Pizza Ranch Menu With Prices [Updated July 2024]

Are you searching for the latest Pizza Ranch menu prices on the internet? If yes, then thefoodxp is the right place for you. Because in this article I will tell you the latest Pizza Ranch menu with prices.

PizzA Ranch restaurant

Pizza Ranch serves you pizza in a wide variety such as specialty pizzas, one-topping pizza. They also have wings, starters, sides, salads, ranch wraps, desserts and drinks. You can have a great meal here for under $30.00.

But the Pizza Ranch menu isn’t the only thing I will tell you in this article. But before knowing all this, ley’s check some history about Pizza Ranch.

Pizza Ranch is an American-based restaurant chain that was founded by Adrie Groeneweg in 1981. The first store of Pizza Ranch was opened in Hull, Iowa. The restaurant is widely famous for its buffet meals.

The staff of the Pizza Ranch is friendly, but sometimes, you may find hygiene-related problems in Pizza Ranch. But the environment in their restaurants is Western-style, with cowboys and various tongue-in-cheek wooden signs.

Pizza Ranch Menu With Prices

Pizza Ranch menu

Pizza Ranch has a variety of items on its menu. Pizza Ranch menu includes pizzas, chicken, sides, wraps, salads, beverages, desserts and many more items. But they are widely popular for their large variety of pizzas.

The most recommended items from the Pizza Ranch menu are Texan Taco, Bronco, and Roundup, as well as buffalo chicken, bacon cheeseburger, and chicken bacon ranch.

They also have Gluten-Free Pizzas as well and they are one of the few restaurants in America that serves Pizza based buffets. And to satisfy your sweet tooth, Pizza Ranch has a dessert pizza as well.

This is the reason why Pizza Ranch isn’t just an ordinary pizza chain. The Pizza Ranch menu prices are also very reasonable as you can get great buffet deals here for under $10.

So without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Pizza Ranch menu with prices.


Traditional Wings$9.49$7.99
Boneless Wings$7.99$14.99

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Food ItemsSmallMediumLarge
Cheesy Ranch Stix$4.99$7.99$9.99
Chicken Fries$4.99


Mashed Potatoes and Gravy$2.99$7.49$13.99
Ranch Potato Wedges$3.99
Ranch Chips$3.49
Green Beans$2.99$7.49$13.99

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Garden Salad$4.49
Chef Salad$5.49
Chicken Fiesta Salad$5.49
Taco Salad$6.49

Ranch Wraps

BBQ Chicken Wrap$7.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap$7.99
Chicken Bacon Wrap$7.99
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$7.99

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Specialty Pizzas

BBQ Chicken$8.99$12.99$14.99
Stam Pede$8.99$12.99$14.99
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo$8.99$12.99$14.99
Buffalo Chicken$8.99$12.99$14.99
Sweet Swine$8.99$12.99$14.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch$8.99$12.99$14.99
Tuscan Roma$8.99$12.99$14.99
Bacon Cheeseburger$8.99$12.99$14.99

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One Topping Pizzas

Camadian Bacon$6.99$10.99$14.99
Garlic Cheese$6.99$10.99$14.99
Italian Sausage$6.99$10.99$14.99


Coca-Cola 20 oz.$1.99
Coca-Cola 2 Litre$2.99

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Cactus Bread$5.99$7.99$9.99
Fruit Dessert Pizza$6.99$8.99$11.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$5.99

The Country’s Best Chicken

Chicken2 Pc Dinner3 Pc Dinner4 Pc Dinner
Chicken Dinners$7.49$8.49$9.49

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Pizza Ranch is the only place to enjoy delicious pizzas. Now that you have all the above information, visit the restaurant to taste the best pizzas in town. Do not hesitate to share your dining experience with us. We would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Pizza Ranch [FAQs]

When was Pizza Ranch restaurant founded?

Pizza Ranch is an American-based restaurant chain that was founded by Adrie Groeneweg in 1981

What are the operating hours of the Pizza Ranch restaurant?

Pizza Ranch operating hours are Monday To Saturday from11:00 AM – 8:00PM.

Does Pizza Ranch provide gift cards?

Yes, Pizza Ranch provides gift cards. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

How many total locations does Pizza Ranch have in the U.S?

Pizza Ranch has total 211 locations in the U.S.

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