Spur Steak Ranches Menu With Prices [Updated July 2024]

Spur Steak Ranches, the ultimate African Steakhouse should be your go-to place for everything from sizzling steaks to juicy ribs. The restaurant offers various options, including burgers, steaks, schnitzels, rolls, and much more, to cater to multiple tastes and dietary preferences. 

Spur Steak Ranches restaurant

So, if you are looking for a dining experience that’s both delicious and affordable, head on to your nearest Spur Steak Ranches, as there are over 600 in the world. 

Spur Steak Ranches Latest Menu With Prices

Spur Steak Ranches food

Come on board and learn about Spur Steak Ranches menu details with ease. Click on any section to instantly navigate to its table and begin your culinary experience!

Furthermore, to accommodate your dietary preferences, hit the drop-down button to check the details for each item. 

Sizzling Starters & Light Meals | Shareables | Salads | Sizzling Steaks And Grill | Add A Sauce | Burgers | Ribs | Combo’s And Sharing Meals | Plant – Based | Chicken | Schnitzels | Seafood | Toasted Sarmies & Wrap | Waffles | Ice – Cream Delights | Milkshakes | Decadent Delights | Hot Drinks | Cold Drinks | Breakfast Menu | Kids |

Sizzling Starters & Light Meals

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Buffalo Wings 8$104.90595NoNoNoNo
Buffalo Wings 12$136.901106NoNoNoNo
Portuguese Garlic Roll$21.90535NoNoNo No
Cheesy Portuguese Garlic Roll$35.90620NoNoNo No
Spicy Chicken Livers$76.90354NoNoNoNo
Spicy Beef Strips$114.90855NoNoNoNo
Chicken Strips$76.90564NoNoNoNo
Calamari Strips$96.90698NoNoNoNo
Crumbed Mushrooms$104.90352NoNoNo No
Nachos Mexican Half$92.90524NoYesNo Yes
Nachos Mexican $136.90840NoYesNo Yes
Nachos Chicken Strips$149.90524NoNoNo No
Cheesy Garlic Prawns$114.90336NoNoNo No


Item NamPriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Buffalo Wings & Crumbed Mushrooms $134.90940NoNoNoNo
Buffalo Thighs & Calamari Strips$130.90920NoNoNoNo
Buffalo Wings & Calamari Strips$134.90595NoNoNoNo
Buffalo Wings & Riblets$149.901507NoNoNoNo
Crumbed Chicken Strips & Riblets$146.90560NoNoNoNo


Item NamePricesCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Garden Salad Half$44.90150Yes Yes NoNo
Garden Salad$84.90150Yes Yes NoNo
Nachos Chicken Salad Half$72.90524NoNoNoNo
Nachos Chicken Salad$139.90524NoNoNoNo
Chicken, Avo & Bacon Salad Half$86.90NoNoNoYes
Chicken, Avo & Bacon Salad$149.90457NoNoNoYes
Fresh Hot Veg$46.90157YesYesNoYes

Sizzling Steaks And Grill

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Chargrilled Rump 200g$149.90220NoNoYesNo, but you can exclude the sauce and make it keto-friendly.
Chargrilled Rump 300g$189.90391NoNoYesNo
New York Sirloin 200g149.90270NoNoYesYes
New York Sirloin 300g$189.90180.90NoNoYesYes
Fillet 200g$209.90220NoNoNoYes
Fillet 300g$290.90330NoNoNoYes
Cheddamelt Steak 200g$179.90179NoNoNoNo
Cheddamelt Steak 300g$219.90214NoNoNoNo
Cheesy Garlic Prawn Steak 200g$189.90189.90YesNoNoYes
Cheesy Garlic Prawn Steak 300g$229.90229.90YesNoNoYes
Chessy Jalapeno Steak 200g$169.90189NoNo NoYes
Chessy Jalapeno Steak 300g$209.90457NoNoNo Yes
Spur T-Bone Steak 350 g$214.90264NoNoYesNo
Spur T-Bone Steak 500g$274.90274NoNoYesNo
Lazy Aged Steak 500g$279.90800NoNoNoNo
Lamb Chops 400G$284.90870NoNoNoNo

