Does Burger King Have Happy Meals Like McDonald’s?

Burger King offers a variety of options for kids on their menu, like burgers, fries, milk, juices, and more. But does Burger King have happy meals like McDonald’s? Let’s find this answer for your kids.

Burger King Kids Meals

Yes! Burger King does have Happy Meals like McDonald’s, known as King Jr. Meals. These meals feature hamburgers, chicken nuggets, apple juice, and sides. Moreover, they also come with a toy and are priced between $5.09 and $5.59.

I’m sure you are happy to find out that you can get happy meals like McDonald’s at Burger King. So, let’s find out more information about them. By the end of this article, you will also know if Burger King serves kids’ meals in other countries. 

Does Burger King Have Happy Meals Like McDonald’s?

Burger King Kids Meals

Yes, Burger King serves King Jr. Meals like Happy Meals at McDonald’s. These meals come in four varieties to cater to different needs.

Burger King’s menu is more comprehensive than serving delicious meals for adults. It also includes a special menu to cater to kids’ needs. 

The Kid’s meals available at Burger King are known as King Jr. Meal. They come in four options that include:

  1. Cheeseburger King Jr. Meal – Cheeseburger served with a side of Mott’s natural applesauce and a small drink of your choice.
  2. Hamburger King Jr. Meal – Hamburger served with a side of Mott’s natural applesauce and a small drink.
  3. 4 Pc. Chicken Nuggets King Jr. Meal – Four pieces of chicken nuggets served with a Side of Mott’s natural applesauce and a small drink of your choice.
  4. 6 Pc. Chicken Nuggets King Jr. Meal – Six pieces of chicken nuggets served with a side of Mott’s natural applesauce and a small drink of your choice.

All these meals are priced between $5.09 to $5.59 and can also be customized. For example, you can add cheese, bacon, your choice of veggies, and condiments. 

Moreover, you can also choose the sides to come with these meals, which include options like French fries, onion rings, and have-sies.

Does Burger King Offer Toys In Meals Just Like McDonald’s Happy Meals?

Burger King Kids Meals

Yes, Burger King offers toys in meals just like McDonald’s Happy Meals. Currently, Kid’s Meals at Burger King features toys from the hit franchise of PAW Patrol. They include toys inspired by beloved Rubble, Liberty, Rocky, Chase, Marshall, and Skye characters.

These toys were launched as a part of a collaboration between Burger King and Paramount Pictures in honor of the release of PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie. 

Burger King’s Kid’s Meal toys are a familiar introduction by the brand. They have had many such collaborations in the past with various franchises.

For example, they offered Pokémon figures and accessories, and masks of famous Star Wars characters. Likewise, they have also given away toys featuring beloved Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and various Disney princesses. 

Burger King has also offered many other gifts apart from toys as a part of the King Jr. Meals for kids. For example, they were provided free access to Augmented Reality games after purchasing a King Jr. Meal. 

In 2021, Burger King offered a web-based augmented reality (AR) experience for King Jr. kids’ meals as part of a collaboration with Rovio Entertainment. Rovio Entertainment is the software developer known for the Angry Birds franchise. 

By purchasing these meals, smartphone users could scan QR codes on Burger King’s plush toy tags, box packaging, and signage to activate a mobile game by purchasing the King Jr. kid’s meals.

Are Burger King Kids Meal Good?

Burger King Kids Meals

Yes, Burger King’s Kids Meals are good. They are crafted keeping in mind that their taste appeals to kids. However, these meals are only good for health when eaten in moderation as they come loaded with sodium.

Burger King’s Kid’s meals include hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fries, Have-sies, onion rings, apple juice, and applesauce. Let’s look at the nutritional values of these items to see why their excess consumption harms health.

Kids MealsCaloriesFatsSodiumSugar
Cheeseburger290 Kcal13 g780 mg7 g
Hamburger250 Kcal10 g560 mg7 g
4 Pc Chicken Nuggets190 Kcal12 g490 mg0 g
6 Pc Chicken Nuggets290 Kcal19 g730 mg0 g
Apple Juice80 Kcal0 g25 mg20 g
Small Fries300 Kcal13 g220 mg1 g
Small Onion Rings280 Kcal13 g510 mg4 g
Small Have-sies247 Kcal14 g580 mg3 g

Looking at the nutritional table of kids’ menu items, we can see they are low in calories. However, the sodium content of some items is high. Therefore, it is advisable to feed your kids these items in moderation.

As for their taste, all the items have a delectable flavor. The burgers have a savory and umami flavor. Likewise, the chicken nuggets, fries, onion rings, and Have-sies also taste delicious.

Moreover, they are crunchy in texture and can be enjoyed with various dipping sauces. None of the items are spicy. Therefore, they are loved by kids.

Which Burger King Kids Meals Have Been Discontinued?

Burger King launched the Real Meal in 2019, which has been discontinued. It was introduced in five varieties to increase visibility about mental well-being issues. Similarly, they launched Keep It Real Meal for a limited time.

