Paris Baguette Menu With Prices [Updated April 2024]

Paris Baguette menu with prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. The menu of Paris Baguette is taken from New Jersey, US. We have updated the prices of the Paris Baguette menu from 1st April 2024. 

Paris Baguette Restaurant

For accurate prices, you might have to look for the menu of your nearest outlet Paris Baguette. You can check this from its official website, android app, or iOS app, or any other food delivery app.

Paris Baguette menu with prices is mostly famous for pastries and cakes. Their menu includes bakery products, sandwiches, salads, breads, coffee, and cakes. Their menu is not much expensive like the others. You can get their bakery items at $5.

Since, I have offered you an overview of the menu. It’s time to see the rest of the details with prices, nutritional facts about their menu, contact information, franchisee information, and their social media handle links. But let’s see the little history first.

Paris Baguette is a popular brand of South Korea. Paris Baguette was launched by Paris Croissant in the year 1988. Currently it has more than 185 retail stores in Singapore. The headquarters of this company is in Seoul, the Republic of Korea.

Paris Baguette Menu With Prices

Paris Baguette food

Paris Baguette menu includes bread and pastries with a number of appetizing desserts and cakes, thrilling specialty drinks, mouth-watering hand-to-hand sandwiches, and salads with natural ingredients, and many more exciting dishes.

Paris Baguette works on three basic principles integrity, innovation and integration. Integrity in the quality of food with a high sense of urgency. Integration to keep their customers and co-workers happy with a smile on the face.

As Paris Baguette is a well-known bakery brand, you must be thinking they are expensive but you are wrong, the Paris Baguette prices are quite economical as the other bakery shops as most of their products fall in the range between $1 to $50.

Get familiar with the detailed list of Paris Baguette menu prices below. Apart from the menu prices, find the important links to order your favorite food online from Paris Baguette.

Featured Items Menu With Prices

Almond Croissant$5.99
Very Berry Pastry$5.55
Jumbo Twisted Donut$5.29
Heavenly Cheesecake$10.79

Cakes Menu With Prices

Cappuccino Cake$51.69
Souffle Cheesecake$58.29
Strawberry Soft Cream Cake$58.29
Chocolate Cake$58.29
Tropical Mango Coconut Cake$60.49
Mini Strawberry Soft Cream Cake$52.79
Rainbow Cake$54.99
Tiramisu Cake$58.29
Mixed Berry Soft Cream Cake$62.39
Red Velvet Soft Cream Cake$57.19

Gourmet Sandwiches Menu With Prices

Turkey Cranverry Brie Croissant SW$12.65
Ham Egg Swiss Croissant$10.79
Chicken Caesar Baguette$12.09
Chipotle Chicken Panino$13.19
Prosciutto Baguette$12.09
Ham & Cheese Baguette$12.09
Harvest Chicken Salad Sandwich$12.09
Caprese Baguette$12.09
Tuna Panino$13.19
Turkey Mozzarella Panino$13.19

Bakery Menu With Prices

Cinnamon Apple Pie$6.35
Chocolate Croissant$5.89
Almond Croissant$5.99
Raspberry Almond Croissant$6.49
Mini Croissant (6pcs)$6.85
Very Berry Pastry$5.55
Jumbo Twisted Donut$5.29
Sweet Rice Donut$4.19
Sweet Black Rice Bread$7.49
Sweet Red Bean Bread$5.99
Sweet Cream Cheese Pastry$5.99

Salads Menu With Prices

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$13.75
Harvest Chicken Salad$13.75
Tropical Crunch Salad$13.75
Smoke Salmon Avocado Salad$14.85

Hot Coffee & Espresso Menu With Prices

12oz Hot Americano$4.19
16oz Hot Americano$4.79
12oz Hot Latte$4.79
16oz Hot Latte$5.29
12oz Hot Caramel Macchiato$5.29
16oz Hot Caramel Macchiato$5.79
12oz Hot Mocha$5.29
16oz Hot Mocha$5.79
12oz Hot Vanilla Latte$5.29
16oz Hot Vanilla Latte$5.79

Cold Coffee & Espresso Menu With Prices

16oz Iced Americano$4.29
24oz Iced Americano$5.29
16oz Iced Latte$5.29
24oz Iced Latte$5.79
16oz Iced Caramel Macchiato$5.79
24oz Iced Caramel Macchiato$6.29
16oz Iced Mocha$5.79
24oz Iced Mocha$6.29
16oz Iced Vanilla Latte$5.79
24oz Iced Vanilla Latte$6.29