Add A Sauce

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Sweet Mustard Sauce$30.90180YesYesYesYes
Cheese Sauce$30.9026NoNoYesYes
Pepper Sauce$30.90100NoYesNoYes
Peri – Peri Sauce$30.90170YesYesYesYes
Garlic Sauce$30.90106NoYesYesYes
Manhattan Mushroom Sauce$30.90170NoYesYesYes
Cheesy Garlic Sauce$30.9080NoYesYesYes
Sweet & Spicy Sauce$30.9022YesYesYesYes
Roquefort Sauce$30.9073Yes
Durky Sauce$30.9059YesYesYesYes


Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Original Spur Burger$109.901274NoNoNoNo
Cheese Burger$119.90480NoNoNoNo
Bacon & Cheese Burger$136.901021NoNoNoNo
Cheddamelt Burger$139.90290NoNoNoNo
Bacon, Cheese & Guacamole Burger$144.901541NoNoNoNo
Goodie Burger$149.90360YesYesNoNo
Sauce Burger$134.90970NoYesYesNo
Rib Burger $112.90780NoNoNoNo
Chicken Prego Roll$109.90160NoNoNoNo
Durkynaise Crunbed Chicken Burger$114.90250NoNoNoNo
Sweet Mustard Crumbed Chicken Burger$134.90280NoNoNoNo
Nachos Beef Burger$134.90375NoNoNoNo
Chipotle & Bacon Burger$149.901190NoNoNoNo
Burger Combo$149.901130NoNoNoNo
Original Spur Burger Double$129.902550NoNoNoNo
Cheese Burger Double$139.90960NoNoNoNo
Bacon & Cheese Burger Double$164.902042NoNoNoNo
Cheddamelt Burger Double$159.90580NoNoNoNo
Bacon, Cheese & Guacamole Burger Double $169.902082NoNoNoNo
Goodie Burger Double$174.90780YesYesNoNo
Sauce Burger Double$154.901940NoYesNoYes
Rib Burger Double$162.901560NoNoNoNo
Grilled Chicken Burger Double$116.901048NoNoNoNo
100% Planty Burger$136.90117YesYesNoYes


Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Spur’s Famous Pork Spare Ribs 400g$189.901769NoNoNoNo
Spur’s Famous Pork Spare Ribs 600g$259.901769NoNoNoNo
Spur’s Famous Pork Spare Ribs 800g$319.901769NoNoNoNo

Combo’s And Sharing Meals

Item NamePriceCaloriesVegan VegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Navaho Combo$204.901509NoNoNoNo
Mohawk Combo$226.901507NoNoNoNo
Apache Combo$226.901507NoNoNoNo
Buffalo Combo$259.901507NoNoNoNo
Ribs & Chicken Combo$254.901507NoNoNoNo
Ribs & Buffalo Combo$269.901507NoNoNoNo
Warrior Combo$289.901507NoNoNoNo
T – Bone & Buffalo Wing Combo$249.901508NoNoNoNo
Ribs & Buffalo Thighs Combo$249.901500NoNoNoNo

Plant – Based

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Crumbed Veggie Burger$89.90394YesYesNoYes
100% Plant Burger$136.90280YesYesNoYes
Veggie Schnitzel$104.90104YesYesNoYes
Vegetarian Wrap$82.90265YesYesNoNo


Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Buffalo Thighs$174.90174.90NoNoNoNo
Quarter Chicken$79.90259NoNoNoNo
Grilled Chicken Breast Fillets$99.90480NoNoNoNo
Half Chicken$134.90300NoNoNoNo
Full Spatchhcock Chicken$229.90336NoNoNoNo
Buffalo Wings 16$199.90595NoNoNoNo
Chicken Strips$129.90186NoNoNoNo


Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten -FreeKeto
Chicken Schnitzels Half$112.90251NoNoNoNo
Chicken Schnitzels$152.90502NoNoNoNo
Cheddamelt Schnitzel Half$122.90780NoNoNoNo
Cheddamelt Schnitzel$174.901355NoNoNoNo
Chessy Garlic Prawn Schnitzel Half$125.90259NoNoNoNo
Chessy Garlic Prawn Schnitzel$189.90259NoNoNoNo
Nachos Chicken Schnitzel Hlaf$125.90524NoNoNoNo
Nachos Chicken Schnitzel $185.90524NoNoNoNo
Schnitzel Stacker$174.90200NoNoNoNo


Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Hake & Chips$134.90597NoNoYesNo
Hake & Chips Half$96.90597NoNoYesNo
Cheesy Garlic Prawn Hike$214.90289NoNoNoNo

Toasted Sarmies & Wrap

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Tangy Cheese & Tomato$62.90213YesYesNoYes
Jalapenos & Cheese$62.9077No YesNoNo
Roast Chicken Mayo$79.90204NoNoNoYes
Bacon & Egg$76.90682NoNoNoNo
Spicy Roast Chicken Mayo$79.901869NoNoNoYes
Bacon, Egg & Cheese$92.90605NoNoNoYes
Chicken Wrap$82.90292NoNoNoYes


Item NamePricesCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Classic Waffle Half$39.90291NoNo, but you can exclude eggs to make it vegetarian. No No
Classic Waffle$50.90160NoNo, but you can exclude eggs to make it vegetarian. No No
Bar-One Waffle Half$46.90951NoNo, but you can exclude eggs to make it vegetarian. No No
Bar-One Waffle$64.90951NoNo, but you can exclude eggs to make it vegetarian. No No
Oreo Waffle Half$46.90824NoNo, but you can exclude eggs to make it vegetarian. NoNo
Oreo Waffle$64.90824NoNo, but you can exclude eggs to make it vegetarian. NoNo

Ice – Cream Delights

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce$45.90279NoYesNoNo
Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce Half$32.90279NoYesNoNo
Ice Cream & Bar-one Sauce$64.90289NoYesNoNo
Ice Cream & Bar-one Sauce Hlaf$46.90289NoYesNoNo
Ice Cream & Oreo$64.90260NoYesNoNo
Ice Cream & Oreo Hlaf$46.90261NoYesNoNo


Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Turkish Delight$50.90185NoYesYesNo
Cherry Berry$50.90482NoYesYesNo
Bar – One Shake$50.90646NoYesYesNo
Oreo Shake$50.90262NoYesYesNo
Cold Brew Coffee Hazelnut$30.90240NoYesYesNo

Decadent Delights

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Peppermint Crisp Tart Half$48.90496NoYesNoNo
Peppermint Crisp Tart$76.90496NoYesNoNo
Malva Pudding Half$39.00317NoYesNoNo
Malva Pudding$63.00317NoYesNoNo
Bar – One Chocolate Pudding Half$48.90255NoYesNoNo
Bar – One Chocolate Pudding$68.90255NoYesNoNo

Hot Drinks

Iten NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Cappucino Double$42.90150NoYesYesYes
Caffe Latte$32.90150NoYesYesYes
Espresso Single$26.9060YesYesYesYes
Hot Chocolate$44.9077YesYesYesYes
Hot Chocolate – Marshmallow topping$49.90416NoNoYesNo
Chai Latte$50.90200NoYesYesYes
Hazelnut Latte$44.90246NoYesYesYes
Turkesh Delight Latte$44.90100NoYesYesNo
Salted Caramel Latte$44.90390NoYesYesYes

