Is Dunkin’ Donuts Open On Thanksgiving 2024?

Dunkin’ Donuts serves the freshest, most delicious coffee and donuts around the world. So, it makes sense to grab one of each on special days, including Thanksgiving. After all, how is a celebration without something sweet to munch on? But is Dunkin’ Donuts open on Thanksgiving this year?

Dunkin Donuts

Your favorite donut house, Dunkin’ Donuts, keeps its doors open and serves delicious meals on Thanksgiving. However, this day being a national holiday, Dunkin’ Donuts may open at reduced hours. This also depends on the location.

Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain that opened its doors in 1950. The chain famously dropped ‘Donuts’ from its title in 2018 because it expanded on its menu, and ‘Dunkin’ seemed a more modern version.

Every year, Dunkin’ sells about 2 billion cups of coffee globally, and there are thousands of different ways to order your coffee. Thanks to the chain’s wide variety of syrups, shots, and sweeteners. The company’s website states that it brews a fresh cup of coffee every 18 minutes.

The brand also has quality control testing experts who taste approximately 200 cups of coffee daily to ensure the coffee meets its standards.

This American food brand has also captured the hearts of people around the world. Dunkin’ is considered a hot spot in South Korea. There are hundreds of stores, and the experience is a lot different from the American one. An experience at Dunkin’ is more than just coffee and donuts.

The chain has included menu items like smoothies, sandwiches, flatbreads, and others. Another news is for people who opt for natural over artificial food ingredients. All of the donuts sold at Dunkin’ locations are now made with colors from natural ingredients. So, you can binge on nothing artificial here!

Lesser Known Fact: there was once a Dunkin’ diner in Florida where customers could enjoy fried fish, grilled items, hash browns, and sandwiches, in a diner setting, along with donuts and coffee. But, it shut its door in 2015.

In the article below, we will look at the working hours of Dunkin’ Donuts on Thanksgiving Day 2022. In addition to this, we also take a look at some of the special menu items that you must try at Dunkin’ on your next visit. 

Dunkin’ Donuts Opening / Closing Hours On Thanksgiving 2023

Dunkin’ Donuts Operating Hours On Thanksgiving Reduced Hours (varies by location) 

Dunkin’ Donuts serves its customers throughout the year. But on national holidays it operates at reduced timings. So, you can surely get a meal from Dunkin’ Donuts on Thanksgiving, November 23, 2023, but not for the whole day.

Dunkin’ Donuts will open its doors at reduced hours for its customers on Thanksgiving Day. These hours will vary according to the location. Therefore, you should check with the outlet nearest to you to avoid inconvenience. 

While you can hit up Dunkin’ for some good coffee, not everyone wants to step out. Hence, the good news is that Dunkin’ offers delivery services via delivery platforms like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Doordash. They also have a drive-thru option for those who would like to skip going to the restaurant.

Either way, a meal from Dunkin’ is possible on Thanksgiving. So, now that you know the operational status of Dunkin’ Donuts on Thanksgiving let me also tell you something more exciting. In the past years, Dunkin’ Donuts has delighted its customers with great offers during Thanksgiving week.

Dunkin’ Donuts Menu Specials That You Should Try This Thanksgiving

The best menu items at Dunkin’ Donuts that you should give a try this Thanksgiving day are: 

  1. Coffee Roll
  2. Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles
  3. Dunkin’ caramel swirl latte (hot or iced)
  4. Dunkin’ Nutella Surprise (hot or iced)
  5. Turkey, Cheddar, and Bacon Sandwich

1. Coffee Roll

dunkin coffee roll ..

Why settle just for drinking coffee when you can get something extra special at Dunkin’? The coffee roll is one of the unique pastry options at Dunkin’ that will leave coffee lovers happily surprised. It not only looks good but tastes absolutely delicious. What do you get here?

The coffee roll at Dunkin’ is a swirl-shaped treat that is designed similarly to that of a cinnamon roll. This donut comes dipped in icing and a mild cinnamon flavor that complements the coffee flavor very well. The texture of the pastry is great, which is made old fashioned-style.

These rolls make a great snack to munch on at any time of the day.

2. Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles

dunkin' Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles

If you are looking for some happy-looking festive sweet treats, then The Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles donut is the one for you. This donut consists of a plain base, strawberry-flavored frosting, and colorful sprinkles to spread festive cheer. 

The strawberry frosting tastes great. It’s classic and not as sweet as the vanilla frosting. You get hints of floral qualities from it. And then comes the sweetness of the sprinkles. The base of this donut is made just like the other donuts at Dunkin’ using yeast, milk, flour, butter, sugar, salt, and eggs. 

3. Dunkin’ Caramel Swirl Latte (Hot or Iced)

Dunkin' caramel Swirl Latte

Beverages at Dunkin’ are a must, and thus, the caramel swirl latte stands on top of the list. This beverage is available in hot and iced options and offers a lot of the same delicious flavor as the caramel mocha. But it is a little less sweet, a little more creamy, and contains no chocolate.

