Spur Steak Ranches Menu With Prices [Updated August 2022]

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Spur Steak Ranches menu with prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. We have shared the menu of Spur Steak Ranches menu from the location Western Cape, South Africa. The menu is updated from 1st August 2022, onwards.

Spur Steak Ranches

For the accurate prices, you might have to look for the menu of your nearest Spur Steak Ranches from its official websiteandroid app or iOS app, or any other food delivery app.

Spur Steak Ranches menu with prices is mainly known for the steaks they serve. Their menu includes sizzling starters, salads, ribs & grills, chicken grills & schnitzels, seafood, burgers and much more. The popular Chargrilled Rump streak costs you R 129.90.

Here in this blog, you will find the list of information regarding the Spur Steak Ranches menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Spur Steak Ranches Menu. Before you proceed with the menu, check out the history.

Spur Steak Ranches is a steakhouse restaurant chain that was founded by Allen Ambor in 1967. He opened his first store in South Africa and since then, the company has managed to open more than 575 outlets all over the world. Right now, Spur Steak Ranches has its headquarters in Century City, Cape Town, South Africa.

Spur Steak Ranches Menu With Prices

Spur Steak Ranches

Spur Steak Ranches menu includes a variety of delicious starters, mouth-watering wraps, tasty burger combos, toasted sarmies, schnitzels, seafood and many other food items that the people of South Africa love.

The reason why people love to go to Spur Steak Ranches because it is “the official restaurant of the South African family.” The thing which makes this restaurant unique is that they provide you with a myriad variety of food. Enjoy all the rolls, steaks, strips, and other delish sarmies.

Apart from the steaks, strips, sarmies, Spur Steak Ranches also offers refreshing beverages and decadent desserts. Moreover, Spur Steak Ranches has helped to create countless special memories and earned a reputation for tasty, nutritious, value-for-money meals.

When compared to other restaurants in South Africa, the Spur Steaks Ranches prices are a little bit high. The prices of their items lie between $10 to $200. This can be a big blow to your pocket however, you will find worth every penny.

So, without waiting more, let’s check the latest Spur Steak Ranches menu prices.

Sizzling Starters Menu With Prices

Buffalo Wings 8R 86.90
Buffalo Wings 12R 114.90
Portuguese Garlic RollR 18.90
Cheese Portuguese Garlic RollR 26.90
Spicy Chicken LiversR 64.90
Chicken StripsR 69.90
Calamari StripsR 86.90
Crumbed MushroomsR 86.90
Cheesy Crumbed MushroomsR 94.90
Nachos Mexicana HalfR 79.90
Nachos Chicken HalfR 89.90
Nachos Mince HalfR 89.90
Nachos MexicanaR 109.90
Nachos ChickenR 129.90
Nachos MinceR 129.90
Cheesy Garlic PrawnsR 96.90
Crumbed Mushrooms & Calamari StripsR 109.90
Buffalo Wings & Calamari StripsR 109.90
Buffalo Wings & Crumbed MushroomsR 109.90
Riblets & Buffalo WingsR119.90
Cheesy QuesadillaR 58.90
Chicken QuesadillaR 72.90
Nachos Mexicana HalfR 79.90
Veggie SchnitzelR 89.90
Chico The ClownR 19.90
Cheddamelt BurgerR 114.90

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Salads & Sides Menu With Prices

Chicken, Avo & Bacon Salad SideR 72.90
Chicken, Avo & Bacon SaladR 129.90
Greek Salad SideR 49.90
Greek SaladR 94.90
Garden Salad SideR 39.90
Garden SaladR 69.90
Fresh Hot VegR 39.90

Plant-Based Menu With Prices

Garden Salad SideR 39.90
Garden SaladR 69.90
Veggie SchnitzelR 89.90
Crumbed Veggie BurgerR 78.90
Beyond BurgerR 136.90