Cold Drinks

Item NamePriceCaloriesVegan VegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Soda Fountain – Sugar free Regular 350ml$25.90NilYesYesYesYes
Still Water 500 ml$27.90NilNilNilNilNil
Sparkling Water 500 ml$27.90NilNilNilNilNil
Soda Fountain Regular 350 ml$27.90139YesYesYesYes
Soda Fountain – Sugar free 450ml$29.90NilYesYesYesYes
Soda Fountain Large 450ml$30.90139YesYesYesYes
Fruit Juices$34.9054YesYesYesYes
Red Grapetiser 330 ml$42.90170YesYesYesYes
Red Bull 250 ml$46.9045NoNoYesYes
Lime, Passion Fruit or Cola Tonic Cordial$31.90174YesYesYesYes
Monster 500 ml$46.9042YesNoYesYes

Breakfast Menu

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Ranch Breakfast With Pork Sausage$156.90196NoNoNoNo
Ranch Breakfast With Wors$163.90200NoNoNoNo
Cheese Griller Breakfast$91.90254NoNoNoNo
Crab Conscious Breakfast With Pork Sausage$86.90260NoNoNoNo
Crab Conscious Breakfast With Wors$63.90857NoNoNoNo
Cheddamelt Breakfast$98.9060NoNoNoNo
Trailblazer Breakfast With Pork Sausage$115.90248NoNoNoNo
Trailblazer Breakfast With Pork Sausage$112.90240NoNoNoNo
Vegan Friendly Breakfast$66.90261YesYesYesNo
Unreal Breakfast$56.90186NoNoYesYes

Kids Menu

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – freeKeto
Beef Burger$62.90240NoNoYesNo
Grilled Chicken Burger$57.90480NoNoNoYes
Soya Burger$61.90179NoYesNoNo
Cheese Burger$67.90303NoNoYesNo
Cheese Grilled Chicken Burger$62.90430NoNoYesNo
Cheese Soya Burger$66.90100NoYesNoNo
Fish Fingers$46.90249NoNoNoYes
Crumbed Chicken Strips$54.90241NoNoNoNo

Popular Items On The Spur Steak Ranches Menu 

1. Spur’s Famous Ribs

Do Spur Ribs deserve to be at the number one spot? Yes, absolutely. They have an irresistible BBQ flavor and a juicy texture. Also, they are so tender that you can pull them apart with a fork. 

Moreover, their ribs are famous because they are marinated in the great-tasting Spur basting sauce and then cooked to perfection. If you are at Spur, I suggest you try these renowned beef ribs. 

2. Signature Cheddamelt Steak

Spur Steak Ranches’ signature steak is a fan-favorite because of its perfect grilled texture and creamy-rich flavor. 

The crust is brown and filled with a smoky, charred aroma. The oozing melted cheddar cheese is the cherry on top. If you are one of the Spur people who prefer the taste for life, you must try this steak. 

3. Spur Chicken Schnitzel

Spur Chicken Schnitzels are beloved at Spur Steak Ranches because of their premium-quality ingredients and classic flavors. They are a popular choice for those craving satiating and comforting meals.

Imagine a tender chicken breast, perfectly breaded and cooked to perfection, topped with cheese and mushroom sauce. Are you already drooling? Grab your Spur Chicken Schnitzel from the nearest Spur outlet right away. 

4. Original Spur Burger

Hey! I am here to spill the beans about Spur’s original burger. This burger is a flavor fiesta with the goodness of a juicy beef patty, refreshing veggies, and, of course, the signature burger sauce. 

But do you know why this burger steals hearts left, right, and center? All the flavor fusion elevates your experience and makes you dance with joy!

People admire the timeless combination of flavors and textures, making it a fan-favorite burger.  

5. Chicken, Avo, & Bacon Burger

For an indulgent experience, try an excellent combination of Chicken, Avo & Bacon clubbed in sesame seed buns. 

It is a healthy addition to the menu, and this burger has captured people’s hearts worldwide.

