Outback Steakhouse Catering Menu With Prices [Updated February 2023]

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Enjoy a Bloomin’ feast at Outback Steakhouse! Whether it’s a party platter or Bloomin’ bundles from its menu, this steak spot is pretty famous for feeding the crowd at its best. In case you wanna host a family occasion at Outback Steakhouse, go ahead! I’m sure you’ll have a great time. If you’re worried about the menu, I’m here with the catering menu of Outback Steakhouse. 

Outback Steakhouse restaurant

The catering menu of Outback Steakhouse has Bloomin’ onion, gold coast coconut shrimp, Kookaburra wings, Tassie’s buffalo chicken, hand-rolled meatballs, carved prime rib, seared ahi tuna, etc. Beef & pork selections have Outback special Sirloin, ribeye, Victoria’s filet, prime rib, and many more. You can have catering services from Outback Steakhouse for around $250.

You can choose from a buffet or a sit-down-style service at Outback Steakhouse. All you need to do is pick your choice of entree selection items, one side item, and any one type of salad. Most of the catering items offered here serve 5 to 6 persons. This restaurant also serves hosted drink tickets for $5.00. I’ve mentioned all the links below. Let’s begin with the history of Outback Steakhouse. 

The famous Aussie-styled steak chain Outback Steakhouse was founded in March 1988 by Bob Basham, Chris T. Sullivan, Trudy Cooper, and Tim Gannon. This steak brand had its first restaurant in Tampa, Florida. Today, it has more than 1300 restaurants worldwide.

Outback Steakhouse Catering Menu Prices

Outback Steakhouse catering dishes

The catering menu of Outback Steakhouse has amazingly delicious starters like Bloomin’ onion, seasonal fruit tray, domestic cheese tray, ribs on the barbie, Walhalla penne pasta, hand-rolled meatballs, bacon-wrapped scallops, and many more. Shrimp cocktails served here has tender golden shrimp stuffed with succulent lump crab meat. It’s drizzled with a light lemon butter sauce.

Bruschetta has fresh tomatoes, chopped garlic, and imported basil. It is served with homemade garlic parmesan croutons. You must definitely try Alice springs chicken quesadilla. This dish has fresh grilled chicken breast, sauteed mushrooms, crispy bacon, melted cheese, and honey mustard sauce, all stuffed in a crispy corn tortilla. 

The beef & pork selection has delicious ribeye, Victoria’s filet, prime rib, New York strip, and many other items. Sweet glazed roasted pork tenderloin has slices of slow-roasted pork tenderloin. It’s drizzled with a sweet and tangy glaze. Baby back ribs are full order fall-off-the-bone baby back pork ribs. 

Chicken on the Barbie, chicken cordon bleu, wild rice stuffed chicken, and chicken marsala are some of the poultry selections on the catering menu of Outback Steakhouse. Wild rice stuffed chicken has grilled chicken breast stuffed with wild rice medley. Lemon pepper butter drizzled on top adds more flavor to this dish.

If you want to select seafood from the catering menu, fresh Atlantic salmon, shrimp En Fuego fettuccine, fresh tilapia with pure lump crab meat are some of the best choices. Vegetarians listed on the catering menu are Walhalla pasta, veggie mix griller, coffee, and tea.

The catering menu of Outback Steakhouse has scrumptious desserts like carrot cake, cheesecake Olivia, key lime pie, and ‘Auss-some’ cookies. You must try ‘Nutter butter peanut butter pie .’It’s a creamy peanut butter pie served with warm chocolate and is topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. 

Outback Steakhouse has an outstanding catering bar. You can choose to host or have a premium bar service. You can also have a cash bar service where your guests buy their own beverages.

Drinks served are wine (by the glass), domestic bottled beer, imported bottled beer, call brands, and premium brands. The banquet wine list contains house wines like Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay, Sutter Home White Zinfandel, and sparkling wines like cooks and Domaine Chandon. 

Check out the menu tables below for a detailed catering menu and the prices. The prices per person are listed against the food items mentioned in the catering menu. You can also check out the drinks menu and the vegan menu of Outback Steakhouse from our platform. Plan your family feast at Outback Steakhouse and enjoy!

Hors D’oeuvres (Priced Per Person)

Bloomin’ Onion$ 9.00
Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp$ 5.50
Grilled Steak or Chicken Skewers$ 6.00
Kookaburra Wings$ 3.50
Tassie’s Buffalo Chicken$ 3.75
Seasonal Fruit Tray$ 3.00
Domestic Cheese Tray$ 2.50
Fresh Vegetable Tray$ 2.50
Grilled Chicken on the Barbie$ 5.50
Seared Ahi Tuna$ 9.00
Spinach and Artichoke Dip$ 3.50
Crab Stuffed Shrimp$ 6.50
Shrimp Cocktail$ 5.25
Bacon-Wrapped Scallops$ 5.50
Hand-rolled Meatballs$ 3.50
Bushman ‘Shrooms$ 3.50
Carved Prime Rib$ 6.25
Walhalla Penne Pasta$ 3.25
Sweet Glazed Roasted Pork Tenderloin$ 5.75
Ribs on the Barbie$ 5.00
Bruschetta$ 3.00
Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla$ 4.00