Legendary Steaks Menu With Prices

Chargrilled Rump 200gR 129.90
Chargrilled Rump 300gR 159.90
New York Sirloin 200gR 129.90
New York Sirloin 300gR 159.90
Fillet 200gR 169.90
Fillet 300gR 214.90
Top Up 6 Buffalo WingsR 55.90
Top Up Quarter ChickenR 55.90
Top Up Calamari Strips (150g)R 55.90
Top Up Pork Chop (200g)R 55.90
Top Up Beef Kebab (100g)R 55.90
Cheddamelt Steak 200gR 156.90
Cheddamelt Steak 300gR 192.90
Bacon & Cheesy Garlic Sauce Steak 200gR 162.90
Bacon & Cheesy Garlic Sauce Steak 300gR 199.90
Cheesy Garlic Prawn Steak 200gR 166.90
Cheesy Garlic Prawn Steak 300gR 204.90
Lazy Aged Steak 500gR 214.90
Spur T-Bone Steak 350gR 174.90
Spur T-Bone Steak 500gR 224.90

Add A Sauce Menu With Prices

Cheese SauceR 26.90
Pepper SauceR 26.90
Peri-peri SauceR 26.90
Garlic SauceR 26.90
Manhattan Mushroom SauceR 26.90
Cheesy Garlic SauceR 26.90
Sweet & Spicy SauceR 26.90

Burgers Menu With Prices

Single BurgersPrices
Original Spur BurgerR 86.90
Cheese BurgerR 96.90
Bacon & Cheese BurgerR 109.90
Cheddamelt BurgerR 114.90
Avo & Feta BurgerR 119.90
Bacon, Cheese & Guacamole BurgerR 119.90
Goodie BurgerR 119.90
Sauce BurgerR 106.90
Rib BurgerR 86.90
Crumbed Veggie BurgerR 78.90
Beyond BurgerR 136.90
Double BurgersPrices
Burger ComboR 129.90
Original Spur Burger DoubleR 104.90
Cheese Burger DoubleR 119.90
Bacon & Cheese Burger DoubleR 134.90
Cheddamelt Burger DoubleR 134.90
Avo & Feta Burger DoubleR 144.90
Bacon, Cheese & Guacamole Burger DoubleR 144.90
Goodie Burger DoubleR 144.90
Sauce Burger DoubleR129.90
Rib BurgerR 129.90
Grilled Chicken Burger DoubleR 94.90

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Rib’s & Grills Menu With Prices

Spur’s Famous Pork Spare Ribs 400gR 159.90
Spur’s Famous Pork Spare Ribs 600gR 219.90
Lamb Chops 400gR 239.90

Combo’s Menu With Prices

Apache ComboR 186.90
Mohawk ComboR 186.90
Buffalo ComboR 199.90
Warrior ComboR 239.90
Ribs & Chicken ComboR 219.90
Ribs & Buffalo Wings ComboR229.90
T-Bone & Quarter ChickenR 222.90
T-Bone & Buffalo WingsR 239.90

Chicken Grills & Schnitzels Menu With Prices

Quarter ChickenR 69.90
Half ChickenR 99.90
Half Chicken & Portuguese RollR 107.90
Full Spatchcock ChickenR 189.90
Quarter Chicken & 8 Buffalo Wings ComboR 149.90
Chicken Schnitzel HalfR 94.90
Chicken SchnitzelR 134.90
Cheddamelt Schnitzel HalfR 106.90
Cheddamelt SchnitzelR 156.90
Hawaiian Schnitzel HalfR 109.90
Hawaiian SchnitzelR 159.90
Cheesy Garlic Prawn Schnitzel HalfR 114.90
Cheesy Garlic Prawn SchnitzelR 169.90
Veggie SchnitzelR 89.90
Buffalo Wings 16R 159.90
Chicken StripsR 129.90

Seafood Delights Menu With Prices

Hake & Chips HalfR 84.90
Hake & Chips R 118.90
Calamari Strips R 144.90
Calamari Strips & HakeR 149.90

Toasted Sarmies Menu With Prices

Tangy Cheese & TomatoR 52.90
Roast Chicken MayoR 56.90
Spicy Roast Chicken MayoR 56.90
Bacon & EggR 58.90
Bacon, Egg & CheeseR66.90

Waffles Menu With Prices

Classic Waffle HalfR 34.90
Classic WaffleR 46.90
Bar-One Waffle HalfR 39.90
Bar-One WaffleR 52.90
Oreo Waffle HalfR 39.90
Oreo WaffleR 52.90
Kit Kat Waffle HalfR 39.90
Kit Kat WaffleR 52.90