6. Calamari Strips

Freshness and quality set these Calamari Strips apart. These are flash-fried in panko or Texan-Chilis crumbs and served with tartare sauce. 

On top of that, their signature sauce complements the calamari strips to deliver the best and most satiating taste.

7. Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are famous at Spur Steak Ranches for people who enjoy chicken wings. The hearty and filling servings of buffalo wings are great value for money. 

In addition, I love to see the wings well-coated with bright red and juicy hot sauce. You will relish each bite filled with umami-rich flavors and spices. 

8. Crispy Garlic Roll

The crispy garlic roll elevates your dining experience, striking a perfect balance of crispy exterior and fluffy interior. These are the best garlic rolls known for both robust flavors and savory taste you can grab at Spur Steak Ranches.

Above that, these rolls are rich in calories and are a good source of Vitamin C, B6, and magnesium, making them nutritious and a must-have dish!

10. Chocolate Brownie Sundae

If you are like me and have a sweet tooth, indulge in the divine decadence of the iconic chocolate brownie sundae at Spur Steak Ranches. 

It is one of their best-selling desserts that combines fudgy chocolate brownie pieces with vanilla ice cream and decadent toppings. I can’t express how delicious. 

What People Are Asking About Spur Steak Ranches Menu?

Current Deals Running At Spur Steak Ranches

The ongoing deals at Spur Steak Ranches are a must-try. So, if you are planning to go there, try to avail one of the deals that I’ve mentioned below-

1. Cheeseburger Mondays

This deal at Spur Steak Ranches, known as “Cheeseburger Mondays,” offers customers the opportunity to enjoy a beef, chicken, soya, or rib cheeseburger along with Spur-style onion rings and golden chips for just R79.90. 

2. Tiny Tummies, Big Deals

Treat your kids with the best Spur Kids deal, which is tiny tummies, a big deal. It includes all the tasty, fun, and yummy in one unique Kids’ Lucky packet combo priced at R99.90. 

3. Sizzling Savors

I mentioned above that Spur Steak is famous for its steaks and schnitzel. In this deal, you can get a 200g Rump/Sirloin steak or a full Chicken Schnitzel; each served with Spur-style crispy onion rings and golden chips for a budget-friendly price.

4. Spur Unreal Breakfast

At Spur, you can get a Spur Unreal breakfast for R56.90. It includes two eggs, two rashers of crispy back bacon, golden chips, grilled tomato, toast, and jam.

Considering all the items in this deal at Spur, the breakfast costs R156.90, which is too expensive. But when you grab this unreal breakfast deal, you can save much money without compromising taste. So this is a win-win!

How We’ve Verified This Data?

At the start of each month, our team updates Spur Steak Ranches’ latest menu items and prices. We rigorously check the official website or restaurant’s latest articles to provide authentic information.

The cornerstone of our verification process is precision and reliability. However, before you dive in to grab the most succulent steak, I suggest you check the menu and their prices at the nearest outlet of Spur Steak Ranches. 

Moreover, check the details here to know the step-by-step data verification process. 

Other Restaurant Menus That We’ve Covered

Did you know that apart from Spur, a few more restaurants serve juicy and tender hand-cut steaks? Yes, you heard that right! Let me familiarize you with some of the great options for steak lovers. 

Outback Steakhouse, Black Angus Steakhouse, Steak & Shake, Charley’s Philly Steaks, and The Keg Steakhouse are the best hubs for steaks. You can check the latest menu items and prices with just one click!


It’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading about the latest menu items, their budget-friendly prices, and the exciting deals offered at Spur Steak Ranches. 

The restaurant also caters to various dietary preferences, so no one feels left out. Whether gluten-free or vegan, Spur Steak Ranches have covered you. 

Now that you have all the above information visit the restaurant to taste the best hand-cut steaks in town. Do not hesitate to share your dining experience with us. We would love to hear from you. 

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