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As a big fast-food chain, Burger King has introduced many concepts that people have loved over the years. One such thing was the Burger King Kids Club. Burger King Kids Club was a kids’ meal program that was a massive part of Burger King back in the 90s. 

Burger King Kids Club

The Kids Club featured a gang of 9 cartoon children featured in Burger King advertisements as the club’s founding members. The club was a way to get kids to sign up for the Kids Club Perks program. 

As you may have heard, Burger King has done plenty of collaborations with brands over the years. Moreover, they have done a lot of celebrity collaborations to date, where some worked wonders while others didn’t. 

One such collaboration was the Burger King keep it real meal, which was well received. Similarly, the Kids Club was a success but a limited-time thing. So, let us look at hard facts about this club, of which being a member was every kid’s fantasy back in the 1990s! 

What Is Burger King Kids Club? 

What is burger King Kids club

Now you have a little idea of what the Burger King Kids Club is. The idea of introducing this club was to promote the Kids’ menu at Burger King, along with some new and exciting offers related to the same. So, let us look at what the kids club was all about. 

Burger King Kids club consisted of 9 characters, all of whom were featured in the Burger King advertisements as a part of the promo. These nine characters were- 

  • Kid Vid
  • Boomer
  • I. / Q.
  • Jaws
  • Snaps
  • Wheels
  • J.D.
  • Lingo
  • Jazz

This club was a part of Burger King from 1990 until 1999 when they stopped. The nine characters were also featured in leaflets, and it was an excellent way for Burger King to get kids’ attention. This idea would lead kids to sign up for the perks program and receive a membership card. 

Benefits Of Burger King Kids Club 

Of course, Burger King would not introduce this as a part of their menu if it had no perks! Children would look forward to all the benefits they would get by being a part of this elite kids club. 

As kids would sign up for a Kids club membership, one of the best perks they would receive was a free meal from Burger King on their birthday. Being a Kids Club member also meant they would receive many promotional items, like calendars and magazines, via email. 

Burger King Kids Club Characters

Burger King Kids club characters

If you were born in or before the 1990s, you probably remember these commercials from Burger King. The kids club had nine characters, all loved by kids. Some were introduced initially, whereas others joined the club a little later. Here is what each of the group members was like! 

1. Kid Vid

Kid Vid was like the leader of this gang, as he had a natural knack for leadership and was also a very confident boy. Although very secure, this character would always listen to other group members if they had an idea better than him. Kid Vid had a very futuristic approach overall. He used to don a visor and had two remote controls. 

2. Boomer 

Boomer was a little redheaded girl with green eyes. She was the most athletic member of the Kids Club. Her character wore athletic clothes, like shorts, jerseys, knee pads, and rollerblades. She even donned a hockey stick. Although she was sporty and always aimed to win, she enjoyed the game more than winning. 

3. I. / Q.

I. / Q. stood for “Intelligence Quotient,” the name of the youngest and brightest character of the group. He had fluffy red hair, wore pink glasses, and always carried a blue bag filled with books. He kept strategies for the group and enjoyed quiet places where he could read. 

4. Jaws

Contrary to I. / Q., Jaws was the tallest member of the group. He was very interested in nature and outdoor activities and wore clothes that fit the task. Jaws was the Super Official Burger King Quality Taste Tester and was always the food expert.  

5. Snaps

Snaps was an avid photographer and loved clicking pictures of everyone around her. Her name is also derived from the snap sound of a camera. She was a girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes, and she was also a journalist. She had a column in the newsletter for the longest time where she would feature pictures given by kids and comment on them. 

6. Wheels

The wheel was an expert mechanic who also used a motorized wheelchair. He was someone who could repair anything under the radar. He enjoyed reading books about racing and machinery. He mostly loved hanging out with I. / Q., as he would give him ideas that Wheels would then turn into reality. 

7. J.D. 

J.D. is a small brown dog who was also the group’s mascot. Although a dog, he is not viewed as a member-owned by someone but rather an individual member of the group. He loved tricks and performing them. Eventually, Wheels made a motorized skateboard for him that he used to keep up with the rest of the group members. 

8. Lingo

Although introduced in the same year as the rest of the gang, Lingo made an entry a little later than everyone else. He loved drawing and would often draw pictures of the rest of the group members. He was cheerful, expressive, and proud of his Hispanic culture. He also enjoyed teaching the group members Spanish words from time to time. 

9. Jazz

Jazz is the last member of this group, who also became a member much later. Jazz was introduced to the group in 1997 and was known for her purple beret. She is someone who is never seen without a musical instrument and is very talented. A lot of people believed that her musical talents were natural. 

When Did Burger King Kids Club End? 

Burger King

Although there has been no particular reason behind this action, Burger King Kids Club ended in 1999. It had a long stint of almost a decade, where they introduced new characters, gave them regular makeovers, and had new deals. 

Burger King has discontinued menu items over the years and has done the same with many campaigns. Many kids were utterly disappointed when the Burger King kids club ended in the 2000s.

People even wanted it back. But now, even though Burger King has never brought this back, the club lives in the memory of every child growing up just around then! 


The Burger King Kids Club has a prominent place in all our hearts now, especially for those who grew up with it. Although Burger King has never made any claims, we can all hope that someday in the future, we can see all these characters back! 

However, Burger King still does everything possible to keep its young customers happy. Hence, they updated the Kids’ menu and distributed Burger King Crowns! Moreover, these crowns are not restricted to kids; even adults can enjoy Burger King Crown Cards, which can help you get many discounts! 

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Burger King Kid’s Club [FAQs]

When was Burger King Kids Club a campaign at Burger King?

Burger King Kids Club was a campaign at the chain from 1990-1999. 

How many characters did the Kids Club have? 

The kids club had a total of 9 characters. 

What were some of the perks of being a part of Burger King Kids Club? 

A few perks of being a part of the Burger King Kids Club were that they would get free meals on their birthdays, along with newsletters. 

What are Burger King’s kids meals called?

Burger King kid’s meal is also called as Kids Jr.™ Meal!

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