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“Eat as much fast food as you want to stay healthy.” This sounds absurd, right?? But if you’ve visited the Leon restaurant, you would’ve believed it. Leon restaurant has reinvented its preparation and sourcing strategies. Thus, introducing fast food to a healthy lifestyle. That’s the sole reason why this fast-food chain is growing really “Fast”. So, read the entire article to know about its menu and prices. 

Leon Restaurant

You’ll find a variety of breakfast meals like organic porridge, poached egg pots, sourdough muffins, etc on Leon’s menu. It offers refreshing drinks & smoothies like LEON-made lemonade, mango-coconut smoothie, etc. You’ll find multiple options for sides, baked fries, burgers, and triple-certified coffee. You can enjoy each item at Leon for less than £7.

The Leon restaurant doesn’t just halt at just fast food, you’ll also find Leon’s food products like ketchup, Leon may, GFC, Leon burger sauce, and many more at an affordable range. For an elaborate menu with prices, check out the below-mentioned menu prices tables. I have also mentioned some other important links. But first, I’ll give an insight into how Leon grew successful and a prominent fast-food chain.

Leon was founded by John Vincent, Henry Dimbleby, and a chef, Allegra McEvedy, and its first outlet was opened in Carnaby Street in 2004. After six months, at the observer food monthly awards, Leon was named “The Best Fast Food Restaurant in Great Britain”. Since then, Leon has been growing at a rapid pace and it currently has 61 active sites.

Leon Menu Prices

Leon Food

The hardest aspect of leading a healthy life is avoiding fast food consumption. If you, too, can’t avoid fast food, Leon will be a happy place for you. Reward yourself by having some amazing food like burgers, muffins, and wraps. The menu has carefully selected products and is completely organic.

With skilled chefs to spice up the menu, Leon has made its fast food super healthy and fun. So, “Eat well and live well” without the need to throw out the fun and flavor of fast food. Have a sip of Leon’s triple-certified organic coffee to boost up your energy and feel energized all day.

Have you tried Leon’s signature style drink, LEON-Made lemonade? If not, then you should definitely try this chilled drink to revitalize yourself. You’ll also love various other drinks and smoothies offered by Leon restaurant.

The one thing that‘s impressive about the Leon restaurant is its elegant, homey ambiance and friendly staff. You can take your kids to the Leon restaurant and enjoy a family meal. Leon serves a variety of delicious food items for kids like egg & beans pot, chargrilled chicken rice box, etc.

Now, check out the below-mentioned menu and prices. You’ll find the nutritional and allergens details in the foodie’s fact sheet mentioned further below in this article. Order your favorite food online from Leon restaurant by clicking the link is available below, along with some other important links.


Organic PorridgePrice
Black Berry Apple Ginger Porridge £ 3.45
Banana & Cinnamon £ 2.95
The Ruby Red Porridge £ 3.25
Poached Egg PotsPrice
Full English £ 3.95
Saucy Baked Beans £ 1.95
Halloumi & Mushroom £ 3.75
Shakshuka £ 2.95
Sourdough MuffinsPrice
Vegan Sausage Muffin £ 3.75
Avocado & Halloumi £ 3.95
Sausage & Egg £ 3.95
Bacon & Egg £ 3.95
Bigger BreakfastPrice
Halloumi Breakfast Box £ 4.75
Big Breakfast Box £ 4.95
Hash Browns £ 1.50
Sourdough Toast £ 1.20
Meal Deal (Any muffin & a regular coffee) £ 4.65
Organic CoffeeRegularLarge
Salted Caramel Latte£ 3.45£ 3.75
Latte £ 2.95 £ 3.25
Flat White (8 oz) £ 2.95
Filter £ 1.50 £ 1.80
Americano £ 2.55 £ 2.80
Mocha £ 3.10 £ 3.45
Hot Chocolate £ 3.10 £ 3.40
Cappuccino £ 2.95 £ 3.25
Teas & Infusions £ 2.25 £ 2.45