Bottled Beverages Menu With Prices

Bottled Water$2.99
Bottled Orange Juice$4.29
Bottled Apple Juice$4.29
Bottled Milk$ 3.59
Perricone OJ$5.99
Boylan Orange Soda$5.29
San Pellegrino Limonata$4.19
San Pellegrino Aranciata$4.19
Horizon Milk$4.69
San Pellegrino Blood Orange$4.19

Packaged Roll Cakes and Castellas Menu With Prices

Signature Roll Cake$30.79
Chocolate Roll Cake$30.79
Strawberry Roll Cake$30.79
Honey Castella$30.79

Desserts Menu With Prices

Himalayan Sea Salt Dark Chocolate $3.29
Espresso Dark Chocolate$3.29
Macaron Cappuccino$3.19
Macaron Green Tea$3.19

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Cake Slices Menu With Prices

Strawberry Soft Cream Cake Slice$7.83
Chocolate Cake Slice$7.83
Mixed Berry Soft Cream Cake Slice$7.83
Tiramisu Cake Slice$7.83

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How To Order Online From Paris Baguette?

Want to enjoy your favorites from Paris Baguette at home? Well! Now, you can definitely have such a delightful experience. Wanna know how? Try ordering food from Paris Baguette by referring to their official website, android app, or iOS app, or any other food delivery app.

To order food from Paris Baguette online, you can also refer to some of the leading food delivery service apps like Doordash, Grubhub, SeamlessPostmates, and UberEatsWe have shared detailed screenshots that show how to order food online from Paris Baguette.

Finding The Latest Paris Baguette Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the restaurant’s official website and place the order online.

Paris Baguette Official Page

2. Add the location of any nearest Paris Baguette restaurant.

Paris Baguette Location

3. Once you add the location, the complete menu will be displayed.

Paris Baguette Menu

4. Select your favorite food items and add them to your cart.

Paris Baguette Add To Cart

5. Proceed further to checkout and confirm the online order.

Paris Baguette Checkout

6. By Clicking on the checkout, you will proceed to the personal details.

Paris Baguette Personal Details

Paris Baguette Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Paris Baguette menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Paris Baguette Franchising Details

Paris Baguette Outlet

Paris Baguette has more than 185 retail stores in countries like China, Vietnam, Singapore and France. So if you want to open a Paris Baguette store, then this is how much it will cost you;

Name of FeePrice
Initial Franchise Fee$ 50,000
Real Estate or Advance Rent and Security Deposit and Other Prepaid Expenses and CostsFrom $ 10,000 to $ 60,000
Building Costs/Leasehold ImprovementsFrom $ 250,000 to $ 1,000,000
Equipment And FixturesFrom $ 165,156 to $ 240,000
SignsFrom $ 19,500 to $ 49,000
SmallwaresFrom $ 15,500to $ 25,000
Point Of Sale System, Software And Surveillance EquipmentFrom $ 7,500 to $ 14,000
Opening InventoryFrom $ 36,000 to $ 48,000
Grand Opening Promotion$ 10,000
Licenses, Permits, Fees And DepositsFrom $ 4,510 to $ 18,710
Miscellaneous Opening ExpensesFrom $ 11,159 to $ 16,500
InsuranceFrom $ 3,405 to $ 4,890
Attorneys’ Fees and Business ConsultantsFrom $ 3,035 to $ 7,500
Travel and Living Expenses While TrainingFrom $ 20,000 to $ 50,000
Additional Funds For First 3 Months of OperationFrom $ 30,000 to $100,000
Estimated TotalFrom $ 635,765 to $ 1,693,600
Royalty Fee5% Of Weekly Gross Sales

Important Links


Paris Baguette Contact Information

Paris Baguette Corporate Office Address: 6100 S. Malt Avenue, Commerce, CA 90040

Paris Baguette Corporate Office Phone Number: +1 562-946-2010

You can also contact the team of Paris Baguette by using the contact form on their website

Social Media Handles




Watch the Growth of Paris Baguette

Video by Foodable Network

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Paris Baguette (FAQs)

What is Paris Baguette famous for?

Paris Baguette is famous for its pastries they aren’t just a product, they are their passion. They serves freshly-baked breads, delicious coffee and cakes more than worthy of their pedestals.

Is Paris Baguette Korean?

Paris Baguette is a Korea-based bakery shop with numerous Bay Area stores.

Does Paris Baguette provide gift cards?

Yes, Paris Baguette provides gift cards. It’s the perfect gift for your loved ones on any occasion.

What is the most popular item from the Paris Baguette menu?

Paris Baguette is mostly famous for its pastries and cakes. Their menu also includes bakery products, sandwiches, salads, breads, coffee and cakes.

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