The Real Meal was introduced as a take on McDonald’s Happy Meal. “Burger King restaurants understand that no one is happy all the time. That’s why they’re asking guests to order a Whopper meal based on their feelings,” an online release said.

Burger King’s “Real Meals” included the Pissed Meal (for when you’re mad), Blue Meal (for when you’re sad), and Salty Meal (for when you’re a little bitter). They also introduced the YAAAS Meal (when you literally can’t contain your excitement) and the DGAF Meal (when you really couldn’t care less about anything). 

These combo meals featured a Whopper, French fries, and a drink. They were available at select Burger King locations in Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, and Austin, Texas. However, the campaign drew criticism for downplaying mental illness. As a result, it was soon discontinued like many other Burger King items

Likewise, Burger King launched Keep It Real Meal in 2021 for a limited time. This meal was introduced to celebrate removing 120 artificial ingredients and more from its menu. 

This lineup included three varieties of meals. They included Nelly’s Cornell Haynes Jr Meal, Anitta’s Larissa Machado Meal, and Lil Huddy, who created the Chase Hudson Meal. 

These meals featured the iconic flame-grilled Whopper, Impossible Whopper, and a hand-breaded spicy chicken king burger with cheese. Moreover, they were available for only $6, which made them quite affordable.

Does BK Have Happy Meals Like McDonald’s In Other Countries?

Burger King Kids Meals

Yes, Burger King has Happy Meals like McDonald’s in other countries like Australia, the Bahamas, and the UK. Moreover, you will also find King Jr. Meals in Canada. 

Burger King UK

If you visit the UK, you will find King Jr meals at Burger King UK, just like the ones in the US. Please look at all the available options and their prices in the table below. 

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Nuggets Kids Meal£ 5.49
Vegan Nuggets Kids Meal£ 5.49
Cheeseburger Kids Meal£ 5.49
Hamburger Kids Meal£ 5.49
Chicken Nuggets£ 5.99

Burger King Bahamas

You will also find King Jr. Meals in Burger King Bahamas. Along with them, you can also purchase fat-free milk, low-fat chocolate milk, and applesauce.

Menu ItemPrice
Cheeseburger Meal$ 7.10
Hamburger Meal$ 6.10
Chicken Nuggets Meals$ 6.10

Burger King Canada 

Burger King Canada also serves meals specialized for kids. See the table below for the kids’ meal varieties and prices.

Menu ItemPrice
Cheeseburger King Jr MealCAN$ 6.29
6pc Chicken Nuggets King Jr MealCAN$ 6.89
Hamburger King Jr MealCAN$ 6.29
4pc Chicken Nuggets King Jr MealCAN$ 6.29

Burger King Australia

You can enjoy kids’ meals at Burger King Australia. They are similar to the ones sold in the US. Please look at all the options and their prices in the table below.

Menu ItemPrice
3 Nuggets Kids Meal$ 5.45
4 Nuggets Kids Meal$ 7.45
Cheeseburger Meal$ 5.75
Hamburger Meal$ 5.75


So, my friends, we have reached the end of this article. I’m sure you will be pleased to know you can find a kid’s meal at Burger King, just like the Happy Meals sold at McDonald’s. 

They make for a delicious meal and also come with a toy to keep the kids entertained. But that’s not all! Do you know that Burger King also introduced a Kids Club? It required kids to sign up for a Kids club membership. 

The perks of it was that kids would receive a free meal from Burger King on their birthday. Furthermore, Burger King also offers many other delectable food items. 

For example, kids can enjoy mozzarella sticks, French Fries, onion rings, and chicken fries at Burger King. However, you will no longer find Tater Tots on Burger King’s menu.

Likewise, you will also not find poutine on Burger King’s menu in the US. But that’s not where the Burger King menu ends. You will also find delectable desserts on their menu, such as soft serve, HERSHEY’s Sundae Pie, and chocolate chip cookies.

Moreover, Burger King also sold Cini Minis previously. Therefore, check out the full Burger King menu to enjoy a sumptuous meal. The options are so good that your kids will also enjoy them along with their special kids meals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Burger King serve desserts in kids’ meals?

No, Burger King does not serve desserts as a part of the Kid’s meal. However, they can be purchased from the regular menu. The options include soft serve cone, soft serve cup, HERSHEY’s Sundae Pie, and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Does Burger King serve shakes with kids’ meals?

No, Burger King does not serve shakes with kids’ meals. However, you can purchase them from their regular menu.

What sides does Burger King offer in kids’ meals?

Burger King kid’s meals come with something other than sides. However, you can always purchase them from the regular menu. The options include Cheesy Tots, Have-sies, Classic Fries, Onion Rings, Chicken Fries, and Chicken Nuggets.

Does Burger King serve kids meals for breakfast?

No, Burger King does not offer kids breakfast meals. They are available on the daytime menu.

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