Ice-cream Delights Menu With Prices

Ice Cream & Chocolate SauceR 42.90
Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce HalfR 31.90
Ice Cream & Bar-One SauceR 55.90
Ice Cream & Bar-One Sauce HalfR 42.90
Ice Cream & Kit KatR 55.90
Ice Cream & Kit Kat HalfR 42.90
Pecan Nut SundaeR 54.90

Milkshakes Menu With Prices

MilkshakesR 39.90
Bar-One MilkshakeR 46.90
Oreo MilkshakeR 46.90
Kit Kat MilkshakeR 46.90

Decadent Delights Menu With Prices

Peppermint Crisp Tart HalfR 38.90
Peppermint Crisp TartR 62.90
Malva Pudding HalfR 36.90
Malva PuddingR 56.90
Bar-One Chocolate Brownie HalfR 38.90
Bar-One Chocolate BrownieR 62.90

Hot Drinks Menu With Prices

CappuccinoR 29.90
Cappuccino DoubleR 34.90
Caffè LatteR 32.90
AmericanoR 26.90
Americano DoubleR 30.90
Espresso SingleR 23.90
Espresso DoubleR 28.90
Hot ChocolateR 36.90
TeaR 21.90

Cold Drinks Menu With Prices

Still Water 500mlR 24.90
Sparkling Water 500mlR 24.90
Lipton Ice Tea LemonR 28.90
Lipton Ice Tea PeachR 28.90
Soda Fountain Regular (350ml)R 23.90
Soda Fountain Large (450ml)R 27.90
Soda Fountain – Sugar Free Regular (350ml)R 22.90
Soda Fountain – Sugar Free (450ml)R 26.90
Fruit JuicesR 31.90
Red Grapetiser 330mlR 34.90
Appletiser 330mlR 34.90
Lime, Passion Fruit or Cola Tonic Cordial (350ml)R 28.90
Lime, Passion Fruit or Cola Tonic Cordial (450ml)R 34.90
Red Bull 250mlR 42.90
Monster 500mlR 42.90

Breakfast Menu With Prices

Ranch Breakfast with Pork SausageR 119.90
Ranch Breakfast with WorsR 127.90
Cheese Griller BreakfastR 72.90
Carb-Conscious Breakfast with Pork SausageR 69.90
Carb-Conscious Breakfast with WorsR 77.90
Steak, Egg & ChipsR 119.90
Trailblazer Breakfast with Pork SausageR 87.90
Trailblazer Breakfast with WorsR 95.90
KickstarterR 64.90
Unreal BreakfastR 44.90
Avo on ToastR 44.90
Avo & Bacon on ToastR 59.90
Spicy Chicken Livers on ToastR 50.90
Kids’ BrekkieR 24.90
Top Up Boerewors (125g)R 32.90
Top Up Pork Sausages (2 x 32g)R 25.90
Top Up Spicy Chicken Livers (100g)R 25.90
Top Up Mushrooms (50g)R 22.90
Top Up Side Onions (150g)R 18.90
Top Up AvocadoR 21.90
Top Up Cheese Griller (75g)R 25.90
Top Up Viennas (2 x 50g)R 25.90
Top Up Hashbrowns (2 x 60g)R 21.90
Tangy Cheese & TomatoR 52.90
Roast Chicken MayoR 56.90
Bacon, Egg & CheeseR 66.90
Spicy Roast Chicken MayoR 56.90
Bacon & EggR 58.90
Breakfast Juice 250mlR 20.90
Filter Coffee in a MugR 23.90
AmericanoR 26.90
Americano DoubleR 30.90
Espresso SingleR 23.90
Espresso DoubleR 28.90
CappuccinoR 29.90
Cappuccino DoubleR 34.90
Caffè LatteR 32.90
Tea R 21.90

