Mountain Mike’s Pizza Menu with Prices [Updated July 2024]

Were you planning to go to Mountain Mike’s Pizza and you were searching for its latest menu on the internet? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place because, in this article, I will tell you the latest Mountain Mike’s Pizza menu with prices.

Mountain Mike's Pizza store

Mountain Mike’s Pizza serves your delicious pizzas, wings, sandwiches, salads, sides, desserts, drinks and extras. You can have a great meal here with your family for under $30.00.

But Mountain Mike’s Pizza menu isn’t the only thing I will tell you in this article. But before knowing all this, let’s check out some history about Mountain Mike’s Pizza.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza is an American-based pizzeria chain that was founded by Thomas Van Buskirk in 1978. The first store of Mountain Mike’s Pizza was opened in the Bay Area, in Palo Alto, California. It has become one of the famous pizza chains in the U.S.A.

The restaurant chain is famous for its pizzas. But a lot of customers get attracted to it by its family-friendly environment. Mountain Mike’s Pizza offers dine-in, delivery as well as takeout services.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza Menu Prices

Mountain Mike's Pizza menu

Mountain Mike’s Pizza menu includes a wide variety of pizzas that comes in different sizes. There are a bunch of pre-made pizzas such as classic cheese pizza, chicken club, mckinley, garlic tuscan and many more.

You can also create your own pizza in Mountain Mike’s Pizza. And if you are visiting the pizza chain for the first time, then their super friendly staff will help you in choosing the best ingredients. The reason why people love their pizzas so much is because of the quality of their pizzas.

The chain never compromises with the freshness of their ingredients. Aside from pizzas, you can also order from a selection of sandwiches, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, french fries and beverages that you can enjoy with your pizza.

The Mountain Mike’s Pizza menu prices are also very reasonable as you can get a mini pizza for around $8. So, without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Mountain Mike’s Pizza menu prices.


Create Your Own$6.99$12.99$16.99$21.99$36.99
The Everest$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
The McKinley$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Chicken Club$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Pineapple Chicken Luau$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Snowy Alps$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Robbers Roost With White Sauce$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Robbers Roost With Classic Red Sauce$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Mt. Veggiemore$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Pikes Peak$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Diamond Head$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Garlic Tuscan$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Sizzlin’ Bacon$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Veggie Alps$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Veggie Curry$15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99
Chicken Curry $15.99$21.99$27.99$44.99

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Boneless Wings-16 ounces$16.99
Boneless Wings-8 ounces$8.99
Classic Wings-12 Pieces$12.99
Classic Wings-24 Pieces$23.99
Classic Wings-6 Pieces$7.99


Half Dome$7.99
Cliff Hanger$7.99


Side Salad-Small$2.99
Party Salad$29.99

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Jalapeno Poppers-8 Pieces$8.99
Mozzarella Sticks-8 Pieces$8.99
Garlic Sticks with Cheese-Large$11.99
Garlic Sticks with Cheese-Medium$8.99
Garlic Sticks with Cheese-Small$5.99
Garlic Sticks with Cheese$4.99


Desserts Pizza-Large$12.99
Desserts Pizza-Medium$8.99
Desserts Pizza-Small$7.99
Mini Churrs-16 Pieces$4.99
Cookie Pizza$6.99

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Pepsi-2 Liter$3.49
Pepsi- 20 ounce$2.49
Diet Pepsi- 2 Liter$3.49
Diet Pepsi- 20 ounces$2.49
Water- 20 ounces$3.49
Mountain Dew- 2 Liter$2.49
Mountain Dew- 20 ounces$2.00
Apple Juice$3.49
Rootbeer- 2 Liter$2.49
Rootbeer- 20 ounces$3.49
Dr Pepper- 2 Liter$2.49
Dr Pepper- 20 ounces$3.49
Gatorade Fruit Punch$2.49
Gatorade Lemon Juice$2.49
Sierra Mist- 2 Liter$3.49
Sierra Mist- 20 ounces$2.49
Bubly-Lime-16 ounce$2.49
Bubly-Strawberry-16 ounce$2.49
Mix & Match 4-Pack$6.00
Bubly-Cherry-16 ounce$2.49
Dole Lemonade-20 ounce$2.49

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Side Ranch$0.75
Blue Cheese$0.75
Side BBQ Sauce- 2 ounce$1.00
Side Jalapeno$1.00
Side Blue Cheese- 2 ounce$0.75
Side Anchovies$2.00
Side Buffalo Sauce$1.00
Side Marinara- 2 ounce$0.75
Side Pepperonicini$1.00
Side Pineapple$1.00

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Mountain Mike’s Pizza is mostly famous for their delicious pizzas. Now that you have all the above information, visit the restaurant to taste the best pizzas in town. Do not hesitate to share your dining experience with us. We would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Mountain Mike’s Pizza [FAQs]

How many total locations does Mountain Mike’s Pizza have in the U.S?

Mountain Mike’s Pizza have more than 286 restaurants in U.S.

Where are Mountain Mike’s Pizza locations located?

Mountain Mike’s Pizza has locations primarily in Florida, with additional locations in other states such as California, Georgia, and Tennessee. You can find specific locations on their website or using their store locator.

Does Mountain Mike’s Pizza provide gift cards?

Yes, Mountain Mike’s Pizza provides gift cards. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

What are the operating hours of the Mountain Mike’s Pizza restaurant?

Mountain Mike’s Pizza restaurants operating hoursare Monday to Saturday 10am to 10pm.

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