Beef & Pork Selection

Outback Special Sirloin (9 oz)$ 20
Outback Special Sirloin (12 oz)$ 23
Ribeye (10 oz)$ 23
Ribeye (12 oz)$ 28
Victoria’s Filet (6 oz)$ 26.50
Victoria’s Filet (8 oz)$ 30.50
Prime Rib (8 oz)$ 23
Prime Rib (12 oz)$ 28
New York Strip (10 oz)$ 23
New York Strip (12 oz)$ 28
Filet With Wild Mushroom Sauce $25
New Zealand Rack Of Lamb$ 26
Sweet Glazed Roasted Pork Tenderloin$ 18.50
Baby Back Ribs$ 25

Poultry Selections

Chicken on the Barbie$ 19
Alice Springs Chicken$ 20
Chicken Cordon Bleu$ 20
Wild Rice Stuffed Chicken $ 20
Chicken Marsala$ 20

Seafood & Pasta Selections

Fresh Atlantic Salmon$ 24.50
Fresh Tilapia With Pure Lump Crab Meat$ 26.50
No Rules Parmesan Pasta$ 20.00
Shrimp En Fuego Fettuccine$ 21.00

Combination Selection

Outback Special Sirloin & Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie $ 23.00
Filet Tenderloin & Shrimp Scampi$ 25.50
Ribs & Alice Springs Chicken$ 24.00
Teriyaki Steak & Chicken Medallions$ 25.00

Vegetarian Selections

Walhalla Pasta$ 17.00
Veggie Mixed Griller$ 17.00

Breaks & Snacks Selections

Tortilla Chips with Salsa$ 2.25
Tortilla Chips with Guacamole & Salsa$ 2.50
Potato Chips with Homemade Dip$ 1.75
Pretzels$ 1.50
Trail Mix$ 3.00
Assorted Cookies (per dozen)$ 15.00
Yogurt Cups$ 1.50
Danish Assortment$ 2.25
Bagel Assortment With Cream Cheese$ 2.23
Assorted Muffins $ 2.25
Soft Drinks (canned soda) – per person$ 2.25
Deluxe Mixed Nuts (per person)$ 2.25
Coffee (per gallon)$ 22.00
Hot Tea (per gallon)$ 22.00
Orange Juice (per gallon)$ 22.00
Popcorn$ 1.50
Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Ice Tea (per gallon)$ 22.00

Outback Catering Dessert Selections

Chocolate Thunder from Down Under$ 4.50
Carrot Cake$ 4.50
Sydney’s Sinful Sundae$ 4.00
Cheesecake Olivia$ 4.50
Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Pie$ 4.50
Key Lime Pie$ 4.50
Awesome Aussie Cookies (dozen)$ 4.50

Outback Catering Bar Services

Hosted Or Open Bar

Call brands$ 4.75
Premium brands$ 6.00
Domestic Bottled Beer$ 3.50
Imported Bottled Beer$ 4.50
House Wine by the Glass$ 5.50

Cash Bar

Call Brands$ 6.50
Premium brands$ 8.25
Domestic Bottled Beer$ 4.75
Imported Bottled Beer$ 6.00
Wine by the Glass$ 7.50


Draft Beer, 16 Gallon$ 275
Imported Draft Beer, 16 Gallon$ 325
Hosted Drink Tickets$ 5.00
Sales For The Bar$ 350.00
Bartender Charge$ 100.00

Banquet Wine List

House WinesPrices
Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay$ 20
Little Boomey Cabernet Sauvignon$ 20
Little Boomey Merlot$ 20
Sutter Home White Zinfandel$ 20
Sparkling WinePrices
Cooks (per person)$ 2.75
Domaine Chandon (per person)$ 4.95
Fruit punch with fresh fruit floats by the gallon (serves 20)$ 27.00
Champagne punch with fresh fruit floats by the gallon (serves 20)$ 37.00

Outback Steakhouse Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationoutback.com/nutrition

Click on the above link to view the nutritional value of each food item from the catering menu of Outback Steakhouse.

Outback Steakhouse Franchising Details

Outback Steakhouse restaurant's interior decor

The Outback Steakhouse has more than 1300 branches serving steaks, drinks, and other amazing food items. If you’re here for the franchising information of Outback Steakhouse, read the information in the table below. You can contact the team of Outback Steakhouse for more franchising details.

Initial Franchise Fee $ 40,000
Total Investment Fee $ 2,489,700 to $ 6,065,000
Royalty Fees3.5% of Gross Sales

Outback Steakhouse Contact Information 

Outback Steakhouse Head Office Address: 2202 N West Shore Blvd Tampa, FL33607

Outback Steakhouse Phone: (952) 876-6610

Outback Steakhouse Catering & Event Center: minnesotacatering@outback.com

Get in direct contact with the team of Outback Steakhouse by filling the contact form available on their website.

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