This drink comes with a rich espresso base that blends amazingly well with the bold caramel flavor. But the espresso-caramel-milk ratio of this drink is so perfect that it will leave you asking for more. This drink might leave you thinking about caramel macchiato, which also has received rave reviews.

But the difference lies between the amount of milk that’s used in both and the way it’s prepared. Lattes are almost entirely milk, with one to three shots of espresso. On the other hand, macchiatos have less milk. The comparison lies between bold to creamy.

4. Dunkin’ Nutella Surprise (Hot or Iced)

Dunkin' Nutella Surprise

Care for a Nutella drink? Heck yes! Nutella is the magic word when it comes to sweet cravings and is pretty self-explanatory of its awesomeness. Therefore, this is the drink you are looking for to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

The beauty of the Dunkin’ Nutella Surprise is that the famed hazelnut and chocolate flavor of Nutella does not overpower the coffee flavor. It complements the overall appeal beautifully. This drink comes topped with whipped cream. If you are an insane Nutella fan like me, ask your server to add some extra dose of it to your drink.

5. Turkey, Cheddar, and Bacon Sandwich

Dunkin' Turkey, Cheddar, and Bacon Sandwich

Thanksgiving is incomplete without turkey. And so, you can totally thank me for suggesting this delectable Thanksgiving treat. This stunning sandwich comes with a wheat-based ciabatta bread encasing sliced turkey, bacon, and cheddar cheese. These ingredients are lined up with a delicious chipotle sauce. Can anyone possibly go wrong with this line-up?

Similar Restaurants That Are Open On Thanksgiving 2022

  1. StarbucksFor a perfect caffeine fix on Thanksgiving morning, there’s no better place than Starbucks. Follow the link to have a quick peek at the Thanksgiving updates of Starbucks.
  2. Wendy’sWell! Wendy’s burger paired with fries seems like a holiday treat for most of us. If that’s true for you, too, then seek out this link too; know what other Wendy’s specials you can have on Thanksgiving day!
  3. Burger KingFor casual munching or party table lineups, burgers never fail to add fun to your meal. On Thanksgiving, a burger from Burger King is always a great deal! So, follow the link to know the Thanksgiving updates on Burger King.
  4. Domino’sBring some delectable Domino’s flavors to the Thanksgiving dinner table! Ready to give your guests the delight of ‘cheezy-licious’ treats from Domino’s on Thanksgiving day? Follow the link and check out what to know what to expect from Domino’s on Thanksgiving.
  5. Pizza HutIf you don’t want to miss piping hot cheesy pizzas when it’s time for the Thanksgiving feast, follow the link. Check out what you can have from Pizza Hut on Thanksgiving this year. 
  6. KFCHow about snacking on some ‘Krispy-licious’ chicken on Thanksgiving? The answer, as I know, is always a ‘Yes.’ So, follow the link to know what you can expect from KFC on Thanksgiving this year.
  7. Little Caesars Another iconic pizza serving restaurant chain that’s open and operational on Thanksgiving this year is Little Caesars. Seek out the link to know the holiday updates of Little Caesars. 
  8. Jack In The BoxOne of the popular restaurants where you can have pocket-friendly holiday-worthy meals is Jack in the Box. So, don’t wait for any further and follow the link to check what special they have on their menu on Thanksgiving day. 
  9. PopeyesIf you want to try a chicken sandwich on Thanksgiving, visit Popeyes. You can click on the link to know the operational hours of this restaurant chain on Thanksgiving day. 
  10. Papa John’sAmong famous fast food hubs, Papa John’s is another place where you can have your favorite fast food on Thanksgiving. Yes! You read it right. Papa John’s is active and operational on Thanksgiving this year.


Just like most other holidays, Dunkin’ donuts will remain open on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2023. However, the operating hours will differ in comparison to their regular timings as most of the outlets will open for reduced hours.

These timings will differ according to the location. So, it is best to check the exact timings with the Dunkin’ nearest to you before visiting. Have a great Thanksgiving, guys!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Dunkin’ Donuts open on Thanksgiving 2023?

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts is operational on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2023.

What are the operational hours at Dunkin’ Donuts on Thanksgiving?

Dunkin’ Donuts will be operating at reduced hours on Thanksgiving Day for most locations. Therefore, you can call up the nearest outlet to check for the timings.

Will Dunkin’ Donuts only be open for dine-in on Thanksgiving Day?

No, you can also enjoy food from Dunkin’ Donuts at home by ordering through delivery apps like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash. This food chain also has the option of a drive-through available for customers.

What are some specials that can be tried from the Dunkin’ Donuts menu on Thanksgiving?

Some specials that you can try from the Dunkin’ Donuts menu this Thanksgiving are Coffee Roll, Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles, Dunkin’ caramel swirl latte (hot or iced), Dunkin’ Nutella Surprise (hot or iced), and Turkey, Cheddar, and Bacon Sandwich.

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