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All Day Meal

Hot BoxesPrice
Satay Chicken £ 6.45
Aioli Chicken £ 5.95
Brazilian Black Bean £ 4.45
Vegan Everyday Dhal £ 4.95
Warm SaladsPrice
Harissa Chicken Salad£ 6.95
Rainbow Salad£ 5.95
Rainbow Veg Pot£ 2.65
Aioli Mac & Cheese Bites £ 3.45
Sweetcorn Ribs £ 3.45
Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets £ 4.75
Slaw – Regular £ 1.80
Slaw – Large£ 2.25
Chargrilled Chicken Mezze £ 3.45
Baked FriesPrice
LEON Baked Fries £ 2.65 (Reg) £ 3.00 (Large)
Vegan Cheezy Loaded Fries £ 3.45
Korean Chicken Burger £ 6.95
Chargrilled Chicken Burger £ 6.45
Vegan LOVe Burger £ 5.95
Grilled WrapsPrice
Grilled Halloumi Wrap £ 5.45
The Fish Finger Wrap £ 5.45
Jerk n’Jam Chicken Wrap£ 5.75
Drinks & SmoothiesPrice
Clean Green Shake £ 3.50
LEON-Made Lemonade £ 2.20
Honey & Cinnamon Kefir £ 3.50
Mango & Coconut Smoothie £ 3.50
Freshly Squeezed OJ £ 2.20
MOJU £ 2.00
Berry Acai Smoothie £ 3.50
Ginger Kombucha £ 2.95
Meal Deal (Add regular baked fries & a drink) £ 3.25

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Kids’ Menu

Banana & Chocolate Porridge Organic porridge oats with slices of fresh banana and a sprinkle of chocolate £ 1.50
Egg & Beans PotA free-range poached egg with our baked beans £ 1.95
Chargrilled Chicken Rice BoxBritish chicken with brown rice, peas & baby plum tomatoes £ 3.75
Gluten-free Chicken Nuggets & FriesOur gluten-free chicken nuggets, made with 100% British chicken thigh. Served with LEON baked fries, peas & baby plum tomatoes. £ 3.75
Halloumi Fingers & RiceFingers of grilled halloumi from Cyprus on a bed of brown rice. Served with tomato, fresh garden peas, and a pot of ketchup. £ 3.75

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Leon Larder

Other ProductsPrices
LEON Dark Roast Ground Box £ 12.95
LEON Blonde Roast Ground Box £ 12.95
LOVe Burger Sauce £ 2.50
The Original Mayo £ 2.50
Waffle Fries £ 2.00
GFC £4.00
Garlic and Herb Cheeze & Herb Bites £ 3.00
Margherita Mac ‘N’ Cheese Bites £ 3.00
Pomegranate and Harissa Chicken Thighs £ 2.70
Coconut and Kaffir Lime Chicken Thighs £ 2.70
LEON Tomango Ketchup £ 2.50
LEON Beetroot Ketchup £ 2.50
Muhammara (Dip) £ 2.00
Hummus (Dip) £ 2.00
Balsamic Vinegar £ 9.00
Picual Olive Oil £ 6.25

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Leon Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationdrive.google.com/Leon/nutritional_guide

To have nutritional information on the food items, check out Leon’s Foodie Fact Sheet by clicking the link provided in the above table.

Leon Franchising Details

Interior of Leon Restaurant

Join Leon’s food chain family by being a Leon franchise owner. I’ve mentioned important emails in the table below. You can enquire about the franchising details from these emails. Click on the link mentioned in the table for more franchising information.

Franchise Detailsleon.co/franchises
Leon’s Head of International Development Emailsimon@leon.co
Property Director Emailproperty@leon.co

Leon Contact Information 

Leon Headquarter Office Address: 27 Copperfield Street London, SE1 0EN United Kingdom

Leon Head Office Phone Number: 44-20-7089-7070

Leon’s Contact Email: guesthappiness@leon.co

Leon’s Recruitment Email: joinus@leon.co

Leon’s Press Email: press@leon.co

Leon’s Operations Team Email: opsmanagers@leon.co

You can get in contact with the team of Leon restaurant by filling the feedback form on its website.

Important links 

Official Websiteleon.co
Order Onlineleon.co/delivery
Coffee Subscriptionleon.co/coffee-subscription

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/leonrestaurants

Instagram: instagram.com/leonrestaurants

Twitter: twitter.com/leonrestaurants

YouTube: youtube.com/leon

Have a look at the video provided below to have an insight into how Leon emerged as one of the leading fast-food restaurant chains in the Uk.

Video by Bain & Company

Frequently Asked Questions about Leon

Does Leon have vegan options on the menu?

Yes, Leon offers many vegan options like vegan everyday meal boxes, slaw, Leon baked fries, vegan LOVe burgers, etc. It also has gluten-free options on the menu like gluten-free muffins, gluten-free buns for burgers.

What are Leon’s famous signature menu items?

Leon’s famous signature edibles are vegan LOVe burger, Leon lemonade, jerk n’ jam chicken wrap, etc. All these dishes are freshly made in-house with healthy local ingredients.

Does Leon offer online delivery services?

Yes, Leon offers online delivery services. You can order its food and other products from its official website. You can order Leon’s food from Ubereats, Just eats, and other platforms for food delivery services as well.

What are the other products offered Leon?

Leon also offers botted mayonnaise, sauces, packed coffee, waffle fries, bottled ketchup, hummus, and many other items. You can buy these products from the official website of Leon. 

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