regular fries. 

Despite being a healthy option, the fries had a whopping amount of calories and were more expensive than regular fries. Lastly, most people were delighted with the regular fries offered at Burger King. They found the concept of ‘Satisfries’ unnecessary, so they never bought them and eventually were discontinued. 

4. Burger Shots

Burger Shots

Burger shots may sound like little shot glasses filled with burgers, but that wasn’t the case. The first thing that most people found misleading about this discontinued menu item was its name, another reason for its downfall. 

If you have been to White Castle before, you would know about their classic sliders. Burger Shots was an attempt by Burger King to make the same without the onions. 

Burger Shots were introduced in late 2008. However, this was the second attempt of Burger King at selling sliders. The first one, back in the 1980s, could have done better. Burger Shots, or any sliders, have not been a part of the Burger King menu ever since. 

Why Were Burger Shots Discontinued? 

Most people believe that Burger Shots did not work in Burger King’s favor for the same reason the sliders didn’t work back in the ’80s. Tiny burgers sound excellent but could have been more practical in many ways. 

Like the sliders, Burger King shots patties were also too small for the broiler grill. Because of that, they slipped through the grill, which caused quite a lot of waste meat. 

For the Burger Shots, even the marketing campaign by Burger King needed to be better received, eventually leading to this menu item’s downfall. 

5. Shake ‘Em Up Fries

Shake em up Fries

This menu item was a part of the Burger King menu for a brief period. However, this menu item was so unpopular that most people did not even know its existence! These fries were a way to make your meals more interactive at Burger King. 

The idea was to get a portion of fries with a side of a seasoning flavor packet of your choice. Add the seasoning to a bag with fries, shake it all up, and enjoy! Although this concept is popular, it has yet to return at Burger King. 

Why Was Shake ‘Em Up Fries Discontinued? 

Burger King had high expectations with these fries. But, as I mentioned, they were so unpopular that most people barely knew about their existence. It created issues with sales, and eventually, the menu item was shelved. 

6. Cupcake Shake

Cupcake Shake

The cupcake trend was catching on all through the 2000s. This gave rise to many places introducing cupcakes on their menu as a fresh new trend. Burger King took to the concept of cupcakes in 2009 and introduced a cupcake shake. 

The cupcake shake had a bunch of different mixed reviews. The shake was creamy, super sweet, and plain delicious, topped with whipped cream. Although there have been demands by a few people to bring this back, more are needed to get it back. 

Why Was Cupcake Shake Discontinued? 

A lot of people wanted the cupcake shake to stay on the menu. However, quite a few people believed the shake could have been sweeter, so they were not very intrigued. 

The number of people who demanded the shake to be back on the menu could have been a lot higher, which is why Burger King never got the discontinued item back on the menu. But there is always hope! 

7. Donut Holes

Donut Holes

This ideal breakfast menu item made a short stint on the Burger King menu in 2013. Unlike you would expect, Donut holes were available on their all-day menu, rather than just the breakfast menu. 

They were little glazed donut holes so that they would be a hit! While they were a massive hit amongst about 22 % of customers who would still want them back, most people did not think this was the best the chain offered. 

Why Were Donut Holes Discontinued? 

For those with whom these were well-received, they had no issues with them. However, a whopping majority of people did not like them too much. 

Most people complained that they tasted like buns that had been microwaved rather than donuts. Hence, the sales differed from what Burger King wanted them to be, leading them to be discontinued. 

8. Classic Frozen Lemonade

Classic Frozen Lemonade

One of the best things about Burger King is that they always release new menu items that are season appropriate. Considering that, Burger King released frozen lemonade on their menu, perfect for a hot summer day. 

Customers so well received the frozen lemonade that in the same year, in 2012, they introduced another version. It was the classic strawberry frozen lemonade. Although there has been a huge demand to bring this item back, Burger King has just now done so. 

Why Was Classic Frozen Lemonade Discontinued? 

The reason why this refreshing drink from Burger King was discontinued was just that they only introduced it for summer. It was never meant to be a part of their regular menu and was introduced as a limited-time item. 

9. King Boxes

King Boxes

Who doesn’t love discounts and deals, right? Luckily, fast food places like Burger King bring up deals now and then, which can help you enjoy delicious food for a reasonable price. One such deal was the King Boxes. 

One of these Boxes consisted of an entree, a side of fries, a drink, and two cookies. This was available at a fairly reasonable price, and Burger King was delighted with the sales too. 

Why Was the King Boxes Deal Discontinued? 

There is no specific reason behind this, as stated by anyone. Most people believe that Burger King already had quite a few deals that were working perfectly fine for them, and this one could have done better than the others. This eventually led to the King Boxes being discontinued from the menu. 