Kids Menu With Prices

Beef BurgerR 56.90
Grilled Chicken BurgerR 52.90
Soya BurgerR 52.90
Cheese BurgerR 59.90
Cheese Grilled Chicken BurgerR 55.90
Cheese Soya BurgerR 55.90
Fish FingersR 42.90
Crumbed Chicken StripsR 49.90
Grilled ChickenR 64.90
Pork Riblets (200g)R 73.90
Mac & CheeseR 32.90
Buttercup’s Cheese PizzaR 49.90
Buffalo Brave’s Chicken & Cheese PizzaR 56.90
Soaring Eagle’s Pineapple, Cheese & Bacon PizzaR 56.90
Wacky ViennasR 42.90
Chicken NuggetsR 49.90
Cheese Toasted TreatR 35.90
Chicken Mayo TreatR 35.90
Burger ComboR 84.90
Birthday ComboR 89.90
Still Water 500mlR 24.90
Sparkling Water 500mlR 24.90
Cappy Fruit JuiceR 18.90
SodasR 16.90
Sodas – Sugar FreeR 15.90
MilkshakesR 20.90
Bar-One ShakeR 24.90
Oreo ShakeR 24.90
Kit Kat ShakeR 24.90
MilkR 14.90
Ice-cream ConeR 10.90
Chico the ClownR 19.90
Create Your Own Soft Serve BowlR 30.90
Create Your Own WaffleR 36.90
Classic Half-a-WaffleR 29.90
Bar-One Half-a-WaffleR 34.90
Kit Kat Half-a-WaffleR 34.90
Lucky PacketR 18.90

How To Order From Spur Steak Ranches Online?

Spur Steak Ranches is steakhouse restaurant chain that was founded by Allen Ambor in 1967. You can order food from the official website of Spur Steak Ranches, proprietary online apps, and their android app or iOS app. The restaurant is best known for quality food and services.

To order food from Spur Steak Ranches online, you can also refer some of the leading food delivery service apps like DoordashGrubhubSeamlessPostmates, and UberEats. We have shared the detailed screenshots that shows how to order your favorite food online from Spur Steak Ranches.

Finding The Latest Spur Steak Ranches Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the official website of Spur Steak Ranches and begin to order your favorite food online.

Spur Steak Ranches homepage

2. Click on the menu to seek out the entire menu items from Spur Steak Ranches.

Spur Steak Ranches menu

3. Once the menu will be displayed, click on the order now option. It will direct you to the options for placing an order online.

Spur Steak Ranches menu

4. Add the order type and choose to pick up or deliver the order to your address.

5. Select your choice of food items and add them to cart.

Spur Steak Ranches

6. Click on the checkout to proceed and place the order online from Spur Steak Ranches.

Spur Steak Ranches

7. Add your personal details along with the registered number and confirm the order.

Spur Steaks Ranches Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationspursteakranches.co.za/nutritionalinformation

To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Spur Steaks Ranches menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Spur Steak Ranches Franchise Details

Spur Steak Ranches outlet

Spur Steak Ranches has more than 513 stores in South Africa and 62 franchise in different regions of Africa. So if you want to open a Spur Steak Ranches, then this is how much it will cost you.

Initial InvestmentR5,500,000.00
Franchise FeeR175,000.00
Working CapitalR120,000.00

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Spur Steak Ranches Contact Information

Spur Steaks Ranches Corporate Office Address: 14 Edison Way, Century Gate Business Park Century City, 7441

Spur Steaks Ranches Corporate Office Phone Number: +27 (21) 555 5100

You can also contact the team of Spur Steaks Ranches by using the contact form on their website.

Important Links

Official Websitespursteakranches.com
Gift Cardspursteaksranches.com/giftcard
Family Voucherspursteaksranches.com/familyvouchers
eGift Voucher familycard.co.za/giftcard/welcome

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/spursteakranches

Instagram: instagram.com/spursteakranches

Twitter: twitter.com/spursteaksranches

Youtube: youtube.com/spursteaksranches

Watch 5 Facts Regarding Spur Steak Ranches

Video by Richard Baruch

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Spur Steak Ranches (FAQs)

What is Spur Steak Ranches known for?

Spur Steak Ranches is a themed South African family favorite and is fondly known as “the official restaurant of the South African family.

What is Spur special on Thursday?

Thursdays are the new Fridays at Spur! Enjoy Bottomless Pork Ribs & Wings for only R99.

How much is a plate of ribs at Spur?

A plate of ribs at Spur Steaks Ranches costs you R149.90.

Does Spur have Black Friday specials?

Yes, Every year Spur prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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