10. Cini Minis

Cini Minis

Cinnamon buns are great and a favorite breakfast snack for many Americans. Burger King kept the same thing in mind and introduced cini minis in the 90s, after which they were discontinued. 

These sweet breakfast treats were returned to the Burger King menu in 2018 for a short time. Although most customers received them very well, cini minis made only a brief stint on the Burger King menu, after which they were discontinued. 

Why Were Cini Minis Discontinued? 

Unlike many of the other discontinued menu items, cini minis were loved by most people and hence, had great sales too. Most people have asked for these to be back on the menu, but they likely have yet to be reintroduced because they were always supposed to be only a limited-time offering. 

11. French Toast Sandwiches

French Toast Sandwiches

If you like combining sweet and savory food, Burger King has one of the perfect breakfast options! The French Toast sandwiches perfectly blend sweet French toast and classic delicious breakfast flavors.

This sandwich had a sweet and perfectly charred French toast, in which they packed a hearty amount of egg, bacon, and sausage. Although people loved this sandwich quite a lot, it was discontinued from the Burger King menu the same year it was released, 2019. 

Why Was French Toast Sandwich Discontinued? 

The reason why this breakfast sandwich was discontinued was mainly because of a lack of sales. Although many people were intrigued by the sweet and savory combination, most were highly unimpressed and preferred the regular breakfast menu. 

12. Maple Waffle Sandwiches

Maple Waffle Sandwiches

If the French toast sandwich does not sound like a good enough combination, wait until you hear about the maple waffle sandwiches! This was another breakfast creation by Burger King, also released around the same time as the French Toast sandwiches. 

As the name suggests, the Maple waffle sandwiches were made with waffles drenched in maple syrup. The waffles were filled with eggs and cheese and had options for another topping out of ham, bacon, and sausage. 

Why Was the Maple Waffle Sandwich Discontinued? 

Like the French Toast Sandwich, the maple waffle sandwich was less famous than Burger King expected. Although many people did love this sweet and savory combination, many did not prefer it at all. 

13. Seasoned Sweet Potato Curly Fries

Seasoned Sweet Potato Curly Fries

Sweet potato fries can be a lovely alternative to classic French fries. At the time when Burger King was experimenting with bringing about healthier fries, one such thing they introduced was the seasoned sweet potato curly fries. 

These fries were not marketed to be healthy, however. They were crispy, delicious, and a great spin to classic fries. Moreover, what made these fries stand out was the fact that they were dusted with maple seasoning, which added a lot to their flavor. 

Why Were Seasoned Sweet Potato Curly Fries Discontinued? 

Although the exact reason for this is still being determined, most people say that the seasoned sweet potato fries were never meant to make it to the regular menu at Burger King. This was a limited-time deal, available at participating locations in 2012, and that is how Burger King wanted to keep it. 

14. Bacon Sundae

Bacon Sundae

Burger King keeps bringing new and exciting flavor combinations that combine the best of sweet and savory flavors! Unlike the previous ones mentioned above, this was not a breakfast treat but a lovely treat topped with delicious and crispy bacon! 

The Bacon sundae from Burger King received highly mixed reviews. But, the people who seemed to love it could not hold their appreciation for it! Most people who loved the Bacon Sundae described it as the perfect combination of chocolate, caramel, and crispy salted bacon. 

Why Was Bacon Sundae Discontinued? 

Bacon Sundae was taken very well by a lot of people. But, a large majority could have enjoyed this flavor combination more. This led to a lack of sales that Burger King was not expecting, so the item was eventually discontinued.

15. Poutine à’ la Burger

Poutine A La Burger

Poutine is a well-known Canadian dish with french fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Poutine can easily be found on the Burger King Canada menu and is also a big hit. The Poutine a’ la Burger was an entirely different version of a regular poutine. 

It was supposed to be the better version of a regular poutine, or at least that is what Burger King expected it to be. This dish combined a Whopper and poutine, with fries topped with classic poutine elements, along with beef, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. 

Why Was Poutine a’ la Burger Discontinued? 

This idea by Burger King was indeed not well received by customers. Most customers were quite against trying it in the first place. The ones brave enough to try this did not like how much was going on in this dish, which reduced sales, and finally, the item got discontinued. 

16. Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders

This menu item from Burger King may be the most controversial item the chain has ever served. Burger King did chicken tenders for a brief period in 2018 when there were a lot of petitions by people to bring them back on the menu. 

Burger King did bring them back for a limited time. However, the chain also claimed they had never served chicken tenders before! Either way, chicken tenders were a much bigger hit at Burger King than their chicken nuggets. Most people preferred these after the chicken fries! 

Why Were Chicken Tenders Discontinued? 

This is tough because Burger King claimed they had never served them before 2018. However, the reason behind them being discontinued is most likely because they were never meant to be a part of the regular menu. Instead, Burger King wanted them to be a limited-time deal, which they will hopefully bring back!

17. Mac N’ Cheetos

Mac N Cheetos

This dish was the perfect side, especially for those who loved Cheetos. Burger King combined two comfort foods to make this classic: fried mac and cheese sticks dusted with a decent amount of Cheeto flavoring. 

Considering how well the flavor combination sounds, it is safe to say that this menu item was a huge hit among customers. However, Burger King discontinued them after a while, which was a massive disappointment for many fans. 

Why Was Mac N’ Cheetos Discontinued? 

Although there were no issues with the sales of this menu item, it was discontinued from the Burger King menu after a point. The reason was that it was supposed to be a limited-time offer to collaborate with Cheetos. 

18. Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos

Flamin Hot Mac N Cheetos

If you thought the regular Mac N’ Cheetos sounded delicious, wait until you hear all about this elevated version! People loved the Mac N’ Cheetos combination from Burger King and were asking the chain for its comeback. 

In 2017, Burger King came out with an even fancier version of their regular Mac N’Cheetos, with the flamin’ hot version! This one was similar to the previous one, just that it was a lot spicier due to the flamin’ hot dust. 

Why Was Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos Discontinued? 

The reason for this remains the same for the Mac N’ Cheetos. Although customers received these well, they were part of a collaboration and were supposed to be off their regular menu. 

19. Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries

Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries

The chicken fries from Burger King have been a massive hit since they were first introduced on the menu in 2005. Burger King did take them off the menu for a short time, and there was a lot of outrage among customers because of that! 

There were online petitions to bring them back, along with people protesting outside the Burger King headquarters! That has worked since Burger King made them a permanent part of their menu in 2014. 

Along with making chicken fries a permanent option, Burger King also introduced versions of these fries. This included options like Buffalo Chicken fries, Fiery Chicken fries, and Crispy Pretzel Chicken fries. 

The crispy pretzel chicken fries had a coating of crushed, hard pretzels on them. This gave the fries a nice and crisp exterior and a lot of crunches that people seemed to enjoy! 

Why Was Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries Discontinued? 

The Crispy Pretzel chicken fries that Burger King introduced were meant to be on the menu for a limited time. Like many chicken fries options that Burger King has been experimenting with, this was one of the successful experiments that people are waiting to eat again! 

20. Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

This Burger King menu item was introduced around the same time as the Bacon Sundae as a part of their BBQ-inspired summer menu in 2012. It was also right around when ‘satisfries’ were finally discontinued. 

These fries were introduced as a healthier option to regular fries since they were made with sweet potatoes instead of regular ones. But, the idea only fit some customers since they were fried food items. 

Why Were Sweet Potato Fries Discontinued? 

Sweet potato fries were introduced on the menu for just a limited time. However, Burger King did not sell them as much, even for a limited period. Most people preferred regular fries over these, which led to the sweet potato fries being discontinued. 

21. Gingerbread Cookie Shake

Ginger Bread Cookie Shake

This milkshake tastes like Christmas in a cup! It debuted on the Burger King menu in 2012, and everyone went ga-ga over it. As the name suggests, the shake was made with gingerbread cookies, which gave it a sweet and spicy kick. 

Besides that, Burger King also introduced a soft serve of a similar flavor, topped with caramel sauce and pieces of gingerbread cookies. Both these favorites were top-rated but soon shelved from the Burger King menu. 

Why Was Gingerbread Cookie Shake Discontinued? 

Gingerbread cookie shake was a part of the festive menu at Burger King back in 2012 and was meant to be available just for that limited time. So, it was discontinued from the menu. But many people hope it will return to the menu around the festive season! 


As Burger King has been around for a long time, many of its menu items have gone on and off the menu. While some have remained evergreen on their menu over all these years, others could have done better. 

While we all hope that some of these menu items will make a comeback on the menu, the rest are best off the menu! To know more about the wonder that is Burger King, have a look at the articles covered by us on why Burger King restaurants are closing, hacks to understand for the next Burger King order, and Burger King facts that will surprise you

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Chicken fries still available at Burger King? 

Yes, Chicken fries are still available at Burger King. 

Why were some of these items discontinued despite their popularity? 

Many options listed here were discontinued despite their popularity, simply because they were never supposed to be a part of the regular menu. 

Were Chicken tenders never sold at Burger King before 2018? 

Burger King claimed they were never served before when they returned chicken tenders to the menu in 2018. 

Are any of the discontinued menu items making a comeback on the Burger King menu? 

Burger King has not announced anything about this yet, but we hope some of the more popular items will be back on the menu soon! 

Were ‘Satisfries’ a healthier option than regular fries? 

As per Burger King, the ‘Satisfries’ were healthier as they had nearly 40% less oil than regular fries. However, they were also more expensive, which led to their eventual downfall. 

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